The House-keeper's Pocket-book, and Compleat Family Cook: Containing Above Twelve Hundred Curious and Uncommon Receipts in Cookery, Pastry, Preserving, Pickling, Candying, Collaring, &c., with Plain and Easy Instructions for Preparing and Dressing Every Thing Suitable for an Elegant Entertainment, from Two Dishes to Five Or Ten, &c., and Directions for Ranging Them in Their Proper Order . .

C. and R. Ware, 1760 - 251 páginas

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Página 26 - Medicines is as follows : When there is a Stone in the Bladder or Kidneys, the Powder is to be taken three Times a Day, 'viz.. in a Morning after Breakfaft, in the Afternoon about Five or Six, and at going to Bed. The Dofe is a Drachm Averdupoize, or fifty -fix Grains, which is to be mixed - in 3 large I Stone', &c.
Página 25 - Snails have done fmoaking, which will be in about an Hour, taking Care that they do not continue in the Fire after that. They are then to be taken out of the Crucible, and immediately rubbed in a Mortar to a fine Powder, which ought to be of a very dark grey Colour.
Página 18 - Hoare-hound, fresh or dried, three Ounces; boil them together in two Quarts of Water to one Quart, and strain it; of this Decoction let the Patient take one third Part three Mornings fasting successively, from which if he finds any Relief, it must be continued till he is perfectly recovered. On the Contrary, if he finds no Alteration after the third Dose...
Página 25 - Whites, dry and clean, crufh them fmall with the Hands, and fill a Crucible of the Twelfth Size (which contains nearly three Pints) with them lightly ; place it in the Fire, and cover it with a Tile ; then heap Coals over it, that it may be in the Midft of a very ftrong clear Fire till the...
Página 5 - ... in (with his head above water) longer than half a minute, if the water be very cold; after this he must go in three times a week for a fortnight longer.
Página 8 - Try the haunches or shoulders under the bones that come out with your finger or knife, and as the scent is sweet or rank, it is new or stale; and the like of the sides in the fleshy parts; if tainted, they will look green in some places, or more than ordinary black. Look on the hoofs, and if the clefts are very wide and rough, it is old; if close and smooth it is young.
Página 8 - If young, the lean will break in pinching between the fingers; and if you nip the skin with your nails, it will make a dent; also if the fat be soft and pulpy, like lard: if the lean be tough, and the fat flabby and spongy, feeling rough, it is old, especially if the rind be stubborn, and you cannot nip it with your nails.
Página 6 - ... of old Malaga sack, with the yolk of a new-laid egg, and as much flour of...
Página 162 - Cherries. Gather your Cherries of a bright Red, not too ripe ; weigh them, and to every Pound of Cherries put three quarters of a Pound of double-refin'd Sugar beat very fine ; ftone. your Cherries, and ftrew fome Sugar over them as you ftone them, to keep their Colour ; take the reft of your Sugar, and near half a Pint of...
Página 27 - Root, but do not know of any material Difference. . . This is my Manner of giving the Powder and Decoction. As to the Pills, their chief Ufe is in Fits of the Gravel, attended with Pain in the Back and Vomiting, and in Sup.

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