A circumstantial journal of the ... blockade and siege of Gibraltar, from the 12th Sept., 1779 to the 23d. Feb., 1783; letters


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Página 195 - this furnifhes me with an excufe for the liberty I now take of intreating your Excellency not to heap any more favours on me of this kind, as in future I cannot convert your prefents to my own private ufe. Indeed, to be plain with your Excellency, though vegetables at this feafon
Página 251 - to himfelf, he folicited to be recalled, and accordingly was fo, when he was appointed to the command of Gibraltar, in a fortunate hour for the fafety of that important fortrefs. The fyftem of his life, as well as his education, peculiarly qualified him for this
Página 195 - the beginning of the war, and that was, never to receive, or procure by any means whatever, any provifions, or other commodity for my own private ufe; fo that without any preference, every thing is fold publicly here, and the private
Página 246 - Here it was that the foundation was laid of that knowledge of tactics in all its branches, and particularly in the arts of engineering and fortification, which has fo greatly diftinguifhed this officer fince. He compleated his military courfe on the continent by
Página 248 - As foon as they were raifed and formed, he was appointed to the command of the cavalry in the expedition on the coafts of France, with the
Página 245 - drew his fword, and fwore by the honour of a foldier, that he would maintain, at the hazard of his blood, the right of his Lord to the
Página 247 - of the 23d regiment of foot, or Royal Welch Fuzileers, then lying in Edinburgh. Sir Gilbert prefented him a youth anxious to bear arms for his King and country. He was accordingly entered
Página 194 - of yefterday, in which your Excellency was fo kind as to inform me of the arrival in your camp of his Royal Highnefs the Comte
Página 195 - are naturally fond of gardening and cultivation, and here we find our amufement in it, during the intervals of reft from public duty.
Página 237 - exalted tokens of applaufe, forgive me, " faithful companions, if I humbly crave your "acceptance of my grateful acknowledgments.

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