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Grant that it did in her a pity shew;
But would my son be pitied by a foe?
She has the glory of thy act defaced :
Thou kill'dst her brother; but she triumphs last :
Poorly for us our enmity would cease;
When we are beaten, we receive a peace.

Benz. If that be all in which you disagree,
I must confess 'twas Ozmyn conquered me.
Had I beheld him basely beg his life,
I should not now submit to be his wife;
But when I saw his courage death controul,
I paid a secret homage to his soul;
And thought my cruel father much to blame,
Since Ozmyn's virtue his revenge did shame.
Aben. What constancy can'st thou e'er hope to

In that unstable, and soon conquered mind?
What piety can'st thou expect from her,
Who could forgive a brother's murderer?
Or, what obedience hop'st thou to be paid,
From one who first her father disobeyed ?

Ozm. Nature, that bids us parents to obey,
Bids parents their commands by reason weigh;
And you her yirtue by your praise did own,
Before you knew by whom the act was done.

Aben. Your reasons speak too much of insolence; Her birth's a crime past pardon or defence. Know, that as Selin was not won by thee, Neither will I by Selin's daughter be. Leave her, or cease henceforth to be my son : This is my will; and this I will have done.

[Exit ABEN. Ozm. It is a murdering will, That whirls along with an impetuous sway, And, like chain-shot, sweeps all things in its way. He does my honour want of duty call ; To that, and love, he has no right at all.

Benz. No, Ozmyn, no; it is a much less ill To leave me, than dispute a father's will : If I had any title to your love, Your father's greater right does mine remove : Your vows and faith I give you back again, Since neither can be kept without a sin. Ozm. Nothing but death my vows can give me

back : They are not yours to give, nor mine to take.

Benz. Nay, think not, though I could your vows : resign, My love or virtue could dispense with mine. I would extinguish your unlucky fire, To make you happy in some new desire : I can preserve enough for me and you, And love, and be unfortunate, for two,

Ozm. In all that's good and great You vanquish me so fast, that in the end I shall have nothing left me to defend. From every post you force me to remove; But let me keep my last entrenchment, love. Benz. Love then, my Ozınyn; I will be content

[Giving her hand. To make you wretched by your own consent: Live poor, despised, and banished for my sake, And all the burden of my sorrows take; For, as for me, in whatsoe'er estate, While I have you, I must be fortunate. Ozm. Thus then, secured of what we hold most

dear, (Each other's love) we'll go I know not where. For where, alas, should we our flight begin? The foe's without; our parents are within.

Benz. I'll fly to you, and you shall fly to me; Our flight but to each other's arms shall be. To providence and chance permit the rest; Let us but love enough, and we are blest. [Exeunt.



Guards : ZULEMA and HAMET, Prisoners. Abdelm. They are Lyndaraxa's brothers; for her

sake, Their lives and pardon my request I make.

Boab. Then, Zulema and Hamet, live; but know, Your lives to Abdelmelech's suit you owe. Zul. The grace received so much my hope ex

ceeds, That words come weak and short to answer deeds. You've made a venture, sir, and time must shew, If this great mercy you did well bestow.

Boab. You, Abdelmelech, haste before 'tis night, And close pursue my brother in his flight. .

[Exeunt ABDELMELECH, ZULEMA, and HAMET. Enter ALMANZOR, ALMAHIDE, and ESPERANZA. But see, with Almahide The brave Almanzor comes, whose conquering sword The crown, it once took from me, has restored. How can I recompence so great desert! Almanz. I bring you, sir, performed in every

part, My promise made; your foes are fled or slain ; Without a rival, absolute you reign. Yet though, in justice, this enough may be, It is too little to be done by me: I beg to go, Where my own courage and your fortune calls, To chase these misbelievers from our walls. I cannot breathe within this narrow space; My heart's too big, and swells beyond the place. Boab. You can perform, brave warrior, what you

please ; Fate listens to your voice, and then decrees.

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Now I no longer fear the Spanish powers;
Already we are free, and conquerors.
Almanz. Accept, great king, to-morrow, from my

The captive head of conquered Ferdinand.
You shall not only what you lost regain,
But o'er the Biscayan mountains to the main,
Extend your sway, where never Moor did reign.

Aben. What, in another, vanity would seem,
Appears but noble confidence in him ;
No haughty boasting, but a manly pride;
A soul too fiery, and too great to guide: .
He moves excentric, like a wandering star,
Whose motion's just, though 'tis not regular.

Boab. It is for you, brave man, and only you,
Greatly to speak, and yet more greatly do.
But, if your benefits too far extend,
I must be left ungrateful in the end :
Yet somewhat I would pay,
Before my debts above all reckoning grow, -
To keep me from the shame of what I owe.
But you
Are conscious to yourself of such desert,
That of your gift I fear to offer part.
Almanz. When I shall have declared my high

So much presumption there will be confest,
That you will find your gifts I do not shun;
But rather much o'er-rate the service done.

Boab. Give wing to your desires, and let 'em fly,
Secure they cannot mount a pitch too high,
So bless me, Alha, both in peace and war,
As I accord, whate'er your wishes are.
Almanz. Emboldened by the promise of a prince,

[Putting one knee to the ground. I ask this lady now with confidence. .

Ce done.

Boab. You ask the only thing I cannot grant.
[The King and ABENAMAR look amazedly on

each other.
But, as a stranger, you are ignorant
Of what by public fame my subjects know;
She is my mistress.

Aben. -And my daughter too.

Almanz. Believe, old man, that I her father knew: What else should make Almanzor kneel to you: Nor doubt, sir, but your right to her was known: For had you had no claim but love alone, I could produce a better of niy own. Almaħ. [soj tly to him.] Almanzor, you forget my

last request:
Your words have too much haughtiness expressed.
Is this the humble way you were to move ?
Almanz. (to her.] I was too far transported by

my love.
Forgive me; for I had not learned to sue
To any thing before, but heaven and you.-.
Sir, at your feet, I make it my request-

[To the King. [First line knecling: second, rising, and boldly. Though, without boasting, I deserve her best; For you her love with gaudy titles sought, But I her heart with blood and dangers bought, Boab. The blood, which you have shed in her de

Shall have in time a fitting recompence:
Or, if you think your services delayed,
Name but your price, and you shall soon be paid.
Almanz. My price !---why, king, you do not

think you deal
With one who sets his services to sale ?
Reserve your gifis for those who gifts regard;
And know, I think myself above reward.


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