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Página 144 - Thomas, depending upon his interest with a certain party then prevailing, and since known by the title of parson-hunters, petitioned the House against him ; out of which he was turned upon pretence of bribery, which the paying of his lawful debts was then voted to be. — F. \ " Save a thief from the gallows, and he will cut your throat.
Página 150 - Ni firmes carta que no leas, ni bebas agua que no veas", y han dado en la gracia de añadir por ahí: "Ni tampoco mientras vivas al Correo te suscribas.
Página 154 - Quien se viste de mal paño, dos veces se viste al año.
Página 153 - As you have made your bed, so you must lie on it"; which again is simply a lie. If I have made my bed uncomfortable, please God I will make it again.
Página 172 - To pacify — to please. To speak diffusely. Not to deign to speak to one. To keep one at bay. To have anything on the tip of one's tongue. To have one's reputation well established. To be well, or ill spoken of in one's absence.
Página 153 - y mal escoge, \ del •mal que le venga
Página 16 - ... un minuto a minute un segundo a second las estaciones the seasons la primavera spring el verano summer el otoño autumn el invierno winter un dia sí, otro...
Página 164 - That is the best gem in his crown. To bury in oblivion. Never to forget a thing. To sneak off. To take pains in anything. To lie to (nautical). To wait a favourable opportunity» To be within an ace of being lost.
Página 162 - From day to day. From one day to another. This day week. This day fortnight. Days ago. Every other day. The present day. No sooner said than done. To sleep at one's ease. To take an afternoon nap. To spoil anything.. To sink a vessel. To kick one out. To cast into oblivion. To disembark. To send coals to Newcastle. To cast anchor. To bless — to curse. To brag — to boast. To be furiously enraged. To challenge. To seize, to imprison. To expose one's self to danger. To blame anyone.
Página 153 - Quien bien tiene y mal escoge, del mal que le venga, no se enoje. Quien busca, halla. Quien calla, otorga. Quien come la carne, que roa el hueso. Quien canta, su mal espanta.

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