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And to our wond'ring view reveal

The secret love of God.
5. Shew us the sinner's friend

That rules the courts of bliss;
The Lord of hosts, the mighty God,

Th' eternal prince of peace. 6. 'Tis thine to cleanse the heart,

T'illuminate the soul;
To pour fresh life on ev'ry party:
And new create the whole.

Hymn 116. c. M..
HOLY Ghost, eternal God,

Descending from above,
Thou fill'st the soul through Jesu's blood,

With faith and hope and love.
2. Toou comfortest the heavy heart,

By sin and grief oppress’d:
Toou to the dead dost life impart,

And to the weary rest. 3. Tny sweet communion charms the soul,

And gives true peace and joy,
Which satan's pow'r can ne'er control,

Nor all his wiles destroy.
4. Let no false comfort lift us up

To confidence that's vain:
Nor let their faith and courage droop,

Who love the Lamb once slain. 5. Breathe comfort where distress abounds,

O make our conscience clean; And heal' with balm from Jesu's wounds,

The fest'ring sore of sin.
8. Vanquish our lusts; our pride remove;

Take out the heart of stone;
Shew us the Father's boundless love,

And merits of the Son.

Hymn 117. L. M.

The effusions of the Spirit. 1. REAT was the day, the joy was great,

W When the divine disciples met: While on their heads the spirit came

And sat like tongues of cloven flame. 2. What gifts, what miracles he gave !

And pow'r'to kill, and pow'r to save,
Furnish'd their tongues with wond'rous words,

Instead of shields and spears and swords.
3. Tnus arm'd, he sent the champions forth,

From east to west, from south to north:
“ Go, and assert your Saviour's cause;
“ Go, spread the myst'ry of his cross."
4. These weapons of the holy war,

Of what almighty force they are,
To make our stubborn passions bow,

And lay the proudest rebel low!
5. Nations, the learned and the rude

Are by these heav'nly arms subdu'd;
While satan rages at his loss,.,

And hates the doctrine of the cross.
6. Great king of grace! my heart subdue ;

I would be led in triumph too,
A willing captive to my Lord,
And sing the vict'ries of his word.

Hymn 118. C. m.
NOME Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire,

Let us thine influ'nce prove; .
Source of the old prophetic fire, ,

Fountain of life and love.
2. Come Holy Ghost, for mov'd by thee

Thy prophets wrote and spoke :

Unlock the truth (thyself the key!)

Unseal the sacred book.
3. Water with heav'nly dew thy words

In this appointed hour,
Attend it with thy presence, Lord,

And bid it come with pow'r. . 4. Open the heart of them that hear,

To make the Saviour room;
Now let us find redemption near,

Let faith by hearing come.

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. . Hymn 119. P. M.
1. TERNAL spirit, source of light

D Enliv’ning, consecrating fire,
Descend, and with celestial heat

Our dull, our frozen hearts inspire:
Our souls refine, our dross consume!

Come, condescending spirit, come!
2. In our cold breasts O strike a spark

Of the pure flame which seraphs feel,
Nor let us wander in the dark,

Or lie benu mb'd and stupid still:
Come vivifying spirit, come!
And make our hearts thy constant home!
3. Whatever guilt and madness dare,

We would not quench the heavenly fire; Our hearts as fuel we prepare,

Though in the flame we should expire: Our breasts expand to make thee room:

Come purifying spirit come!
4. Let pure devotion's fervors rise!

Let every pious passion glow!
O let the raptures of the skies

Kindle in our cold hearts below!
Come condescending spirit, come,
And make our souls thy constant home!


Hymn 120. c. M. 1. Holy Father, God of love?

To thee our hearts we raise : ' Tny all sustaining pow'r we prove,.

And gladly sing thy praise.
%. Lord Jesus, thine we wish to be,

Our sacrifice receive;
Made, and preserv’d, and sav'd by thee,

To thee ourselves we give.
3. Come, Holy Ghost; the Saviour's love

Shed in our hearts abroad;
So shall we ever live, and move,

And be with Christ in God.

Hymn 121. L. M. 1. OUR ḥeav'nly Father is not known

To us, but in the Son alone ; His mercy, love, and boundless grace

We see display'd in Jesu's face. 2. Great God! how dreadful was the name,

Until the God-man Jesus came! We could not love or honour thee,

Unless the Son had set us free.. 3. O love, no human tongue can tell!

O love divine unsearchable ! : The Father gave hris only Son

To bleed and die for slaves undone! 4. Can any ill distress my heart, .

Since God with his own son did part? What'er I want can't be deny'd,

Since Christ for me was crucify'di .

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Hymn 122. L. M. 1. D LESS'D be the Father and his lover

D To whose celestial source we owe Rivers of endless joys above,

And rills of comfort here below. . 2. Glory to thee, great son of God,

From whose dear wounded body rolls A precious stream of vital blood,

Pardon and life for dying souls. 3. We give thee, sacred Spirit, praise,

Who in our hearts of sin and woe
Makes living springs of Grace arise,
. And into boundless Glory flow.
4. Thus God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Spirit we adore ;
That sea of life and love unknown,

Without a bottom, or a shore.

Hymn 123. c. M. 1. LORY to God the Father's name,

U Who from our sinful race Chose out his fav’rites to proclaim

The honours of his grace. 2. Glory to God the Son be paid,

Who dwelt in humble clay, And, to redeem us from the dead,

Gave his own life away.
3. Glory to God the Spirit give,

From whose almighty pow'r
Our souls their heav'nly birth derive,

And bless the happy hour.
4. Glory to God that reigns above,

Th' eternal three in one, Who by the wonders of his love

Has made his nature known.

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