Music in Bali: A Study in Form and Instrumental Organization in Balinese Orchestral Music

Yale University Press, 1966 - 430 páginas
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This account of music in Bali as it was practiced in the decade preceding World War II is based on musical material collected by the author during the six years he lived on the island. Although written primarily from the viewpoint of the composer, with a composer's professional interest in musical form, rhythm, technical devices, and orchestration, the book is not intended solely for the musicologist. The author is also concerned with the place of music in Balinese culture and the relation of music to dance and drama. There is an analysis of the instrumental music of Bali, both ancient and modern. Musical examples and scale charts are given, and there is a 64-page section of photographs, taken by the author, of instruments and their players as well as of dancers in ceremonial dress.

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The Balinese Scene
The Village Music Clubs
Music and the Temple
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