The Cyclopædia of Practical Medicine: Comprising Treatises on the Nature and Treatment of Diseases, Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Medical Jurisprudence, Etc. Etc, Volumen 2

Sir John Forbes, Alexander Tweedie, John Conolly
Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, 1833

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Página 255 - Transactions of a Society for the Improvement of Medical and Chirurgical Knowledge.
Página 44 - There are so many determining factors in the problem, however, that it is impossible to lay down any general rule as to the comparative economy of the use of water-power.
Página 258 - In the autumn of 1829 a physician was present at the examination of a case of puerperal fever, dissected out the organs, and assisted in sewing up the body. He had scarcely reached home when he was summoned to attend a young lady in labor. In sixteen hours she...
Página 254 - Tonnell^ states, that softening of the uterus, after showing itself frequently in the first half of the year 1822, and particularly about January, disappeared entirely in the months of July and August, •which were characterized in a remarkable manner by the frequency of inflammation of the veins. Afterwards, it began to rage anew with great violence in September and October, and again disappeared in the last two months, during •which time the mortality was inconsiderable."1 4.
Página 250 - There seemed to be nothing dangerous in this form of disease, provided the nature of it was not mistaken and improper remedies not used, yet it so strikingly resembled peritoneal inflammation that it was invariably taken for it by the practitioners who witnessed it...
Página 258 - This disease seized such women only as were visited, or delivered, by a practitioner, or taken care of by a nurse, who had previously attended patients affected with the disease.
Página 262 - ... would not feel as if I were doing justice to the community if I did not distinctly state that I consider it, when judiciously administered, more generally suitable and more effectually remedial than any other medicine yet proposed. I can safely aver I have seen women recover apparently by its influence from an almost hopeless condition, certainly after every hope of recovery under ordinary treatment had been relinquished.
Página 258 - The 7th, pulse rapid, countenance anxious, teeth and lips covered with sordes, somnolence and delirium. The left arm above the elbow was acutely painful and very much swollen. The right was but little painful, and the erysipelas had made no further progress. The patches of erysipelas on the forehead and sole of the foot had disappeared, but there was a slight blush of inflammation on the inner side of the calf of the left leg. The symptoms became aggravated and she died on Saturday the 9th April.—I...
Página 54 - Tarantula; and neither men nor animals, after the bite, have had any other complaint, but a very trifling inflammation upon the part, like those produced by the bite of a scorpion, which go off by themselves without any danger at all. In Sicily, where the summer is still warmer than in any part of the kingdom of Naples, the Tarantula is never dangerous, and music is never employed for the cure of the pretended tarantism.

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