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WILLIAMS, PRINTER, Vineyard Walk, Clerkenwell.


The former Journal of the Rev. E. S. Ely, was published in New York; and republished in London, in 1813, under the new title of Visils of Mercy. To the London Edition, the Rev. ALEXANDER Waugh, D. D. Minister of the Scots' Church, and the Rev. GEORGE COLLISON, Minister of the Independent Church, Walthamstow, prefixed the following Recom


A MAN is doing honour to his own heart in recommending to the public notice the following 'Journal,' very appropriately entitled Visits of Mercy. The excellent author seems to have drunk deep at the spirit of Him, whose bosom was the dwelling place of Pity, and who went about doing good. What a blessing to the work-houses, the hospitals, and other receptacles of poverty and disease, especially in great cities, were men of his ability, discernment, and tenderness of heart, the persons appointed to perform in them the duties of the Christian ministry !

“In every page of the work we recognize the man of feeling ;' but it is the feeliug of the renewed heart, enlarged as is the range of human wretchedness



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purified by the indwelling Spirit of God, and ennobled by the model on which it is formed. We assure ourselves of the thanks of every humane and pious mind, in respectfully introducing a work so happily fitted to soften, to cleanse, and to exalt the heart of man, and give energy to the best affections of our nature.”

The late Dr. BENJAMIN Rush, in a letter to Dr. David Hosack, dated Philadelphia, January 21st, 1813, thus writes of the same work :

“ When you see your friend Mr. Ely, please to tell him I have read his JOURNAL with pleasure and instruction; and that I shall avail myself of some of his facts, should a second edition be called for, of my late publication upon The Diseases of the Mind.

LONDON REVIEWS, " This volume contains some very important in. struction to the Profligate. They will meet with awful relations of the wretched evd of Vice, and of the aggravated misery which will fall upon those who follow no guide but Inclination, and who obey no law but Passion.

• The book concludes with some highly interesting cases of insanity; but they are too long for insertion. The whole is written in a perfectly unaffected style ; and many passages might be pointed out of just and lively description, and some which are exquisitely pathetic.” – Eclectic Review, May 1814.


“ This work” [The Visits of Mercy) " was lately published in New York, under the patronage of Dr. Romeyn, with a Recommendatory Preface by Dr. Philip Milledoler. In this country it comes recom. mended by two of our respected editors, the Rev. Messrs. Waugh and Collison, whose warm encomiums require no addition, except it be that of Mr. Osgoud, an American minister, now in London, who had a personal acquaintance with the author, and witnessed his benevolent exertions, which he particularly recommends to the imitation of those who visit the sick and the poor among ourselves." Evangelical Magazine, July, 1813.

“ The Visits of Mercy are well worthy the perusal of all who are capable of feeling for the natural and moral miseries of their fellow-creatures ; of appreciating the value of an active, devoted, and judicious ministry; or of panting after a share of its immortal bonours.” Idem, September, 1813.


RECOMMENDATIONS OF THIS VOLUME. “We have read, with peculiar gratification, Ely's First Journal, which breathes a spirit of ardent piety and zeal for the salvation of sinners; and exhibits a picture, warm from life, of the consolatory influence of the religion of Jesus. Ely's Second Journal, which is now offered to the public as a continuation of the first, we are persuaded will have the same excellent tendency. Both of these little volumes we most cordially recommend to the serious perusal of all Christian people, and wish them a most extensive vi


circulation, as calculated to promote the best interests
of the Church."
Philadelphia, Oct. 28, 1815.

Pastor of the Reformed Pres. Church in Philadelphia ;

Professor of the Learned Languages ;

Pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church;

Pastor of the First Baptist Church;

Harrisonburg, Virginia;
GEORGE C. Ports, A. M.
Pastor of the 4th Pres. Church, Philadelphia ;

We have read with pleasure and edification the First Journal of the Rev. Mr. Ely, and are happy to learn that a second is about appearing. Publications calculated to awaken Christian sympathy and benevolence, by unfolding the miseries of depraved and suffering humanity, and that have a tendency to exhibit the value of the gospel of Christ as a means of regenerating the heart, reforming the life, or soothing the bed of dissolution, cannot be too widely circulated. Mr. Ely has our best wishes for his success in all his meritorious and active endeavours to advance the interests of the Mediator's kingdom." October 27th, 1815.

WILLIAM STAUGHTON, D. D. Pastor of the Baptist Church in Sansom Street, Philadelphia ;

Late Professor in the University of Pennsylvania.

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