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* At Howden, 75, Mr. Richard Weddle; ders who seek fortune under the smiles of the last 13 years of his life he was a member the minister-it is subject to its full share of the Methodist connexion.

of the influence which attends a govern At Whitby, 69, universally respected as a ment expenditure of 120 or 150 millions tradesman, Mr. John Crawford.

and yet it contains an independant interest. At Farnley Hall, Mrs. Fawkes, wife of W. more respectable for talents, numbers, and F. esq. deservedly lamented by the exten property, than any other town in the empire. sive circle of their friends.

The calise is, we conceive, to be ascribed At Otley, 93, Mrs. Mande.-80, Mrs. primarily to the personal independance Sarah Barret, late of Bradford.

arising from trade in minds resoised to be At Otley Mills, Miss Hartley, daughter free; and secondarily, and proxiili of the late Mr. W. H.

the influence of example, in a succession of At Sowerby, 93, Mrs. Bell, relict of the able, vistuous, and enlightened men, which late Ralph B. esq. of Thirsk.

it hias been the good fortune of Liverpool to At Alkrington Hall, suddenly, Mary, rear or cherisn. We are no flaiierers, and wife of Jolm Leever, esq.

in na!ning individuals, who have exalted At Wakefield, Mr. 'Samuel Thwaite, the character of Liverpool in the estischoolmaster.

mation of the whole world, our sole At Brackenholme, near Howden, Mr. purpose is to maintain an abstract position. Judson, a respectable farmer, formerly of We liave no difficulty then in referring Bowthorpe.

for the elucidation of this question to the At Castleford, 60, Mrs. Longley.

splendid talents and private virtue's At Idle, near Bradiord, suddenly, Mr. of a Roscoc, a Currie, a Rathbone, Jolin Edmondson.

a Shepherd, a Crompton, a Casey, At Oatlands, near Mirfield, 70, Mr. a Rushton, a Williams, and others whom Holdsworth.--At Halifax, Mrs. Hains. we need not raine, and who for the worth, relict of the late Mr. John H. last thirty years lave directelor influenced

At Bramley, 39, Mrs. Eliz. Spence, wife the energies of this great town, Yei, as of Mr. Wm. S.-At Hunslet, 34, Mr. Wm. action anil re-action are eonal and reci. Willans, cloth maker.

procal, in politics as in pliysies, so the colli. At Bramham-Lodge, Mrs. Bathshus, sion of opinions has been very strongly Radford, daughter of the late W. R. esq. of marked in this place, and we may cite as ex. Nottingham.-At Bridlington-Quay, 72, coples the existence of its twofamous clubs, John Rickaby, esg.

the BACKBONE, or Churcl: and King Club, At Knoitingley, 22, Mr. John Atkinson. and the CONCENTRIC, or Patriotic Club. -94, Mrs. Standish.

These clubs divide the parties of this town, At Poniefract, Mrs. Coliar.-At Caley and having lately held their anniversary Hall, 76, Drusilla Rastrick, the wife of J. dinners, we have juciged this a suitable R. esq.--At Wakefield, 84, Matthew Cra time for recording their toasts as keys to ven, esg.

their political feeling', as attording matter At Wortley, suddenly, Mrs. Priestley, for contemplation in the closet, and as wife of Mr. John P. cloth-maker.

traits of opinions and manners worthy of At Fairburn, 57, T. Jackson, esq. the future notice of philosophical loisturians.

At Cawthorne, near Barnsley, Louisa, TOASTS of the BacKEONE CLUB. wife of the Rev. Benj. Eamonson, daugh. His Majesty the Kins, Duke of Lancas. ter of the late Capt. Clialoner, and niece to ter, God bless him. the Earl of Harewood. ,

His Royal Highness the Prince Regent. At Skefling, 72, Mrs. Ann Sharp.

Queen and Roval Family. At Ayton, near Stokesley, 83, the Rev. Our Glorious Constitntion, in Church Robert Bogan, tllty-four years minister of and State, the Price of Britons, and Envy a small congregation of Protestant dissen. of the World. ters---At Brigham, 67, Mr. James Butte. His Royal Highness the Duke of York rill.

and the Army. LANCASHIRE.

His Royal Highness the Duke of ClaThe town of Liverpool has for many rence and the Navy. years past been animated by more public Our Worthy Representatives, the Rig!it spirit, more party zeal, and more general Hon. G. Canning and Lieni.-GaGascoyne, intelligence, than any other town of the em- The Loyoland Independant Freenen iho pire, not even excepting the metropolis, so nobily defender the good old Cause at which is too large to act with the conses the late Election. taneous feeling of places but a tenih or The Immortal Memory of the Right Hon. twentieth part of its size. We have been Wm. Piti. curious to determine the cause of the supe The Ministers of the Prince Regent, rior energies of Liverpool in its political as May the Principles of Mr. Purever ani. well as commercial capacity? It has a close mate the Councils of Great Britain. corporation--it is the seat of powerful re Field Marshal the Marquess of Wellin Tenue boards---it contains numerous traton, and the brave Troops under his Com

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mani, who have so triumphantly planted the principles of the immortal Fox, whick the Pritish Standard in France.

her father once made it his boast to have inThe glorious Cause of the Peninsula, and stilled into her mind, be the constant guide success to Spanish and Portuguese Patrio- of her political life. tism.

The Prince Regent's Ministers. May The Emperor of Russia, and the United they continue to acknowledge the soseSovereigns in the North of Europe, and reignty of the people. may they follow up the glorious Successes The Army, and its most distinguished obtained on the Saale to the Rhine.

leader, the Marquess of Wellington. Field Marshal the Prince Schwartzen- The Navy. Nay the wisdom of those berg, the Commander in Chief of the Allied who direct equal the courage of those who Forres.

execute. The Crown Prince of Sweden, and pray Or Allies on the Continent. May their he have another opportunity of gloriously late unprecedented successes lead to an leading those who were the Allies of France immediate, honourable, and lasting peace. ainst Bonaparte.

The Dutch Nation, May their recent The Gallant Veteran, Gen. Blucher, and example prove to the world that the voice may his brave Prussians in arms completely of the people is irresistible ! avenge their Country's Wrongs.

The People. May their representatives General Platow, and may the Cossacks in Parliament prove the ever-jealous guarhave the honour of delivering Bonaparte in dians of their ackpowledged rights! Cluains at the Fect of their Emperor.

The man whose life and eminent talents Sir Charles Stewart, and Thanks for his have uniforinly been directed to the pronio. glorious and clear Dispatch, recording tion of the best interests of the human the overthrow of the Tyrant.

race, the ornament of Liverpool-William Liberty and Independence to the op. Roscoe pressed nations of Europe.

The eloquent advocate of civil and reli. The Worsliipful the Mayor of Liverpool. gious liberiy, the Rev. William Shepherd.

The good old Loyal Town of Liverpool, The man who accepis his seat in Pariiaand the Traile thereof. Glee, “ When Ar- ment, not to serve himself but his country, thur fust at Court."

Sir Francis Burdett. The President and Members of the Can The bold asserter of the subject's liberty, ning Club.

the eloquent advocate of peace, the tried Wooden Walls of Old England.

champion of the distressed manufacturer, The Inimortal Memory of the late Lord Henry Brougham. Nelson.

The strenuous advocate of unrestricted Our Naval Sovereignty, and may it never commerce and public economy, our Friend he impaired by Concession.

and Townsman, Thoinas Creevey. Ships, Colonies, and Commerce.

Col. Williams, whose active youth has Lancashire Witches.

been employed in gallantly opposing the l'he Landed and Commercial Interests foreign fues, and whose riper years are no of these Realms.

less honourably cmployed in an incessant The Memory of that able and virtuous struggle against the domestic enemies of Statesmai, the R. H. Spencer Perceval. his country. Old England.

Mr. Casey and our sister island; and may Lieut.-Gen. Sir G. Provost, and the brave the speedy adoption of a liberal and en. Defenders of Canaila.

lightened policy effect a more than noini. The Committee of the Backbone Club, nal union-a union of heart an: hand.

May the Rose, the Shamrock, and the The man nobly conspicuous for the dareThistle, he so invigorated by Union, that mitring and constitutional discharge of dirither Foreign or Domestic blasts may his parliamentary duties and manly vindiwither them.

cation of temale innocence--Samuel Whit. The Land we live in, and those who don't bread. like it let them leave it.

A noblcman who uses the infuence of British Glory--the British Bayonet. his rank and fortune in supporting the con

TOASTS of the CONCENTRIC CLUB. stitutional rights of the people the Earl of

The King. May the evening of his days Sefton, be happy.

The bulwark of Liberty, and dread of The Prince Regent. May his declara- tyrants, a free press, and ihe health of the tion, that “the Crown is held in trust for proprietor of the Liverpool Mercury. the people," be exemplified in his conduct. The grand panacea of all political con

The Princess of Wales. May the inte plaints-Parliamentary Reforn. rest lately shewn by the people in her be- The cause of civil and religious Liberty haif create iu her mind a corresponding in all over the world. terest in behalf of the people.

The land we live in; and those who The Princess Charlotte of Wales. May impoverish and enslave it let THEM leave it.


- The town and trade of Liverpool.

At Kirkby, Mrs. Cort, wife of the Rev. Tue iinmortal memory of Charles James R. C.-At Wigan, 17, Mr. J. Rowe, jnn.

At Sutton, Susannah Leadbetter, wife The Concentric Society, and dissemina- of Henry L.-At Little Crosby, 68, Mr. tion of its principles.

Henry Wharuin.
Dr. 'Taylor, and our friends at Bolton. At Scotforth, near Lancaster, Mr. T.

Mr. Waitiman, and the independent Bentham.--At Stydi Lodge, 84, the Rev. part of the Livery of London,

Wm. Fisher, a catholic priest.
Thomas Green, and the independent At Walton Breck, 26, Esther, danghter
Freement of Liverpool.

of Mr. T. Palmer.
Marri:d ) Mr. İ. Jackson, of Yelland, to Aged 100, Mrs. Marg. Barter, of Bolton-
Miss Shepherd

by-the-Sands, neuer Lancaster. She has left 17. Mr. J. Dickinson, of Formby, to Miss a numerons progeny of children, grandAlice Marshal.

children, great grand-children, and great
Mr. R. Edison, of Shotwick Lodge, to great grand children.
Miss Frods ham.

At Bedcliffe-house, Eccles, Joho Par-
Mr. Edr. Winstanley, Kev-street, to tington, esq.
Mrs. Davies, Ormond-street, Liverpool. At Grimsargh, 50, Miss Marg, Hrither-

At West Kirkby, Mr. Wm. Dauiby, to sall; and a few days afterwards, Mr. J.
Miss Manlove.

Huthiersall, her father, aged 99.
Mr. Francis Boyle, to Mrs. Jane Kenyon, At Arrad, near Ulverstone, Miss Jane
of Liverpool.

Penny, sister of the late J. P. esq.
Rubert Lane, esq. of the East India At Huyton, 75, Mr. Jolin Bartoo.
Board, to Ann, youngest daughter of the At Knockbrake, near Tai, 70, David
late John Livesey, esq. of Coppall Hall. Simpson, alias Linkie.
Mr. W. Hodgson, to Miss Ann Hughes,

daughter of Mr. R. H.

Narricil.] T. Williams, esq. of Croxton Mr. John Critchley, to Jane, eldest Hall, near Middle wich, to Miss Hannah daughter of Mr. H. Dawson, of Preston. Caton, of Coinberbatch.

Mr. John Wilson, of Bolton-br-the- The Rey, J. Cheesbrouglı, of Rake Hail, Sands, to Miss Gilloe, formerly of Lan near Chester, to Marinone, eldest daughcaster.

ter of Samuel Gratrix, esq. of Furness
* At Eccles, John Whithy, esq. to Mrs. Louge.
Barclay, of Goosey Cottage.

Mr. Joseph Blake, Hallwood, to Miss
At Manchester, Mr. J. F. Clarke, to Jones, Forecate-street.
Miss Anu Tomlinson, of Salford.

Geo. Hesid, esq. of Disley, to Ann,
Mr. R. Rawlinson, of Liverpool, to Miss daughter of Richard Towusend, esq. of
Polding, of Edge-bill.

Canonbury. * Mr. J. Ocleshaw, of Speake, to Miss S. Mr. Charles James Fox, of Middlewich, Tatlock, of West Derby.

to Miss Mary Ariderley, of Mothersall. Mr. W. Grape!, to Miss Stewart, Russell. Died.] Ai Cliester, 57, Mrs. Miller. -street, Liverpool

Sudilenly, 5o, Mr. C. Wilkinson, wine merDied] A Liverpool, Miss Marg. Prince. chant.--Deeply regretteid, Mr. T. Joncs, -64, Mrs. M. Marsson.-60, Mr.John Nei ironmonger. --The Rev. Grilliti Garilener, gon.--68, Mr. Johu Mercer--57, Mrsof Queen-strect, vicar of Ratcliffe on tho Mary Robinson.--Miss Gregson, of Duke. Wreke. street. -- 73, Mrs. Williamson, late of At Whitchurch, Mr. W. Ha sev, farrier: Girangeways.--28, Mr. A. Kitchin.-82, he expired while m the act of eatiny. Mrs. A. M. Bolu, eldest daughter of the late At Oughtrington llall, Maria, eldest P. B. esq: M.P. &c. &C.-72, Mrs. Jane daughter of Trattori Trattoril, esq. Carter, of Mount Vernon.-38, Mirs. Nel At Overleigh Hall, Jo!!. Nuttall, esq. son, late of Gateacre.-24, Mr. J. S. Far Aged 73, G. Wilbraliam, est. of De amere rer.--19, Miss Ann Richardson.--23, Miss Lodge. He lived to promote the interests Houghton.--98, Mr. Sam. Dutton, formerly of his native county in agriculture, and his of Toxteth Park.--69, Mr. Robert Welsli. tenants liave to lepiore in him a liberal and -73, Mr. Cliarles Pemberton.- 2, Mr. kind landlord. W. Carrigall.--42, Mr. John Willacy:-53,

Mrs. Jane Hollinstead.-Mrs. Mary Wil. Married.) At Delsy, Mr. Jessopp, alton
liams, of Highfield-street,

pry, to Miso A. Duesbury, danghter of the
At Ormskirk, 94, Mr. James Moss, of late Mr. D.
Stanley Gate.-73, Mrs. Mary Sbarpless. At Morley, Mr. John Boden, of Morley
Mrs. Leak, wife of Mr. W. L. printer. Hays, to Miss Wolley, of Horsley Flats.
At Preston, 60, Mr. T. Woodcock.

At Derby, Mr. Crampion, surgeon, of
At Hale, 73, Margaret, the wife of Mr. Thrapston, to Aliss Parkinson, of Hoton.
I. Turton.-- At Lancaster, 51, Ir. Ed- At Hope, Mr. Isaac Middleton, of Wood-
mund Garnett.-At Alkrington Hail, sud. Jands, to Rutim, eldest dangliter of Mr.
Nenly, Mary, the wife of J. Lever, csq. Benj. Tuorp, of tuc Abbey, near Darwent,

Died.] At Whittington Moor, Mr. Wm. brated surgeons of his day, Ashwell at. Grattan.

tracted his notice, and with that union of At Chesterfield, 84, Mrs. Nall, relict of discrimination and benevolence, which the late ir. R. V. lesier.-In the prime of distinguished all the family of Sharp for see life, Mrs. Gosling, wife of Mr. G. coroner. veral generations, was Ashwell cherished Mr. G, Allen, painter.

and protected by this eminent roepber of At Wingerworth, Mrs. Hopkinson. it. He was introduced and rec:n mended At Shotile, 54, Mirs. Statam.

to most of his patron's patients, visited At Cocloor, 68, Mrs. Mary Godber. them constantly in his carriage, and was, to

At Clown, Mr. G. Wilde Purseglove, a all intents and purposes, designated as luis man of superior eminence in the veterinary favoured protegée and successor. A pulart.

inonary complaint, however, are steihin NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

early in life, and in time obliged him to quit Married.] At Epperstone, Mr. W. Wise, the air of the metropolis. He retired to attorncy-at-law, to Miss Sophia Howard. Newark, where he practised his profession

At Lenton, Mr. W. T. Haviland, Lon with repotation, a:d by excessive care and don, to Miss Mary Louisa Jeffs, ot' Lenton calition, has numined considerably more Terrace.

than thee score ye. "S. Mr. William Boden, of Loughborough,

LINCOLISHIRE, to Miss Hidies, sister of the Rev. Mr. A splendid hotel has been built and Hides, of Watual).

was lately opened at Stamford. At Nottingham, Mr. Christopher Wright, Earl Fitzwilliam, in a late speech to the stationer, of Bridlesmith-gale, to Miss Peterborough troop of yeomanry, couglaMary Ann Young, of Fore.street, Cripple. inlated them on the probability of the congate, London. Mrs. Wright took coli on tinent being shortly restored to its old orthe day of her marriage, which brought on der, in consequence of the saccesses of The an infiammation, and terminated her existence Allies; and his lordship then aldneied to the in three days!

consequent decleusiou in the price of corn, Frank Frank, esq. of Kirklington Hall, adding, that he should regulate his rents a Rear-Admiral of the Blue, to Miss Brad accordingly. This noble example must in dyll, eldest danghter of W. Braddyll, of course be imitated by other landed pro. Conshead Priory.

prietors, or the farmers will be ruined, be Mr. William Willcock, of Harnes Grove, cause tie supply from Poland will neces. to Miss Eliza Sissons, danghter of Mr. P. sarily prevent a return of the lac high Sissons, bookseller, Worksop.

prices. Died.] At Nottingham, 81, Mrs.Turner. Married.) Mr. George Conway, printer, -55, Mr. Edward Sharp, Maiden-lane. to Miss Alice Ricks, both of Stamtorn. 35, Miss E. Hirst, Fletcher-gate.--At Sion The Rev. Bernard Sinith, rector of Great hill, 50, Mrs. Soar.

Ponton, to Justina, secord danghier of HeAt Stapleford, 70, Mr. Thomas Fretting- zekiah Brown, esq. of the Clown in Lincoin, ham, a man of strict probity.

- James Atty, jan. esq. to Miss Catherine At Flipthaw-house, near Newark, 61, Hall, in the Close of Lincoln.--At Lincolo, Thomas Thoroton, esq. who, for several Mi. Joseph Birkbeck Blundell, of Brooke years, was one of the representatives in house, Lancashire, to Susappa, only daugi:Parliament for the borongh of Grantham, ter of Thomas Jepson, esq. At Mansfield, 87, William Walker, At Screveton, Mr. Burton, of Allington,

to Miss Sampes. At Newark, 35, Mrs. Anna Rous.- Mr. The Rev. Francis Joseph Faithful, LL.B. Martin Brumley, 63, of Gainsborough. to Mary, ellest dangliter of the Rev, Val. -- In the prime of lite, Mrs. Mary Cook. Grantham, D.D. vicar of Scawby.

Same place, Mr. Thomas Ashwell. The At Kilham, Mr. James Berriman, te life of a country surgeon does not often pre- Miss Apn Leedly. sent much matter for the pen of a bio. At Holbeach, Mr. Michael Penistan, grapher ; but the subject of this memoir grocer, of Lincoln, to Miss Barker. ought not to descend io the grave entirely Mr, Readitt, of Newark, to Miss Slaw, without notice, as he was probabiy only of Lincoln. prevented, by a weak constitution and pre. The Rev. Edward Towler, of Alford, te carious health, from figuring among the Mrs. Leach, Clines and Coopers of the day. His origin Mr. Jolin Moore, of North Somercoates, was lanmble, being tlie son of a farmer at to Miss Sins, of Gosberton. the little college of Coddington, near New Died.] At Gainsbro', 73, Mrs. West.ark; and his early prospects in life were 61, Mr. John Bainton. probably borunded by that narrow circle of At Louth, 60, Mr. Robert Stimson, gecountry practice, to which infirmity cou- nerally kuown by the name of Colonel. He demned him in his latter years; but having was a remarkably corpıntent man, and was studied under Sharp, one of the most cele- supposed to weigh about thirty stune.



- At Gosherton Risegate, 50, Mrs. Rain old Peer pas entering the copfines of his ford,

second childhood, and was completely Atrionltou, 70, Mr. L. Tomlinson. under the controul of a woman of mascua · At Spalding, 70, Mr. Johu Rimmington, line understanding, but deficient in judg.

Miss Elliott, dangliter of Mr. Thomas E. ment, and grossly deficient in delicacy of of Newark,

manners. After a due atiendance here', At Wyvall, near Grantham, Mr. John our voung divine was persioned off with a Rose, farmer. Grantham,57,Mrs. Han- living. On the decease of an elder brother nuh Keal, widow of Mr. Joseph K. late some years ago, who was said to be in a landlo:1 of the living sign, of that place, state of mental incapacity, and died un

At laam, S6, much lainented, írs. married, the Doctor succeeded to the fac Chapmaa, wife of Mr. Jolin Chapman, inily estate, and assualed the name of Here mal:sler.

bert, in compliment to some female anAt Svineshead, 26, Mr. John Tebi. cestor. He married first a Miss Rastall, Al Langliam Row, 7ri, Mr. George Ro- of Newark, a sensible woman, of a proper

age, and by her had two or more children, At Whaplode Drove, Mr. Smith, farmer. At a good deal more than fifty, he made a

At Vialsoken, 66, Mr. William Bull, second choice, in the person of a very farmer.

young and charming girl, (the danghter of At Boston, 73, Mrs. Fydell, relict of T. The Rey. William Manners, of Grantham, Fydell, esq. lale of Boston,

by the sister of Sir Thoinas Whitchole,) At Imam, near Corby, Mrs. Chapman, who died in child bed of (we believe) her wile of Mr. John Chapman, maltster, &c. first child, or at least in a short time after in the 36th year of her age.

she had given it birth. A1 Fleet, 59, the Rev. W. Burgess, un LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLANDSHIRE. wards of twenty years pastor of a respert. A grand match of cricket was lately able society of general baptists. His talents played at Loughborough, by twelve men as a preacher were very considerable : his of Nottingham, against twenty-two of Lei. public services were principally extempo cestershire, which was won by the first inraneous, wlich he conducted with fervency rings of the Leicestershire 67, against two and affectionate recard for the best inte innings of the Nottingham, making but 59. resis of all who attended bis ministry. His Some ignorant and brutalized zealots, moral ciaracter was without a stain, and lately broke into tiie house of the printer his loss will be severely felt by his family, of the Leicester Chronicle, and committed and the society with whom he was so various ontrages. By the commendable @losely connected.--Stamford News. activity of the magistracy they have been

At Stamford, 77, Mr. J. Warrington. discovered, and will, we trust, have an

At Long Sutton, 81, Mr. W. Atkinson, opportunity of repenting during their senior. -At Hoibeach Huru, 81, Captain pending voyage to Botany Bay. Joseph Ward.

Murried.) At Hose, Mr. Jolan Nall, far. At Grainthorpe, 82, Mr. Tharrat, grazier. mer, Cotgrave, to Miss Mary Mantle.

At Bonrn, 77, Mr. Jolin Roberts, for- Mr. J. M. Robinson, to Elizabeth, only nerly an eminent tanner

daughter of Sampson Fenton, gent. of Ai Grantham, the Rev. Dr. Herbert. Leicester. Tliis gentleman's patronymic was Bcilby, At Ashby Magna, Mr. John Kenny, ves and the place of his nativity, Kingston- terinary surgeon, to Miss E. Crowder. upon-Hoil, or its immediate vicinity. No Mr. Jolm Woodhouse, of Moira, to Miss particular superiority of rank, wealth, or E. Bird, of Ashby Woulds. talents, render the commemoration of his Mr. Grundy, of Market Harborough, to (lecease an object of great interest to the Miss Garlier. biographer, or the world at large; but nei At Longborongh, Mr. Oram, to Miss ther was his passage through life entirely White.-- The Rev. Mr. Carey, nepbew of unaccompanies with circumstances of en- the learned Dr. Carey, to Miss Fosbrook. terlainng recollection to many individuals . Mr. William Stableford, of Queens, still remaining, though much the largest borough, to Mrs. Freer, of Newton Har. portion have precedeki the Doctor to the court. Traveller's last bowie. What originaily Died.) At Earl Shilton, Mary Aun, the brought the subject of this little memoir youngest daughter of the late Mr. King, into the county of Leicester, (whether that attorney, at Leicester. tempusy goal of many a younger brother's At Quornden, Mrs. Freeman. Jonging desire, a curacy) we are not in At Leicester, Nir. Bel, of Belgrave-gate. formed; but we find him a permitted, if Mr. John Lomas, surveyor of the Uppot all invited, guest at the celebrated pingham road, and formei y a woolstapler. table of John Duke of Rutland, nearly - Mrs. Dexter, of Newai k-street. -19, forty years ago. At the period of which Mr. James Bankart, jun. of Ga lowtrue we are treating, the amiable and venerable Gate, au aziable and interesting you h.


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