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and without exception, in the benediction! Butthere are weeds as well as flowers, poisons as well as fruits : and however genteel, or honorable, or literary, or eminent,—IF ANY MAN LOVE NOT THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, LET HIM BE ANATHEMA, MARAN-ATHA! 1 Cor. 16 : 22.

Still, with respect to those who hold generically and with good proof of soundness, the same evangelical system, there ought TO BE-TESTE CHRISTO -increasing union; and as the means of it, increasing forbearance and affectionate regard. All government is founded in concession. We defer to others reciprocally, and for ends of mutual benefit. If no latitude is to be given to thought; none to investigation ; none to the free inspection of things debateable ; none to the calm and kind interchange of honest opinion or demur on minor points ; none to the best modes of PHILOSOPHIZING on the REALITIES of our common faith: the consequences are equally disastrous and evident-all government is at an end ; no conventional union can exist; organized combination however excellent its object, and regular co-operation however inspiring or evangelical its cause, must be utterly and indefinitely abandoned ! I am well and deeply convinced that there are elements of excellence and resources of strength in those circles with which we are connected, that require only a wise and a christian economizing, in order to secure some of the noblest and the purest achievements. And this consummation we should at least approximate, if we and ours were all so piously purposed and concentrating in our tendencies, as to show a more child-like obedience to the divine exhortation ; “beseeching us that we walk worthy of the vocation wherewith we are called ; with all lowliness and meekness, with long-suffering, forbearing one another in love; ENDEAVORING TO KEEP THE UNITY OF THE SPIRIT IN THE BOND OF PEACE.”

It comes here happily to the purpose to avail myself of another extract from the writings of one of you, fathers and brethren, memorably, and with reciprocal accord, addressed to another of your honored number. “It has been

“ It has been my deliberate opinion,” says Dr. Beecher, “ for many years, derived from extensive observation, and a careful attention to the elementary principles of the various differences which have agitated the church, that the ministers of the orthodox congregational church, and the ministers of the presbyterian church, are all cordially united in every one of the doctrines of the Bible and of the Confession of Faith, which have been regarded and denominated fundamental : and that the points wherein they differ do not subvert or undermine any one of these doctrines, or justify the imputation of heresy, or the withdrawment of confidence or co-operation in every good work. I would not be understood to say, that I think the points of difference to be in every case of little consequence; or that, by being made centres of assault and defence, they may not be driven to hurtful extremes ; nor yet that earnest discussion, conducted with christian courtesy, is to be deprecated. Without something of this kind the public intellect might fall asleep, and truth be transmitted by tradition through the memory; and an unthinking theology, cold as winter and powerless as the grave, might extend a 'dead orthodoxy' over the land-a sure precursor, as in Germany, of a coming age of heresy and infidelity.”

Most heartily do I appropriate the sentiments of the father; and could add, were that decorous or required, my junior experience in attestation of their · wisdom and their excellence. Equally for charitable allowance toward all substantial christians, and for absolute explosion toward all fundamental here-tics, ought we to be theologically and ecclesiastically characterized. So have I learned Christ. So

. I intend immutably to act, by the grace of God. So to act, is most certainly the wisdom and the duty, especially in this age and country, of those whom I

, consider

you, honored sirs, as representing, and in reference to whom I have been so bold in making this appeal. Your example, especially in coincidence and concert, as perfected and manifested and known, would, I think, under God, move and influence our vast christian community. This I heartily desire, from motives, which, I trust, eternity will not denounce. The interests of religion require it. The wants of the world, the glory of Christ, the progress of orthodoxy, the regeneration of souls, require it. Particularly, I long to see the glorious consummation for the sake of those wanderers from “ truth and soberness," in reference to whom these pages appear. We need light in our atmosphere, so pure and abundant, that heresy and extravagance

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will die in it instinctively; that infidelity will repent and trust the name of Jesus exultingly–or, retreat delirious to some far distant wilderness of night; and that sophistry and sorcery will be too obvious to the common vision of mankind, to encourage any longer their traditions or their triumphs. Shall I

what equal number of men in the United States, if not upon yourselves, rest such signal and noble obligations in reference to the results desired ? “ The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." May “the Father of lights ” most affluently endow you with his precious gifts! and use you, in this eventful crisis of things, as co-agents with himself illustriously, in effecting the wide and holy pacification of his Israel, the consolidation of the tribes, and the conquest of etherial arms against an embattled world!

How different from what we all believe, is the system of Friends ! I would denounce that system as “another gospel,” I would denounce it in the name of Jesus Christ, if I stood alone, and if “all men forsook me,” in the principled detestation of its abominable doctrines? I have felt the misery of its priest-craft, its perversion, and its bondage. I will here present the reader with a SYNOPSIS of it, as I suppose it properly constituted, in answer to the frequent question, What is Quakerism? The inference will be evident-we ought to be engaged and united in endeavoring the diffusion of the truth, for the extirpation of cardinal error ; this is what ought to occupy us primarily :--and after we have

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achieved the victory, we may perfectionate our common creed, comparatively at leisure, and comparatively with a good conscience !

But it may be well here to enter previously a cateat, as pertinent to the times and the places of this work. Some have said to me; Beware that you look at all the best symbols and the most recent specimens of their doctrine ; and give them every

; advantage, regarding always the last regular emission or document of their views; for these are thought to improve considerably as years and months proceed. Are you not willing that friendism should grow better? should approximate nearer and nearer to the true standard ? and at last or perhaps soon become identical with christianity?

Answer—No! I am not so willing: and for the following reasons; 1. The idea is absurd. That grow better, whichas a system—is contrary to

christianity! Friends may grow better, may “repent and believe the gospel,” may become (would God they should!) christians, walking in the light of genuine oracles : they may thus improve—but their system, friendism, is another thing. It is a homogeneous compound of hurtful error. Hence, 2. Its character is fixed; and so is its definition, its nature, its history. It is not hereafter to be ascertained. The only proper criterion of what it is, is—THE QUAKER SCRIPTURES ; the sacred writings of Fox, Barclay, Penn, and others. 3. We are, therefore, not to expect any revised editions, or modern emendations, or transformed improvements, of that old and well established identity. Let those

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