A New History of England: By Question and Answer

J. Buckland, 1777 - 390 páginas

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Página 290 - The commons, having granted the supplies, ordered a bill to be brought in for securing the freedom of parliaments, by limiting the number of officers in the house of commons, and it passed through both houses with little difficulty.
Página 93 - III Gregory VIII Clement III Celestine III Innocent III Honorius III Gregory IX Celestine IV Innocent IV Alexander IV Urban IV Clement IV Gregory X Innocent V Adrian V John XXI...
Página 268 - State to which they may be called; and having seriously weighed the prejudice that has accrued to the said Universities from this defect, persons of foreign nations being often employed in the education and tuition of youth both at home and in their travels...
Página 268 - Studies can be there compleated, and Opportunities frequently lost to the Crown of employing and encouraging Members of the two Universities, by conferring on them such Employments, both at home and abroad, as necessarily require a competent Skill in writing and speaking the modern Languages...

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