Modern Domestic Cookery, and Useful Receipt Book: Adapted for Families

I. Tompkins, 1847 - 420 páginas

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Página 307 - ... it melts on the top, strew on more. Lay a coarse cloth over the pan, a board over that, and a weight on the board, to keep the pork down in the brine. If excluded from the air, it will continue good for nearly 2 years.
Página 107 - ... meat cut into small pieces, adding a piece of butter, the size of a walnut, rolled in flour.
Página 25 - Dissolve five or six bits of gum mastic, each the size of a large pea, in as much spirits of wine as will suffice to render it liquid, and, in another vessel, dissolve as much isinglass (previously a little softened in water, though none of the water must be used,) in French brandy or good rum, as will make a...
Página 39 - Then strain it, and thicken it with a quarter of a pound of butter mixed with flour, and boil it five or six minutes.
Página 164 - ... with about a gill of cream, and a piece of butter rolled in flour. Boil it five minutes, pour it on a plate. Lay Parmasan cheese roasted all over it, and send it up in a water-plate.
Página 5 - ... always commencing each successive course a little higher than the upper stroke had extended, till the bottom be finished. This operation, if carefully performed, will frequently make very old paper look almost equal to new. Great caution must be used not by any means to rub the paper hard, nor to attempt cleaning it the cross or horizontal way.
Página 5 - ... means of a good pair of bellows, begin at the top of the room, holding the crust in the hand, and wiping lightly downward with the crumb, about half ;i yard at each stroke, till the upper part of tho hangings is completely cleaned all round.
Página 27 - ... will be burnt before it is warm through ; joint it nicely, and crack the Ribs across as you do Ribs of Lamb. When you put it down to roast, dust on some flour, and baste it with a little butter ; dry a dozen Sage leaves, and rub them through a hair sieve, and put them into the top of a...
Página 284 - Jamaica and black pepper, and ginger, one ounce each, and half a pound of common salt. Set it on a slow fire, and let it boil till half the liquor is wasted away.

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