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jesty sent the order of the Garter to his Faithful of his Britannic Majesty with the same transports, Majesty, on his Faithful Majesty most heroically without any object of ambition or aggrandisement, breaking the oath he had taken to his subjects ; and with a pure ardour for the holy religion and and just as freely and lovingly as his Majesty the for legitimacy, their Majesties, the Catholic and Emperor Alexander, autocrat of all the Russias, the Faithful, have ordered their ministers-pleni. did also send the order of St. George, to invest potentiary to arrange the business with the therewith his most Christian Majesty the King of ministers of his Britannic Majesty, and have France and Navarre, on his most Christian Ma- appointed each his general (of the Capuchins) to jesty retracting and annulling the principal articles superintend the debarkation of the heretics from of the Charter he had unadvisedly given to his the kingdom of Ireland, in two commodious ships, subjects. Which high-minded and glorious actions, supplied to his Catholic Majesty by his Majesty and the honours paid to them, clearly prove that the Emperor of all the Russias, the bottoms of no faith is to be kept any more with subjects than which ships have been provisionally caulked with heretics; it being laid down as incontro- where the timber is rotten, and the whole pecuvertible, that kings are answerable to God alone liarly adapted to the service for which they are for their actions; and that their actions proceed appointed.” from their thoughts; and that their thoughts are John-Mary. That is humane; one could not do instilled into them, as occasion may require, by less. But I fancied that the minister of his Brimeans of the holy unction at their coronation. tannic Majesty was permitted by the Holy Alliance If stars and crosses are out of fashion, or become to speak unfavourably of the crusade against the too ordinary with his Britannic Majesty, their Constitutionalists. Majesties, the Catholic and Faithful, will institute Ferdinand. It has been agreed on, at the courts each a more magnificent order; and, as the Garter of the Holy Alliance, that no offence shall be taken is preoccupied, the decoration shall be stay or if one minister talks in the House of Commons petticoat, at the suggestion of his Britannic Ma- and at taverns like a liberal (it being well underjesty; and his Britannic Majesty shall be the first stood that he is no more of one than I am), proinvested therewith.”

vided that the other shall cry down whatever is John-Mary. I am ready. But I do not see plainly constitutional. By these means the popular party how we can pay such a body of troops as your is thrown off its guard, and hopes grow up luxu. Majesty was inclined to send over.

riantly on both sides. Your Majesty is to conFerdinand. I did not read a word about the sider these two men (such are the words of the payment: that is provided for: the other means Russian minister to me), as the hot-water and coldare at hand.

water ducts of that grand vapour-bath which is to John-Mary. The business complex.

cure all the maladies of kings and nations. Ferdinand. It would be no state-paper else. John-Mary. I am truly happy that your Majesty Good state-papers can no more be smooth and has given me this explanation : I should otherwise even, and seen in all points at once, than good have thought them two most impudent impostors. fortifications can. I will read, for your satisfaction, Fortunate, I ought rather to say providential is one of the supplementary articles.

it, that the constitutions are thrown down on the “His Britannic Majesty is required to furnish continent of Europe, and that only the form nothing more toward the expedition here amicably remains in England : yet even the form after a proposed, than transports, uniforms, shoes, forage, time draws to it and attaches its partizans : as and pay; which his Britannic Majesty can not men who have been accustomed to a scolding wife, but consider as moderate, when so desirable an are just as sorrowful in their widowhood as others, object is to be accomplished. That it is eminently and when they marry a second time, if they hapso, it is unnecessary to point out to his Majesty, pen to light upon a quiet one, think themselves his minister, the Lord of Liverpool, having pre- almost widowers still. Stories have been related pared the minds of his Majesty's loyal and loving to me of American tribes, which, although they subjects for the same, in his declaration before were ready to believe anything, as they said, yet Parliament, that the troops of his most Christian wept over their ugly idols, and could hardly be Majesty, on their entrance into Spain, were uni. brought to look at Saint Agnes and Saint Clara. versally hailed as deliverers by all conditions of Who knows whether the king of England himself people, and with transports of enthusiastic joy.'* may not have some such weakness! For, O my Desirous of blessing the loyal and loving subjects brother and cousin! we kings at last are but

men; little wiser than others. I would pray to * Either Lord Liverpool deceived the parliament by a heaven for his conversion to the Catholic faith, falsehood, now universally notorious, or the person he without which no good doctrine of any kind can employed in Spain deceived him. The greater part of the nobility were contented with the established order of take root and flourish in him. The force of habit things; all the commercial, all the agricultural, and, with and the force of holiness are well illustrated in the hardly an exception, all the literary, Assassins, smugglers, history I shall now relate. monks, and canons of cathedrals, opposed it. In twenty Hurtado Palmaseda dos Rios Amargos, archdays, more excesses, more robberies, arsons, and murders, bishop of Evora, always wore a hair-shirt, to the were committed in Arragon alone, than had been committed in the whole of Spain during all the years of constitutional great edification and delight of his diocesans. He government.

had performed so many acts of piety, that at last his niece, Donna Sofonisba Debora de Castelmor, | lightness and incredulity to the bed. He lowered and a young gentlewoman who kept her company, his head indifferently, as if it hung loosely on his Donna Tanaquil Elisa de Leite, attempted to per- neck; and throwing it up wildly, like a horse suade him that it no longer was necessary to his that one would halter, cried aloud; I dare salvation. Sometimes, to pacify them, he offered hardly repeat the words; “The ... smells of one excuse, sometimes another; such as, “it is sandal-wood.” cool ;" " it is warm ;"" his soul required it;"" it It was the will of our blessed Lady that the held fewer fleas than cambric, and did not stick odour should be such as she vouchsafes to grow to the skin.” In fact, such is the loving-kindness exclusively in the east, her native country. Out of God and of the blessed Virgin, it really and of the mouth of a vile profane wretch was she truly had grown pleasant to him.

pleased to bring conviction. Ferdinand. I should like to hear the end of such Ferdinand. If there is no harm in saying it, by a saint. Has your Majesty any small relic of him her leave, methinks she chose in her wisdom odd or his shirt ?

words as well as an odd instrument. John-Mary. A something of both : but to John-Mary. The miracle is the greater; nordi!! proceed.

it end here. He died in the odour of sanctity. Many thought Ferdinand. For the love of our Lord, my dear his smell was like a white lily's; many said it had brother and cousin, let me hear the rest of it. more of the tuberose ; and there was one who John-Mary. Faith! after what your Majesty remarked that, in his mind, rather than tuberose has been reading, a miracle comes like a fine fresh or lily, it resembled in fragrance a certain flower oyster after a peppery ragoût. in the Island of Japan. As he was a tailor, and Although the Lord and his saints had given the had never been a mile out of the city since the good archbishop strength and courage to endure hour he was begotten, it was asked of him how the hair-shirt while he was in health, and even to he knew anything about the smell of Japanese solace his friends with the assurance that, as a flowers. He answered that he had read of it: sinner, it was preferable, in the ease it gate his which, as he was a sedentary man, was weighty, if spirit, to one of linen ; yet the skin grows irritable not convincing. Another said that there was no in sickness, which came upon him unexpectedly, difference whatever between it and the rose of confined him to his bed instantly, and carried him Sharon, a plant of which he had seen formerly in off after two days. a garden near Valencia, a town belonging to your Ferdinand. He might have changed it without Majesty ; but his brother corrected him, saying, sin. “Lope, it is indeed very like that rose which I John-Mary. Ah poor man ! he did not. He remember you once described to me; yet, if you was seen indeed when death was inevitable and had ever been at Lebanon, as I have, you would imminent, which at the beginning he had no es have altered your mind, and have declared that picion of, to attempt to change it ; but he would such fragrance as this could come only from the accept no assistance from anyone. He could not wings of angels, who had settled on the cedars of accomplish his attempt: no attendant touched Lebanon.” Nevertheless there were many of the him : yet the shirt was changed ! townsmen, who, in punishment of their worldly- Ferdinand. Mater amabilis ! kyrie eleison ! mindedness and curiosity, could smell nothing kyrie amabilis ! mater eleison ! more than what they were accustomed to smell in John-Mary. My brother and cousin, if I could their own habiliments when they threw them off sing like your Majesty, I would join you. on the Sunday morning. Not lily nor rose nor Ferdinand. I am in a fine frame of mind! My cedar came distinctly forth : nor could they certify flesh creeps ; my skin tightens on the crown of to their consciences aught concerning the said my head like a drum in the north wind on the Japanese flower. Toward night, when the room prado. Manifest to me, I pray you, my brother was most crowded, doubts were entertained by and cousin, the further mercies of the heavenly some persons in tolerable repute, whether there choir. Wemust however be upon our guard against was any miraculous scent at all. Nay, it is re- false miracles : holy church (vehement against corded that some of the clergy leaned over the imposture) teaches us that. body and smelt it with all their might, and went John-Mary. Here was no possibility of inaway saying nothing.

posture. It pleased God that the instrument of conversion Ferdinand. Certainly there could be none : but to thousands should be the very worst man among was the cause tried at Rome? them, namely, Tiberio-Maria Somaro.

John-Mary. Regularly; and when the passions He had been a soldier in Manilla, and had been of men had cooled, as usual. seen to leer and wink and lift up his shoulder like Ferdinand. How many years had elapsed! an unbeliever, with some other most irreverent John-Mary. The ordinary number : about sixty. and indecent marks of contempt. An aged priest, The church is never precipitate. I have read the the last who in his devotion leant over the body, whole process, with the signature of eight witbeheld him with compassion, and taking him nesses, some of whom declare that they never ST gently by the shirt-sleeve (for the weather was hot the others until they met in the bed-chamber of and he came without his coat) led him in his the archbishop. I have seldom read such irrefra

gable proofs : he tried to strip himself: he greatest enemies told me a thing of them which could not: the chaste man would accept (as I fixes my determination : it sums up that a Jesuit told your Majesty) no assistance to take off his is worth two other men, even of the best. When shirt, not even from Donna Sofonisba, his niece, it was objected against them that they professed nor from Donna Tanaquil whom he had educated the strict propriety of lying whenever it suited from eleven years of age. The room was full of their purposes, he replied, that among other attendants, clerical, medical, familiar.

people two negatives make an affirmative, but Ferdinand. In the presence of so many persons, that among the Jesuits one does. he need not have been so scrupulously shy and Now what higher praise can be given them? modest as to deny the young ladies the service of and this from the mouth of an adversary! I do stripping him : as well might our queens object to not approve of lying, and never lie at all, unless the presence of archbishop, chancellor, captain of in matters of state and conscience. the guard, and six or seven other hidalgos, while John-Mory. If your Majesty will inform me in they are being delivered of infante or infanta. your goodness, at what time the disciples of Saint

John-Mary. Such was the mercy of God and of Ignatius take possession of Spain again, I shall his mother the blessed Virgin, that, although they receive the intelligence most gratefully. Ever knew and decreed that he must die soon, and saw afterward shall I eat only eggs in the shell, drink that his struggles to change his shirt had exhausted only water from the spring, and neither take snuff him, and aware that, if indeed he ever had felt nor wear gloves. What they are as theologians, the hair scratch and plague him, it could no longer Mother Church alone can decide; they certainly do it, nevertheless in mercy to the holy man and are deep physicians both in minerals and simples, for the increase of their glory, they allowed him and save a great deal of bed-making. They are still his hair-shirt. But the hair was like the such casters of nativity and such prognosticators goat's of Angola, softer than silk or satin, and of futurity, they can calculate without book to lighter.

what extent a man shall be griped and cuckolled, Ferdinand. Gloria Deo in excelsis ! Ad aquas and at what hour and into what house the holy Babylonis !

sacrament shall be carried before 'em. John-Mary. On first reading these facts and Ferdinand. I wonder how the devil they do it. the testimonials, I ordered the double miracle to John-Mary. I wonder how kings will let it be be embroidered in letters of gold, to be inserted done; so many people are frightened, particularly in a finely carved frame from Paris, with a rich the women. hanging of damask behind it, and a stout plate- Ferdinand. They will never be quiet, unless we glass before (lest it should be frayed or soiled by give them their own way. the beards of the faithful who might kiss it), and John-Mary. Will they then? a noble wax-candle on each side, burning day Ferdinand. They say they will. They speak and night.

humbly and reverentially, and always begin with Ferdinand. On the compliance of his Britannic 'Your Majesty,' and 'Your Catholic Majesty." Majesty with our wishes, as suggested and mani- John-Mary. I wish they may end there. Keep fested to us by their Majesties of the Holy Alli- them in their posture of humility, and they can ance, I myself will be at the expense of a copy, in do little harm: let them once rise up from it, and like letters, frame, and hangings, to be suspended they will be avenged for having ever been in it. as his Majesty may deem fit, in his chapel, bed. So say those who know them. When you expose room, or council-chamber.

their tricks and make them refund their robberies, John-Mary. And I, for my part, on condition they cry, “The Church is in tribulation :” when that he becomes a good Catholic, and brings over they have tied your hands behind you, and the lost people of England to the true faith, do scourged you, and eaten your dinner, and emptied promise and stipulate upon my royal word, to give your snuff box, and made your wife and children a fair fifth of the miraculous shirt immediately, disavow you, and your people threaten your throat, and a fair tenth of the cilice, or of such portion then forsooth“ The Church is triumphant.” For, thereof as by the mercy of God shall at any future these rogues are not Matthew nor Mark, nor Bartime be discovered upon earth.

nabas nor Jude, nor James nor Thomas nor Apollos, Ferdinand. Is it expected that part of it may nor Simon nor Saul nor Peter, but "church, be found again?

mother church, holy church," and are identified John-Mary. The doctors of my universities and indivisible as potted lobsters. * have not yet decided whether it be the subject of transubstantiation or assumption. Ferdinand. A most delicate and momentous

* The power of the clergy, under another Bourbon now point, nor hastily to be decided. Has the holy from the sentence of a royal court on the Bishop of Nancy:

reigning, may in part be estimated by the following extract father been consulted upon it?

“The royal court of Nancy decrees, that the passages of John-Mary. My bishops would reserve the the Mandamus constitute the crime specified in the 2015 initiative to themselves, subject however to his and 204th articles of the Penal Code : that the Mandamus infallible decree.

alone is sufficient to prove the culpability of the bishop :

but, taking into consideration the high functions of the Ferdinand. They have not wit enough : I am Bishop of Nancy, the court declares that for the present resolved to recall the Jesuits. One of their there is no ground to proceed."

Ferdinand. Take care ! take care! Is there remainder of his dress, on his surrendering the nothing behind those pictures ?

veil of Donna Imaculata, which in his hurry he had John-Mary. Walls; and walls there shall always mistaken for a part of it; though a monk's shirt be, and many too, between me and Jesuits. is seldom so black as that.

Ferdinand. My cousin Charles of France says John-Mary. Perhaps Frey Lope's was one of a I must have 'em. He tells me they make the dun camel's hair. most comfortable creatures for confessors. If you Ferdinand. Nothing more likely. I wonder he say you have done this or that, they say they did not say it: but he wanted no superfluity of have done it too; by God's providence; in order arguments or facts : he had better things at hand. to comfort you ; and if the sin requires a scourg- It was Saturday evening. ing, they will invent such a pleasant way of doing “I will confound them in their malice and it, you would give a crusudo to be scourged again. iniquity,” said he to the hostess, who was assisting Beside, my cousin tells me that he hopes his him in several small arrangements when the indaughter of Angoulême will bless his kingdom truders had left the posada. Accordingly, the with an heir to the throne, by the intercession next morning he mounted the pulpit, and deof these holy fathers : and who knows but they livered a discourse on the principles of immorality may do the like by me? My cousin says, “Had and infidelity, deriving them from Satan, and į they come earlier, France would have been tracing them, without once missing their progress, happy.” The other confraternities did their best, into the lodges of the free-masons, and the conand failed. There may indeed be a reason for venticles of the quakers. that, in the horrible atheism of a constitutional John-Mary, Quakers ! quakers ! who are they, bishop, who, when the royal ordinance was issued brother! for illuminating nine saints in Notre Dame, in Ferdinand. Wicked men, that the devil makes order to obtain so great a blessing, said peevishly quake eternally, but can not force to take their and profanely, "These things are not to be done hats off: they eat and sleep and say their prayers with candles'-ends."

in 'em. John-Mary. Oh! there he was wrong! there John-Mary. God then, without a question, turns he betrayed his want of faith and discernment. his back upon them: for nobody can bear that But I have heard it argued that the exactions rudeness. But Frey Lope .. how fared he? and immorality of the clergy are among the prin- Ferdinand. “I do not deny,” said he, “ that the cipal causes of disturbances and revolutions. devil led me yesterday into what you carnal men

Ferdinand. Never believe it. Atheists would may properly call temptation. Why did het To decoy you into such persuasion, that they them the confusion and conversion of sinners ; for the selves might preach and say masses and possess saints, the confessors, and martyrs, make him work tithes.

for them, even on festivals, like a turnspit. Now John-Mary. Who knows whether they have not suppose the mortal sin had been committed to succeeded in some places, looking just like the which every man (not under especial grace) is worthiest rectors and jolliest monks in Chris- liable, they would intercede and give their suftendom?

frages for the sinner, on his confession. By which Ferdinand. Here and there one may have crept dispensation, for one bad thing there are two good into the fold, and carried his books with him: ones; confession here, and in heaven the offering but true priests must be better people than any of those suffrages. We who take upon ourselves other, else they could not have received the grace the offences of the people, are no better than the of God to preach his word to the rest : and true people while we are sinning; but while we repeat monks are better still, for they have performed the words of life in the mass, and God is created more miracles, and have performed them too at at our voice in the midst of them, we no longer the very time when the profane and ignorant are children of the world, but children of would fain have proved them to be the most un- righteousness. He who commits sins is one : he worthy ; thus returning good for evil, blessings who remits them is another. Look at this time for revilings.

piece!" Frey Lope de Hornaches was circumvented by Here he produced one, given to him by an his enemies, while he suffered himself, like a lamb, abbess of Merida for sundry works performed on to be conducted to a garden-house by Donna Ima- pressing occasions in her convent, he possessing culata Floz de Cabeça : places which your Majesty the science of discussing and removing some of the must know perfectly, as they lie upon the frontier most malignant complaints, more speedily than of Alentejo. The enemies, who, your Majesty the oldest physician, and being always on the spot may suppose from their promptitude, were an. in spring and fall. ciently of some guerilla, caught him inopportunely This time-piece," he proceeded, “ may be in(as they vainly thought) and led him off (so they exact by an hour, by two hours, by three hours, scornfully boasted) more lightly accoutred than in the twenty-four: yet I call it regular. He even partisan-war and vintage-season make requi- paused. site, through the long street of Cabeça, into the “ Christians !” added he, “I am rejoiced to posada called the 'Star of Bethlehem.' Here observe your humble spirit and pious attentan however they had the humanity to give him the My words, I doubt not, are strange to your ears;


80 are many things at first which afterward are an age, among prophets and debtors, casting an evident and conspicuous. Now this time-piece, angry glance at the Visconde Anadia, who con. although its movements in the sum of their day's fessed to me that he had owed him for some time duration may be amiss, yet if any of you should forty pesos dueros. be guided by it from hour to hour, whether for Ferdinand. My brother ! many contraband labour or rest, he would find that one of them is things may be conveyed into my dominions as long as another: the proportions it marks are through your Majesty's frontier; among them then equal and just. So, although a friar or priest are books. Irreligious ones of the first order, such shall be inaccurate in his conduct, which either as Cyclopedias, Natural Histories, Bibles, and from human infirmity or for some inscrutable Treatises against the Jesuits, are strictly watched purpose may happen, yet that part of it whereat in the territories of Portugal; but latterly there it is your business to look, is right enough. If have been others edited of very evil tendency, the devil take him aside to tempt him, you have ridiculing or reviling the functions and characters no concern at this juncture with him or the devil; of princes. wait patiently till he comes back again, and then John-Mary. The Jesuits did that. mind what he has authority to say.”

Ferdinand. They deny it. John-Mary. My brother! you have surely re- John-Mary. We have proofs. peated the whole sermon. What memory! what Ferdinand. They disdain proofs, and manfully genius!

reject them. Ferdinand. I had three thousand days' indul- John-Mary. The words are plain. gence for learning it; and it cost me but a fort- Ferdinand. So they may appear : they are night.

typical. Frey Lope quite confounded the heretical and John-Mary. What is typical ? evil-minded. He hath since proved his innocence, Ferdinand. Typical is .. wait a moment to the satisfaction of the most scrupulous and typical is . . they told me but yesterday . . No! hard-hearted, by fifty-nine signatures, attesting, on typical is having two or more senses. the experience of the subscribers, that the veil of John-Mary. Brother ! brother! they will not Donna Imaculata has acquired the miraculous vir- let us have any. tue of curing weak eyes.

Ferdinand. ( yes they will : only allow them John-Mary. Hearing at first of the veil, I trem- their own way. They can not act conveniently bled to think how Frey Lope would come off. with others : the horse and ox, they inform me, Gloria patri!

are not made for the same traces. Ferdinand. To abash his accusers and turn John-Mary. I smell poison and gunpowder round upon his persecutors, he has published the under their frocks. whole sermon, whereto is prefixed the title-page Ferdinand. I smell very different things. Happy of “Truth unveiled, or the Cross erected in those that take protection there! They know what Cabeça.” It has been presented to me upon a books are, and write enough for the whole world. white satin cushion fringed with silver, preceded We have taken more than fifty French, English, by the superior of his order, who informed me American, Dutch, Swiss, and other publications, that no remarks were made after the delivery, but in which I am mentioned as a tyrant, a bigot, a

fool, an ingrate, a swindler, a liar, a perjurer. So That watch is no common-place !"

far was fortunate : but what will you say about “That watch strikes home!”

my fortune, when I tell your Majesty that I was “The lady abbess knew what she was about, obliged to hang the valuable servant who diswhen she gave Frey Lope that watch !”.

covered and denounced them ? “ The saintly woman had her finger upon the John-Mary. Could that have been lately? I index ; she foresaw that Frey Lope would make a thought your Majesty had long ago hanged every flaming sword of it."

one such, “The black veil and bright eyes for ever!" Ferdinand. I believe he was the last of the kind;

“Long life to Frey Lope, with his Truth un- but I could not do less. When he had found these veiled, and his Cross erected in Cabeça !” offensive words against me in every book he

“Death to the negroes, traitors to our king and opened, and was still prying more and more, my Frey Lope!"

confessor said it was enough, and asked him why I was offended at finding my royal name united he was not contented with what he had found with a subject's, until the superior informed me already, as the other publications had nothing to

that the words Frey Lope did not actually mean do with politics or religion. “Father!" answered ! Frey Lope, but religion, which has always in good he, “ here are some sixty, in various languages, į times been identified with the monastic orders. written in various tempers, by men of various

John-Mary. That is true, and very profound : religions and various political opinions, yet all in matters of religion we always say one thing and say the same thing of our gracious lord Don mean another. This I heard with my own ears at Ferdinand. If now I could find a single volume Quebuz, in a most unctuous sermon preached by that speaks about him differently, I have only to the deacon Joam Salter, who exemplified it by lay it up, and the fortune of my children is made, saying that a day signified a year, and sometimes twenty years hence, as possessors of the rarest

such as,


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