Life of Josiah Quincy of Massachusetts

Ticknor and Fields, 1868 - 560 páginas

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Página 282 - Fame is no plant that grows on mortal soil, Nor in the glistering foil Set off to the world, nor in broad rumour lies, But lives and spreads aloft by those pure eyes, And perfect witness of all-judging Jove; As he pronounces lastly on each deed, Of so much fame in Heaven expect thy meed.
Página 153 - She was free as air. She could swim, or she could run. The ocean was her cradle. Our fathers met her as she came, like the goddess of beauty, from the waves. They caught her as she was sporting on the beach. They courted her whilst she was spreading her nets upon the rocks.
Página 541 - Whose passions not his masters are ; Whose soul is still prepared for death ; Not tied unto the world with care Of prince's ear or vulgar breath...
Página 209 - Union are virtually dissolved ; that the States which compose it are free from their moral obligations, and that, as it will be the right of all, so it will be the duty of some, to prepare definitely for a separation — amicably if they can, violently if they must.
Página 422 - Inspector of mines shall devote his entire time and attention to the duties of his office...
Página 215 - No senator or representative shall be appointed to any civil office, place, or emolument under the authority of the United States, until! the expiration of the presidential term in which such person shall have served as a senator or representative.
Página 90 - The Constitution has made no provision for our holding foreign territory, still less for incorporating foreign nations into our Union. The Executive, in seizing the fugitive occurrence which so much advances the good of their country, have done an act beyond the Constitution.
Página 47 - The carriages were old and shackling, and much of the harness made of ropes. One pair of horses carried the stage eighteen miles. We generally reached our resting place for the night, if no accident inter-vened, at ten o'clock, and after a frugal supper went to bed with a notice that we should be called at three the next morning, which generally proved to be half-past two.
Página 377 - I DID but prompt the age to quit their clogs By the known rules of ancient liberty, When straight a barbarous noise environs me Of owls and cuckoos, asses, apes, and dogs...
Página 206 - ... one of the parties may be considered as exempting the other from its obligations? Suppose, in private life, thirteen form a partnership and ten of them undertake to admit a new partner without the concurrence of the other three, would it not be at their option to abandon the partnership after so palpable an infringement of their rights? How much more, in the political partnership, where the admission of new associates without previous authority is so pregnant with obvious dangers and evils...

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