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Printed for W. CREECH, Edinburgh; and for
W. STRAHAN, and T. CA DEL L, London.


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HE following work is the fubftance of various speculations, that occasionally amused the author, and enlivened his leisure-hours. It is not intended for the learned; they are above it: nor for the vulgar; they are below it. It is intended for men, who, equally removed from the corruption of opulence, and from the depreffion of bodily labour, are bent on useful knowledge; who, even in the delirium of youth, feel the dawn of patriotism, and who in riper years enjoy its meridian warmth. To fuch men this work is dedicated, and that they may profit by it, is the author's ardent with, and probably will be while any spirit remains in him to form a wish.

May not he hope, that this work, child of his gray hairs, will furvive, and bear testimony for him to good men, that even a laborious calling, which left him not many leifure-hours, never banished from his mind, that he would little deferve to be of the human fpecies, were he indifferent about his fellow


Homo fum: humani nihil a me alienum puto.




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