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N.B.-Remember there must always be a Stamp to every Cheque, whether written on a sheet of paper or on a printed Form. Take Stamps with you when you go abroad.

Transferring Money.-It is often convenient to write a note to your Banker, to transfer money you owe to another, who banks at the same Bank as yourself. In this case there is no possibility of fraud or loss from the miscarriage of your letter. You may write thus :

Messrs. Barclay & Co.

London, March 4th, 1863.

Please pay Six Pounds Five Shillings (650) to Mr. Francis Mark's account with



Emily Wilson.

If the person in question does not bank at the same Bank as yourself, this is the form :—

To Mr. Henry Somerset,

Norwich, 4th Sept. 1863.

Manager of the Norwich Bank.

Please pay Twenty Pounds (£20:0:0) to the account of Mr. Eli Smythe, with Messrs. Taylors and Lloyds, Bankers in Birmingham.

Jane Gubbins.

When Interest has to be paid.—

Banbury, March 26th, 1863.

To the Manager of the Banbury Bank.

Please pay to Mr. Richard Norfolk's account the sum of Thirty-four Pounds, and also Interest at the rate of five per cent. per annum on the same from January 1st to March 25th.

Julia Edwards.

Payment of Calls.

Messrs. Hoare,

London, 1st December, 1862.

I request you to pay to Messrs. Attwoods in Birmingham, the sum of Sixty Pounds, in payment of the enclosed Call of the Waterworks Company. When you receive their Receipt, I request you to forward it to me.

Anne Smith.

For Annual Subscriptions through a Banker.—

Messrs. Hoare.

6th Jan. 1863.

Please pay Two Pounds (£2:00) to the account of the Derby Infirmary with Messrs. ———, and continue the payment of the same on each succeeding Fanuary 1st until further notice.

Mary Green.

To open an Account with a Banker.-It is often convenient to have a Banker in London as well

as one in the country.

If you wish "to open

an account," that is, to begin banking with one, obtain an introduction, and write thus to the new Banker-say Messrs. Coutts :

(Put date and full address.)

To Messrs. Coutts.

Gentlemen, Please to put the enclosed Cheque to the credit of an account, which I will, with your permission, now open with you.



Caroline Smith.

(Put date and full address.)

Messrs. Coutts.

Gentlemen,-I have this day desired the Bath Bank, Messrs. Fames, to transfer Four Hundred Pounds to my credit with yourselves (£400), as I am desirous of opening an account with your House.


Caroline Smith.

Then you must write to your old Banker, Messrs. James

(Put date and place.)

To Messrs. James, Bath Bank.

Please pay Four Hundred Pounds to my

account with Messrs. Coutts in London,


Caroline Smith.

Money at Interest.-If you have a large sum in your Banker's hands, and wish some of it to remain at Interest, write

(Date and place.)


Do you allow Interest on Balances left in your hands? If so, I shall be obliged by your informing me what per-centage you would give me upon a Deposit account, and what notice it would be necessary for me to give before withdrawing the same.


Caroline Smith.

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