The great governing families of England, by J.L. Sanford and M. Townsend, Volumen 1


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Página 285 - Trevor, and who was made a Knight of the Bath at the coronation of Charles II.
Página 308 - King, his heirs and successors, by the service of the twentieth part of one knight's fee, and paying therefore annually to the said King, his heirs and successors, 41.
Página 38 - I heard a bird sing in mine eare, That I must either fight, or flee. Now heaven forefend, my dearest lord, That ever such harm should hap to thee: 10 But goe to London to the court, And faire fall truth and hones tie.
Página 30 - In the mauger 3 of doughte Dogles, And all that ever with him be. The fattiste hartes in all Cheviat He sayd he wold kill, and cary them away : Be my feth, sayd the dougheti Doglas agayn, I wyll let that hontyng yf that I may.
Página 271 - Gower's resignation at the present moment must be the ruin of administration. In Lord North's arguments with Lord Gower, Lord North owns that he had certainly one disadvantage, which is that he holds in his heart and has held for these three years, just the same opinion with Lord Gower.
Página 346 - She was a woman of great beauty, but most enormously vicious and ravenous ; foolish but imperious, very uneasy to the king, and always carrying on intrigues with other men, while yet she pretended she was jealous of him. His passion for her, and her strange behaviour towards him, did so disorder him, that often he was not master of himself, nor capable of minding business, which, in so critical a time, required great application...
Página 177 - Bentinck instantly came to the bedside, bent down, and placed his ear close to the king's mouth. The lips of the dying man moved; but nothing could be heard. The king took the hand of his earliest friend, and pressed it tenderly to his heart. In that moment, no doubt, all that had cast a slight passing cloud over their long and pure friendship was forgotten. It was now between seven and eight in the morning. He closed his eyes, and gasped for breath.
Página 79 - God was pleased to lay the foundation or ground-work of repentance in me, for the bringing me home to Himself, by His wonderful rich and free grace, revealing His Son in me, that by the knowledge of the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent, I might, even whilst here in the body, be made partaker of eternal life, in the first fruits of it.
Página 346 - ReceiverGeneral of the profits of the seals in the Courts of King's Bench, and Common Pleas, and of the Prises of Wines.
Página 125 - And, for a night and for a day, His horse shall have both corn and hay, And no man shall ask him when he goeth away.

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