A Chronicle of Cranborne: Being an Account of the Ancient Town, Lordship, and Chase of Cranborne, in the County of Dorset

Nichols and Son, 1841 - 316 páginas

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Página 100 - of aged chiefs : the howling of my dogs : the sudden bursts of the song of grief, have melted Oscar's soul. My soul, that never melted before. It was like the steel of my sword. Ossian, carry me to my hills ! Raise the stones of my renown. Place the horn of a deer: place my sword by my side. The torrent hereafter may raise the earth : the hunter may find the steel, and say, " This has been Oscar's sword, the pride of other years...
Página 113 - No man from henceforth shall lose either life or member for killing our deer : but if any man be taken, and convict for taking of our venison, he shall make a grievous fine, if he have anything whereof...
Página 113 - Whatsoever archbishop, bishop, earl, or baron, coming to us at our commandment, passeth by our forest, it shall be lawful for him to take and kill one or two of our deer, by view of our forester, if he be present ; or else he shall cause one to blow an horn for him, that he seem not to steal our deer ; and likewise they shall do returning from us as it is aforesaid.
Página 109 - All archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, knights, and other our freeholders, which have their woods in forests, shall have their woods as they had them at the first coronation of king Henry our grandfather...
Página 71 - All which were the steps of his father's greatness, and of the honour he left to his house. For his person, he was not much beholden to nature, though somewhat for his face, which was the best part of his outside...
Página 115 - ... woods. 15. All that be outlawed for the forest only, since the time of king Henry our grandfather, until our first coronation, shall come to our peace •without let, and shall find to us sureties, that from henceforth they shall not trespass unto us within our forest.
Página 62 - When the King made the proposal that she should marry his son she was against it, and long withstood it, and when the King often solicited her, she at last answered like a good and courteous maiden —
Página 106 - hunting and hawking are esteemed the most honourable employments and most excellent virtues by our nobility, and they think it the height of worldly felicity to spend the whole of their time in these diversions ; accordingly they prepare for them with more solicitude, expense, and parade, than they do for war; and pursue the wild beasts with greater fury than they do the enemies of their country. By constantly following this way of life they lose much of their humanity, and become as savage nearly...
Página 108 - All woods which have been made forest by king Richard our uncle, or by king John our father, until our first coronation, shall be forthwith disafforested, unless it be our demesne wood.

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