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Hail, Jesus, hail! our great High Priest .

He lives, the great Redeemer lives • '
Hail! holy, holy, holy, Lord · ·
How are thy servants, bless'd, O Lord
How do thy mercies close me round .
How precious is the book divine
Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews
How vain are all things here below
How happy ev'ry child of grace .
Happy the heart where graces reign
Holy and true and righteous Lord .
Happy the souls to Jesus join'd
Happy the man who finds the grace .
Hence from my soul, sad thoughts be gone
How honourable is the place
How charming is the place
How pleasant, how divinely fair ..
How did my heart rejoice to hear
How pleas'd and bless'd was I
How beauteous are their feet * . .
How can heav'nly spirits rise . .
Hosannah with a cheerful sound .
Hark from the tombs a doleful sound
How long shall death the tyrant reign .
He comes, he comes, the judge severe
Hail glorious God, thy boundless pow'r '
TN evil long, I took delight
1 Infinite grief! amazing woe
I know that my Redeemer lives
I give immortal praiše -
In thee I live and move and am!
If God to build the house deny .
I hate the tempter and his charms
Is this the kind return. - .
I want a principle within
I thirst thou wounded Lamb of God :
I ask the gift of righteousness

Jesus m
Jesus le
Jesus if
Jesus if
Jesus my
Jesus my
Jesus my
Jesus my
Jesus whe
Jesus shep
Jesus, my
Jesus hath
Jesus unite
Jesus thoua
Jesus great
Jesus thy w
Jesus invites

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Lord all

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In themselves as weak as worms ..
Infinite unexhausted love
I'll praise my Maker whilst I've breath
In sweet exalted strains
I love thy Zion, Lord
In God's own house pronounce his praise
In Zion's sacred gates -
In that sad memorable night -
JESUS thou everlasting king
J Joy to the world ; the Lord is come
Join all the glorious names
Jesus with all thy saints above -
Jesus my great High-Priest
Jesus we on thy word depend
Jesus, God of peace and love
Jesus the weary wand'rer's rest)
Jesus my Saviour and my God
Jesus let thy pitying eye

- -
Jesus if still thou art to-day
Jesus if still the same thou art
Jesus my strength, my hope
Jesus my life, thyself apply
Jesus my truth my way
Jesus my Lord attend - -
Jesus wher'er thy people meet.
Jesus shepherd of thy sheep
Jesus, my Saviour full of grace
Jesus hath dy'd that I might live
Jesus united by thy grace
Jesus thou all redeeming Lord
Jesus great shepherd of thy sheep
Jesus thy wand'ring sheep behold
Jesus invites his saints -
T ET others boast how strong they be
I Lord all I am is known to thee
Lift up your heads, ye gates
Let God, the Father, live
Let heav'n and earth agree

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Let the high heav'ns your songs invite
Lord when our raptur'd tho'ts survey : 104
Let the wild leopards of the wood

. 124
Let av’rice borne from shore to shore
Laden with guilt and full of fears

- 132
Lord, we confess our num’rous faults .
Let ev'ry mortal ear attend
Lovers of pleasure more than God
Lord how secure my conscience was
Lord Jesus, when, when shall it be
Lord I believe a rest remains
Let Pharisees of high esteem
Let party names no more ... - -
Let earth and heav'n agree

.. .'
Lord, what a wretched land is this -
Let me but hear my saviour say
Lo! what a glorious sight appears
Lord how secure and blest are they
Lord thou wilt hear me when I pray
Lord in the morning thou shalt hear
Lord I am pain’d, but I resign -

Lord at thy temple we appear
Lord 'tis an infinite delight. - - - 590

Y God, my life, thy various praise
1 Mortals, awake, with angels joix
My dear Redeemer and my Lord ...
Master I own thy lawful claim : . 120
Mistaken souls that dream of heav'n
Man has a soul of vast desires .
My sorrows like a flood . . - - 108
My God, my life, my love .
My hope, my all, my Saviour thou

s. 196
My hope, my portion and my God
My Saviour my Almighty friend .
My God, my portion, and my love.
My God the spring of all my joys -

God permit my tongue - ..
soul how lovely is the place.

- 299

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My Saviour's pierced side -
My God was with me all the night
My God bow endless is thy love
Must all the charms of nature then
TOW to the Lord a noble song

Now be my heart inspir'd to sing
Now for a tunc of lofty praise - -
Now let us ratre our cheerful strains
how let a spicious world arise - -
Not from the clust affliction grows
Not all the outward forms on earth .
Not all the nobles of the earth - -
Nožby the law of innocence - - -
Noy by the bowels of my God - .
Now let our voices join - -
Now in the heat of youthful blood ..
No, I'll repine at death no more - -
Nor eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard ..
~ LOVE divine! what hast thou done

Of him who did salvation bring
O Lamb of God our Saviour

boundless grief - .
O head so full of bruises - - -
O world see thy creator
O for a shout of sacred joy
Our Lord is risen from the dead
O the delights the heav'nly joys
O Holy Ghost eternal God -
O holy Father, God of love - -
Our heavenly Father is not known
O for a closer walk with God ...
O that I knew the secret place -
O for a thousand tongues to sing . .

O that I could repent
· Othou that hear'st when sinners cry

O God of mercy hear my call
O if my soul did feel her woe
Oft have I turn'd my eye with in

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O that I could my Lord receive
O that my load of sin were gone

O thou to whose all-searching sight

O Sun of righteousness arise-

O God most mercifut and true -

O joyful sound of gospel grace

O glorious hope of perfect love

( what stupendous mercy shines -
O love divine how sweet thou art . 219
O for a heart to praise my God

O thou God of my salvation -
Once more my soul the rising day. .
On Jordan's rugged banks I stand. .

D LUNG’D in a gulph of dark despair 39

I Peace troubled soul, thou need'st not fear 120
Pierce, fill me with an humble fear -
Praise ye the Lord 'tis good to raise -
Praise ye the Lord exalt his name
D ISE, rise my soul and leave the ground
N Rouse thyself my soul and dwell .
Rejoice ye shining worlds on high - -
Rejoice, the Lord is King - -
Raise your triumphant songs -

HALL the vile race of flesh and blood

Songs of immortal praise belong -
Shall wisdom cry aloud, - - -
Shepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes
Sinners lift up your hearts
Spirit of faith, on thee we call
Spirit of grace we bless thy name
Sin like a venemous disease - -
Sin has a thousand treach'rous arts -
Shall Atheists dare insult the cross
Strait is the way the door is strait - -
Sinners obey the gospel word - -
Sinners turn why will ye die - . .
Sinners the voice of God regard
Shew pity Lord, O Lord forgive

Thy na
The Lo
The voice
The mis
The Lord
Their han
There is a
The Savia
'Tis finish
The Lord
The third au
Thee, the ga
Thee Father
The glories o
The spacious!
There is a Go
Tho' troubles as
The Lord my
Thon Lamb cl

The Lord desce
This is the wo
'Twas by an oy
The Lord on
That God who
"The Saviour Call

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