History of the Zinoviev Letter: Facts about the Infamous Letter

Communist Party of Great Britain, 1925 - 47 páginas
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Página 7 - ... Treaty, must show the greatest possible energy in the further struggle for ratification and against the endeavours of British capitalists to compel Parliament to annul it. It is indispensable to stir up the masses of the British proletariat, to bring into movement the army of unemployed proletarians, whose position can be improved only after a loan has been granted to the SSSR for the restoration of her economics and when business collaboration between the British and Russian proletariats has...
Página 7 - ... Parliament of England to consider. the Treaty concluded between the Governments of Great Britain and the SSSR for the purpose of ratification. The fierce campaign raised by the British bourgeoisie around the question shows that the majority of the same, together with reactionary circles, are against the Treaty for the purpose of breaking off an agreement consolidating the ties between the proletariats of the two countries leading to the restoration of normal relations between England and the...
Página 6 - Government mean that these undertakings shall be carried out both in the letter and in the spirit, and it cannot accept the contention that whilst the Soviet Government undertakes obligations, a political body as powerful as itself is to be allowed to conduct a propaganda, and support it with money, which is in direct violation of the official agreement.
Página 8 - The military section of the British Communist Party, so far as we are aware, further suffers from a lack of specialists, the future directors of the British Red Army. It is time you thought of forming such a group, which, together with the leaders, might be, in the event of an outbreak of active strife, the brain of the military organization of the party. Go attentively through the lists of the military "cells...
Página 5 - The Soviet Government undertakes not to support with funds or in any other form persons or bodies or agencies or institutions whose aim is to spread discontent or to foment rebellion in any part of the British Empire . . . and to impress upon its officers and officials the full and continuous observance of these conditions.
Página 6 - His Majesty's Ambassador at Tokyo has been instructed to inform the Imperial Japanese Government in the name of His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom that a state of war exists between our two countries. I have the honour to be, with high consideration, Sir, Your obedient servant, WINSTON S. CHURCHILL Some people did not like this ceremonial style.
Página 12 - a gross forgery and an audacious attempt to prevent the development of friendly relations between the two countries.
Página 7 - A settlement of relations between the two countries will assist in the revolutionising of the international and British proletariat not less than a successful rising in any of the working districts of England, as the establishment of close contact between the British and Russian proletariat, the exchange of delegations and workers, etc., will make it possible for us to extend and develop the propaganda of ideas of Leninism in England and the Colonies.
Página 7 - Leninism in England and the Colonies. Armed warfare must be preceded by a struggle against the inclinations to compromise which are embedded among the majority of British workmen, against the ideas of evolution and peaceful extermination of capitalism.
Página 20 - I minuted that the greatest care would have to be taken in discovering whether the letter was authentic or not. If it was authentic it had to be published at once, and in the meantime, while investigations were going on, the draft letter to Rakovsky would be prepared, so that when the authenticity was established no time would be lost in making our protest to the Soviet Government.

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