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Lending money on Mortgage requires great caution as to the character of the person borrowing. Unsuspecting persons have often been victimised when all has previously appeared properly done.

Suppose Lady A lends money to a Mr. B, on the understanding that the whole money is to be repaid, say at the end of seven years, and that 4 per cent. interest is to be paid Lady A each year. Now suppose B neglects to pay interest. Lady A wants her money; but, too late, she finds that she cannot make a legal title to sell B's land. This may go on for years, till poor Lady A is only too happy to sacrifice all the interest due to her, so that she may get her principal again, which is just the fraud this Mr. B has meditated upon all along.

It may be suggested that the Lawyers should see to this. But, in practice, it often happens to Ladies to be quite indignant at the suggestion of their Lawyer, as to the substantial character of B, who may be a personal friend or a connec

tion of a deceased husband, and has attracted her partisanship by means of a persuasive tongue.

A Mortgage should always contain a power for the Lender to sell in the event of the interest falling into arrear.

Title-Deeds of an Estate are the visible tokens of the ownership of the person in whose custody they are; and, when buying an Estate, if you always make a point of employing your own Attorney to carry out the purchase, he will be bound to see that they are given up to you.

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in the Company, and will be obliged to him to write down in ink, answers to the following questions on this paper, and return it to her.

She has left a space for the answers, and enclosed a stamped envelope, ready directed to herself, to save unnecessary trouble.


Can you receive the sum of £— on Loan?

What interest will you allow?

When is it payable?

Who are your


How can the money be sent from the



Is notice required, and if so, how much, previous to withdrawing the money ?

[blocks in formation]

If anything occurs necessary to mention, Miss G― requests Mr.

(Add date.)

to do so.

When Dividends are in arrear, write

Gentlemen,-Not having received the Divi

Share I hold in your

Company, I shall be obliged by your forwarding it

Bankers in London, to be placed to

dend due to me for the

to Messrs.

the credit of my account at the


Company in

(Sign name; add date and address.)

Useful forms of letters to your Broker :

(1.) Sir, Please to sell for me Six Shares in the Company, at the present time's price (or not

[blocks in formation]

(2.) I beg you to inform me what sum I am to pay if I take one of the new Shares offered to me in the B Company.

(3.) I have written by this Post to my Banker, Messrs. in Derby, requesting them to remit to your London Banker, Messrs. Coutts, the sum of Pounds, for the (two) new Twenty Pound Shares that are allotted to me as Proprietor in the Company.

I request a receipt for the money.

(4) I beg that my Dividends may be paid to my account at Messrs.

in Derby.




In purchasing a House, bear in mind that in calculating the interest you will receive on the money spent in buying it, you must deduct from the gross rent you expect to receive, not only the cost of repairs, the land-tax, the insurance against fire, but the money which would fail you if the House remained unlet for a time. If you employ a person to collect the rent, a certain amount of commission will be required by him, and will be the cause of a further deduction.

In hiring a House, it is customary for the Tenant to pay all taxes, rates, and charges, except

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