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st Comforter, with peace and joy
Thy new-made creature crown.
ernal, undivided Lord,
Co-egual, One in Three,
n thee all faith, all hope be plac'd,
All love be paid to thee.

Hymn 252. P. M. THOU great mysterious God unknown, 1 Whose love hath gently led me on,

Ev’n from my infant days ; Mine inmost soul expose to view, And tell me if I never knew,

Thy justifying grace.
2. If I have only known thy fear,
And follow'd with a heart sincere,

Thy drawing from above :
Now, now the farther grace bestow,
. And let my sprinkled conscience know,

Thy sweet forgiving love.
3.. Short of thy love I would not stop,
A stranger to the gospel hope,

The sense of sin forgiv'n:
I would not, Lord, my soul deceive,
Without the inward witness live,

That antepast of heav'n..
4. Whate'er obstructs thy pard’ning love,
Or sin, or righteousness, remove,

Thy glory to display : heart

My heart of unbelief convince,
And now absolve me from my sins,

And take them all away.

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I feel the bliss thy wounds impart,

I find thee, Saviour, in my heart.-
2. Be thou my strength, be thou my way,

Protect me through my life's short day ;
In all my acts may wisdom guide,

And keep me, Saviour, near thy side. 3. Correct, reprove, and comfort me ;

As I have need, my Saviour be :
And if I would from thee depart,

Then clasp me, Saviour, to thy heart. 4. In fierce temptation's darkest hour

Save me from sin and satan's pow'r ;
Tear ev'ry idol from thy throne,

And reign, my Saviour-reign alone. 5. My suff’ring time shall soon be o'er,

Then shall I sigh and weep no more : My ransom'd soul shall soar away, 'To sing thy praise in endless day.

Hymn 254. I. M. 1. W H EN, gracious Lord, when shall it be

V That I shall find my all in thee!
The fulness of thy promise prove;
'The seal of thine eternal love?
2. A poor blind child I wander here,

If haply I may feel thee near :
O dark ! dark! dark ! I still must say,

Amidst the blaze of gospel-day.
3. Thee, only thee, I fain would find,

And cast the world and sin behind :
Thou; only thou, to me be giv'n,

Of all thou hast in earth or heav'n.
4. When from the arm of flesh set free,

Jesus, my soul shall fly to thee :
Jesus, when I have lost my all,
I shall upon thy bosom fall..

Hymn 255. L. M. 1. THOM man forsakes thou wilt not leave,

VV Ready the outcasts to receive ; Though all my simpleness I own,

And all my faults to thee are known. 2. Al! wherefore did I ever doubt ?

Thou wilt in no wise cast me out:
A helpless 'soul that comes to thce,
With only sin and misery.
3. Lord, I am sick, my sickness cure :

I want, do thou enrich the poor :
Under thy mighty hand I stoop;

O lift the abject sinner up !
4. Lord, I am blind, be thou my sight:
Lord, I am weak, be thou my might!
A helper of the helpless be,
And let me find my all in thee!

Hymn 256. L. M.
1. DIERCE, fill me with an humble fear ;

T My utter helplessness reveal :
Satan and sin are always near ;

Thee, may I always nearer feel ! 2. O! that to thee my constant mind

Might with an even flame aspire ;
Pride in its earli’st motions find,

And mark the risings of desire. 3. O! that my tender soul might fly

The first abhorr'd approach of ill ;
Quick, as the apple of an eye,

The slightest touch of sin to feel ! 4. Till thou anew my soul create,

Still may I strive, and watch and pray :
Humbly and confidently wait,

And long to see the perfect day.

Hymn 257. 1. M.
GOD, most merciful and true,

Thy nature to my soul impart; 'Stablish with me the cov'nant new,

And stamp thine image on my heart. 2. To real holiness restor'd,

O let me gain my Saviour's mind; And in the knowledge of my Lord

Fulness of life eternal find. 3. Remember, Lord, my sins no more;

Though them I may no more forget; But, sunk in guiltless shame, adore

With speechless wonder at thy feet. 4. O'erwhelm'd with thy stupendous grace

I shall not in thy presence move; But breathe unutterable praise

In rapt'rous awe and silent love. 5. Then ev'ry murm'ring thought and vain

Expires, in sweet confusion lost: I cannot of my cross complain,

I cannot of my goodness boast. 6. Pardon'd for all that I have done,

My mouth as in the dust I hide, And glory give to God alone,

My God forever pacify'd!

· Hymn 258. c. M.. 1. TOUNTAIN of life, to all below,

T Let thy salvation roll : Water, replenish, and q'erflow

Ev'ry believing soul.
2. Into that happy number, Lord,

Us weary sinners take ;
Jesus, fulfill thy gracious wordz.

For thine own mercy's sake..

Turn back our nature's rapid tide,

And we shall flow to thee :
While down the stream of time we glide,

To our eternity.
The well of life to us thou art,

Of joy the swelling flood;
Wafted by thee, with willing heart,

We swift return to God.
i. We soon shall reach the boundless sea,

Into thy fulness fall ;
Be lost and swallow'd up in thee,

Our God, our all in all.

Hymn 259. C. M.
1. I ASK the gift of righteousness,

1 The sin-subduing pow'r: -
Pow'r to believe and go in peace,

And never grieve thee more.
2. My ardent soul cries out, oppress’d,

Impatient to be freed !
Nor can I, Lord, nor will I rest,

'Till I am sav'd indeed.
3. Art thou not able to convert,

Art thou not willing too ?
To change this old, rebellious heart,

To conquer and renew?


Hymn 260. c. M.
Characters of the children of God. 1. Pet. ii. 2.

1. John iii. 9.
1. A S new-born babes desire the breast

To feed, and grow, and thrive:
So saints with joy the gospel taste,

And by the gospel live.

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