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leaving the further application of a great will enjoy the advantages of Mr. Tardy's social truth, which we have adduced improved practice, and we hope, from solely because it is apposite, to the li- time to time, to be able to lay the sucberal and judicious consideration of our cessful results before our readers. In readers.

other cases his treatment will be similar Mr. JEREMY BENTIAM, whose re- to that of existing establishments. searches in legislation and mechanics Mr. LODGE, The Lancaster Herald, have for many years interested his friends F.S.A. and author of the Biographical and the public, has permitted his pa- Tracts attached to the “Holbein Heads," pers on the Theory of Punishments and announces Portraits of Illustrious PersoRewards to be published at Geneva, un. nages of Great Britain; with Biographider the super-vision of M, DUMONT. · cal and Historical Memoirs of their Lises The plan of his Panopticon, or transpa. and Actions. It will consist of twenty rent Penitentiary House, has long been parts, forming two handsome volumes in before the public, but was too bold a pro- folio, printed in the finest manner, and ject to be adopted by a government un- each part will contain six portraits with der a jarring ard mixed influence like our Biographical Memoirs attached. own, yet the idea of circular buildings The Rev. Mr. SHARPE proposes pub. exposed to the central eye of the keepers, lishing by subscription, in one volume is adopted in the new and vast Peniten- royal quarto, a Translation of the His. tiary Tlouse now erecting in the swamp tory of the Kings of England, from the of Tothill Fields. In the last Edinburgh arrival of the Saxons, A.D. 449, to his Review is to be found an analysis of own times, A.D. 1143, by William of the work of Messrs. Bentham and Du- Malmsbury, collated from authentic MSS. mont, written in the true spirit of gee with an Introduction, Notes, and an

nuine criticism, --calculated to enlighten Index. · the reader, while it does justice to the More than sixty individuals in this me

prolonged and ingenious labours of the tropolis have for above three years subauthor.

sisted wholly on vegetables, fruits, and We are happy to learn that the History distilled water, enjoying during that peof Great Britain, from the Revolution in riod robust health, and an exemption 1688, to the French Revolution in 1789, from those maladies which, under the by Sir James MACKINTOSH, M.P. LL.D. direction of Dr. LAMBE.

direction of Dr. LAMBE, led to their · F.R.S. is proceeding, and will not ex. adoption of this simple regionen. The ceed three or four quarto volumes. editor of this Magazine, from considera

Dr. Wolcot is preparing the Travels lions of a different nature, has abstained of the Parish Clerk of Dr. Syntax, to be from all animal food for three and thirty

illustrated with caricatures, and with years; but Dr. Lambe carries his absti. 'anecdotes of methodism.

nence still further, hy abstaining from all Lady MORGAY, who has so often gratis stimulants which excite thirst, so that we fied the public under the name of Miss are told he does not drink a pint of any Orenson, has in the press a national tale, liquid in a month. One of the disciples in the manner of her Wild Irish Girl. of Dr. Lambe, Mr. NEWTON, of Chester

Miss EvGEWORTH announces a new street, has published, under the title of novel, under the title of “ Patronage." "A Return to Nature," a very ingenious

Lord GLENBERVIE, chairman and first and able illustration of the system, which commissioner of his Majesty's woods, merits the notice of the inquisitive and forests, and land revenues, is preparing philosophical part of the public. for publication a Treatise, practical and It appears from outlines of a plan for experimental, on the Cultivation of erecting public steam mills, to keep the Timber, particularly Oak, for domestic price of flour, at all times, within a due and naval purposes.

proportion to the price of wheat, allow. Mr. TAP.DY, surgeon, whose success in ing a fair and handsome profit to the the treatment of insanity we have had manufacturer, that the consumption of occasion to notice, has formed an esta flour in London is twenty thousand sacks blishment, on an extensive scale, at For per week, and that the late Albion ty Hill, near Enfield, where he purposes Mills reduced the price of grinding from to practise the method of cure by cold 58. 6d. to 2s. 10d. per sack. and warm affusions, and by all the other Mr. J. P. MALCOLM announces an means known to the Faculty. In those Excursion through the Forest of Charne descriptions of cases in which the atfusion wood, in the County of Leicester, in the of water is deemed etlicacious, patients Year 1793, illustrated by many plates.

Miss Miss PORTER will speedily publish a considered as one of the most ancient new Novel, under the title of The Pas. extant. tor's Fire-side.

M. GIESECKE is preparing for the A translation is preparing of a Voyage press, an Account of his Seven Years round the World, in the Years 1803, 4, Residence in Greenland, and his Mia 5, 6, performed by the order of His neralogical Discoveries during that peIinperial Majesty Alexander I, Emperor riod. of Russia, in the Ship Neva, commanded Some Account of the Life and Writings, by Jurey Lisiausky, Captain in the Ruse of the late ingenious Mrs. TRIMMEP, sian Navy.

with Extracts from her Journal, are The Ninth Report of the British and printing in two octavo volumes Foreign Bible Society bas been publish. There being at present no public es. ed. In Europe, it has establishments, in tablishment for an Exhibition of Original Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Russia, Ger. Pictures in Water Colours, Mr. CRAIC, many, Switzerland, and France ; and the justly celebrated painter in water Corresponding Societies are fixed at colours, proposes to open in April, 1814, Basle, Berlin, Lithuania, Ratisbon, Zu- a grand saloon in the neighbourhood of, rich, and Greece. In Asia, Calcutta Bond-street, furnished with pictures in has formed a society. Ceylon has a son water colours, and with drawings of sub. ciety: the labours of translation are jects in history, landscape, cattle, still even extended to China. Africa has a life, &c. executed chiefly for the pursubscription at the Cape of Good Hope. pose; and during this exhibition, in In America many associacions are form. April and May, he will read a Course of ed, and also in many of the West India Eight Lectures on the Principles and Islands. The coast of Labrador, Nova, Practices of Drawing and Painting in Scotia, and both the Canadas, partake Water Culours, as a branch of educa. this benefit. At home, the augmentation tion; the whole being intended to form of exertions, in the shape of auxiliary a complete series of scientific and praca, societies, branch societies, penny-a-week tical instruction in this department of societies, and Bible associacious, is alco. the Fine Arts. gether unexampled.

Mr. Salt's Second Voyage to Abyssie The committee of this excellent nia, undertaken by order of Government, Society, with a view to repair, as far is in the press. as they could consistently with the Dr. CHARLES BURNEY is preparing to object and principles of the society, the publish from the Cambridge press, the loss occasioned by the fire at Serampore, Tapas XEUN 200Tix) of Phrynichus, the sehave generously granted two thousand cond of the inedited grammatical works, reanis of paper, at an expense of about of which transcripts were made for bim 2,8001. which in India will be worth some years ago at the National Library 5000l. and they have made this grant in at Paris, by M. Boissonade. Phrynichus addition to 50001. and sundry other sup- will fill about as many pages as Philemon, plies furnished to India in the current with which it will make an uniform ro. year.

lume. It is to be printed at the expence A new edition of the Greek Testa. of the University, ment, with Griesbach's Text, by the The Lexicon called "Anos ’Arpáßrto; Rev. E. VALPY, B.D. Trinity College, will ere long see the light, under the au. Cambridge, is in the press. It will con- spices, and with the annotations of a tain copious notes from Hardy, Raphel, most distinguished critical scholar. ), Kykpe, Schleusner, Rosenmuller, &c. in An edition of Callimachus is in the familiar Latin : together with parallel press, wbich will contain a corrected passages from the classics, and with re text, with a collation of the Florentine fereuces to Vigerus for idioms, and Bos and Venetian editions, a selection of for ellipses. In two voluwes octavo. A notes including the whole of BENTLEY's, few copies will be struck off on large with the fragments complete. paper.

Professor YOUNG, of Glasgow, has in Proposals have been issued for print- the press a small edition of the Nubes of ing the Syriac Lexiconi, originally com- Aristophanes, from Hermann's text. posed by M. Schaaf, which comprehends A new Anti-fuliginous System of Mr. all the words of the New Testament, War. PETHER, Architect, St. Michael's and gives the inflections of the verbs and bill, Bristol, addresses itself to the no. noons. The Syriac New Testament is tice of the inhabitants of London, and

of other large towns where smoke is set of prints in a separate volume to ac. plentiful, and coal-fuel expensive. By company their Bitle. Part 1, of this this discovery, fires are made to consume useful publication, contains ten prints, their own sooty smoke-to preserve heat and is to be succeeded periodically by a longer on its own level-to prevent the part, with the same number of subjects, nuisance of smokey houses—to clear the until the proposed quantity is comatmosphere and to decrease the annual pleted. expence of coals. This important system. The second and concluding volume of is now ready for the adoption of the LANGSDORFF's Voyages and Travels, conpublic, but, for necessary and prudential taining his journey from Kamschatka to reasons, must remain useless to the com- the Aleutian Islands, the north-west munity and the inventor, till sufficient coast of America, and return over-land patronage is found to warrant him in through Siberia to Petersburgh, is andivulging the principle and practice of nounced for speedy publication. his invention to the world.

Mr. ELTON, translator of Hesiod, is The Rev. John Tuplis, B.D. Fellow about to publish, “ Specimens of the of Queen's College, Cambridge, has in Classic Poets, in a Chronological Series the press, a translation of the Treatise from Homer to Trypbiodorus," transupon Mechanics, which forms the in- lated into English verse, and illustrated troduction to the Mechanique Celeste of with biographical and critical notices. P. S. Laplace. It will be accompanied The work will form three elegant octaro by copious explanatory notes and ad- volumes. ditions, which are intended in some The Letters of KLOPSTOCK and his degree to obviate those difficulties in friends have been translated from the Ger. the Mechanique Celeste, the Mechanique man by Miss BENGER, and will be pubAnalytique, &c, of which many readers lished in two volames. coinplain who have not been conversant The Essays and Letters of Professor with the works of foreign mathematie GELLERT, translated from the German by cians.

Anne PLUMPTRE, are announced. A Series of Portraits of Illustrious Mr. SINGER will commence his lecPersonages of Great Britain, has been tures on Experimental Philosophy on announced for publication upon a very Tuesday, the 18th of January, and those extended plan, accompanied with Histo on Chemical Philosophy on Tuesday the rical and Biographical details of their 1st of March. Lives and Actions. This work is 10 Early in January will be published the consist of highly-finished engravings of first number of a work, to be called, The portraits of the most distinguished cha. Rejected Theatre, being a collection of sacters in English History, from the dramas which have been offered for reearliest era whence authentic pictures presentation, but declined by the manacan be traced, to about the year 1700. gers of the play-houses. The engravings will be produced in the A Sentimental Journey through Mar. finest style ; forming two volumes in gate and Hastings, by.Dr. COMPARATIVE, folio, of the size of “ Houbraken's Heads," jun. is in preparation. but possessing the advantage of being A new novel is in the press by the age engraved in every instance from an ori. thor of the Blind Child, called Mystery ginal picture, and authenticated by a and Confidence. reference to the collection in which it is Mr. EZEKIEL WALKER conceives that now preserved.

positive electricity is oxygen, and nega. A series of biblical prints is an. tive, hydrogen; and thence the phenomenounced for publication, under the title 110n of combustion on their union takes of, “Illustrations of the Holy Bible;" to place. be completed in about one hundred cop. Notices have been sent us of two or per-plate engravings, published without three low and scurrilous works which prethe text, and calculated to ornament all tend to give the listory of the members quarto and octavo editions of the Bible. of a neighbouring government. They The designs are all original, and executed would be unworthy even of this contempby Mr. Isaac TAYLOR, jun, and will be tuous notice were it not that some of suitably engraved by Mr. Isaac Taylor, them are printed at the expence of polis sen. A portion of descriptive letter tical characters, and circulated with great press, containing a clear and brief ex. zeal and industry. The good sense and position of each subject, will be delie moral feelings of the country ought to revered with the several parts, to accom, sent such base attempts to keep alive the modate purchasers who prefer having the embers of public discord.

Mr. Mr. CLUTTERBUCK's History of Herto dred; three hundred of which are de. fordshire is in a very forward state. For cretals, papal bulls, and directions for the information of the subscribers a pro- ceremonial observances; of the rest, spectus will shortly be published.

sixty are classical, but all Latin. Amongst In January will be published a new the latter, is a manuscript of Cicero, edition of KAUFFMAN'S Dictionary of which though of no very ancient date, Merchandize, in all Languages, much en. (perhaps not carlier than the twelfth larged and improved.

century) has evidently been transcribed Vol. II. of Wood's Athena Oxoniens from an original much more perfect than ses, by Mr. Bliss, is in great forwardness any hitherto known to be in existence.

Mr. John SELLON has published a new Oftbis, only the treatise, de Natura DePhilosophical Theory, in wbich he main- orum, bas at present been collated by tains, that “the universe is composed of Professor Heiddeman, of Breslau, for the matter, the particles of which mutually use of his pupils. The readings which attract each other;' and of caloric, the it exhibits are excellent, and the lacuna particles of which mutually repel each are all supplied. A new edition of Ci. other; while the particles of matter at. cero's works is in contemplation, of whicha tract those of caloric, and those of caloric this valuable manuscript will be the attract those of matter."

basis. A work, in a bad and mischievous spi. At Breslau, M. SCHNEIDER has for rit, is announced, under the title of the some iime been engaged in an edition of Secrets of Occult Freemasonry disclosed, Theophrastus, in conjunction with M. in which it is proposed to revive and Lunk, who furnishes his assistance in the countenance the exploded dreams of those botanical part. political visionaries, BarrueL and Ro- Mr. Weigel, the Leipzig bookseller, BISON.

has engaged Messrs. Boeck, Buttmann, Mr. ROBERTSON BUCHANAN, of Glas. Heindorf and Schleiermacher, to publisha gow, author of a Treatise on Fuel, and a critical edition of all the works of Plato. on the means of heating Buildings by It is to contain a corrected text, a Latin Steam, has made arrangements for fur. version and annotations. The various nishing apparatus for heating buildings scholia will be collected in separate voin London and its neighbourhood by Jumes; and a Clavis Platonicus will comsteani.

plete the edition, which, it is calculated, The same gentleman has prepared for will occupy about fifteen volumes octavo, speedy publication, a practical Treatise The same bookseller announces an on Mill Work and other Machinery. edition of the Greek Bucolic writers, by

A second edition of Dr. HAMILTON'S Mr. HERMANN. Inquiry concerning the National Debt

SWEDEN. is in the press, in which the statements of our financial operations are brought

On the important subject of definite down to the present time.

proportions, Professor Berzelius draws The following subjects are proposed

the following conclusions as laws of for the Chancellor's prizes at Oxford, for

formation : the ensuing year, viz.-For Latin Verse

1. In a chemical combination of two or -Germanicus Cæsar Varo Legionibusque

more oxidated bodies, (whether it consists

of acid and acid, of acid and base, or of suprema solvit. For an English Essay

base with base,) the oxygen of the subA comparative Estimate of the English

stance which is most abundant, is a multiple

stance which is most abun Literature of the 17th and 18th cen. by a whole number (1, 2, 3, 4, ...) of the turies. For a Latin Essay-De Ephon oxygen of the body which is least abunrorum apud Lacedamonios magistratu. dant; and in every chemical combination GERMANY.

between two combustible substances, they The most important event to classical are present in such quantities, that, if the literature that has occurred for some time, compound be oxygenized, a new combiis the discovery of an ancient library at nation will be formed, which follows the Glogau. In the course of the last year a

same law.

2. In organized productions, two, three, religious society was dissolved in that

or more intlammable substances are united, city, and its collection of books and ma

and attached to a single portion of oxygen, nuscripts transferred to Breslau by order

which is only sufficient for the oxygepizaof the King of Prussia, Professor Scones tion of one of them; and this combination DER is employed in examining and ar- cannot be divided into more immediate ranging these treasures. It appears, that component parts, nor be formed from such fbe manuscripts are in number five hun parts.



ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON. On a saline Substance from Mount Ve

THIS illustrious Society has just pub suvins; by James Smithson, esq. F.R.S. 1 lished the second part of its Trans. Some Experiments and Observations on Actions for 1813, containing the following the Substances produced in different Che. articles:

mical Processes on Finor Spar; by Sir

Humphry Davy, LL.D.F.R.S. V.P.R.L An Acconnt of some organic Remains Catalogue of North Polar Distances of found near Brentford, Middlesex; by the Eighty-four principal tixed Stars, dednced Date Mr. William Kirby Trimmer; com- from Observations made with the Vural municated in a Letter from Mr. James R. Circle at the Royal Observatory ; by John Trimmer to the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Pond, esa. Astronomer Royal, F.R.S. Banks, bart. K.B. P.R.S.

Observations of the Summer Solstice, On a new Coustruction of a Condenser 1813. with the Mural Circle at the Royal and Air-pump; by the Rev. Gilbert Austin; Observatory; by John Pond, esq. Astra in a Letter to Sir Humphry Davy, LL.D. nomer Royal, F.R.S. F.R.S. On the Formation of Fat in the In

Froin among these papers we have testines of living Animals; by Sir Everard Home, bart.; presented by the Society for

selected the following as more partico. promoting the Knowledge of Animal Che

Jarly worthy of the notice of the readers mistry.

of ihe Monthly Magazine. On the colonring Matter of the black An Account of some organic Remains Bronchial Glands, and of the black Spots found near Brentford, Middleser ; in a of the Lungs; by George Pearson, M.D. Letter to Sir Joseph Banks.-My collecF.R.S.

tion of organic remains having been neara Experiments on the Alcohol of Sulphur, ly formed under your own eye,and my zeal or Sulphuret of Carbon ; by J. Berzelius, in the collection, and care in the preser M.D. 'F.R.S. Professor of Chemistry at vation of them, having been greatly inStockholm; and Alexander Marcet, M.D.

creased by the importance which your F.R.S. one of the Physicians to Gny's

self and other gentlemen of the Royal Hospital. On the Means of procuring a steady

Society have attached to them, I do Light in Coal Mines without the danger of

myself the honour of presenting to you Explosion ; by William Reid Clanny, M.D.

the following statement of the manner of Sunderland ; communicated by William

in which they, were deposited in the Allen, esq. F.RS.

strata where they have been found; On the Light of the Cassegrainian Te. conceiving that however curious the lescope, compared with that of the Gre specimens may be in themselves, they gorian; by Captain Henry Kater, Brigade- can conduce but little to the advance Major; communicated by the Right Hon, ment of geological knowledge, if that Sir Joseph Banks, bart. K.B. P.R.S.

part of their history is wanting. Additional Observations on the Effects

The specimens have been collected of Magnesia in preventing an increased

from two fields, not contiguous to each

from two fiele * Formation of Uric Acid, with Remarks on the Infinence of Acids upon the Com

other; therefore, to avoid confusion, I position of the Urine ; by William Thomas

shall take each field separately, first Brande, esq. F.R.S. Prof. Chem. R.I.;

describing the strata as far as they have communicated by the Society for improve come within my knowledge, and altering Animal Chemistry.

wards I shall speak of the organic re. Additions to an Account of the Anatomy mains as they were respectively found in of the Sqnalus Maximus, contained in a those strata. formier Paper; with Observations on the The first field is about half a mile Structure of the Bronchial Artery; by north of the Thames at Kew bridge; its Sir Everard Home, bart. F.R.S.

surface is about twenty-five feet above Some further Observations on a new

new the Thames at low water. The strata

the Thar detonating Substance; in a Letter from

here are first, sandy loam from six to Sir Humphry Davy, LL.D.F.R.S.V.P.R.I. to the Righi Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, bart,

seven feet, the lowest two feet slightly K.B. P.R.S.

calcareous. Second, sandy gravel a few Esperipients on the Production of Cold inches only in thickness. Third, loan by the Evaporation of the Sulphuret of slightly calcareous from one to five feel; Carbon ; by Alexander Marcet, M.D. between this and the next stratum, peat F.R.S. ooe of the Physicians to Guy's frequently intervenes in small patches Hospital.

of only a few yards wide, and a few


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