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America, and Great Britain,
case of; recommended

ecclefiaftical history, &c. American ftamp-act, remarks on
remarks on, and character 57 it

of Du Moulin's trea. Anecdotes of British topography,
tise on peace of foul and con copious account of, with ex-
tent of mind ; approved 467

tracts and approbation 443
Academy of play, relative to fe- Animal creation, philosophical
veral games with cards ; ap survey of the'; account of,

with extracts

Acids, vegetable, fome carious Annorations on the Psalms, by
obfervations on

97 Mr. Merrick; obfervations on
Actinia fociata, or clustered ani-
mal flower, description of it Another Traveller, or remarks


made in a journey through
Administration of the colonies; the Netherlands ; approba-
extraets from, with remarks tion of, and extracts from

m2 1 2
Admiralty courts, fome account Anfwer to a book entitled, Let-

ters concerning confessions of
Advantages, the important, to faith, &c. tendency of, with
the power, trade, &c. of Great an extract

Britain, which would result ito a pamphlet, entitled
from our protection of Corfi Pietas Oxonienfis, defign of
ca ; condemned

angetro arising from the liber- Antiquity and authority of the
ty of the press; design of church of Rome vindicated ;
227 condemned

Adventures of Miss Beverly, á Appendix to Baretti's Account of *
nevel; censure of, with ex-

Italy ; censured


209 Arts, manufactures, and com-
Africa, account of that part of merce, a poem ; disapproved,
it inhabited by the negroes ; with specimens

approved, with remarks 384 Astronomical and philological
Alarum, a series of thoughts on conjectures on a paffage in
Christianity; character of Homer; extracts from 234


AAMDEVOTEÇ EV ayann, an essay on Baronetage of England ; charac-
the Epistle to the Romans ;

ter of

design of, with obiervations 'Baftard child, or a feast for the


church-wardens, a dramatic
America, the true sentiments of; fatire; condemned

3 account of, and cenfure* 64* Bath and Bristol waters, obfer-

the right of the British vations on their heac ' 14, 15
legiflature to tax their colo- Bees, treatise on the manage-
nies there ; characterised 384 ment of, by T. Wildman,

- enquiry concerning copious extracts from, with
the disputes between it and approbation

England; subject of, and Bengal, fome account of the

heat of its climate

VOL. XXVI. .Dec. 1768.


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affair ;

Buildings, observations on 167 Contraft, &c. On the subject of

Pietas Oxonienfis ; discom-
Captain in love, a novel; ana- mended

ky fis of, with extracts 360 Corruption, a satire ; "condemned
Caricatura, or Battle of the

butts ; condemned. 227 Gorfica, history of Theodore king
Cafe, the extraordinary, of w.

of 3.1

173, & feq.
Penrice, &cdefign of, with an ode, specimen of,
a remark

Low *383 with approbation 02378
of Anne and Haac Scott, Court of star-chamber, or seat of


oppreffion;' cenfuredi 13 * 67
Catechism for children and young Creed of eternal generationists
persons; characterised 756

tendency of id

Charge to Englishmen; defign Curtain leétares, or matrimonial

of, with censure "; 1. 1 474 misery displayed; approved,
Chefs, hift. of, characterised 233 with a specimen

Christianity, [wo discourses on

the spirit and evidences of it; Defence of the doubts concerning

393 the authenticity of the lat
Chronology, or a concise view of

publication of the Confeffion-
the annals of England ; ap- al; subjects of 19134
i proved

36.390 mm, a brief, of the divine
Coalbeavers, the conduct of inftitution of the Episcopal
Ralph Hodgson, efq. in their

order; ftri&tures on

observation on 346 of the doctrines of love-
Cebleriana, or the cobler's med. reign grace; defign of 1392
- ley; remarks on is

attempt to
Commentaries on the laws of En-

account for it is still
Jand, BookIII. by W. Black Denmark, account of, ancient
None, esq. copious account of, and modern; characterised 143
with extracts, and high com- Deftruction of Nineveh?"}4 469

29 Devonshirt cyder, reply to Dr.
Common-prayer, a new and cor- Saunders's pamphlet about it;

rect edition of the Book of ; remarks on

strictures on, with extra&ts 281 Dialogue between a tator and his
Complaint of Liberty; a poem ; pupil, by Lord Herbert; ac.

fpecimen of, and remarks 472 count of, with large extracts
Complete farmer, or a general and disapprobation, 51, 127

dictionary of husbandry; fum- . between Ifaac Walton
mary of, with observations, and Homologiftes; approved
and applause

Concio ad clerum, &c. approv-

between a captain of a

468 merchant.fhip and a farmer,
Conqueft of Quebec, a' poem; concerning the pernicious

approved, with a specimen 472 practice of wrecking; cha-
Conscience, courts of, fome ac- racter of j' 25
count of them."

35 Dioptrical telefcopes, tranflation
Conftantia, an elegy; specimen of Scherffer's treatise on their
of 3W


emendation ; approved 398
Continued corruption, ftanding Discourses on a fober and tempe-

ármies, and popular discon rate life; recommended 232

tents confidered; approbation -, two anniverfary, cha-
: of, with extracts

tot 338

ļi" , , no dia

my: 15.7 ? 12
statistinin 381!174



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Discourses, two, on the spirit and on puerperal convulsions; exe
evidences of Christianity; sub-

tradts from, with remarks 224
, pf, with approbation 393 Examination, a short, into the

practical, on the lead conduct of lord M. -d,
ing truths of the Gospel; A thro' the affair of Mr. Wilkes;
beads of, with applause, and censured

observations in 394 Excellency of a free ftate; design
Dispensatory, a new compendi of

ous, extract

from 477. Excbequer, court of, an account
Dropsy in the brain, observations of it

on the; full account of, with Exemplar, the, being an expofi-

106 tjon of the prophecies of Da-

sniel and St. John relating to

, some account the fourth and latt kingdom;
of them

-39, & feq.
extract from

Elettrical experiments, defcrip- Exposition of the church-care-

tion of an improved appara. chism, in a new method; cháa
tus for performing them

racterised: 156
Elogy on prince Henry of Pruflia;. Extract from a remarkable and
characterised to 173

spirited speech upon loyalty,
England's warning-piece, a fer laberty, patriotism, and laws,
mon occasioned by the mur. &c. condemned

der of young Mr. Allen in St. Ejes, a critical index of the dia

George's fields, censured 396 Stempers of; discommended
English constitution, observations

339 opacity of both, method
annals, chronology of; of removing ic



Engravings, account of fome 219 Farnaby illustrated, &c. remark
Enquiry into the origin and na on, and character

ture of Magnesia Alba, and Festi vous notes, on the history
the properties of Eprom wa and adventures of the renown-
ters; design of

227 ed Don Quixote; character
into the origin of the and extracts of
discoveries attributed to the Flights to Helicon, or petites
moderns; summary and intent, pieces in verse; fpecimen,
1 341. Continued and approv with remarks

401 Fælus, account of a very extra-
Epifle to James Boswell, ela. ordinary

232 Fruit-gardener, the ; copious
a poetical, to lord M-; extracts from, with cominen-
383 dation

Efsay on diseases incidental to

Europeans in hot climates ; Gibbons, major, wonderful story
accouot of, with extracts 169 of him

on diseases incidental to li. Grace, sovereign, defence of
terary and sedentary persons; the doctrine of; censured 392
extract from

222 Grammar, an epitome of, by P.
the Epifle to the Roc Parsons ; characterised
mans; design of 319 Grammatical effays, two; ex-

on woman; censured 364 tracts from, with recommen-
Elays on the puerperal fever, and dation

li 2


on it





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Grecian orders of archite&ture de- founded upon reason and ex
- lineated and explained ; co- periment, by Dr. Magenife;

pious account of, and extracts account of, with extracts and

162 commendation (1969038
Greek tongue, origin and struc- Information and attachment, con-

ture of the ; large extracts fiderations on proceedings by ;

from, with observations 137 character of, and remarks 479
Grenada planter;

design of 474 Infolvency;" with observations
Groans of Old England, by a concerning the fame; design

plain dealer ; cenfured 69 * of
Gunpowder, attempt to prove Infiructions, the grand, to the

the ancients were acquainted commissioners appointed to
with its ure

frame a 'new code of laws for

the Ruffian empirez copious
Hieroglyphic language, a gram- extracts from, with applause

matical introduction to a uni-
versal; remark on 233

Introduction to mechanics, geo-
Hilory of Hindoftan; copious metry, &c. remarks on 1475

account of, with large ex- Invalidity of schismatical and
tracts, 81. Continued, 182 sheretical baptism; disapprov-
Conclusion and character 241

756 Sait

curious, of bees 37 Joys of Hymen, or conjugal di-

of the principal monar- rectory; character of 1952
chies and feates prior to the Italy, account of the manners
Christian æra; recommended and cutoms of, by Jof. Ba-

ibid. retti; remarks on, extracts
-, the affecting, of two from, and condemnation of 17
young gentiewomen, &c. , Sharp's view of its cul-
Atrictures on

313 toms, manners, dráma, &c.
concife, of gardening, extracts from, with approba-
with fome account of the tion

nisi 24
writers on it 419, & feq. -, 'appendix to Baretti's ac
Honey, method of taking it with : count of; censured an
out destroying bees



made in a tour to; remark


Judgment of Paris, a Burletta;
Laundice, method of curing it character of

397 Iuftice and reason, faithful guides
Jefuit detected, or, the church to truth; condemned
of Rome discovered in the

disguise of a Proteftant, &c. Land of the Muses, a poem ; ac-
subject of

391 count of, with observations
Indi&tment, trial, and sentence and specimens

of Meft. T- K-, A-w Libellus de i natura, caufa, cura-
B-n, and Raat M-n; dem: . tioneque scorbáci; extracts


* Infidelity and faith, the prin- Leature on moving figures; cen-
inciples of, considered in a comano fured = No.

parative view, two fermons; - Lestures on primitive chriftiani-

characterised 80ty, subjects and character of
Inflammations, the doctrine of, orto 318

dirbno VI



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fign of

317 from



Letter, a fecond, to Earl Tre, Luur to Count on poetryo
• concerning the proceedings painting, and sculpture ; cha-
b relative to Mr. Wilkes, &c.

racter of 10 008492.JE IN
$ condemned sinistrom no 67. more concerning the distribu-

to his grace the duke of tion of certain tickets for the
on the situation of

king of Denmark's malque-
public affairs; character of 68 radedisapproved 388. An-
motto to a young gentleman uns fwer to it; commended 489

der sentence of death incen to John Day, containing


inftractions to the representa-
to the earl of Shelburne, svetives, in parliament of Nor-
or on the fatal consequences of twich; censured

suffering the French to invade from a lady to the bishop
21Corsica, &c. design of 145 of London ; subject of 468

to the earl of Hillsbo to the earl of Hillsborough
crough, on the necessity of re-

i on our

connection with Ame.
voking the prohibition of com rica; 2d Edit. disapproved 475
2 merce with Corfica, con Letters from a farmer in Pennsyl-
La demned? 19

ibid. vania to the inhabitants of the
ar to Mr. Daniel Sutton on

33 British C

; account and
of the dreadful consequences of cenfure of

his method of inoculation; to the author of a Free

plan of zusša iso mc-152 zenquiry into the nature and
Por to the author of a pamph- 91 origin of evil ; account of
det, entitled, Pietas Oxonien- with remarks new 74
is; design and character of

concerning confeffions of
TI!o Jonas,
135.00h 07154
154 faith, &c. characterised

, la serious important, to concerning the present
5 the bishops, r&c. requesting state of the French nation ;
- Hitta revisal of our liturgy; cha account of, with extracts, ob-
i racterised
C 155 fervations, and cenfure

reis another pertinent and cu addressed to his highness
o rious, on the same subject ; the prince of
20 discommendation of, with an to the moft eminent writers
en extract

ibid. against the chriftian religion ;
to a friend, concerning character of, with extracts 449
1. certain passages in the bishop Liberty chastized, or patriotism

of Landaff's sermons, by Dr. in chains; condemned,67
»sb Chauncy; intent of 158

a poem, inscribed to
- to the bishop of Landaff Mr. Wilkes ; censured 69

on the foregoing subject, by Life and adventures of Sir Bar-
DE W. Livingston; character of tholomew Sapkull, a novel;
2.Corvaldu 160 disapproved

, a feasonable, on the late Lutheran church, its

ts fundamen-
... untreaty with NizamAllee Kawn tal conftitution, &c. proved;
bat censured op

228.9h design of. bili 480
to William Beckford, esq.

I design of vom 0 312 Maclane, Donald, view of his

to lord Mansfield on some I trial for the murder of young
119;, star-chamber proceedings a. Mr. Alen; observation on 147
to isgainst the publishers of the ex. Man of forty crowns; character
8.Etraordinary North-Briton Noi of, with extracts la
IV. condemned

383 Marsoal ea court, account of 33

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