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(From Jan. 8th to July 2d 1794.)



À pleasing, Amusing, and Useful Variety; partly Original,

and partly Selected from the best Periodical Publica -
tions, and other Books of approved Merit.

With Candour judge, while we attempt to please.

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LIFE OF LONEL BLOOD. THOMAS Blood, commonly called Coloncia

JL Blood, and as extraordinary an adventurer, pe: kaps, as ever lived, was, according to fome,. röe fon of a blacksmith, in Ireland ; but ii rather appears that his father was concerned in iron works, and had acquired an easy fortune in liat kingdom. It is not certain in what year this berus was born; yet from a comparison of circumstances, we may fix it ar about 1628. While ? very young man, he came over to England, and married, in Lancashire, the daughter of one Mr. Holcraft, a gentleman of good fortune in that county:.

After this, Blond returned to Ireland, a.; tbough his family were indebted for the best pirt of what they had to the crown, he joined the prevailing party, ferved as a lieutenant in the Parliament Forces, and obtained a certain quan: city of land, which was afligned him for his pu. Besides this, Henry Cromwell, when he governed that country, had so good an'opinion of bin, as to pục hira into the cominiffion of the perce, though scarcely twenty-two years of age.

Thefe fayois, and the turu of his education, in all probability, gave him fuck ati inclin:tion to the republican party as was not to be altered, and after che King's restoration fome events too:

Vol IV.

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