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But, silk-worm like, so long within have wrought, That I am lost in my own web of thought.

[Exit Almahide.


SCENE I— A Wood.

Enter Ozmyn and Benzayda.

Ozm. Tis true, that our protection here has been The effect of honour in the Spanish queen; But, while I as a friend continue here, I to my country must a foe appear.

Benz. Think not, my Ozmyn, that we here re~


As friends, but prisoners to the power of Spain.
Fortune dispenses with your country's right;
But you desert your honour in your flight.'

Ozm. I cannot leave you here, and go away;
My honour's glad of a pretence to stay.

[A noise within,—Follow, follow, follow!—

Enter Selin, his sword drawn, as pursued.

Selin. I am pursued, and now am spent and done; My limbs suffice me not with strength to run. And, if I could, alas! what can I save? A year, the dregs of life too, from the grave. [Sits down on the ground. Here will I sit, and here attend my fate, With the same hoary majesty and state, As Rome's old senate for the Gauls did wait.

Benz. It is my father; and he seems distressed.

Ozm. My honour bids me succour the oppressed; That life he sought, for his I'll freely give; We'll die together, or together live.

Benz. I'll call more succour, since the camp is near, And fly on all the wings of love and fear.

[Exit Benz.

Enter Abenamah, and four or free Moors. He looks andjinds Selin.

Aben. You've lived, and now behold your latest

Selin. I scorn your malice, and defy your power.
A speedy death is all I ask you now;
And that's a favour you may well allow.

Ozm. [shewing himself.} Who gives you death, shall give it first to me;
Fate cannot separate our destiny.—

[Knows his father.

My father here! then heaven itself has laid
The snare, in which my virtue is betrayed.

Aben. Fortune, I thank thee! thou hast kindly done, To bring me back that fugitive, my son;
In arms too? fighting for my enemy!—
I'll do a Roman justice,—thou shalt die!

Ozm. I beg not you my forfeit life would save;
Yet add one minute to that breath you gave.
I disobeyed you, and deserve my fate;
But bury in my grave two houses' hate.
Let Selin live; and see your justice done
On me, while you revenge him for his son:
Your mutual malice in my death may cease,
And equal loss persuade you both to peace.

Aben. Yes, justice shall be done on him and thee.—
Haste, and dispatch them both immediately.

[To a soldier.

Ozm. If you have honour,—since you nature want,— For your own sake my last petition grant; .


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And kill not a disarmed, defenceless foe,
Whose death your cruelty, or fear, will show.

My father cannot do an act so base:

IVly father!—I mistake;—I meant, who was.
Aben. Go, then, dispatch him first who was my

son! Ozm, Swear but to save his life, I'll yield my

own, Aboi. Nor tears, nor prayers, thy life, or his, shall buy. Ozm. Ihen, sir, Eenzayda's father shall not die!— [Putting himself before Selin. And, since he'll want defence when I am gone, I will, to save his life, defend my own.

Aben. This justice, parricides, like thee, should

have !—

[aben. arid his party attack them both. Ozm. parries his father s thrusts, and thrusts at the others. .

Enter Benzayda, with Abdalla, the Duke of Arcos, and Spaniards.

Senz. O, help my father! and my Ozmyn save! Abdal. Villains, that death you have deserved is


Ozm. Stay, prince! and know, I have a father here!— [Stops Abdalla's hand.

I were that parricide, of whom he spoke,
Did not my piety prevent your stroke. D. Arcos. to Aben. Depart, then, and thank heaven you had a son. Aben. I am not with these shows of duty won.
Ozm. to his Father. Heaven knows, I would that life, you seek, resign;
But, while Benzayda lives, it is not mine.
Will you yet pardon my unwilling crime r
Aben. By no entreaties, by no length of time,

Will I be won; but, with my latest breath,
I'll curse thee here, and haunt thee after death.

[Exit Aben. with his party.
Ozm. Can you be merciful to that degree,

[Kneeling to Selin.
As to forgive my father's faults in me?
Can you forgive

The death of him I slew in my defence,
And from the malice separate the offence?
I can no longer be your enemy:
In short, now kill me, sir, or pardon me.

[Offers him his sword. In this your silence my hard fate appears.

Selin. I'll answer you, when I can speak for tears. But, till I can, Imagine what must needs be brought to pass;

[Embraces him. My heart's not made of marble, nor of brass. Did I for you a cruel death prepare, And have you, have you made my life your care! There is a shame contracted by my faults, Which hinders me to speak my secret thoughts. And I will tell you—when the shame's removed— You are not better by my daughter loved.— Benzayda be yours.—I can no more.

Ozm. Blessed be that breath which does my life restore! [Embracing his knees.

Benz. I hear my father now; these words confess That name, and that indulgent tenderness.

Selin. Benzayda, I have been too much to blame; But let your goodness expiate my shame: You Ozmyn's virtue did in chains adore, And part of me was just to him before.— My son !—

Ozm. My father!—

Selin. Since by you I live,
I, for your sake, your family forgive.
Let your hard father still my life pursue,
I hate not him, but for his hate to you;
Even that hard father yet may one day be
By kindness vanquished, as you vanquished me;
Or, if my death can quench to you his rage,
Heaven makes good use of my remaining age.

Abdal. I grieve your joys are mingled with my cares;But all take interest in their own affairs;
And, therefore, I must ask how mine proceed. Selin. They now are ripe, and but your presence need:For Lyndaraxa, faithless as the wind,
Yet to your better fortunes will be kind;For, hearing that the Christians own your cause,
From thence the assurance of a throne she draws.
And since Almanzor, whom she most did fear,
Is gone, she to no treaty will give ear;But sent me her unkindness to excuse.

Abdal. You much surprise me with your pleasing; news.

Selin. But, sir, she hourly does the assault expect, And must be lost if you her aid neglect: For Abdelmelech loudly does declare, He'll use the last extremities of war, If she refuse the fortress to resign. Abdal. The charge of hastening this relief be mine. Selin. This while I undertook, whether beset, Or else by chance, Abenamar I met; Who seemed, in haste, returning to the town.

Abdal. My love must in my diligence be shown.— And, [To Arcos.] as my pledge of faith to Spain, this hour I'll put the fortress in your master's power.

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