Sketches of Society in Great Britain and Ireland, Volumen 1

Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1834

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Página 3 - Almighty's form Glasses itself in tempests; in all time, — Calm or convulsed, in breeze, or gale, or storm, Icing the pole, or in the torrid clime Dark-heaving — boundless, endless, and sublime, The image of eternity, the throne Of the Invisible; even from out thy slime The monsters of the deep are made; each zone Obeys thee; thou goest forth, dread, fathomless, alone.
Página 106 - Thou art, of what sort the eternal life of the saints was to be, which eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive.
Página 76 - Snatch'd through the verdant maze, the hurried eye Distracted wanders; now the bowery walk Of covert close, where scarce a speck of day Falls on the lengthen'd gloom, protracted sweeps: Now meets the bending sky; the river now Dimpling along, the breezy ruffled lake, The forest darkening round, the glittering spire, Th' ethereal mountain, and the distant main.
Página 28 - Heavens! what a goodly prospect spreads around, Of hills, and dales, and woods, and lawns, and spires, i And glittering towns, and gilded streams, till all The stretching landscape into smoke decays...
Página 162 - Walk about Zion, and go round about her ; tell the towers thereof : mark ye well her bulwarks, and consider her palaces;" — if her elevation, it was,
Página 162 - Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is Mount Zion. God is known in her palaces for a refuge.
Página 234 - To Norman Abbey whirl'd the noble pair, — An old, old monastery once, and now Still older mansion, — of a rich and rare Mix'd Gothic, such as artists all allow Few specimens yet left us can compare Withal: it lies perhaps a little low, Because the monks preferr'da hill behind, To shelter their devotion from the wind.
Página 47 - ... from the neatness within and without, and the more to be remarked, as many of them are rude, lowly, and time-stricken structures. The white-washed fences and walls look cleanly and carefully kept; the honey-suckle and jessamine, clustering roses and graceful laburnums, with their thick blossoms overhanging and festooning the doors and windows with sweet drapery, add a charm, so rare with us, but strongly reminding one of the cottage homes of England. With an attention all alive to the beautiful,...
Página 83 - Certainly one of the most famous inscriptions is that marking Shakespeare's burial place: Good frend, for Jesus sake forbeare To digg the dust encloased here; . Bleste be ye man y' spares thes stones, And curst be he y' moves my bones, — But this is as much a curse as an epitaph.
Página 8 - It is one and a quarter miles in length, and is one of the most beautiful structures of the kind in the world.

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