Medical Times, Volumen 28

J. Angerstein Carfrae, 1853

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Página 282 - Love thyself last: cherish those hearts that hate thee; Corruption wins not more than honesty. Still in thy right hand carry gentle peace, To silence envious tongues. Be just, and fear not: Let all the ends thou aim'st at be thy country's, Thy God's, and truth's; then if thou fall'st, O Cromwell, Thou fall'st a blessed martyr!
Página 43 - I think the system of education that could leave the mental condition of the public body in the state in which this subject has found it, must have been greatly deficient in some very important principle.
Página 221 - County of aged is not now in a fit and proper State to be successfully vaccinated...
Página 29 - There are sometimes found, on the internal coat of the stomach, eruptions, or deep red pimples, not numerous, but distributed here and there upon the villous membrane, rising above the surface of the mucous coat. These are at first sharp-pointed and red, but frequently become filled with white purulent matter. At other...
Página 149 - Hereford Hertford Huntingdon Kent Lancaster Leicester Lincoln Middlesex Monmouth Norfolk Northampton .. . Northumberland Nottingham .... Oxford Rutland Salop Somerset Stafford Suffolk Surrey Sussex Warwick Westmoreland . . Wilts Worcester York, B.
Página 288 - Certificates will not be received on more than one branch of Science from one and the same Lecturer ; but Anatomy and Dissections will be considered as one branch of Science.
Página 289 - Wales can give his apprentice a legal title to examination, unless he is himself legally qualified to practise as an Apothecary, either by having been in practice prior to or on the 1st of August, 1815, or by having received a certificate of his qualification from the Court of Examiners. An apprenticeship for not less than five years to Surgeons practising as Apothecaries in Ireland and Scotland...
Página 290 - Every person intending to offer himself for examination must give notice in writing to the Clerk of the Society on or before the Monday...
Página 48 - The subject having been placed as in the lateral operation, a staff is introduced into the bladder, and given to an assistant, who is directed to hold it in a vertical direction, so that the groove should correspond exactly with the mesial line. The index finger of the left hand is introduced into the rectum, the palmar surface being turned forwards. Upon its flat surface a straight bistoury is inserted to a depth of eighteen millimetres (about nine line«) from the margin of the anus.
Página 42 - ... presence they have always done — that it tells truly whether they are pressing downwards only or obliquely, then all effects of table-turning cease, even though the parties persevere, earnestly desiring motion, till they become weary and worn out. No prompting or checking of the hands is needed — the power is gone ; and this only because the parties are made conscious of what they are really doing mechanically, and so are unable unwittingly to deceive themselves.

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