Foreland Basins (Special Publication 8 of the IAS)

P. A. Allen, P. Homewood
John Wiley & Sons, 8 abr. 2009 - 368 páginas
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The outcome of a symposium held in Fribourg, Switzerland, this book fulfils two aims. Firstly, it represents a collection of case-studies covering a wide range of basin types and tectonic and stratigraphic settings. Secondly, it highlights a number of specific themes such as the history of subsidence and its relation to orogenesis, the stratigraphic architecture of the basin fill and the petrographic signature of foreland basin deposits. The text comprises five sections with a total of 26 contributions and it will be of special interest to teachers, researchers and petroleum geologists concerned with the relationships between tectonics and sedimentation. This is because it clearly demonstrates the many recent advances within the field of basin analysis by an integration of sedimentological, stratigraphical, structural and geophysical data.

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Palaeozoic of North America
Petrography and stratigraphic techniques
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