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Committee on Erhibition.






Early New England History

Including many Boston and Cambridge Imprints



A LES AIDER., Eire Wm.

The Mapp and Description of New England: together with A Dis

course of Plantation and Colonies : Also A Relation of the Nature of the Climate, and how it agrees with our owne Country England. How neere it lyes to New-foundLand, Virginia, Noua Francia, Canada and other parts of the West Indies. With copper plate map of New England. London, 1630.

Small 4° full crimson morocco extra. 2 American Magazine and Historical Chron

icle, 1743–1744. Boston, 1744.

go half roan.

December number with the woodcut view of Boston, engraved by J. Turner, and also the general titlepage to the whole volume, the view of Boston being engraved on copper by J. Turner.

A very early view of Boston, by a Boston engraver. Reproduced

by the photogravure process in this catalogue. 3 Bishope, George. New England Judged, Not by

Man's, but the Spirit of the Lord; And the Summe sealed up of New England's Persecutions. Being a Brief Relation of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers in those Parts of America to the later end of the Tenth Moneth, 1660, etc.

An Appendix to the Book, Entituled, New England Judged, being certain Writings (never yet printed), of those Persons which were there executed .

New England Judged. The Second Part. Beginning with the Sufferings of William Ledra . And ending with the Sufferings of Edward Wharton, the 3d month, 1665. London, 1661-67.

3 vols. in one. Small 4° full crimson crushed levant morocco extra, by W. PRATT.

The three parts form a complete volume of great historical interest.

4 Bond, Samson.

A Publick Tryal of the Quakers in Barmudas upon the first Day of May, 1678. First, The charge against them was openly read, containing these Particulars : As 1. That a Quakers pretended Saviour within him, is not the true Christ, but the False Christ, the Devil. 2. That the main end of the Quakers Meetings in these Islands, is to make the Lords Christ, His Holy Spirit, His Angels, and Apostles, all Lyars and False Witnesses of God, &c. Boston in New England : Printed by Samuel Green, upon Assignment of Samuel Sewall: 1682.

Small 4° full green crushed levant morocco extra, uncut, gilt top.

At the end of the Preface appears the following : “ This insuing Discourse had been Printed sooner, had not Mr. John Foster (the Printer) been disenabled by a tedious sickness, of which he Died.”

5 Boston Directory, 1789. Printed and sold by John

Norman : Boston, 1789.

12° paper,

The first Boston Directory. 6 [Bromhall, T.] A Treatise of Specters, or, an History

of Apparitions, Oracles, Prophecies and Predictions, With Dreams, Visions and Revelations, and the Cunning Delusions of the Devil, etc. A work very seasonable for discovering the Impostures and Religious Cheats of these times. London, 1658.

Small folio, old calf.

With autograph “I. Mather, London, June 20, 1689 and Mather

Byles, 1721.” 7 Cambridge Platform.

A platform of Church-Discipline gathered out of the Word of God, And Agreed upon By the Elders and Messengers of the Churches Assembled in the Synod at Cambridge, in New England. To be presented to the Churches and General Court for their consideration and acceptance in the Lord.

Printed by S. G. at Cambridge in New England, and to be sold at Cambridge and Boston, Anno: 1649.

Small 4° full green morocco.

The first edition of the famous Cambridge Platform, and the

first book printed by Samuel Green. 8 Clark, John. I11 Newes from New-England: or A Nara

tive of New Englands Persecution. Wherein is Declared That while old England is becoming new, New England is become Old. By John Clark Physician of Rode Island in America. London, 1652.

Small 4o half morocco.

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9 Cobbet, Thomas.

The_Civil Magistrates Power in Matters of Religion Modestly Debated. Together with a Brief Answer to a certain Slanderous Pamphlet called Ill News from New England; or, A Narrative of New England's Persecution. By John Clark, of Road-Island, Physician. London, 1653.

Small 4° calf extra. 10 Cotton, John. Gods Promise to his Plantations

it was delivered in a Sermon. London, 1630.

Small 4o full morocco.

The earliest of John Cotton's publications. [Cotton, John.] An Abstract of the Lawes of New England, As they are now Established. London, 1641.

Small 4° full green crushed levant morocco extra.

The first printed collection of the Lawes of New England. 12 Cotton, John. The Covenant of Gods Free Grace.

London, 1645

Small 4° light polished calf extra, uncut. 13 Davenport, John. The Knowledge of Christ Indis

pensably required of all Men that would be Saved. London, 1653

Small 4° full light polished calf extra. 14 Eastburn, R. A Faithful Narrative, Of The Many

Dangers and Sufferings, as well as wonderful Deliverances of Robert Eastburn, during his late Captivity among the Indians. Philadelphia : Printed by William Dunlap, 1758.

Small go calf. 15 Eliot's Indian Bible.

First Edition. Old and New Testament, with dedications, both Indian and English title pages, Psalms in metre and leaf of Catechism.

Holy Bible : containing the Old Testament and the New. Translated into the Indian Language and ordered to be printed by the Commissioners of the United Colonies in New England, at the charge, and with the consent of the Corporation in England for the Propagation of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New England. Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green and Marmaduke Johnson, 1663.

New Testament: The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated into the English Language, etc.

Cambridge, 1661. 2 vols.small 4° antique calf, gilt edges with the rare DEDICATION To KING CHARLES, of which, according to Thomas (Hist. of Printing), TWENTY Copies only were printed.

The Rev. John Eliot, pastor of Roxbury, Massachusetts, began the study of the Natick Indian language when forty-two

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