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genstein advanced fronı Zwickan towards and Kora, between the Pleiss and the Altenberg, and General Count Klepau fiom Partha, which, having been attached by Chemnitz to Peniy, where the enemy made Count Wittgenstein and General Klenan, some resistance; but appeared in more on the 13th, a considerable atfair took force upon the Hohe Wasser and River Place, in which the enemy was dislodged Tchoppa, where there was an affair of sone on hig right; and it would have been more importance.

serious if the Field Marshal, who had come Meanwhile it had been concerted that up, had not judged it premature, and put General Blucher and the Prince Royal of a stop to it. Sweden should cross the Elbe, and that Orders had been sent to General Benthe further advance of the Bohemian army vigsen, 10 leave General Coint Peter should be regulated by their movement. Tolstoy with a considerable force to mask On the 7th, a report was received that Dresden and Konigstein, and to march General Blucher, by the most rapid and with the remainder of his force, and Genebrilliant movement that has been made ral Burhna'; corps, by Nossen on Grimma, during this war, marched from Elsterwerda while Count Colloredo, who had been left to the mouth of the Black Elster, near the with his corps to act with General Bentown of that name, and having crossed by nigsen, was to march by Freyberg and the bridge be carried with him, defeated Chemnitz, to join and slipport the Fieldthe French corps at Wartemberg, driving Marshal's armıy. its remains to Wittenberg, and immediately During this period the Bavarian treaty advauced within reach of the Prince Royal, was signed, which opened new lines of who had bridges at Rosslau and Acken. communication to the south; and Marshal

On the 8th, accounts were received at Augereau, who had been much harassed Commotan that the Prince Royal had and impeded in his march, and had lost crossed the Elbe, and was in communica- part of his corps, reached Leipsic with tion with Blucher. On that day a general the remainder. Bonaparte had also made advance was made from all the posts on a journey to Wittenberg, and sent troops the Bohemian frontier, including General to destroy, or to oblige the Allies to Bennigsen's army, who, after a scrious re- destroy, the bridges at Rosslau and Acken, sistance by the enemy, drove him into pushing a small corps to Zerbst, by which Koenigstein and Dresden, opened a com- le gave some ground to believe that he munication with General Bubua near Pirna, meant to march down the right bank of successively occupying Dippoldiswalda and the Mulda, to pass the Elbe at Wittenberg, Freyberg, placing himselt before Dresden and to repass again at Magdeburg. This on the left bank of the Elbe, while Prince feint had the effect of inducing the Prince Tcherbatofl' observed liin on the right Royal to fall back to Cothen, where he bank. All the corps, however, opposed assenibled his army. Finding, however, to General Bennigsen, and part of that that the movement of the enemy on the which was between Dresden and Bautzen, right bank of the Elbe had no other conhaving assembled in Dresden, no further sequence, he decided to return to General attack in that quarter was judged ex- Blucher, and to take his post in the general peilient.

action with that general. It was now evident that Bonaparte had Reports having been received of the left Dresden, and was concentrating his march of General Bennigsen and Connt army at Leipsic, and at Wurtzen, and Eu- Colloredo, the army marched on the 15th lenburg; the Elector of Saxony following from Altenberg to Pegau (the place of aswith his family.

sembly on the morning of the battle of The Emperor of Russia left Comniotan Litzen); and it was determined to attack in the night of the 8th, followed by the re- the enemy the following morning, without serve of his army, which advanced by ra. waiting for the certainty of the arrival pid and successive marches to Altenberg, either of the Prince Royal, General Benwhere the Austrian, Russian, and Prussjan nigsen, or Count Colloredo, indging that reserves were assembled on the 11th and their forces would influence the enemy by 19th, and where the Emperor Alexander their approach, and that they would be and the Field Marshal's quarters were fresh for the second day; whereas, by established.

waiting, the enemy might either improve The remainder of the grand army had his preparations or escape. Accordingly, proceeded down the Elster by Zeist ard the beads of all the columns advanced to. Pegan to Liitzen, on its left, and to Borna wards the enemy's position at day-break and Espenheim on its right. General Blu- on the 16th ; General Blucher by Schencher having nioved to Halle, a direct com- ditz to Golitz and Wetteritz; General munication was opened, through Merse- Giulay by Lutzen on Lindenau; General berg, with that General and the Prince Count Mehrfeldt between the Elster and

Pleisse, on Connewitz; General Prince of The enemy shewed a line of troops in Hesse Hombourg, on the right bank of the villages of Groben, Golsa, Stormenthal, the Elster, in the same direction, to sup



port Connt Wittgenstein towards Wachaw, grenadiers, and the latter having occupied with General Kleist on his right, towards a wood on their right, no furthor attack Liebest Wolkeritz; and General Klenau was made; but the cannonade and fire of on the extreme right towards Fuchsayn, on the tirailleurs continued till after dark, the Grinimal road.

when the troops lay upon their arms upon The enemy occupied the only ridge the ground they occupied. in this plain in front of the named General Giulay, opposed by superior places, belund the centre of whicii, to. foice, conld not penetrate. General wards Leipsic, Bonaparte's tent was Blucher had a brilliant action, and de. pitched. He was also in force at Con- feated the force opposed to him, taking newitz, on the side of General Giulay's opwards of thirty pieces of cannon, an alvance, and towards General Blucher. eagle, and more than two thousand pri.

At balf-past nine, inimetliately on the soners. Emperor's arrival on the field, the can. The next morning, at day-break, Connt monade began with Count Wittgenstein's Wittgenstein's corps appeared on the corps, and immediately extended to both grord from whence he had driven the Hanks on the whole position, and was con enemy, but the beads of olumns of the tinued, withont any intermission, till after French cavalry and in antry were on their dark at night.

riglit on the same ridge, the cannon on It was intended ibat Count Mehrfeldt each side almost within musket shot, and and General Klenan should turn the eve- the victies withia pistol shot; and in my on their respective flanks, but the this attitnde the armics remained the French were in great force on their left, whole day, without firing a skot, except and the quantity of water, and the pum some accidental skirmishing by the ad. ber of gardens and summer-houses ncar vanred men. Three great corps were Connewitz, rendered Count Mehrfeldt's advancing rapidly to join the Allies; it task extremely ai duons.

was therefore evidently not to their ad. Count Wittgenstein almost immediately vantage to renew the attack, unless drove the enemy from the heights opposed either General Blucher or the Fieid. to him, and the whole ridge was, for some Marshal was attacked by the enemy, in time, occupied by the Allies; but a large which case, either wonlu have advauced force of intantry and cavalry opposed to impinediately to support the other. Comt Gencral Kleist, occasioned a continual Colloredo arrived at the village of Mag. contest during the whole morning.

deborn at noon, aud in the evening reCount Mehrfeldt, having advanced to lieved Count Wittgenstein, who became Connewitz, beyond the right of the force his support. In the evening also part of opposed to Count Wittgenstein, repaired General Bennigsen's corps arrived, and a bridge which had been destroyed on would have immediately marched upon the Pleissc at Dolitz, and was about to the enemy's flank, had not the General pass over, when, unfortunately, his horse been made acquainteil, wlule framing bus was killed, and limself taken prisoner attack, that the action was postponed. by a column of the chemy, which was The Prince Royal also sent notice, that supposed to be a division of the Allies he would arrive on General Blucher's left retiring.

by the afternoon of the next day. At the same time Murat, at the head of The received disposition for troops in an immense body of cavalry, appeared on these plans, is now, to form immense solid the ridge, on the right of Count Witt. columns of infantry and cavalry, which genstein, and judging that he had time to are denominated masses, and which are attack betore the Russian reserve could distributed according to the ground, in one come up to him, he sent on the light or more lines, always witii reserves; in artillery of the guard, and immediately front are great quantities of artillery, afterwards charged with his masses of within reach of support. All villages, and cavalry. The Russian reserve bad broken broken or covered grond, are occupied ground in its front, which rendered it im- by detachments, furnished by the nearest possible for the cuirassiers to meet him masses, and supported by them; and with the velocity thiey desired; but the which, being defended by musketry, alcavalry of Count Wittgenstein's corps, ways occasion great slaughter. Except and attacherl to it, attacked him in flank, on such occasions, and as skirmishes, the and he retired with as much precipitation infantry and cavalry are seldom seen in as he advanced.

line, but the masses, which are nsually During the preparation of Marat's at formed behind the ceutre of the corps tack, the Austrian cavalry was greatly which composes them respectively, can distinguished; they made pine charges always extend expeditionsly to a larger on the enemy's right, in some of which front or into line, they swept the whole front with great Wortzen was occupied on the 17th, slaughter. The Russian cuirassiers having by a detachment of General Bepnigeen's advanced, together with the guards and army,

On the 18th, the disposition for a gene- ror of Austria arrived, and joined the other ral action was carried into effect; Marshal monarchs near the illage of Probsleyday Schwartzenberg's order of battle, from where their majestie's remained till dark. left to right, was as follows: Count Col. The enemy had then been driven fron loredo's corps, supported by the Austrian every part of his position, into a circle reserve, and connected with General within cantion shot of Leipsic, from whence Mehrfeldt's corps; Comut Wittgenstein and a column had already begiin its march toe General Kleist, supported by the Russian wards the south-west. In the night the reserve; General Klepall, bis right a little villages of Stetteritz and Probsteyda wore brougut forward, supported also by Rus, abandoned, ani occupied by the allies; sian grenadieis; General Bennigsen, his but Bonaparte continued to hold Leirsic rigut still more advanced towards Posa; and the villages connected with the suburbs, beyond the morass on his right, General with a strong rear-guard towards the allies, Bubua and Count Platoit were advanced, He seems to have counted upon the preconnecting between General Bennigsen and sepce of the Saxon electoral family, and the the Prince Royal,

solicitations of the inbabitants to preserve General Blucher was to advance be the city, to gain time, and to provide for tween his Royal Highness and the great bis own security, but he was disappointed. morass, which extends from Merseberg to The Emperor Alexander received a flag of Leipsic; and General Gintay in his original trace, sent in the name of the King of direction from Lutzen apon Lindenau. Saxony, offering to capitulate to save the

The village of Liebest Wolkeritz was town. His Imperial Majesty gave his an. the point to wbicb all the attacks under swer aloud, in the hearing of many hundred the direction of the Field-Marshal were officers, with remarkable force and dignity. to point; the corps advancing towards a he said, in substance, that an army in pur. central point, thereby becoming gradually suit o: a flyiug enemy, and in the hour of more closely connecied, and the more victory, could not be stopped a moment by distaot corps on the right advancing first. considerations for the town; that, there

The enemy occupied the villages with fore, the gates must be immediately openmasses in their rear, but the more distanted, and, in that case, the most strict disci. posts were carried without being much pline should be observed; that if the Gersupported, the masses retiring with preci. man troops in the place chose to join their pitation towards the suburbs of Lcinsic, countrymen in this arnay, they should be All the villages, however, were defended received as brothers; but that he consi. with cannon, wliich rendered the action dered any proposal sent, while Napoleon and the cannonade general over the extent was at hand, as extremely suspicious, as lie of the plain.

well knew the enemy he had to deal with; Some of the villages wearest this city that, as to the King of Saxony personally, were most obstinately disputed. The who had taken a line of determined hostiwhole plain is covered with bodies of lity, he gave no answer, and declined make dead men and horses ; and the ruins of iug any communication. the villages are full of beaps of dead The beavy cannon and columns of at. and dying.

tack were ordered to advance. In the Every part of the combination succeed mean while, the Prince Royal attacked ed: General Blucher's left, connected with and stormed the city on the other side, a the Prince Royal's advanced corps, con- Prussian corps being the first in the sisting of the Russians and Prussians, caine square, into action in the afternoon, having ay- General Toll, who had been sent with proached by Taucha. Towards the latter the Saxon flag of truce to ensure the corpart of the day, by far the most serious rect delivery of the message, was, at that and obstinate efforts of attack ani de moment, in the Elector of Saxony's apartfence were made at the villages of Stet, ment, and, running out, called to the Saxon teritz. and Probsteyda, the former of guarils to lay down their armıs, which they which was taken and retaken several instanily did; their example being tollowtimes; the latter held ont ul dark. Na- ed by the Baden and Wurtemburg troops, poleon was several hours between these The action contiued some time in the far

villages, animating his men, and sending ther part of the town, and, before it ceased, • in fresh troops till dark; and it must be the Emperor and the King entered with confessed, that they were most gallantly the Field Martial, and met the Prince detended.

Royal at the door of the Ciector of Sara The Emperor of Russia was with his Out's quarters. General Blucher amived army during the wbole of the three days; also at the same time. All the cannon was on the first he was joined in the field by taken, the particulars of which are not yet the Kiny, who had remained at Topitz, collected. and had accompanied General Bennigsen's Aynard of Russian grenadiers immcarmy in its actions uear Pirna and before diately mounted over the Elector of SarDresden.

ony, and their Majesties rode out to see In the afternoon of the 18th, the Empe, the Prince Royal's army,


The E.. ustria arrived during On account of the great length of these the day in L indi

accounts of the battles of Wachau and The Anstri: als vrian army, under Leipsic, we are compelled to interrupt General Wrede,,, Wortzbuig the

our series of the Bulletins, and onit 24th. The Russia. ill get to Pe. those of the dates of September 26th and gan this evening. The cxtent of the is this impor

29th, relative to minor affairs, and mere tant day cannot as ye. ?,ascertained. changes or positions. Near walf a million of so diers fought in

4th October. this battle, probably one of the most ex. On the 3d October, the enemy's army of tensive and most generally engaged that Silesia marched by Konigsbruck and Elsever took place, at least in modern history, terwerda upon the Elster, threw over a

The presence of the sovereigns las cer- bridge at the head which the Elbe forms tainly a most animating effect on their ar- at Wartenberg, and passed that river. Ge. mics. All have behaved well; the Austri- neral Bertrand was placed on an isthmus, ans have had a full share, and many of their in a fine position, surrounded by banks generals have been wounded. The Field and marshes. Between nine o'clock in the Marshal Prince Schwartzenberg received morning and five in the evening, the enethe Grand Cross of Maria Theresa trom my made seven attacks, and was always the lands of his imperial master, and that repulsed. He left 6000 dead upon the of the first class of St. George from the field of battle ; our loss was 500 killed or Emperor Alexander. General Barclay de wounded. This great difference was ow. Tolly is created a count.

ing to the good position which Morand This is the eighth general action, seven and Fontanelli's divisions occupied. In the of them commoured by the ruler of France, in which I lave seen the Emperor Alexan. der in the field at the bead of his army; as

letin of the Crown Prince's army, written usnal, upmindful of personal danger, he ap

on the 21st of October, gives a summary of proached every column, animating the offi.

these affairs, nothing diminished we may be cers and men by his presence and example,

sure, in the fallowing terms: "The results and, by a tew energetic words, touching the

of the battles of Leipsic are immense and chorils which produce the strongest eficcts

decisive. Already, on the day of the 18th, on the pinds of Russian soldiers, coufidence

the Emperor Napoleon had begun to put in the Supreine Being, resignation to his his army in retreat by the roads of Liitzeu will, and attachment to their sovereign.

" and Weissenfels. He did not quit this place I liave the honour to be, &c.

in person until ten o'clock in the morning Signed)


of the 19th. Finding that a fire of musViscount Castlereagh, &c. &c.

ketry had already commenced at the RanOct. 20.-P.S. During the action, whole stadt gate, towards Lutzen, he was obliged brigades of Bavarian and Saxou troops to depart by the Pegau gate. The allied came over and joined the allies ; some artil- arinies have taken fifteen Generals, and lery and cavalry are said to have been ac. aniongst them Generals Regnier and Lantually engaged with the French.

riston, conimanding corps d'armee. Prince Ncar three hundred pieces of artillery,

Powiatowski was drowned, in attempting some of which were buried, and upwards to pass the Elster. The corpse of General of thirty thousand prisovers, including thie

Dumourestier, Chief of the Staff of the 11th sick and wounded found in this place, have

corps, was found in the river, and more alreaıly been ascertained to be in the pos.

than 1000 men were drowned in it. The session of the allies,

Duke of Bassano escaped on foot. Marshal Exclusise of the Elector of Saxony and

Ney is supposed to have been wounded. his family, the following are among the

More than 250 pieces of cannon, 900 caismost distinguisheri prisoners : Coute de

sons, and above 15,000 prisoners have talHohberg, Baron de Hokorn, Prince Ensile

len into the hands of the allies, besides sede Hessed, Baren and Hessian generals ;

veral eagles and colours. The enemy has Generals Count Lanriston, Dhestain, Dela

in D alardened here more than 2:3,000) sick and mag, Regnier, Aubry, Charpentier; Gene.

wounded, with the whole of the hospital ral of Division Krasinsky; Prince Ponia.

establishment. The total loss of the French towsky, drowned: Bony, Borirand; Las

arnty must amount to pear 60,000 men. tour Maubourg, dead of his wounds.

According to every calculation, the EmpeThe arties are in ful pursuit of the ene.

ror Nap icon bas been able to save from the my: the grand army to turn luis left; part

Turn his latt. Dat general disaster not more than 75,000 to ot General Binciners army observe his right;

80,000 men. All the allied armies are in and he is followed by the Prince Royal,

motion to prirsue him, and every moment with Generala Bennigsen and Blucher.

are brought in prisoners, baggage, and artil

lery. The German and Polish troops de* We liave preferred Lord Cathcart's sert from their standards in crowds; and account as being more intelligilile than that everything announces that the liberty of of Generai Stewart. The twenty-third bula Germany has been conquered at Leipsic."


evening General Bertrand, seeing nerv several battalions, and afterwards effected forces debouche, thought proper to effect his ipovement to the right. Meanwhile, his retreat, and took a position upon the the right of the chemy's army of Beliemia, Mulda with the Prince of the Moskwa. coniposed of Wittgeustein's Russian corps,

15th October, hail marched upon Alieuberg, non intelli. On the 7th the Emperor left Dseselen; gence of the King of Napies' change of on the 8th he slept at Wurtzen, the oth at front. It marched upon Freybers, and Enlenburg, and on the 10th at Duhen. afterwards by the left on Borna, placing

The enemy's army of Silesia, which bad itself between the King of Naples and marched upon Wartzen, immediately re- Leipsic. The King did not hesitate retreated, and repassed to the left bank of speciyng the manu'ilvre he onght to make; the Mulda ; it had some engagements, in he faced about, and marched wron the which we made some prisoners, and took enemy, overthrew him, took nine pieces of several hundreds of baggare wat ons cannon, 1000 prisoners, and drove bim be

General Regnier had marched upon Wit. yond the Elster, after having made him exe tenberg, and having passed the Elbe, perience a loss of from 4 to 5000 men. marched upon Roslali, towed the bridge On the 15th, the positions of the army of Dessau, seized upon it, afterwards were as follows: marched upon Acken, and took possession The Emperor's head gnarters were at of the bridge. General Bertrand marched Reidnitz, half a league from Lipsic. The upon the bridges of Wartenburg, and 4th corps, commanded by General Bera seized npon them. The Prince of the trand, was at the village of Lindenan. The Moskwa marched upon the town of Des. 6th corps was at Libenthal. The King of

san; he met a Russian division. General Naples, with the 2d, 8th, and 5th corps, · Dulmas overthrew it, and took 8000 men bad his right at Doelitz, and his left at Liber and six pieces of cannon. Several cabinet Volkowitz. The Id and 7th were in march couriers, among others, Sjeur fraft, with from Eulenburg to tlank the 6th corps. dispatches of high importance, were taken. The Grand Austrii Army of Bohemia

After having thus obtained possession of had Giulay's corps opposite Lindenau, a all the enemy's bridges. the Emperor's in- corps at Zwenckaw, and he remainder of tention was to pass the Elbe, to maneenvre the army, with the left leaning on Grober, upon the right bank from Hanıburuh to and the right on Maundorf. The bridges Dresden: to threaten Potsdam and Ber- of Wurtzen and Eulenburg, upon the Mula liu, and to take for the centre of opera- da, and die position of Waucha, upon the * tions Magdeburg, which, for this purpose, Partlia, were occupied by our troops. * had been supplied with warlike stores and Every thing announced a great battle. provisions. But, on the 15th, the Empe- The result of our different movements ror learned at Deiben, that the Bavarian in these eis days, has been 5000 prisoners, army had joined the Austrian army, and several pieces of capnon, and doing much threatened the Lower Rhme. This incon. injury to the enemy. Prince Poniatowski ceivable detection made the detection of has, in these circunistuces, covered himother Princes foreseen, and induced the self with glory. Emperor to come to the resolution of re

161h October turning towards the Rhine-a painfal On the 13th, Prince Schwartzenberg, change, as every thing had been prepared commanding the enemy's army, announced to operate upon Magdeburg; but it would in daily orders, that the following day, have been requisite to have remained se. the 16th, there would be a genaral and parated and without communication with decisive battle. Accordingly, on the 16il!, France for a month. This would not have at nine in the morning, the Grand Allied been inconvenient at the moment when Army debouched us; it constantly opethe Emperor fixed his plans ; but the case rated to extend itselt upon its right. At was po longer the same, when Austria was tirst three large columns were seen march. about to have two new disposable armies; ing--one along the river Elster, avainst the the Bavarian army, and the army opposed village of Doelitz, the second against the to Bavaria. The Emperor, therefore, village of Wacha!, and the thirai against changed his plans with these unforeseen that of Liber Volkowitz. These three co. circumstances, and removed his head quar- lumns were preceded by 200 pieres of can. ters to Leipsic.

non. The Emperor inn:ediately made his Meanwhile the King of Naples, who rc- dispositions. mained in observation at Freyberg, re- At ten o'clock the cannonašle was most ceived orders, on the 11th, to make a violent, and al eleven the two armies were chauge of front, and march upon Geniz engaged in the villages of Doelitz, Wachau, and Frolbours, operating upon Wurtzen and Liber Volkowitz. These villages verè and Wittenberg. An Austrian division, attackerl six or seven times; the cucny which occupied Augustusburg, rendering was constantly repulser, and covered the this movement difficult, the King received approaches with his lead. Count LalOrders to a lack it; he defcated it, took riston, with the bili corps, detev:led the MONTULY MAG. No, 243,

3 M


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