The Regulations and Establishment of the Household of Henry Algernon Percy, the Fifth Earl of Northumberland: At His Castles of Wresill and Lekinfield in Yorkshire. Begun Anno Domini M.C.XII.

W. Pickering, 1827 - 464 páginas

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Página 416 - For while with their knife which they hold in one hand they cut the meate out of the dish, they fasten their forke which they hold in their other hand upon the same dish...
Página 416 - Italy, their forkes being for the most part made of yron or steele, and some of silver, but those are used only by gentlemen. The reason of this their curiosity is, because the Italian cannot by any means indure to have his dish touched with fingers, seeing all men's fingers are not alike cleane.
Página xvi - Of old time, our country houses, instead of glass, did use much lattice, and that made either of wicker or fine rifts of oak in checkerwise. I read also that some of the better sort, in and before the times of the Saxons (who...
Página 416 - ... with his fingers from which all at the table doe cut, he will give occasion of offence unto the company, as having transgressed the lawes of good manners, in so much that for his error he shall be at the least brow-beaten, if not reprehended in wordes.
Página 341 - Item, my lorde usith and accustomyth to gyf yerely if is lordship kepe a chapell and be at home, them of his lordschipes chapell, if they doo play the play of the Nativite uppon Cristynmes day in the mornnynge in my lords chapell befor his lordship — xxs.
Página 456 - BAGG'S CASE. IT was resolved, that to this court of the King's Bench belongeth authority not only to correct errors in judicial proceedings, but other errors and misdemeanors tending to the breach of the peace, or oppression of the subjects, or to the raising of faction...
Página 457 - The lords of the council wrote to myself, the chief justice of the common pleas, and unto justice Daniel and justice Foster, to certify our opinions, whether such a general taxation were good in law.
Página 437 - King's pleasure, the fine of 4000/., and discharge of his place, by way of opinion of the Court, — referring it to the King's pleasure. How I stirred the Court I leave it to others to speak ; but things passed to his Majesty's great honour. I would not for any thing but he had made his defence for many deep parts of the charge were deeper printed by the defence.
Página 432 - Immedyatelye after the whyche, they go eyther to reasonyng in problemes or unto some other studye, untyll it be nyne or tenne of the clocke ; and there, beyng wythout fyre, are fayne to walk or runne up and downe halfe an houre to gette a heate on their feete whan they go to bed.
Página 419 - ... master of the hounds; master falconer ; porter and his man. Two butchers; two keepers of the home park; two keepers of the red-deer park.

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