Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing

BRILL, 2011 - 364 páginas
Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing, 2nd Edition provides the reader with a thorough introduction to the concepts of signals and systems analysis that play a role in the speech and hearing sciences. The book will be essential for audiologists, speech therapists, phoneticians and psychologists and will also be useful for musicians, and computer scientists working with speech. Few equations are used, and an informal, friendly and informative style is maintained throughout. Because much of the story is told through figures, the authors have gone to great lengths to provide clear and truthful figures that show what the text says they do. It is hoped the reader will come away with a strong visual understanding of the concepts involved.

This book can be used at many levels, from the student who hasn't heard of a spectrum before, to the experienced worker who has only a fuzzy understanding of the notion of an impulse response. The authors have tried to keep the underlying conceptual structure of signals and systems analysis explicit, in the hope that even some readers with advanced technical training might find clarification of the basic principles.

Notable features include over 300 figures integrated closely with the text, all drawn specifically. Exercises are provided at the end of most chapters.

"I'm happy to recommend this text to any prospective reader-be they student or established worker in the speech and hearing sciences - who seeks a non-mathematical treatment of the elements of signals and systems theory which underpin their subject." Journal of Sound and Vibration

"I fully expect it to become a standard for both advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in Communication Sciences and has no competition." Irving Hochberg, City University of New York

"This text is a thorough introduction to the concepts of signals and systems analysis that play a role in the speech and hearing sciences, using only minimal mathematics. Written in an informal yet informative style, it provides a comprehensive course for the student and also an excellent reference guide for the specialist." The Internet Institute for Speech and Hearing

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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Signals in the Real World
Chapter 3 Introduction to Signals
Chapter 4 Introduction to Systems
Chapter 5 A Preview
Chapter 6 The Frequency Response of Systems
Chapter 7 The Frequency Characterization of Signals
Chapter 8 Signals Through Systems
Chapter 10 The Relationship Between the Time and Frequency Domains
Chapter 11 The Spectrogram
Chapter 12 Applications to Hearing
Chapter 13 Applications to Speech Production
Chapter 14 An Introduction to Digital Signals and Systems
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Chapter 9 The Time Characterization of Systems

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Peter Howell works at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, a research centre within the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University.

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