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At Croxton Kerial, 41, Mrs. Brown. worth, Goldsmith, and Shepstone, and the

At Rearsby, Sophia, eldest daughter of last survivor of that illustrious school, Mr. V. Beeson.

lately met with the severe accident of At Barkstone, 67, Mrs. Mary Hays. being thrown tronı his horse near Solihull;

At Hinckley, Mr. Wm. Tomlinson, of but he is now happily in a state of conthe Bull Head. - In the prime of life, Mrs. valescence at Hempstead-hill, near BirMalin.

mingham. Ai Loughborough, 81, Thoroas Paikin. At a numerous meeting of the inhabison, tailcr and a prophet.---71, Mrs. Heath- tants of Birmwgham for the purpose of coat, forinerly of Long Wlation.--18, Mr. addressing the Regent, S. T. GALTOX, esg. Bridgett, gardener.--23, Miss Mary To High Bailiff, in the chair, it was judiciously malin.

resolved, " that this meeting is deeply At Barrow-upon-Soary 82, Mr. Jonathan penetrated with admiration at the wise Huli.

and magnanimous sentiments expressed by At East Norton, 21, Augustin Billing, His Royal Highness the Prince Regeni, late of Derby.

in his gracions speech from the throne, At Kegworth, suddenly, 60, Mr. John and particularly at the poble and pacific Paulin.

declaration, that 'No disposition to reAt Kirkby Mallory, Mr. James Argyll, quire from France, sacrifices of any dehigh constable for the Hundred of Spar- scription inconsistent with her bonour or kephoe.

just pretensions as a nation, will ever be Of an apoplectic fit, Mr. Townley, of on his part, or on that of his Majesty's Glaston, near Uppinghan, many years sure Allies, an obstacie to Peace.'-A declaraveyor of taxes for Rutland.

tion which cannot fail to have the hapAt Appleby, 69, Mr. Richard Harrison, piest ettects, pot only upon the coalesced waltster.

powers, but upon our enemies themSTAFFORDSKIRE.

selves." Married. At Tamworth, Mr. Smeddell, Jolin Taylor, esq. of Birmingham, as as of Nottinghiam, to Miss Jane Lucas, of unequivocal proof of his satisfactica at Tamworth.

the evacuation of Holland and Germany, At Hanley Chapel, John Wilson, esq. gave 1001. to the General Hospital. 31st foot, to Miss Martha Tompkinson, of That phenomenon of benevolence, JANES Stone.

WEBB, esq. has repeated his charities at At Wolverhampton, Mr. Samuel Windle, Birmingham, Coventry, and Worcester ; to Miss Sarah Ryal.

and we have heard of lim also at Bungay, P.B. Stretch, esq.of Spring Field, Clare, iu Sntfolk. Some biographical particnlars to Mrs. Yorke, widow of the late Thomas and the portrait of so extraordinary a man of Elven Park.

could not fail to interest our readers, if At llandsworth, Mr. Wm. Walton, to any correspondent would so favour us. If Miss Mary Matheks.

be proceed in his course, and God forbid DIr. 7. Ironmonger, of Newcastle, to thai lie should not, it will certainly be Miss Mary Anne Kay, of Yarlet.

suspected that he has found the long-sought At Store, Mr. Charles James Fox, to Miss philosopher's stone! Diary Adderley, of Mothersal.

Married.) Benjamin F. Heywood, esq. Died.) At Walsall, Mrs. Frerlerick Dar- to Miss Sarah Herbert, second daughter of wall, eldest daughter of the late Admiral S. H. esq. of North Newton. Worth.--Mrs. Amelia Cooper, relict of Mr. Isaac Sharman, of Willoughby, to Mr. T. C.-69, Mr. Charles Reynolds, Mrs. Ward, of Birmingham. bone brush-maker. He was going to Lon- Mr. William Latham, to Miss Elizabeth don, and after walking up the hill al Bea Blakeway, both of Birmingham. constield, and getting inte the coach again, At Coventry, Mr. John Pigott, of Brunshe exclaimed “Oh! the hill!" and expired wick-square, to Miss Susan Cherry. immediately.

Mr. Jolin Earl, to Frances, second At Wolverhampton, 76, Mrs. Farmer.- daighter of Mr. Charles Ratherham, of 52, Mr. John Nortori, linen and woollen- Biruningham. draper. --Mrs. Eleanor Tyldesley, iron At Rugeley, Mr. James Fortescue, of monger.

Birmingbarn, to Miss Bauks. AT Edghill, near Lichtield, 60, Mrs. George Warriner, esq.of Bloxham-grove, Tolefice, of Quinton's Orchard.

to Saralı, fourth danghter of Samuel Astos, At Bursiem, Mr. Richarii Turner. esq. of Rewingtorall.

At Handsworth-place, 18, Charles Til At Chaddesley Corbet, Thomas Lees, liams, sua of the late Mr. W. of Wor- esq. to Mary, second daughter of the late Gester.

Jaines Prati, eso. of Bellington.

At Handswo:th, Mr. Hepworth, of ParaMr. Pratt, the veteran pret and fa. dise-street, to Miss Maria Anstie, Moseley. vourite povel writer, the ckde of Hawkes. Dicd.) At Birmingham, Mrs. Jaunes, of



Snowhill.--At the Alms-houses, Steelhouse- Mr. Richards, to Mrs. Ampblet, of Iron.
lane, Elizabeth Cox, ut the n-trarord age of brivide.
109 y. a: azn 6 munthe Ju the course of Mr. James Evans, or Ironbridge, to Miss
her long life she brand several children, and Hallen, of Ragland.
was not a stranger to beavy aillictions and Died. At Hartwith, 53, Mr. Joseph
she reained her faculties to the hour Webster, late of Ripley, in this rounty.
of her deatls. The wife of Mr. Hoogetts, At Stockton, near Newport, 82, Mr.
of Navigation-streer.-6), deeply recret. Chapwan.
ted, Mrs. Canning.- Frances, the youngest A Bewdley, the Rev. Edward Bough,
daughter of Mr. Thomas Hadie'v.-59, Rector of Neen Sollers and Milsom, in
sincerely lamented, Mirs Evans, of Great this county, and Minister of Bewdley
Brook-sireet. Mr. Richard Roch, of John- Chapel, universally esteemed and re-
street: his loss will be sincerely lamented. gretted.
-Iu Paradise-street, Mr. R. H. Jones, At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Daniel, wife of
many years agent to the Norwich Union Mr. D. maitster.
Fire and Life Insurance: a man of in. At Choriton, near Malpas, Mr. Bennion.
flexible integrity.-In Exeter-row, 88. Mr. At ll hitchurch, 51, Mr. Walloid, stone-
Philip Hammersley, late of Grecu Bank. mason.
-80, Mr. Thomas Tildesley, of Snow hill.

-82, Mr. Thomas Smith, of Bristol-street, THOMAS HALL, esq. has built a new
formerly a brass founder--53, of an apo Church at Lye, near Stourbridge, at a
plectic fit, Mr. J. Atkins, of Hagley-row. cost of 80001.-a rare example-but one
-66, Mrs. Buchanan, relict of Mi. Jolin that merits imitation at a time when
B.–74, Mr. Richard Holmes, of Paradise- churches in populoiis neighbourhoods liave
street. Mrs. Mander, Bell-street.--Mre. become 80 unequal to the demands of
Harris, Sinallbrook -street.-At Portugal. housekeepers, and when the cause of re-
house, Lieutenant Hicken, of the 4th reyt. ligion is consequently suffering from the
eldest son of Mr. H. distiller.

deficiency and padequacy of churches. At Napton, 83, Mr. Asael Steel, grazier. Married.) James Pratt, esq. of Belling

At Coventry, Mrs. Arnold.-64, much ton, to Miss Wright, of High Park, near
tegretted, Mrs. Hall, of Bishop-street. Stourbridge.
76, Bradford Wilmer, M.D.--Mrs. Booth, At Stoke Prior, near Bromsgrove, Mr.
wife of Mr. B. builder.

Joseplı Hill, to Miss Paye, both of the
At King's Wood, Mrs. Avern, wife of same place.
Mr. A.

Mr. James Thurston, of Kidderminster,
At Coleshill, Mr. James Pring, late to Miss Buace, of Witley.
Adjutant of the Warwickshire Supplemen- Died.] At Henwick, near Worcester,
tary M. Mr. W. Cash.

occasioned by her humane attention to a At Hodge Hill, 60, Mrs. Ward, wife of servant who had taken a contagious ferer, Mr. W. an affectionate wife and niother. Mrs. Meecham, youngest daughter of the • At Lady Woodl, 20, Susannahı, eldest late Mr. Smith, ot that place. Her amia. daughter of Mr. G R. Pird.

ble and benevolent disposition will canse At Weddington, Mr. Richard Townsend. her loss to be ling and decply lamented by At Washwood Heath, 33, Susannah So- her family and friends. phia, wife of Mr. Samnei Rock..

At Toitenhill, 70, Mr. Jobo Higgs. At Smethwick, Elizabitia Chatwin, 105, At Dudley, Mr. Oliver Dixon and in full possession of her mental fa- At Worcester, 8), Mrs. Paine, relict of culties.

Ilav P. mq. who served the office of SIIROPSHIRE.

maverit 1797.
E. Plowden, esit. of Hatton Grange, At Netherton, near Dudley, Mr. Foley,
had the good to ruine to gain a 20,0001. Sosior,
prize in the last lottery.

Charles, second son of Col. Stewart, of
Mari ied. Mr. Beniamin Pearson, up. Myton House, near Warwick,
holsterer, of Oswestiy, to Niss Jane At Hampton Rectory, suddenly, the
Lloyd, of Bath.

Rev. Edward Waldron. A. M. rector of
Mr. Jolin Cureton, to Miss Mary Hampton Lovett and Rosbock.
Pinches, both of Newport.

1r. Join ilvester, of Borelev, in the johu Lea, esą. of New1007, to Miss Jane part of Omberslev; and, on the day of Wilkinson, only daughter of Joim W. esq. bus burial, luis brother, Mr. Silvester, of of Forest.

At Ulimbury, Jol:11 Acton, esq. of Lnd- Eliza, wife of William Craw-hav, esa,
low, to Rebecca, eldest daughter of Juhn fourth daughter to the laie E. Horafray,
Browning, esq. of Pur:low Hall,

ese, of the Hyde, near Stourbridge,
At Hales Owen, Mr. White, surgeon, At Sheep ole, near Brosgrove, 19,
of Newcastle, io Alice Ame, third dangha Matthew Dawson, son of Mr. Robert D.
ter of Abrahain Parker, esg. of Oldbury. He possessed an excellent and cultivated

understanding, understanding, to which was added ge- Married.) At Bristol, Robert Knight, nuine piety, a fervent love of truth, and esq. eldest son of the Rev. R. K. of New universal charity and benevolence.

ton, Glamorganshire, to Jane Emma, ITEREFORD AND MONMOUTII. fourth daughter of the late Married.] John Edward Williams, esq. Eagles, esq. of Hardwicke-hone, to Ann Theresa, At Clifton, by the Res. Mr. Simpson, eldest daughter of Thunas Aiutlow, esq. Mr. Woi. Morgan, to Miss Beckman, both of Chepstow.

of Bristol. Died.] At Newport, deservedly regict. Mr. Benjamin Brock, of the Customs, ted, Mr. R. Rudder, clerk to the Dion- Bristol, to Mis. Reed, relict of the late mouthshire Canal Company.--70), Jolm Mr. R. of London. Brewer, esq. a gentleman who, in an ex- Jamey Wintle, esg. of Gloncester, to tensive course of medical practice, liad Miss Fulljames, sister to Thomas F. esq. secured to himself, by his professional of Hasfield.court. knowledge,considerable reputation.

Rev. Jolin Rowe, to Sarah, third daughAt Ross, 53, reservedly lanieutell, Mrs. ter of Mr. Grundy, of Bristol. Jane Clarke, wife of the Rev. Jas. Chas. C. Capt. White, of the R. N. Gloucester rector of Cólwall, and eldest daughter of Militia, to Miss Barnett, of Tetbury. the late Rev. Wm. Skinner, Prebendary of Mr. William Hancock, of the Lye, te Hereford Cathedral

Miss Butcher. At Clodock, 66, the Rev. Edw. Sparkes, Mr. Thomas Cox, of Woodstock, to Miss vicar of that place.

R. Webb. At Letion, Jane, wife of John Freeman, Mír.James Parsons, merchant, of Bristol, esq. deepiy laniented by her family and to Saralı Ann, only child of Mr. Daniel trends.

Gage, of Easton. At Tiegare, 38, Nir. Wm. Wysome, jun. Mir. I. G. H. Langley, to Eliza, only GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

daveliter of Mr. Mauberry, of Bristol. At a meeting of the Committee for Mr. Cross, of Bristol, merchant, to Miss dispensing the Contributions for Prison Mary Rosterfield, of Charlestown. Charities, the disbursements of the dif- dir. Daniel White, of Blakeney, to ferent funds, from the 19ih of October, Maria, eldest daughter of Mr. Richard 1811, were stated as under:

Waits, of Stroud. For one debtor, discharged by

Mr. William Hoare, of Cirencester, to paying to his creditor a coul

Miss Parker, of Siddington. position on his debt ...... 5 0 0 Mr. Shipton, of Chcitenham, to Miss J. For three debtors, di-charged by

Parker, of Gloucester, procaring for then waits of

At Chipping Camprien, Mr. William Izod, sperseileas .............. 12 6 0 of Testington, to Aun, eldest daughter For enyht debtors, discharged by

of Matthew Phipps, esq. bauker. proceedings under the Lord's

Mr. Elias Tuchett, to Martha, second Act...................... 33 12 0 daughter of Mr. Bulgin, an eminent bookFor seventeen debtors, claiming

seller, of Biistol. their wischarge under the in

Died.) At Gloucester, Mr. Witcomb, solvent Act; fifteen of whoin

of Southgate-street.- Mr. B. Jordian, were discharged, he other two

of the Saluation lun.-73, Mir. Thomas remanded ................ 22 16 0 Marshi, coach-maker.--77. Mr. J. Barnes. For petitions to the Lords of the

baiter and hosier.- Mr. Charles Jones, of Treasui y on the part of two

the New Bear Iun.-- Mr. John Workman, debtors, defaulters under the

of Westgate-street-Mis. Sarah Glover, Excise Law .............. 3 3 0 0 Westgate-sireet. For the funeral esences of a

At Bulley, tis. Pite: ok btor who died in prison.... 1 12 6 At Bristol, in College-green, 61, Cap. For Sheriti's liberies in the

tain Charles Macdonald, both regt. sin. above ............. 1 0 0 cerely regretted.--Mr. Foster, wife of For releving the temporary dis

Mr. F. architect, of Orchard-street.---Mr. tress of indigeni debtors in

Tim. Mais, son of the late Mr. John M. prisci .....

........ 10 11 9 ---!!!), Is. Esther Undervuod.--77, Mrs. Tor dinners to the debiors' ward

Marg. Ge odenonel.-In Kiry.senare, Mrs. at (k!;imas ... ......... 5 0 Danbeny.--7.1, Miss Sarali Corile, of Tor incidental charges by the

Birdwick-square. colletior for waiting letters,

Al an advanced age, Mr. John Dod. and postaga till the above

dridge Iluzipries, of Teuhesbury, grand........ 1 13 11 son of the laie Rey, Dr. D.

Al Chton, Catherine, second daughter Total payments........ 90 15 0 of the Rev. Charles P. Bullock.

At Northleach, Mrs. Ellis.

At the Hotwells, 73, Mrs.J. Corre, sister remains were interred in the family vault a of the late John C. esq. of Itton Court, at Bienheim. near Chepstow.

At Bletchington, 69, Mrs. Mary Tenant. At Kingstanley, 17, Miss Ann Williams, -At Ewelme, deservedly lamented, Mrs. daughter of the Rev. James W.

Heath. Ai Alderley, sincerely lamented, Mrs.


· Mirried.] B. F. Lieywood, ('q. to Miss At Tibberton Court, Sarah Maria, S. Herbert, of Norili Newton. yonngest daughter of Richard Donovan, T. D. Aubrey, esq. of Dorton-house, to esg.

Miss Wright, of Clarion-house. At Siston Court, Mr. Daniel Gould. Mr.J. Parrott, ot Bradbury-bail, to Miss

At Lower Field Farm, Ampney, Miss Sergeant, of Brill. Mary Hewer.

At Appleton, Mr. William Peaple, to At Vinterbourne, 80, Mrs. Perry. Miss Easione. At Severn Lodge, Mr. T. Bakeri

Nr. Joli Ormond, surgeon, of Wantage, In the Hotwell Road, 60, Mr. Thomas to Mis Elizabeth Young, of Somerjord. Bennett.

Died. At Garford, 62, Mr. W. Field. At Beach, 78, Mr. James Bush.

At Twyford, 74, Mr. W. Harper. At At Cotham, 71, Mrs. Mary Combes. Maidenhead, 47, Mrs. Cooke, wife of the

Rev. J.C.

At Brill-house, 73, L. Oliver, esq. uniIn full convocation, the degree of Doc. versally regretied for his many amiable tor in Medicine, by diploma, was lately con- qnalities. ferred by the University of Oxford on Dr.

NORTHAMPTONSIURE. EDWARD JENNER, discoverer of the prac- Married.] At Clipstone, Mr. T. Buswell, tice of vaccine inoculation-a mcrited com. to Bliss Green. pliment from the first university in the R. J. Dickens, esq. to Miss Chipnell, of world to a man who, if he had lived among Belshanger. the Greeks, would have been ranhed, with D icil.] The Rev. N. Cotton, rector of other benefactors of mankind, among their Timby. inimortal gods. When Napoleon was once

BEDS AND VERTS. asked to set free an Englishman of the Marrird.] H. N. Heathcote, esq. of name of Williams, he retised to listen to Sirepliallbury, to Miss Eleanor Wigram, of the application ; but on being told he was Walthaniston-louse. recommended by Dr.Jenner, he instantly D ird.] It Haifield-hall, W. Pitman, esa. signed the passport, saying, “ I can refuse At Bishop's Stortford, Mr. Cribb, surnothing to so great a mun as JENNER."

geon. The Sedleian Reader in Natural Philo

CAMBRIDGE AND HUNTS. sophy, will begin a course oi Lectures in Married.) Mr. S. Latham, of Walworth, Newton's Principia on the 1st of February. to Miss viaria Swam), ot Horseheails.

M ried.] George Warriver, ju. (sj. of Mr. Jug, to Miss Sarah Staples, both of Blosham Grove, to Sarah, fourth daughter Soham. of Samuel Aston, esq. of Rowington, Mr. John Bremhead, of Higney House,

At Woodstock, Samuel Cornish, esq. of to Miss Soden. Sherford, to Niiss Shipley, of Blenheim · Jeremiah Charles Lagder, esq. to Miss Gardeus.

Mary Harris, of Abington. Dird.) at Oxford, Mrs. Graves, of Mar. 'The Rev. Wm. Chaty, D.D), master of dalen College --At New College, Sander Sitney Sussex college, 204 vice-chancellor, son Miller, esq. fellow of that society. 10 Mins t'estwood, daughter of the late In St. Giles's, Mrs. Tow.--Mis. Baker, John of Chatieris. High-street.--Mr. Rusbrieye.--!2, Har: At Wellnam, Mr. Gleeves, to Miss riei, daughter of Mr. Thomas Paine.--Iu Howe. Queen-street, Mr. George Shepherd. Died.] At St. Ives, Mr. W. Olley, gar61, Elizabeth Sweatman, of St. John's. dener. Virs. Sutton, Hea.

At Ducklington, 78, Ir. John Thomas. ther.--Doctor James Smith, after an af: --At Hailey, Mr. Join Nitt, farmer at fiction of many years, which he bore with Minster. - At Cassi::gton, 36, Mrs. Dure great tortiunde. ham, wife of Mr. W. Durham.

At Wisbech, 72, Mrs. Stori,-- At Icon. At Woodstock, sincerely rouretted, Mrs. bury, 81, Hir. J. Jark-ot, aie of l'ptou. Turner, wife of Is. Edward T.-At Tets. At Mianca, isle of Ely', 78, W. Hunting, worth, 82, Mr. Ray.

esq.--Ai bickenhall, di, John Rayner, At Blenheim, 5), Caroline, Viscountess esq.--At Svilwell, Virs. Willard. Clifden, eldest daughter of the Duke of At Cambridge, Mr.John Bones, ielicitor, Marlborough, and Lady of Viscount Clit- of Great St. Andrew'sstilei-., T. S. den, who has lett a daughter, born Oct. 26, Farnaby, esq. of Bromley.--Mr. Joseph 1794, and a son, born July 14, 1797. Her Hart.-60, Mr. John Bowtell, bookbinder.

At Linton, in the 1031 year of hur age, At Winfarthing, 37, Miss Sarah Buxton. Mirs. Dockırell. She retainert lier faculties, At Diham, much lamented, 67, John except her hearing, to the last.

Joy, rent.
At Wennington, 66, Mrs. Elizabeth At Dowoham Market, 83, Mr. Burks,

Ai (ariton, 56, Mrs. Johnsons.

At St. George's Tombland, 88, Mrs. Mr. Burrows, of Wi asingham, lately Denmark. produced tons per acre, fi m 10 acres At l'orlingworth, 81, Mr. Lewis Jolinof carrots, at a cost of 1791. or i11. person, 33 years parish clerk of St. Peter's acre. He ihen feil 8 cart horses with Mancroit. then for 10 weeks, at 2 bushels eachi per At Swaffham, of the small-pox, Robert day, mixed with a quarter of a peck of Smith. He had been inoculated about 17 oats; and on con.rar son of food in bay years ago, had gone regularly thiongh the and oats, he found that the same hesses in disorder, and bad several pistoles, still the same time, would liave con rimed the visible upou him. Theie are in Swaff ham produce of +2 acres, benig a savns of 26 two other persons who have had the smallacres in 16 weeks.

pox twice Murried.) Captain J Slipper, of Hemsby, At an advanced age, the Rev. Thomas to Miss Mary Bristow, ot Yaimoutii. Lloyd, of North Walsham; and early the

Mr. Richard umt, ot Lynn, to Miss next mornin, Mrs. Lloyd. Frances Hicks, of Norwich.

At Sprowston, Mr. William Feltham. Dir. Birrell, former iy of the Norwich

SUFFOLK. Theatre, to Ni-s Loui, of Norwich. The wonderful philanthropist was lately

Mr. Ducker, tanner, to Mrs. Brady, at Bungay for a week, during which time, both of Norwich.

he gave away, for charitable purposes about Alexander Don, esq. of Newton, to 15001, in placing orphans and other boys Miss Montgomerie, of Garboidisiam-hail, approntice, and in relieving distressed

Mr. Ednand Day, of Yarmoutii, to objects! Mrs. Aun Kinnard, of Great Chelsea.

Dumred.] The Rev. Edward Jermyn, Mr. Porier, surgeon, of Allieborough, rector of Carlton Colville, to Miss Hill, to Miss A. Richards, of Ip-wei.

dauguer of the Rev. C. H. of Pakefield. Dird.] At Harleston, Mr. T. Taylor, Denny Brannigan, esq. of Tokenhouse gurgeon.

Yand, London, to Miss Lawrance, of At Norwich, suddenly, 58, Mrs. D. Goh, Ipswich. beti, daughier otile lale giderman Gub- Nir. Meggs, to Miss Parsonson, both of Pont.--00, Mrs. Dugie.--70, iis. Souill, Subay. wife of Mir. Samuel S. who also died be Mr. Manthorp, of Eyke, to Miss Biom. following Saturday, ayed 78, and they field, of Si. Margaret's, Ipswici. were both interied in one tomb.--19, Mr. Mr. Henry Mason Cooker, of Borley. Jolo Wilkin, hit presser.

Hall, to Miss Ann Sidey, of Bures Atsliphani, si, sincerely and deserved. Hamlet. Zy lamented, Mrs. Weatherlead, wife of Vir. George Portway, of Bury, to Miss Mr. William W. surgron.

Bull, of Dunmow. At Acle, 17, Edward, second son of William Bennett, esg. of 63d regt, to Mr. E. Shingles.

Miss Isabella Clara Power, ot Ipswich. At Salthouse, Mrs. Brooks, wite of Mr. Joseph P. N. Walford, of Rush. Mr. Brooks.

mere, to Miss M. Streyne, of Stowmarket. Al Colushall, 24, Mr. Frederic Porson. The Rev. T. Allsop, of Fressmgfield, to

At Gorlesien, 53, Mary, wife of Mr. Miss Brettmgham, of Mendham. William Wing-78, Mr. Jolin English. Dud. Al Great Barton, 63, Mrs. At Thorpe, 56, Mrs. West.

Bowli, widow of the late Charles B. gent. At Hay-diill, Mi. Francis Waru, of Wells, whose loss will long be regretted. the proprietor of the Tclegiaph coach. At Sudbwy, Mr. James Ingram.-56,

At Yarmouth, 28, Mis Jay, wife of Mr. William Lillie. Mr. Jay, draper.--76, Sarah Lockhart. At Bury, 77, Mrs. Wright, of Watton.

At Swathan, 23, Susali, second daugh- -68, Mrs. Spencer, of Hatter-street. ter of Mr. R. Claik.

61, Samuel Ever, esq. late of Hackney, At Harleston, Mrs. Kersey.

-76, Mr. Jolin Gallant. At Thorne, Mr. Jolin Moore.

At Wattisfied, oy, Mr. Luke Horn. At Thetford, 86, Mrs. Bridget Faux, At Ipswichi, Mr. R. Girling, proprietor relict of Mr. Gregory F..

of the Woodbridge Accommodation coach; At Lynn, Mrs. Reeve.

whose death was occasioned by falling from At Mundesley, Mrs. Barnard, wife of the coach box.-01, Charles Buyd, esq. Wiiliam

late of Kilquade.-Suddenly, Mrs. Green, At Sunth Criake, Charles Turner, gent. of St. Stephen's-lane. Jate of Caius College, Cambridge.

At Cowlinge, Mr, Isaac Blomfield

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