The Pursuits of Fashion: A Satirical Poem

J. Ebers, 1810 - 124 páginas

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Página 49 - He was perfumed like a milliner; And 'twixt his finger and his thumb he held A pouncet-box, which ever and anon He gave his nose and took't away again; Who therewith angry, when it next came there, Took it in snuff...
Página 105 - Pompcy'a rough attack, To spur the sides of some ill-fated hack ; Where giant zanies, Lilliputian peers — Some scarcely breech'd, and some advanced in years. Militia bucks, and cornets of dragoons, Like showmen habited, or stage buffoons, With wasted carcasses their rips bestride, And puff, perspire, and pant, and think they ride.
Página 7 - ... prohibiting the finger and thumb ; a fourth exclaiming against the intolerable infamy of using soap and water. It is impossible, however, to listen to such pleas. They must all be caught, killed and cracked, in the manner, and by the instruments which are found most efficacious to their destruction ; and the more they cry out, the greater plainly is the skill used against them.
Página 120 - And thought me not dishonour'd by his service. One day, (may that returning day be night, The stain, the curse, of each succeeding year!) For something, or for nothing, in his pride He struck me. (While I tell it, do I live ?) He smote me on the cheek...
Página 53 - But my beautiful taste (as indeed you will guess) Is manifest most in my toilet and dress. My neckcloth, of course, forms my principal care, For by that we criterions of elegance swear, And costs me each morning some hours of flurry, To make it appear to be tied in a hurry ; My top-boots — those unerring marks of a blade — With champagne are polished, and peach marmalade.
Página 53 - And costs me each morning some hours of flurry, To make it appear to be tied in a hurry ; My top-boots — those unerring marks of a blade — With champagne are polished, and peach marmalade. And a violet coat, closely copied from Byng, And a cluster of seals and a large diamond ring ; And troisiemes of buckskin, bewitchingly large, Give the finishing strokes to the parfait ouvrage.
Página 63 - Modern Greek", if he does not possess all the attributes of the ancient one, at least lays claim to that quality for which the latter was ever so celebrated, namely, cunning and wariness: and, though he cannot boast much resemblance to Achilles, Ajax, Patroclus, or Nestor, in courage, strength, fidelity, or wisdom, he is nevertheless a close copier of the equally renowned and more successful chief of Ithaca. He is a man habited like a gentleman, to be found in most societies, and who subsists by...
Página 54 - As for love — I conceive it a mere empty bubble, And the fruits of success never worth half the trouble ; Yet as Fashion decrees it, I bear the fatigue, That the world may suppose me
Página 64 - Sfc. nay even to proffer pecuniary assistance ; by which, if accepted, it is probable he will obtain a. legal security, and can fasten on his prey when he pleases. 6. He should have had once the rank of Captain, which will be of great use in introducing him into society ; and if any regimental peculation should unpleasantly be brought on the carpet; he must place his hand on the left side of...
Página 104 - A vast assemblage this, where boys from school In jockey garbs first come to play the fool ; Oxonian thick-heads, eminently dense, Who yearly meet to prove their want of sense, And give their steeds that whipcord — truant elves 1 Which wiser Nature destined for themselves.

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