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8 Every particular and national church hath authority to ordain, change, and abolish ceremonies or rites of the Church, ordained only by man's authority, so that all things be done to edifying

8 And though Christ said, “ They worship God in vain that teach doctrines and commandinents of men;" yet he meant not thereby to overthrow all men's commandments; for he himself was ever obedient to the princes and their laws, made for good order and governance of the people: but he reproved the laws and traditions made by the Scribes and Pharisees, which were not made only for good order of the people, (as the civil laws were,) but they were set up so high, that they were made to be right and pure worshipping of God, as they had been equal with God's laws, or above them: for many of God's laws could not be kept, but were fain to give place unto them. This arrogancy God detested, that man should so advance his laws to make them equal with God's laws, wherein the true honouring and right worshipping of God standeth, and to make his laws for them to be left off

. God hath appointed bis laws, whereby his pleasure is to be honoured. His pleasure is also, that all men's laws, not being contrary unto his laws, shall be obeyed and kept, as good and necessary for every commonweal, but not as things wherein principally his honour resteth; and all civil and man's laws either be, or should be made, to bring men the better to keep God's laws, that consequently, or followingly, God should be the better honoured by them. Hom. v. See Art. XX.

g Let us follow after the things to edification. Rom. xv. 2. Seek which make for peace, and things that ye may excel to the edifying wherewith one may edify another of the Church. 1 Cor. xiv. 12. Let Rom. xiv. 19. Let every one of us all things be done unto edifying. please his neighbour for his good 1 Cor. xiv. 26.

XXXV. Of Homilies. THE second book of Homilies, the several titles whereof we have joined under this Article, doth contain a godly and wholesome doctrine, and necessary for these times, as doth the former book of Homilies, which were set forth in the time of Edward the Sixth; and therefore we judge them to be read in churches by the ministers, diligently and distinctly, that they may be understanded of the people.


1. Of the right use of the Church a.
2. Against peril of Idolatry
3. Of repairing and keeping clean of Churches.
4. Of Good Works; first, of Fasting d.
5. Against Gluttony and Drunkennesse

a Keep thy foot when thou goest the third and fourth generation of to the house of God, and be more them that hate me; and shewing ready to hear, than to give the sa- mercy unto thousands of them that crifice of fools; for they consider love me, and keep my commandnot that they do evil. Eccles. v. 1. ments. Exod. xx. 4–6. Again I say unto you, that if two • Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell of you shall agree on earth as in your ceiled houses, and this touching any thing that they shall house lie waste? Now therefore ask, it shall be done for them of thus saith the Lord of hosts ; Conmy Father which is in heaven. sider your ways. Ye have sown For where two or three are gathered much, and bring in little; ye eat, together in my name, there am I in but ye have not enough; ye drink, the midst of them. Matt. xviii. 19, but ye are not filled with drink; 20.

ye clothe you, but there is none b Thou shalt not make unto thee warm; and he that earneth wages, any graven image, or any likeness earneth wages to put it into a bag of any thing that is in heaven above, with holes. Haggai i. 4, 5, 6, or that is in the earth beneath, or a I keep under my body, and that is in the water under the bring it into subjection : lest that earth: thou shalt not bow down by any means, when I have preached thyself to them, nor serve them; to others, I myself should be a for I the Lord thy God am a jea- cast-away. 1 Cor. ix. 27. lous God, visiting the iniquity of • And take heed to yourselves, the fathers upon the children unto lest at any time your hearts be

6. Against excess of Apparel'. 7. Of Prayer 5. 8. Of the place and time of Prayer h. 9. The Common Prayer and Sacraments ought

to be ministered in a known tonguei. 10. Of the reverend estimation of God's wordk. 11. Of Alms-doing'. 12. Of the Nativity of Christm. 13. Of the Passion of Christ". 14. Of the Resurrection of Christo. 15. Of the worthy receiving of the Sacrament of

the Body and Blood of Christp.

overcharged with surfeiting, and i Let all things be done to edifydrunkenness, and cares of this life, ing. 1 Cor. xiv. 26. and so that day come upon you k All Scripture is given by inspirunawares. Luke xxi. 34.

ation of God, and is profitable for f Therefore take no thought, say- doctrine, for reproof, for correction, ng, what shall we eat? or what for instruction in righteousness : shall we drink? or wherewithal that the man of God may be pershall we be clothed ? (For after fect, throughly furnished unto all all these things do the Gentiles good works. 2 Tim. iii. 16, 17. seek :) for your heavenly Father 1 Charge them that are rich in knoweth that ye have need of all this world that they do good, these things. But seek ye first the that they be rich in good works, kingdom of God and his righteous- ready to distribute, willing to comness, and all these things shall be municate: laying up in store for added unto you. Matt. vi. 31–33. themselvesa good foundation against That women adorn themselves in the time to come, that they may lay modest apparel, with shamefaced- hold on eternal life. 1 Tim. vi. ness and sobriety; not with broi- 17–19. dered hair, or gold, or pearls, or m This is a faithful saying, and costly array: but (which becometh worthy of all acceptation, that women professing godliness) with Christ Jesus came into the world good works. 1 Tim. ii. 9, 10. to save sinners. 1 Tim. i. 15.

* Be careful for nothing; but in n He was wounded for our transevery thing by prayer and suppli- gressions, he was bruised for our cation with thanksgiving let your iniquities : the chastisement of our requests be made known unto God. peace was upon him; and with his Phil. iv. 6. Continue in prayer, stripes we are healed. Is. liii. 5. and watch in the same with thanks- o If Christ be not risen, then is giving. Col. iv. 2.

our preaching vain, and your faith h Remember the sabbath day to is also vain- -ye are yet in your keep it holy. Exod. xx. 8. I was sins. 1 Cor. xv. 14, 17. in the spirit on the Lord's day. P As often as ye eat this bread Rev. i. 10. Not forsaking the as- and drink this cup, ye do shew the sembling of ourselves together, as Lord's death till he come. Wherethe manner of some is. Heb, x. 25. fore whosoever shall eat this bread

16. Of the Gifts of the Holy Ghost 9.
17. For the Rogation Days'.
18. Of the state of Matrimony'.
19. Of Repentancet.
20. Against Idleness u.
21. Against Rebellion *.

of that cup

and drink this cup of the Lord un- judge. Heb. xiii. 4. worthily, shall be guilty of the t Testifying both to the Jew and body and blood of the Lord. But to the Greek repentance toward let a man examine himself, and so God, and faith toward our Lord let him eat of that bread, and drink Jesus Christ. Acts xx. 21.

For he that eateth u We hear that there are some and drinketh unworthily, eateth which walk among you disorderly, and drinketh damnation to himself, working not at all, but are busy not discerning the Lord's body. bodies. Now them that are such 1 Cor. xi. 26-29.

we command and exhort by our 9 (The coming down of the Holy Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietGhost on the day of Pentecost.) ness they work, and eat their own Acts ii. The fruit of the Spirit is bread. 2 Thess. iii. 11, 12. love, joy, peace, long-suffering, * Let every soul be subject unto gentleness, goodness, faith, meek- the higher powers. For there is ness, temperance. Gal. v. 22, 23. no power but of God: the powers

For of him, and through him, that be are ordained of God. Whoand to him, are all things : to whom soever therefore resisteth the power, be glory for ever. Amen. Rom. xi. 36. resisteth the ordinance of God:

$ Marriage is honourable in all, and they that resist shall receive and the bed undefiled: but whore- to themselves damnation. Rom. xiii. mongers and adulterers God will 1, 2.

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The Names of the former Book of Homilies. 1. A fruitful Exhortation to the Reading and Knowledge of Holy Scripture. 2. Of the Misery of Mankind, and of his Condemnation to Death everlasting by his own Sin b. 3. Of the Salvation of Mankind, by only Christ our Saviour, from Sin and Death everlastinge. 4. Of

a The law of the Lord is perfect, they than gold, yea, than much converting the soul: the testimony fine gold : sweeter also than honey, of the Lord is sure, making wise and the honey comb. Moreover by the simple. The statutes of the them is thy servant warned, and in Lord are right, rejoicing the heart: keeping of them there is great the commandment of the Lord is reward. Ps. xix. 7-11. pure, enlightening the eyes. The b The Scripture hath concluded fear of the Lord is clean, enduring all under sin, that the promise by for ever: the judgments of the faith of Jesus Christ might be given Lord are true and righteous alto- to them that believe. Gal. iii. 22. gether. More to be desired are © By grace are ye saved through

the True Lively and Christian Faith 5. Of Good Works annexed unto Faith 6. Of Christian Love and Charity! 7. Against Swearing and Perjurys. 8. How Dangerous a thing it is to fall from God" 9. An Exhortation against the Fear of Death'. 10. An Exhortation concerning Good Order, and Obedience to Rulers and Magistrates k 11. Against Whoredom and Uncleanness'. 12. Against Contention and Brawling".

faith ; and that not of yourselves; hath given to us eternal life, and it is the gift of God; not of works, this life is in his Son. He that lest any man should boast. Eph. ii. hath the Son hath life; and he 8, 9. We have believed in Jesus that hath not the Son of God hath Christ, that we might be justified not life. These things have I writby the faith of Christ, and not by ten unto you that believe on the the works of the law: for by the name of the Son of God; that ye works of the law shall no flesh be may know that ye have eternal life, justified. Gal. ii. 16.

and that ye may believe on the d Now the end of the command- name of the Son of God. 1 John v. ment is charity out of a pure heart, 11-13. and of a good conscience, and of k Submit yourselves to every or. faith unfeigned. 1 Tim. i. 5. Faith dinance of man for the Lord's sake: worketh by love. Gal. v. 6.

whether it be to the king as sue Faith, if it have not works, is preme; or unto governors as unto dead, being alone. -By works them that are sent by him for the was faith made perfect. James ii. punishment of evil-doers, and for 17, 22.

the praise of them that do well. f Thou shalt love the Lord thy For so is the will of God. 1 Pet. ii. God with all thy heart, and with 13—15. all thy soul, and with all thy 1 This ye know, that no whoremind. This is the first and great monger, nor unclean person, nor commandment. And the second is covetous man, who is an idolater, like unto it, Thou shalt love thy hath any inheritance in the kingneighbour as thyself. On these two dom of Christ and of God. Eph. commandments hang all the law V. 5. and the prophets. Matt. xii. 37-39. m If ye have bitter envying in

& Thou shalt swear, The Lord strife in your hearts, glory not, and liveth, in truth, in judgment, and lie not against the truth. This in righteousness. Jer. iv. 2.

wisdom descendeth not from above, h Cast me not away from thy but is earthly, sensual, devilish. presence; and take not away thy For where envying and strife is, Holy Spirit from me. Ps. li. 11. there is confusion and every evil

And this is the record, that God work. James iii. 14–16.

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