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At Monlton, suddenly, Mrs. Poole, wife R. N. to Miss M. Cooke, eldest daughter of Mr. Fuller Poole.

of Mr. R. C. coal-merchant. At Nacton, 24, Mary Ann, daughter of Ai St. Peter's, Thanet, Frederick Wel. Mr. J. Enefer.

sted, esg. to Miss Bristow, of Biomston ESSEX,

House. - William Edmunds, exq. wiryeon Married.] Af Barking, Mr. S. Barford, of bis Maj. sty's hospital ship, Sussex, to to Miss E. Pratt, of Needham.

Miss Elizabeth Harness, niece to Doctor W. G. Fenn, of Witham, to Mrs. Wood Harness, of the Transport Board. warels, of Barling Hall.

At Situingbourne, J. Blaxland, esq. of At Woodford, T. Gray, esq. to Miss Dulty, to Miss Smith, dangliter of joha Rose Hill.

S. esq. of Situinbouine. At Braintree, the Rev. J. Carter, to D iri..] At Canterbury, Mrs. Hart, of Mrs. Perry, of Great Saling.

St. George's street.-66, Mr. John Jervis. At Bearmond, the Rev. W. M. Morton, -76, Mrs. Sarah: Galesby.--70, Mr. Le to Miss Eliz. Hutton.

Gasset.--74, Mr. Edward Philpot.—75, Mr. Low, surgeon, of Horndon, to Mrs. Mr. Joseph Watkins.—60, Mrs. Ann Huda Goldsmith, of Walworth.

son.-70, Mrs. Mary Wriby. Dicd.] The lady of the late Major John At Dover, Mr. Brewer, sexton, -Mrs. Marriott, of Finchiptield. She was in lier Herbert.-Mrs. Osborn, of Old Park. parlour, when her ciothes caught fire, and At Sandwich. 83, Mrs. Hills.-94, Mrs. before assistance conld be had. she was so Salier.-Mr, Michael Lane.-63, Mrs. much burnt, that she lingered but seven Gent. days, and then expired.

At Folkestone, 70, Mrs. Atwood, wife At Heimsley, 73, Mrs. Barker, relict of the Rev. Mr. A. miversally regretted. of Mr. Christopher B. S. F.

-29, Mr. Henry Bessant.-Captain W. At Romford, Mrs. M. Willis, late of Clarke.--71, Mrs. Hawkes.-44, Mrs. Hornchurch.

Hobday.-18, Vil. John Jeffery. At Saffron Waldon, 87, Mrs. Day, whose At Maidstone, Mis. Richardson.-Jochildren, grandchildren, and great grin! seph Winter, esq. children, amounted to 316; viz. 14 child At Biddenden, suddenly, Mr. Thomas ren 140 orandchudren, and 164 great rand- Tollurst. - At St. Peter's, Thanet. 73. Mrs. children.

Martha Hur-t. At Peyton Hall, 20, Miss Mary Mougan. At Sandgate, 52, Mrs. Harris, wife of

At Helmsly, 73, Mrs. Rarker.---65, Mr. Mr. Harris, grocer'. W. Genery, schoolmaster, S.F.

At Tenterden, 31, Mr. William Baker, At Great Dunmow, Sarah Claytou.--66, At Ash, Mrs. Southee.--At Biddenden, Mr. John Banks, S.F.

20), Joseph, son of Jene in Hague, esq. At Colchester, 81, R. Tomlinson, esg. At Bridge, Mr. Thomas litch. captain in the royal navy. He had borne A: Church-bili House, 60, James Taylor, a commission in the navy 56 years, and esq.--At Wye, 87, Mrs. Mathews. was one of the few remaining companions At Smarden, 21, Miss Mary Hopper. of Lord Hawke.

At Newington nest Hithe, 51, Mr. At Wirham Lodge, 86, the Hon. F. Holtum. -At Shalmesford, 64, Mr. Austen Talbot, brother to the late and uncle to Ncame.- At Sandwich, Mrs. Emmerson. the present Earl of Surensbury.,

At Eynsfort!, Alexander Piicairn, esq. At Little Baddow, owing to being At East Farleigh, 65, Mrs. Mercer, thrown out of his gix, Mr. Hart, of Hat. At Aldington House, the lady of Finch field Peverel.

Hollingworth, esq. At Birch, 92, Mrs. Wood.

At Bearsted, Mrs. Chambers. At Chelmsford, Mr. W. Bowser, drug. Mrs. Clerg, wite of Mr. C. one of the gist.-At Hatfield Peverel, Mr. S. Clarke. aldermen of Rochester.

At Brooke House, 23, Miss Scbriebar. At Faversham, the Rev. Richard Halke.
At Grimstead,Green Mill, Mr. J. Kemp. vicar of Faversham, and rector of Badlis.
At Billericay, Mr.J. Walter, auctioneer. mere, with Leaveland.

At Rochester, Mrs. Clegg, widow of In a sharp contest for the office of Coro Alderman C.-Dr. Blackiston, of thie Royal ner, the numbers at the close of the poll Artillery Barracks. were for Mr. Carter 906, and for Mr. At Brompton, 67, Mr. Andrews, surFooks, 727.

geon of the royal navy, aud ove of the few Murried.] Mr. S. Newson, surgeon, of remaining companions of Captain Cooke, Rochester, to Miss E. Prall, daughter of with whom he sailed, in his last voyage, J. town clerk of that city.

round the world. At Maidstone, William Fisher, esq. to At Yalding, Mrs. Jeffery. Miss Susannah Akehurst, daughter of John At Herne, Mr. John Brown, sexton.A. esg. of Thurnham.

44, Mr. Vincent. At Sandwich, Lieutenant Henry Belsey, At Tenterden, 70, Mr. James Brungar.


At Lydd, 68, Mrs. Elizabeth Ladd. At Portsea, Mrs. Clark.-Mr. Salmon, At Hoath, 66, Mis. Taylor.

of North-street.--20, Miss Walker. SUSSEX.

At Cowes, Mrs. Short, wife of Major S. For the purpose of comparing the pro- Mr. Atkry, grocer, duce of turnips by the drill and broad-cast At Fareham, 80, Sir W. Benett. He husbandry, two gentlemen of Sussex, who lived and died beloved by his family, and had cultivated tliem to some extent, abont all mankind. He was the senior magistrate the middle of Noveinber, measued a of be county,ani that and other public ciia. square rod ou cach of their farins, and the macters he filled with ionor.---Jane,widow of tunnips growing there on were conaled and the late Kev. Richard Walter, J. out weighed. The following was found to be 10 scars cliaplain of Portsmouth dock vard, the result :-By the dril, the rod produced and author of Lord inson's Voyage round 130 turnips, measuring 9 basliels, and the horiel, Sie was imeally arendad weighing 394lbs, 1102, ; weight of the tops, from Sir Thomas Parr, brother to Queca 931. 12oz.--By the broadcast, the rod pro- Catharine Parr. duced 135 tavos.lin mumber 5 more than presfield, Mrs. Pollington, wife of luv ibe drill, but) measuring only the bushels, Mr. John P. and weighing 280lbs. ; weight of the tops, At Havant, Mr. Eduard Holton.-Mr, 571b. 120z. So that no less than 6 tons George Passingham, 79. 1 scwt. 241bs, of turnips, will be raised on At Barley, 76, Mr. Savage Bear, an acre of land by the driil, more than by At Lymington, Mr. Thomas Elms. the broadcast systen.

At Emsworth, Captain Francis Geary A school for 118 children, on the Madras Gardner, on the retired list of the Royal system, has been opened at billinghurst. Marine corps.

Married.) At Lewes, Mr. John Holman, At Twyford, 86, George Hoar, esq. of to Miss Steadman.

London. At Chiche-ier, J. B, Freeland, esq. to At Bishop's Sutton, 82, Mr. Nicholas Miss Humphrey.

Fremantle. Mr. R. Bennett, of Boslan, to Miss At Romsey, Mrs. Penford, relict of the Halsted, of Lavant.

late J. Pentord, esq. of Bishop's WalMr. Reed, of Southen, to Miss H!cokey. tham. Dica. At Prighton, Mrs. Brooker.

At Basingstoke, Mr. Thomas Kersley, At Icklesham, Mr. &ing, briller, barge and waggon master.-Mrs. Curtis, At Arundel, 19, Miss Martha Lane. wile of Mr. Richar: C. At Stonehouise, A. Sobor, esq.

At Pauncefoot-hill, Mrs. Foot, wife of At Ashling, Mr. Martin', sen.

Hury Foor, esq.

At Alrestord, 69, Mr. W. Bowson, car. A bill has been brought into parliament, ponier. "giving permission to vest certain lands in At Peuton Newsey, Mr. John Batt. trustees, for the purpose of extendug the At Stonchouse, Leat. H. H. Searle, se. works and lines at Portsmouth, or of erect. nior lieutenaut of the Naval Hospital. ing new works." Toe lands alluded to are At Havant, 67, Mrs. Maidlow, relict of at present beld partly by some of the the late Rev. James M. branches of the public service, and partly At Petersfield, 43, Mrs. Cooker. by individuals; and are situated chiefly At Frogfield, suddenly, Mr. Thomas in the neighbourhood of the Flathonses. Baynton, many years master of the acadeThe dock-yard, among other improve my at that place. ments, is to be extended upon part of


Died.] At Calne, 58, Slater Haie, esq. The necessaries of life, says the Ports. who, as a bonsband, father, and christian, mouth Telegraph, have experienced a very will be long respected. seasonable declension in prices. Best At Beaching Stoke, 57, Mr. Joseph Hay. wlieaten bread and four are now selling at ward, a man of the strictest integrity. 16d. per gallon; good cheese, od. per lb.; et Corslan, ihe Rev. T. Lewis, vicar and potatoes, 1s. per bushel.

of that place. -At Bishop's Lydcard, 85, Murriad. J. Turner, (s. of the Dor. Mrs. Dorothy Winter, relict of the late chester Indiaman, to Miss Faithfull, of Charles and sister to the late Sir Winchester.

W. Yea, bart. At Romsey, Mr. G. Ingram, surgeon, The lady of Francis Dugdale Astley, royal riavy, to Mary Ane, cidesi dansliter esq. of Everley-house, of the late Timothy Pike, esq. Portsmouth. At Warminster, 88, Mrs. Webb, relict of

Died.) At Winchester, 76, Mr. W. Cave. the late Michael W. esq. of Baychutt-house. Ms. Pyle.- Ir. Talmage.

Al Salisbury, muri iegretted, Miss Hay. . At Portsmouth, 69, Mr. Jolin Povey.-- wood.-At an advanced age, Mrs. Wilmot. Mis. Taylor, draper.--Mr. Josepi Slater, At Mere, 58, Mr. Edmund Dowding, an emincnt builder.-78, Mrs. Nelsoni. tick-napofacturer,



Died.] At Bath, 74, Mrs. Sarah HemOn Wednesday, the 9tii, the mercury in ming, of Bio smead-strert-At Prospect. Fahrenheit sink to 10, and the Kennet place, 79, Mr. James Davis.-- Aged 21, and Avon Canal, near Bath, being soon Samuel Donbens, only son of Nir. Daniel trozen over, several skaiters ventured on D. of St. James's-street.--- Vr. Farrell, of the basir, when the following heart-rending King Dead-square.--81, in the Circus, sinscene took place. A son of Gen. Sir W. ereiv lameüfed, Lady Wrex, relict of the Cunningham, a young gentleman who had late Sio . V. bart. of Tavistock-court. just finished lris eslucation; a xon of Dr. 40), in Queen-square, Mrs. E. L, Belly.--In Briggs, of Worcester, who was on a visit Albiop piace, 71, Mr. Francis Lancashire, at Su Willapis; and Fix Mogg, son of an insemous statelty.

man diogg, esg. of Wincantun, were At Berkington, 26, Mr. G. Bennett, son among the skaiters; and the ice giving of Mr. B. en neer.-78, Mr. James Bush. way, Master Briggs fell in, and his friend, At Badhwirk, 90, Philip James Gibbs, in endeavouring to rescue hin, shared the esq. late oi' the town of Trowbridge, and same fate. Anxious to render assistance, in the Commission of the Peace for Wilts the third youth hastened to the fatal spot, and Somerset. No man lived more beand lie also sunk, never again to rise! loved and respected. Thus were three families plunged in the At Yard House, Taunton, Miss Prudeepest affliction,

dence Halliday, deeply lamented. -82,Mrs. A PROVIDENT Society has been es. Stagg, of Tangier, Taunton.--Sincerely tablished in Bath, for the purpose of hus lamented, 60, Mr. Charles Cox, one banding the savings of persons whose in of the bailiffs of the borough of Taun.. come does not exceed 60l. per annum. A ton. fmud for expences to be raised by donations. At Trent, Mrs. Putt, widow of Reya The deposits to be not less than 1s, no more mundo P. esq. late of Plymouth. than 10l. at one time. Interest of 9d. per At Whitefield, Wiveliscombe, 71, Mr. pound, or 3 per cent, is to be paid an- Thomas Lock, who for fifteen years had mually. Suns exceeding 301. are to be been contined to luis bed. withdrawn. Thirty-five respectable in. At Haydon, near Tannton, Mr. J.Chard. habitants of Bath form a Committee of At Bruton, 73, Mr. James Oatley. Management. The idea is good as far as At Lambridge, 33, Mrs. Tylec, widow it goes, and merits the consideration of of Mr. T. organist of the Abbeyleading persons in other large towns.

church. Joun WEBB, esq. the justly-famed phi- At Belvedere, 83, David Hartley, esq. lanthropist, has subscribed 501. to the Bath A. M. Senior Fellow of Merton College Stranger's Friend Society, through Bar. in Oxford, and Father of the University. ratt's Library.

The latter period of Mr. Hartley's life iialt At the Anniversary Meeting of the Bath bern devoteil to a literary retirement; and and West of England Agricultural Society, about tive years ago, that infirmity which the president, Sir Benjamin Hoblioi!se, is the corn on and inevitable attendant on bart. was supported by the incipal agri extrenie okú aye, lad drawn him into close culiurists; among whom b're Sir John seclusion. The character of Mr. Hartley Cox Hippisley, bart, M.P. Col. Goie Land- was markera by divinition both in public ton, M.P.O. Dickinson, esq. M.P. T.G.Es- avd private ide. On the death of his facourt,esq.M.P. and J.Bennett, of Pithouse, ther, the celebrate Metaplıysician, he esg. A patent rubbing machine, the pro relinguished the views of a professio:9, and perty of Messrs. Todd and James, of passing into the senate, hecame the labori. Bristol, was exlibited, capable of detach onts servant of the public. During many ing eight quarters of wheat per day, by parliaments de signa ized liimself as the the power of one horse.

arcient and in'ctatigable alvocate of the Jarricili] At Milsummer-Norton, Mr. rilits of his country!11, in the universal James Shuit, of Panton, to My Col hierties of unhint. Durim the tatal ledgc.--Mr. Charles Langdon, of Shies, sirove with the Cologies, lie tonght br borne, to Miss Owen, of Bristiloir. the banner's of Lori Rochism , and by Robins, of South-Pedierton, to Bliss lpson, the side of Sir George Sxviie. At the et l'covi!.

chase of that ever-incmorille conflict, it At Maraton, Mr. l'ın. Hopkins, to Miss was ha pealinr cicity is be selectereloy Mary Pickford, of Ol Ford.

thie Crum !0:Crocille vita Dr. Irin AT Neitou St. Cyres, illie Rev. George the ters of the second of that inches Guming, of lamboroupli, to Louisa Mars, fierastence, wird die land so strenos y daughter of JoliQuicle, c.q. of Neuion. Baina oder m it 1 of Com1011; 30 House.- Mr. Benjamin Pears in, of Shrewse as :15er Pienipotentiary hej!!!! E bury, to Miss Jave Lloyde.--- Mr. Spriggs, Paris, in the year 1723, 'lie Det.11 of Baili, to Miss Ann Hings.--Dr. T. Treaty with the United Staro of Allevicit. Oliver, of Lambridge, to Miss Lucy Mic. As a public speaker, Mr. Harile ulo klewright.--Mr. Bennett, of the Panorama, ways aniniatei, always powestiil; hi, la Bath, to Miss Clarke, of Nottingham, cution wa6 correct and 011090; his ift..? masculine and graceful; and in one feature his eloquence, hy those who have heard be was peculiarly distinguished above all him, will not soon be forgotten : he always others-the brilliant melody of his tones. appeared, as he undoubtedly was, most As a Legislator, it will be recorded to his feelingly in earnest : the only sure way for in peri liable fame, that he was the first an orator to carry conviction to the minds mover for the abolition of the African Slave of his hearers. He seemed to have imbiTrade, “as a violation of the Laws of God, bed, without being aware of it, the spirit and the Rights of Man." The result of bis of the precept of Horace: deep phulo ophical researches, particularly

Si ris me flere dolendum cst in the branches of chemistry and mechanics,

Primum ipsi tibi. were productive of some signal advantages to society; the chief of which was, his

The writer of this is, in candor, obliged to invention for securing buildings from fire.

declare that he is not prompted with the In private life, Mr. Hartley was truly

same views of religion as his departed ainiable: his deportment was dignificd and

friend; but he feels it due to his character unostentatious; his manners had received

and worth, to state these particulars conthat high polish which is acquired only by cerning him, well knowing that what is habitual intercourse with the great and termed Erangelical religion, and religious good of each sex in the highest circles of

duties, made up the most prominent parts society: bis private charities were secret

of a picture at once bold, energetic and and systematic; and that benevolence

striking. He was, notwithstanding, by no which glowed in the complexion of his means an ascetic; and nothing could be whole character, was the certain offspring

farther from his wish than to encourage of those studies into which he had been

gloomy sentiments, or sanctimonious puncinitiated by the precepts and the example

tilios : be was generally chearful and faceof his amiable and illustrious father.

tious; and not given to the use of that kind [Of Mr. John Jennings, whose death js of cant which has, unfortunately for true recorded in our obituary of vol. XXXV.

religion, brought both it and its votaries, page 182, a valuable correspondent re

too frequently, into disrepute, uot to say marks, that his religion and benevolence

contempt. His private virtues went hand regnire some account:He was a pative

in hand with his public ministry; he never of Huntspill, in the county of Somerset. preached for gain; his active and heartfelt and at an early period of his life went out

benevolence was satisfied with the conas a snpercargo from Bristol to Spain, more *C

sciousness of doing good; and perhaps, to than once. His residence in that country pure benevolence, that consciousness is enabled him to acquire a tolerable know

more than amply sufficient for every mind ledige of the Bastilian tongue, but he did who is feelingly alive to the relative duties not foilow up that acquisition by a thorough here, as Mr. Jennings's most unquestionacqnaintarce with the Spanish writers: other ably was; disinterested pleasures are al• and more important concerns pressing upon

ways the most pure. His death reminds his attention. From Bristol he went to

lis forcibly of the death-bed of Addison; it Birmingham, wbcie, for twenty-three years,

might well be said of him, “Behold hou a bis attention to commercial pursuits was

Christian could die!" He returned ill from umremittiny: he was in the constant liabit

off a journey, which he anticipated would of travelling, twice a year, trong the

be his last; having for some time suffered western counties of England, where he was

spasmodic attacks in the stomach, which not more distinguished as an apricht trades

frequently threatened his life. As he enman, ilan as a popular peaclier! Having,

tered his dwelling, he told his afflicted through tlie luss of his first wite, imbibed family, that he was come home to die, and strong religious impressions, he became a

scemed quite happy and resigned at the constant attendant on the eicqnentyr.

thonght. He went to bed, whence he Burn, of St. Maw's Chanel. Birminum arose no more. The atteutions of his faand, it is poised, no vuil could afford mily, and the prescriptions of the faculty. more gratification to so able a master. His

His here alike fiuntless.
liere alike finness. Fully aware o

Fully aware of luis education was bet criginally srichis case sination, not a murmur escaped him; all sical, but he be applied in eli mch to

is queness and conposure ; and his conBiblical literative, and the Greek Testa.

stant theme was the sure promises of God. ment was, ai len il:, become familiar to

When bis wife and children evinced a poighim : a convincm prot what application,

nancy of anguish at the prospect of disunited 10 great strength of mind, mav ulti

solution, he told them that they onght maidis iliain ; and a convincing proof : :0

rather to rejoice that he was going from that learning is, by no means, incompatible

this world of suffering and of pain, to anwill commercial pursuits. As a preacher

other infinite in duration and of infinite he was nervoir, pailetic and convincmg;

happiness. To pass through such a death, stucious rather jo persuade by strengili, who is there amongst is that would vot than by elegance of style. The fervor cf anxiously desire to feel no doubt as to



futurity, how pleasant to the dying, how At Lipton-house, W. Farquharson, esq. gratifying to the surviving friend! Thus an East India mercbant. died, in his forty-third year, Mr. John At Silverton, 80, Mr. Edward Taylor. Jennings, leaving a wife and six children to At Honiton, Edward Harrison, esg.--At deplore his premature death. He has left Teignmouth, Mrs. Stoke, Mrs. Long, and behind him a great number of manuscript Mrs. Brown, whose united ages amounted sermons, which would, in all probability, to two hundred and seventy-tuco yours. be an acceptable treat to the religious pub At Bishop's Taynton, near Teignnionth, lic, could his family be prevailed upon to Mrs. Thornbrough, wife of Vice-admiral permit them to be published. His loss Thornbrough. will be much felt in the town of Birming At Buckland Filleigh, 85, Henry Heara, ham, where he was always found active in esq. He conducted himself through life every good work, of which the tears which with an integrity wortliy of imitation. have been shed over the remembrance of At Moretonhampstead, 85, Mr. Robert Jiis labours abundantly testify. By his Mardon. From 50 to 70, he was wont to friends and relatives his loss will be felt wear glasses in reading, but during the both deep and long, but

remainder of his life he read without them. “ Smitten friends

At Chumleigh, 80, Mr. John Luxton. Are Angels sent on errands full of love; 75, Mr. Samuel Mitchell.--85, Mr. John For us they sicken, and for us they dic.” Williams, master of the Lamb and Flag DORSETSHIRE.

Iny upwards of sixty years. Married.) Mr. Charles Langdon, of At Tiverton, Mr. Thomas Enchmarch. Sherborne, to Miss Owen, of Bristol. At Exmouth, 90, Peter Fiosche, esq. for

At Weymouth, Mr. Wm. Bignell, sure merly of Exeter, merchant. geon, to Miss Groves, of Cerne.

CORNWALL. Mr. E. Devenish, of Martinstown, to The price of tin and copper continnes Miss Browning.

to advance rapidly; the standard of cop. At Burstock, Mr. Samuel Wills, of per, which a few weeks since was at 1121. Crewkerne, to Mary Ann, only daughter is now at 1271. of the late William Burrow, esq. of Alcester. A person named Rogers,residing at Gwen

Died.) Snddenly, aged 73, Mr. Robert nap, lately sat down before a looking-glass, Miller. He was distinguished for his piety and desired a woman who lived in the and generosity. In his will he left to the house, to call some of the neighbours, British and Foreign Bible Society 1001. to that they might see how cleverly he could the London Missionary Society the same cut his throat. The woman supposing him siim; and to the Seminary at Axminster in jest paid no attention to what he said ; for educating young men for the Christian but, soon after, she had occasion to go out, Ministry, 1001.

and found on her return that he had car, At Černe, Mr. Jacob Miller, greatly ried his purpose into execution, having ac. respected.At Lower Knowle, Mr. John tually cut his throat with a razor, and ex. Edgell.–At Bourton, Mrs. Butt, leaving pired shortly after committing the rash act. bine young children.

Married.] At St. Columb, the Rev. J. At Sherborne, much lamented, 70, Mrs. Cole, of St. Keyne, to Miss Hearle. King, relict of the late Mr. Lawrence K. At Budmin, Mr. J. Hamley, surgeon, DEVONSHIRE,

&c. to Miss Gilbert. A melancholy accident lately happened Died.) At Truro, Mrs. Luke, wife of at Plymouth : the passage vessel Fortune, Rear-admiral Luke. Davies, master, coming out of the Sound, At Moorwinstow, 84, James Martin, esq: with passengers, got on shore on the Shag more than sixty years of the Middle Tem. rock, near the Mewstone, and soon wentple, London. to pieces; thirty-three of the passengers At Lanteglos, of the effects of a bone perished.

sticking in her throat, Mrs. Gill, of Eglos* Married.] Charles Bruton, esq. of Wins. bayle. coct, to Frances Cory, danghter of the Rev. At Padstow, 83, Mrs, Mary Brown.-At R. Walter, rector of Parkham.

Penzance, 70, Mr. Thonas Broad.At Died.] At Exeter 79, Mrs. Arthur, of Launceston, Mrs. Bray, North-street.-In Paris-street, 91, Mrs.'

WALES. Mary Pitman.-73,Miss Betty Rodd.Ata The progress of the improvements of very advanced age, Mr. William Cofin, Milford Haven is as rapid and promising formerly ore of the coroners for the county as its most sanguine supporters could dea of Devon.-.Mr. John Thompson, of St. sire. Among the recent contributors are Thomas's. In the prime of life, Mrs. the names of Lient.-Gen, Sir T. Picton, Harris, wife of William H. esq. comptroller 50001.; N. Phillips, esq. of Gloucesterof the customs.--33, Mr. James Bedford, place, Portman-square, 50001.; and, the of St. Thomas's.--At an advanced age, Hon. R. Fulke Greville, M.P. 50001. Mrs. Chave, West.street.--Mr. James Da. We are much gratified by observing vis, staymaker.

that Mr, DAVID JEN&IN, of Swansea, an. MONTHLY Mar. No, 249,

4 D


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