Catalogue of Early Books on Music (before 1800)


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Página 118 - A Description concerning such Mechanism as will afford a nice, or true Mensuration of Time; together with some Account of the Attempts for the Discovery of the Longitude by the Moon: as also an Account of the Discovery of the Scale of Music.
Página 70 - Letters, addressed chiefly to a young gentleman, upon subjects of literature: including a translation of Euclid's section of the canon; and his treatise on harmonic; with an explanation of the Greek musical modes, according to the doctrine of Ptolemy.
Página 160 - WORKS. --Musick's Monument ; or, a Remembrancer of the Best Practical Musick, both Divine and Civil, that has ever been known to have been in the World.
Página 27 - The Temple musick: or, An essay concerning the method of singing the Psalms of David in the Temple, before the Babylonish captivity.
Página 48 - The | Principles | Of Musik, | In | Singing And Setting: | With | The two-fold Use thereof, | [Ecclesiasticall and Civil.] | By | Charls Butler Magd.
Página 254 - A Compendium of Practical Musick in five parts. Teaching, by a New, and easie Method, 1. The Rudiments of Song. 2. The Principles of Composition. 3. The Use of Discords. 4. The Form of Figurate Descant. 5. The Contrivance of Canon.
Página 86 - Dell' Origine e delle Regole della Musica colla Storia del suo progresso, decadenza, e rinnovazione. Opera di D. Antonio Eximeno fra i Pastori Arcadi Aristosseno Megareo dedicata all' Augusta Real Principessa Maria Antonia Valburga di Baviera Elettrice vedova di Sassonia fra le Pastorelle Arcadi Ermelinda Talea.
Página 28 - ... Within the decade it was translated into English and published in London: Music made easy to every capacity, in a series of dialogues; being practical lessons for the harpichord, laid down in a new method, so as to render that instrument so little difficult, that any person, with common application, may play well; become a thorough proficient in the principles of harmony; and will compose music if they have the genius for it in less than a twelvemonth.
Página 179 - Harmonie universelle, contenant la théorie et la pratique de la musique, où il est traité de la nature des sons, et des mouvements, des consonances, des dissonances, des genres, des modes, de la composition, de la voix, des chants, et de toutes sortes d instruments harmoniques, par F.
Página 132 - La Science et la Pratique du plainchant, où tout ce qui appartient à la pratique est établi/ par les principes de la science, et confirmé par le témoignage des anciens philosophes , des Pères de l'Église, et des plus illustres musiciens; entre autres de Guy Arélin et de Jean des Murs.

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