Harmony and Composition: Basics to Intermediate

Trafford Publishing, 2005 - 485 páginas

Harmony and Composition is a beginner-to-intermediate level music textbook for readers as early as the ninth grade and through college and beyond. This book provides a solid background in musicianship by maintaining the highest standards while combining traditions of the past with a reflection of contemporary trends in music. Music theory is taught entirely from the keyboard, enabling the readers to learn the elements of harmony while reading, playing, and hearing all that they study. Samples and solutions to exercises include excerpts by renowned composers alongside high quality student examples, inviting the reader into the study of musical composition on a personal level by demonstrating numerous possibilities when following rules and guidelines of others for centuries before them and to this day in varying contexts.

Features that make this approach different include:

  • an extensive coverage of keyboard skills, enabling students to play and hear the music they study and compose at all stages of learning.
  • an easy-to-understand breakdown of basic elements, which other music theory texts often do not include and which aid significantly with the learning of advanced material. All concepts are taught with easy-to-follow illustrations.
  • exercises occur as elements are explained, rather than grouped at the end of chapters.
  • in-class drills are separate from homework exercises, ensuring that concepts are practiced with an instructor before the students take home their work.
  • weeklong review chapters interspersed throughout the text continuously reinforce previously learned material.
  • music from diverse styles is used to demonstrate musical elements.
  • well-written student examples demonstrate possible solutions to selected drills and exercises alongside mainstream composers, encouraging readers through examples of the best of what students can aspire to at every level.
  • finally, this is a contemporary harmony and composition textbook and workbook. Not only will it give you a solid background in classical music, but it also pertains to the more contemporary sounds of jazz-pop. In this book, you will see diverse styles become one world.

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