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1088 LAUDE (Oldradus de Ponte de) CONSILIA ET QUÆSTIONES (folio 2 recto). In Nomine Domin Amen: In Causa Ebora &c. (folio 221 verso). Finis consilium Exemii utriusque iuris professoris Oldvadi de Laude. Rome impressorum per Magistrum Adam Rot. Meten. Diocesis Anno Salutis 1472. Folio, Roman letter, two columns of 50 lines to a page, rubricated, capitals painted in blue and red (lower blank margins of six leaves cut away), oaken boards, very nice original stamped leather binding, but damaged, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £6 68 1088a LEGENDE DES FLAMENS.-LA LEGEDE DES FLAMES ARTISIENS ET HAYNUYERS, OU AUTREMET LEUR CRONIQUE ABREGEE, EN LAQUELLE SONT CONTENUES PLUSIEURS HYSTOIRES DE FRACE ANGLETERRE ALLEMAIGNE Avecqs les genealogies et descentes des ROYS DE NAPLES ET SICILLE qui y ont regae en quatre nations jusques a present ALCAUOIR, NORMANS, ALLEMANS, FRANCOIS & ARRAGONOYS. Mesmoment des Viscotes princos & Ducz de MYLLAN qui ont regne iusques a present. Et le Droict et titre que les treschrestiens ROYS DE FRANCE ont tant au royaulme et courone de NAPLES & SCILE que au duche et estat de MILLAN, cum puillegio. Ils se rendent & Paris en la sue Sainct Jacques a lenseigne Sainct Claude pres les Maturins. (Folio 113 verso), Cy fine ce present traicte intitule la legende des Flamens. Nouvellement imprime a Paris et a este acheue le xxe jour de May mil cing Cent. XII. (1522.) Quarto, gotbic letter, 33 lines to a page, title in red and black, with large cut on verso, WOODCUT INITIALS AND THIRTY CUTS. old calf, with arms of Hon. T. Grenville, stamped in gold on sides, from the library of WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £21

1089 LUCRETIUS CARUS (Titus) (Folio 2 recto) T. LUCRETI CARI. Poetae philosophici antiquissimi de RERUM NATURA (Folio 95 recto) Paulus hunc impressit fridenperger in Verona. Qui genitus est in Patavia ale Magna. Ab incarnatione Christi. 1486. Folio, Roman letter, 41-42 lines to a page, slightly wormed, old red morocco gilt, from the Library of WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £8 88

A very rare book, by as equally an uncommon printer. This book is the only specimen with this printer's name recorded by Hain.

1090 LYDGATE (John) THE TRAGEDIES, GATHERED BY JHON BOCHAS, OF ALL SUCH PRINCES AS FELL FROM THEYR ESTATES THROUGHE THE MUTABILITY OF FORTUNE SINCE THE CREACION OF ADAM UNTIL HIS TIME, WHEREIN MAY BE SEEN WHAT VICES BRING MENNE TO DESTRUCTION, WITH NOTABLE WARNINGS HOWE THE LIKE MAY BE AVOYDED, TRANSLATED INTO ENGLYSH (VERSE) BY JOHN LIDGATE, MONKE OF BURYE. Imprinted at London by John Wayland, at the Signe of the Sunne over against the Conduite in Fiete-strete, N.D. (circa 1550). Folio, Black Letter, engraved title, some small wormholes, a very fine and large copy in the original oak boards, covered with stamped leather, Sir John Fenn's copy, with some notes in his handwriting on fly-leaves, £12 128

"The work is not improperly styled a set of tragedies. It is not merely a narrative of men eminent for their rank and misfortunes. The plan is perfectly dramatic and partly suggested by the pageants of the times. Every personage is supposed to appear before the poet, and to relate his respective sufferings; and the figures of these spectres are sometimes finely drawn. The book was never popular here, because it had no English examples."-WARTON,

1091 LODGE (Thomas) THE WORKES OF LUCIUS ANNEUS SENECA, newly enlarged and corrected. London, printed by Willi. Stansby (1620). Folio, engraved title, old calf, GOOD COPY, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, S1 48

"The only English version."-Lowndes.

1092 LUCIAN.-MAYNE (JASPER) Part of LUCIAN made English from the original in the year 1638. To which are adjoyned those other Dialogues of Lucian as they were formerly translated by Mr. Francis Hicks. (Printer's device), Oxford, printed by H. Hall for R. Davis, 1661. Folio, engraved portrait of Lucian by Wm. Faithorne, FINE COPY in old calf, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £4 48

Dryden speaks in terms of highest approbation of this translation.

1093 MARCUS AURELIUS.-BERNERS (LORD) THE GOLDEN BOKE OF MARCUS AURELIUS, EMPEROUR AND ELEQUENT ORATOUR. Londin AN. MD.LIII., Imprinted London in Flete-strete, in the House of Thomas Berthelet, cum privelegio ad imprisnendum solum (1554). 12mo, gotbic letter, 29 lines to a page, woodcut title with border (title mounted and last leat damaged, wants X 8), half calf, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £3 108

1094 MARIUS (Folio 1 verso) Ludovicus Mondellus Mercathelli domino, etc.


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Octaviano Ubaldino (Folio 4 recto) MARII PHILELSI LODOVICUM MODELLUM mediolanensem ex seraphico minorum ordine PRÆFATIO IN NOVUM EPISTOLARIU (last leaf recto). Impressum Mediolani per magistrum Uldericum scingenzeller allamanum anno domini MCCCCLXXXVII (1487). Quarto, Roman letter, 37 lines to a page, half vellum,£1 108 1095 MARTIN (Thomas) A TRAICTISE DECLARYNG AND PLAINLY PROVING THAT THE PRETENDED MARRIAGE OF PRIESTS AND PROFESSED PERSONS IS NO MARRIAGE, but altogether unlawful, and in all ages and all countries of Christendom bothe forbidden and also punyshed, etc. Excusum Londini in ædibus Roberti Caly Typographi, mense Maii Anno 1554. Small 4to, Black Letter, old calf, £3 38 1096 MISSALE MAGDEBURGENSE.-(Folio 1 recto,): BONU COMUNE PUATO PFERENDU EST. IMMO QUTO COMMUNIUS IPM (&c.), (followed by Table of Contents, &c.), (Folio 7 verso, Kalendar), (Folio 8, recto), REGISTRUM QUINTERNOVUM (Folio 9, recto), DOMINICA PRIMA IN ADVENTU DNI, (Folio 149, recto) Gloria in Excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus (etc.), (Folio 153, recto) Te igitur clementissime (&c., Canon ends on Folio 158, verso.) (Folio 281, verso, in red.)

Ad summi laudem perfecta caractere divo Et decus omnipotis et cleri commoditatem Communesqu: rei pressura novella magistro Artis pessiue deluxit bartholomeo Gothan. preuigili studio correcta caducis Impolluta notis. blandissima visibus, apta Non abnoxa poscente metropolitana. Magdeburgensi primatu digne corusca Inter germanos. regnis fultos duodenis In quis pregraditur. romano presule dante Ob pacis merita. Prius instigante benigne Imperio domini petri maletoris ibidem Tamati. quorum centena fauare magister Quinque modo dictus missalia duxit a unguem Cui lucus brandis operam dedit arte preclarus De cuius manibus apicum defluxerat amnis Anno millens domini simul octuageno Centenoque quater. desit sibi tartanus ater. (Lubeck, Bartholomew Ghotan & Lucas Brandis), 1480. Folio, FIRST EDITION, VERY FINE MISSAL CHARACTERS, printed in red and black, two columns of 37 lines to a page; Canon one column of 20 lines to a page; rubricated, (a few blank margins repaired), original stamped leather, rebacked, with clasps, FROM THE LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £40

The VERY RARE FIRST EDITION of the Magdeburg Missal, of which Mr. Weale notes only six perfect copies. The present is a FINE and PERFECT one.

1097 MISSALE SECUNDUM CONSUETUDINEM ROMANE CURIE. Impressum Venetiis arte et impensis Nicholai de Franckfordia, Anno Domini MCCCCLXXXIIII (1484). Small 8vo, goibic letter, beautifully printed in red and black, with pen initials in blue, double columns of 31 lines to a page, WITH MUSICAL NOTATIONS, AND A FINE OUTLINE WOODCUT OF THE CRUCIFIXION before the Canon, old blue morocco extra, gilt back

and sides, and gilt edges, fine copy, from the Library of Maurice Johnson, of Spalding, £10 10s

[Collation Movable Feasts, 1 leaf. Calendar, 6 leaves. Sigs. A to Y in eights, and Sigs. 1 to 15 in eights. The first and last leaves were blanks.]

A very scarce edition; no copy in the British Museum, nor is it mentioned in Brunet. 1097a MISSALE SECUNDUM USUM MONTENSEM, Manuscript WRITTEN BY A FLEMISH SCRIBE, in red and brou nish black ink, ON 198 LEAVES OF VELLUM, in lettres bâ tardes, double columns of 36 lines to a page. AN ELABORATE ILLUMINATED border, in GOLD AND COLOURS (somewhat rubbed) on the first page, and ANOTHER TO THE CANON of the MASS, FOURTEEN ILLUMINATED MINIATURE INITIALS, numerous painted ornamental initials, in red and blue (4 leaves are missing). (Circa 1460.) Folio, half red morocco, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with his bookplate, £25

The miniatures in this volume are very attractive, and are of high artistic merit; some containing quite a number of figures.

Among the offices are those of S. Aldegard, S. Waldetrud, S. Sotheris, S. Arnulph, and S. Lambert. 1098 MONSTRELET (Euguerran de) Volume Premier des Chroniques.

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contenants les cruelles Guerres civilles entre les maisons d'Orleans & de Bourgongue. a Paris, chez Pierre l'Huillier, sue Sainct Jaques a l'Olivier, 1572.—Volume 2, Paris, 1572.-Vol. 3, Paris, 1572.-3 vols in 1, folio, old calf, a prize copy, with College Arms on side, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bockpla'e, £4 48 1098a MORRIS (William) The TALE OF KING CONSTANS THE EMPEROR-A Tale over the Sea. Kelmscott Press, 1894. 12mo, BEAUTIFULLY PRINTED, WITH ENGRAVED BORDERS AND TITLE PAGES, BY WILLIAM MORRIS AT THE KELMSCOTT PRESS, gothic letter, original half boards, as published, £2 2s

10986 MORRIS (William) A DREAM OF JOHN BALL, and a King's Lesson. 1888. FIRST EDITION, with an illustration, by EDWARD BOURNE JONES, 12mo, cloth, uncut, 10s 6ð 1099 MORWYNG (Peter) The Treasure of Evonymvs, CONTEYNINGE THE WONDERFULL HID SECRETES OF NATURE, TOUCHING THE MOST APTE FORMES TO PREPARE AND DESTYL MEDICINES, FOR THE CONSERVATION OF HELTH, AS QUINTESSENCE, AUTUM POTABILE, HIPPOCRAS, AROMATICAL WYNES, BALMES, OYLES, PER FUMES, GARNISHING WATERS, AND OTHER MANIFOLD EXCELLENT CONFECTIONS; WHEREUNTO ARE JOYNED THE FORMES OF SONDRY APT FURNACES AND VESSELS REQUIRED IN THIS ART, translated (with great diligence and laboure) out of Latin, by PETER MORWYNG, Fellow of Magdalene Colleadge in Oxford. Imprinted at London by John Daie, dwelling over Aldergate, beneath Saint Martines, 1559. Black Letter. NUMEROUS SPIRITED CUTS OF HERBS, FLOWERS, DISTILLING APPLIANCES, etc., etc., small 4to, fine copy in old calf, some MS. notes in a contemporary hand on margins, £6 16s 6d 1100 NORTH (Thomas) THE DIAL OF PRINCES, compiled by the Reverend Father in God, DON ANTONY OF GUEVARA, Bishop of Guader, Preacher and Chronicler of Charles the Sixt, late of that name Emperour, Englished out of the French. Richarde To. Hill, 1582. 4to, engraved title, sprinkled calf, paned sides, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £6 69

1101 ORDO SEPTEM ECCLESIASTICORUM GRADUUM ET IN Gradibus Ordinandi set ante omnia decum faciendi. ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT on vellum by an ITALIAN SCRIBE, written cn 226 leaves, in red and black, in LARGE MISSAL characters, 15 lines to page, with small square shape Musical Notation, FIFTY-ONE FINELY PAINTED ornamental floriated initials, and innumerable pen letters (three of the initials are HISTORIATED). Circa 1320. 4to, original oak boards, covered with stained leather, rebacked, with long strap clasps, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £40 An Ordination Book of the City of Rome, by an Italian Scribe. It includes the Blessing of the Emperor and Empress, Ordination of the Pope, Burial of the Clergy of the Roman Fraternity, etc. This curious MS. is somewhat difficult to describe. The illuminated letters are severe and the colours subdued in appearance, occasioned perhaps by the utter absence of gold in their illumination. The first page is principally taken up with a large "Orems," the relative size of letters being-OREMS-the O is a painted initial, the others pen letters in red and blue. The effect is more curious perhaps than pleasing, and these terms apply to the MS. generally. Italian MSS. of this character are unquestionably very rare. A MS. description of the book in the handwriting of William Morris, signed W. M., is inserted.

1102 OXFORD.-BɔASE (Rev. CHARLES WILLIAM, M.A.) Registrum Collegii Exoniensis, Register of the Rectors, Fellows, and other Members on the Foundation of EXETER COLLEGE, Oxford, with a History of the College, and Illustrative Documents. Oxford, 1894. 8vo, cloth, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, S

1103 PAULUS DE SANCTA MARIA.-(Folio 1, recto) Incipit dialogus qui vocatur SCRUTINIUM SCRIPTURARUM. Compocitus per RIVERENDUM PATREM DOMINUM PAULUM DE SANCTA MARIA Magistrum in Theologia, Epm Burgem archicancellarium serenissimi principis dui regis castelle et legiones quem composuit post additiones positas ad postillam Nicolai de Lyra. Anno domini Mccccxxxiii, etatis sue anno lxxxi, (Folio 216, verso) Nor et gloria in secula seculorum anen, Deo gratias. (Sine ulla nota. sed Strasburg, John Mentelin, c. 1471.) Folio, gotbic letter, 39 lines to a page, rubricated, fine illuminated initials in red and blue, original stamped leather, damaged, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £6 Cs

It may

The book is exactly the same type as Mentelin's Artesarus and Albertus Magnus, and the same also as Aristotle, but not leaded; the capitals are the same as in the De Arte Predicandi. therefore be considered as without doubt a specimen of Mentelin's printing.


1104 PIERCE PLOWMAN. THE VISION OF PIERCE PLOWMAN, IMPRINTED AFTER THE AUTHOR'S OLDE COPY, with a brefe summary of the principall Matters set before every part, called Passus, whereunto is also annexed the Crede of Pierce Plowman, never imprinted with the look before. Imprynted at London, by Owen Rogers, dwelling neare unto Great Saint Bartelmewes Gate, at the Sygne of the Spred Egle, 1561. GENUINE, UNDOCTORED COPY, bound in part of a leaf from a vellum choir book, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with his bookplate. £6 108 This curious poem is usually ascribed to Robert Langland or Longland, who flourished in the early part of the XIVth century; but the authorship may perhaps be regarded as still an open question. It is one of the most remarkable productions of the age (1362-80), and in importance and interest and merit of execution ranks second only to Chaucer for the picture it presents of England in the middle ages. While Chaucer's language is that of the Court and upper classes, Piers Plowman uses the tongue of the common people, and is very valuable on that account. "This work is a very curious and masterly production, and appears to have been composed in or soon after the year 1362. It is a kind of religious allegorical satire, in which Pierce the Floughman, the principal personage, seems to be intended for the pattern of Christian perfection, if not Occasionally for Jesus Christ himself. The mode of versification adopted by this writer is originally Gothic, and it is to be conjectured to have been a favourite poetic style with the common people down to a late period. The author of this poem became popular about the time of the Reformation, from his having lashed the vices of the clergy, both regular and secular, with a just severity, and foretold, as was thought, the destruction of the monasteries by Henry VIII."-Vide Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica, in which it is marked at 14 14s.

This copy does not contain the Crede as mentioned on title.

1105 PROCOPIUS. DE BELLO PERSICO (Folio 1, verso) RAPHAEL VOLATERRANUS MARIO FRATRI SALUTEM. (Folio 90, verso) Impressum Romæ per Magistrum Eucharium Silber alias Franck, Anno Salutis, 1509. Folio, Roman Letter, 34 lines to a page, with sidenotes, WOODCUT INITIALS, mo.tled calf, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £2 28 1106 RASTELL (John) LIBER ASSISARUM ET PLACITORUM CORONÆ. . foeliciter explicit

Si ivuat Anglorum reverendas discereleges

Et Cupis ex paruo discene multa libro

Chalcographi Rastel studiosos rosce labores

Et librum assidue per lege doctus Eris.

S.A. (circa 1514). Folio, black and gothic letters, in three sizes, Rastell's devices on title enclosed by four strips of ornament, A FINE SPECIMEN OF THIS CELEBRATED PRINTER'S WORK; old calf, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £8 88 Prefixed is a table, with an English Prologue by John Rastell. This valuable work, according to Dr. Dibdin, is in Norman or Low French, and contains the Assizes and Pleas of the Crown for the whole reign of King Edward III.


1108 ROSSETTI (Dante Gabriel) The Poetical Works, edited with preface by WILLIA
M. ROSSETTI. 1891. 8vo, etched portrait of D. G. Rossetti, fine copy in cloth, from th

1109 RECORDE (Robert) THE CASTLE OF KNOWLEDGE, containing th

Explication of the Sphere bothe Celestiall and Materiall, and divers other things

incident thereto, with sundry pleasant proofes and certaine newe demonstrations no

written before in any vulgare woorks. Imprinted at London by Reginald Wolf, Ann

Domini 1556. Small folio, very fine woodcut title and other engravings, fine, sound, an

clean copy in the original calf, from the Earl of Ashburnham's Library, £10 108

"Recorde was no common man. His Castle of Knowledge is a treatise on Astronomy, Theoretica

and Practical, and in this work he shows himself as much a Copernican as any reasonable ma

could well be at the time."-PROF. DE MORGAN.

1110 RAMUS (Petrus) The Three Partes of Commentaries, containing the whole an

perfect discourse of the CIVILL WARRES OF FRAUNCE, under the raignes of Henry th

Second, Frances the Second, and of Charles the Ninth, WITH AN ADDITION OF THE CRUE


of August, anno 1572, translated out of Latine into English by Thomas Timme, Minister

Imprinted at London by Francis Coldock, 1574.-The Fourth Part of Comentaries of th

Civil Warres in Fraunce and of the lowe countrie of Flaunders; translated out of Latin

into English by Thomas Tymme, Minister. Imprinted at London by Henrie Binnema

for Humfrey Toy, Anno 1576. In 1 vol, 4to, black letter, original calf, centre g

ornament, paned sides, from the LIBRARY OF WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, £7 7s

A most interesting work. The addition, or as it is called "The Tenth Book," contains an accour

of the sanguinary outrages on St. Bartholomew's Day, including the assassination of the auth

himself, Peter Ramus. The work, which in the original Latin consists of nine books, has bee

by some attributed to John de Serres, and by others to Francis Hotoman.

1111 RECUEIL DE LA DIVERSITÉ DES HABITS, qui sont de present en usag

tant espays d'Europe, Asie Affrique & Isles Sauvages, Le tout fait apres le nature

(woodcut). A Paris, Pat Francois des prez demourant Rue de Montorgueil, au bon Pasteur

1567. (Avec privilege du Roy), 8vo, woodcut title and ONE HUNDRED AND


enlayed and margined in black ink, AUTOGRAPH OF GABRIEL HARVEY (th

Elizabethan writer) on title and verso of last plate, morocco extra, gilt edges, from th

Ashburnham Library, £8 88

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AN EXTREMELY FINE WORK; it is dedicated (2 ll.) to Henry of Navarre by FRANCOYS DESERP
(sic for Desprey).
PREMIER LIVRE DE LA TABLE RONDE Le que traicte de plusieurs matiere
GALAAD, BOORS, ET PERCEUAL Qui est le dernier livre de la table ronde. Nouvellement
imprime a Paris. On les vend a Paris par Philippe le Noir Libraire & Relieur iure er
luniversite de Paris Demourant en la rue Sainct Jacques a leuseyne de la roze blanche
Couronne. (Folio 114 recto) Cy fine le derrenier Volume de la queste du sainc!
greaal faisant mention de plusieurs merueilleuses adventures faictes et mises a
fin par les campaignons de la table ronde et principallement de par Galaad fil
de Lancelot du lac, qui a este la derreniere branche de cestey livre venue et yssue de la
semence de Josep darimathie. Nouvellement imprime a Paris par Phelippe le Noir
libraire et relieur iure en Luniversite de Paris demourant en la grant rue Sainet Jaques a
lenseigne de la Rose blanche couronnee. Et fait acheue le XXIIII iour Doctobre. 1523
(Folio 114 verso, large woodcut device of Michel le Noir). Folio, 2 vols in one, Gothic
Letter, 2 columns of 45 lines to a page, WOODCUT TITLE AND EIGHTEEN
FULL-PAGE AND SMALLER WOODCUTS, woodcut initials, black morocco, from
the Library of WILLIAM MORRIS, with bookplate, AN EXTREMELY RARE EDITION, £80

1113 SANDYS (George) OVID'S METAMORPHOSIS ENGLISHED. London, printed by J.

F., for A. Roper, R. Thomlins, and G. Sawbridge, 1669. 12mo, original calf, from the


A fine copy of a rare edition.

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