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like the day of judgment between the trumpet | Ferdinand. Not without some discontent and and the summons.

scandal ; your Majesty rendered thanks to the John-Mary. People sweated so !

Almighty for delivering you from the enemies; I Ferdinand. Here the foolish heretic remained for delivering me from the heretics; and the some hours, and, the sailors say, returned just as Almighty did not hear a word from me about the well satisfied as if he had conversed with anyone others. His Majesty the king of Great Britain who could have set him right.

was so pleased at me, that he sent me his conI will continue : “It has been resolved that gratulations. the above deliberation, together with its causes John-Mary. He sent the same to me, who and consequences, be notified to his Majesty the thanked God (it seems) for much less than you king of Great Britain and Ireland, with a request thanked him for. that he will consider them attentively, and further Ferdinand. Listen. “ That his Britannie Ni the resolutions formed thereon by their Majesties jesty will remove the Protestants from his kingthe Catholic and the Faithful. Desirous of avoid- dom of Ireland, placing them in London ing all possible cause of offence to his said Majesty, Windsor or Brighton, or anywhere it may please and of strengthening the ties of amity and interest his Majesty, under the eye of the police, so that which reciprocally bind and unite them, and fur- they may not annoy their Catholic ethren; and thermore of manifesting to the world their sincerity, also that he will be graciously pleased to restore in their adherence to the principles of the Holy the benefices to the Catholic bishops and clergy. Alliance; and resolved in no instance to depart Resolved as their Catholic and Faithful Majesties from their upright and pacific views, their afore- are, never to interfere in the internal affairs of said Majesties propose to his aforesaid Majesty : other countries, they are resolved nevertheless to

"That he should proscribe and exterminate the send an army of one hundred and twelve thousand sect of freemasons, of which his said Majesty is a men to assist in arranging the ancient church member, save and excepting his own sacred per-establishment in Ireland, such as it was in the son; and that he should annul every oath which times of the apostles. he has taken upon that occasion, and others, such “ The loyalty of the aforesaid majesties, the being contrary to the principles of good govern- Catholic and the Faithful, is too well known in ment, as inculcated by the Holy Alliance, the Europe to need any pledge, comment, or illus excellence of which Holy Alliance his Britannic tration ; else nothing could evince it more per Majesty has formally and publicly acknowledged, fectly than this frank and early declaration of expressing his regret that the constitution of his their sentiments and resolutions." kingdom did not at that time allow him to become John-Mary. I do not think he can complain a member of it.”

that we are not frank enough. The Holy Allies, John-Mary. I can not think he said that. like other holy men, wait not for asking: it is Ferdinand. He did though; or his minister lied. only when they are dead that they must be begged

John-Mary. He must be a very modest man, and prayed. Well, the paper seems to me a very to talk of a constitution not " letting," with an good paper of the kind; and after your Majesty army such as his, all staunch and true to him, and has signed it, I will do the same. a parliament he can dissolve at his pleasure ; in Ferdinand. Gently; we are not half through other words, as my ministers teach me, with a it yet. parliament every soul of which he can fine to the John-Mary. God has endowed your Majesty amount of at least four thousand pounds for a with wonderful powers; but I never heard of any murmur; such, it has been proved, is the regular man who could read so long together. There are price of seats in it, and a wilful minister could those, it is said, who can get through a gazette at make them come dearer to an ill-advised opponent. a sitting ; but they have their chocolate or lemos

Ferdinand. He is indeed a modest man, and ade beside them, and a nice curled wafer to seek does not do half the harm he might do.

them through : moreover, in gazettes they read of John-Mary. Well then, I would not make him festivals and processions ; they do not stand upon bite his own fingers till he cries.

one leg, like a statue of Fame in a poultry-vard, Ferdinand. He is so good-natured and compli- but keep jogging on pleasantly from one thing ant, that I could bend him at last into biting his to another. toe-nails, and saying grace for it.

Ferdinand. I once read a whole hour. John-Mary. O then, I would not.

John-Mary. On what momentous occasion! Ferdinand. My brother and brother-in-law and Ferdinand. I had the dysentery and the Live! cousin, you enter but faint-heartedly into the of the Martyrs, and did not like to get up. That system of the Holy Alliance. I have more yet reading cured me: I could mark the very place for him.

that made me whole. John-Mary. He may turn upon us ; let him lie. I will show you what I can do.

Ferdinand. Nothing can alter his sweet tem- " It can hardly be unknown to his Britannie per. When his troops had restored my throne to Majesty, that a certain portion of the ultramarine me, I ordered thanks to be rendered to God dominions of his Catholic Majesty, to wit, from the publicly in all the churches.

forty-second degree of south latitude to the fortyJohn-Mary. Who would not? I did the same. second north, is in a state of most unnatural in

surrection, and that the kingdom of Brazil too is such-like indiscreetly given, have not been revoked disturbed. But their Majesties, the Catholic and or reconsidered in all material points. the Faithful, have the honour to announce to their Ferdinand. Judiciously remarked, my cousin ! ancient friend and ally the king of the United a historical fact of the first magnitude ! Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, John-Mary. I heard it from the minister of that a frigate is despatched by his Catholic Ma- France. jesty, and a capuchin by his Faithful, and that Ferdinand. A principal figure in the revoluthe well-disposed can not doubt of their success. tionary whirly-gig; he always sat upon the ostrich After which their said Majesties, the Catholic and and whipt the one before him. Faithful, will assist and enable his Britannic John-Mary. Now, brother, whom did you hear Majesty to annul his coronation oath and all that from? others, and to do justice to his loyal people. It Ferdinand. I forget. It was said of Talleyrand; being evident that all oaths whatever, made by a it will do for another, if you remove the ostrich, king to his subjects, are degrading to the royal and put cock or poney in the place. dignity, and made therefore involuntarily and John-Mary. But the king of France always compulsorily; yet, willing to second the clemency had friends about him : the gentleman from Gasof his Britannic Majesty, their Majesties the cony, Blacas I think the name is, among tht rest. Catholic and the Faithful, declare that they will Ferdinand. He turned his pantaloon, bought not oblige or urge his Britannic Majesty to the sleeves quite new, hired running footmen, and punishment of any abettors in this nefarious and was created duke. impious mockery of royalty, and, through royalty, John-Mary. I never heard the word "createdin of faith and religion; and that they will advise on that sense. Admirable ! it means, to make things the contrary, and sign their names and affix their out of nothing. seals to a general act of amnesty, excluding By what I can see of the paper (if that is the therefrom none other than the archbishops of place where your thumb is) I am afraid we are Canterbury and York and bishop of London, still far from land, and have many tacks to make and such beside as notified their assent to the before we reach the port. same unlawful and compulsory act.

Ferdinand. Have courage, my brother and “No officer under the rank of captain shall be cousin, we are half-seas-over. molested for the same, unless it can be proved John-Mary. Glory be to God ! that he drank to the health of the constitutional Ferdinand. Kyrie eleison ! king, and swore or said that he would die in his “If any unfounded jealousy, suggested by crafty defence.

and malicious men, for the furtherance of their “Nor shall any magistrate or justice of the dark designs, should weigh upon the breast of peace be punished with death, or exile, or by any his Britannic Majesty, as to the foreign force thing more than fine and imprisonment, who can about to be employed in the establishment of his be clearly proved to have been ignorant that plenary and legitimate authority; in order to constitutional is different from 'arbitrary.' remove it altogether, it is agreed that an equal

“ Nor shall any doctor of medicine, or surgeon, number of troops, belonging to his Britannic or apothecary, be subject to capital punishment Majesty, shall be permitted to occupy for the for attending constitutional patients, nor be liable same space of time (in the possessions of his to any other inconvenience than suspension from Catholic Majesty) the whole of Tierra del Fuego, his profession for six months, until he shall have together with the whole Antarctic Continent, not purged himself from so foul an imputation. however interfering in its ecclesiastical affairs;

“All degrees, nevertheless, conferred by the and, beside these, the whole northern range of universities during the reign of anarchy, shall Sierra Nevada ; in the possessions of his Faithful be null and void; as shall also be all learning Majesty, the entire kingdoms of Ethiopia, Arabia, (falsely so called) acquired therein ; and whoever and Persia ; in which his Faithful Majesty shall does not give a full and particular account of retain no more troops than he may in his wisdom what he has read, or heard in lectures, in the think necessary for religion, on the day of Corpus whole of that disastrous time, and who does not Domini, the Purification of the Blessed Virgin, swear upon the crucifix that he abominates, and John the aptist. And all the captainabhors, and detests it, and that he will forget the majors, corregidores, judges of the tribunals whole of it in one calendar month, is exempted (excepting the ecclesiastical), and justices of the from the provisions contained in this act of grace peace, of his Faithful Majesty, in those countries,

are commanded to give their aid, in order to John-Mary. That is reasonable ; I would give carry this ordinance into effect.

The king of Great Britain will see, John-Mary. Bless my heart and soul! is there on casting his enlightened eyes over the world, another paper still ? is that which fell out part of that it is only in Protestant countries that kings this ? have hitherto been unable to modify or lay aside

Ferdinand. No; it is a private one; that is, their oaths at their good pleasure ; and that con- one written by my own order. It being also for stitutions extorted by the people (it matters not the court of St. James, I placed the two together. whether long since or lately) and charters and I think we write better than the Russians and

and amnesty."

them time.

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French. The English beat us in style, I hear; the precedent of all times and countries (if prebut the substance comes to nothing.

cedent could be quoted against royal will and John-Mory. Here however the French and pleasure) to insist on the fulfilment of the compact Russians are very polite and conciliatory. I did and engagement entered into with British subjects not imagine that his Imperial Majesty had our by his Catholic Majesty. Nevertheless his Britanholy Catholic religion so much at heart.

nic Majesty did reject most royally the authority Ferdinand. I assure you, he holds it next to of precedent, acknowledging (as became his mag. the Turkish ; though he may not seem to do it. nanimity) no authority but God's; and asserted no Theirs of the Holy Alliance is the most civil and claim whatever in behalf of his monied subjects. inviting; but this pleases me best, being plain “ The undersigned then can not but recommend and argumentative. I will read it after.

to his Majesty's minister for foreign affairs, to John-Mary. For the love of God, my brother reconsider the matter, and correct bis inconsis and cousin, read it now, if it were only to break tency. For surely no greater can be imagined the neck of the cruel long one before us, which, than to forego what have always been considered like a serpent in the brakes of Brazil, shows its as just claims (but which their Majesties the head where you think its tail must be, and only Holy Allies are resolved to consider and admit coils up to stretch itself and spring out again. as such no longer), and at the same time to de

Ferdinand. Anything to please your Majesty; mand an indemnity for ships detained or cap and I am happy in an opportunity of demonstrat- tured, in places where the navigation of British ing that we can maintain our dignity. By holy and all other foreign vessels has been declared Martha ! I will no more pay my debts than I will and acknowledged illicit, and this by the British keep my oath.

government, for many ages. “The undersigned . . has the honour “ The undersigned .. high consideration" .. amity . · good understanding .. good faith . High, no doubt! for a blunderer whose best Ha ! here we have it; we are fairly out of the argument he has been reducing to dust between phrases at last, and in the midst of the busi- his fingers. ness; not witbout surprise and concern that John-Mary. Any two men living would agree the minister of his Britannic Majesty for foreign on the propriety of this remonstrance; the only affairs, after declaring (as he was bound to do) doubt would be, whether a debt contracted by your that he would not insist on the payment of the Majesty, the regularity and justice of which was loan contracted in the sittings of the Cortes, or of not protested against, nor one particle excepted the interest thereon, should still insist (if indeed until long after the whole amount was spent, is he be in earnest) on the indemnity for British debt or not; and consequently, whether it ought ships detained and confiscated on the coasts of or not to be discharged; which I consider as a South America.

part of the same question. “Now the undersigned is commanded by his Ferdinand. Such reasonings suit much better ! royal master, to remark that there does indeed the tradesmen of Lisbon and Cadiz than monarets appear to be a shadow of justice in the claims of who have quelled rebellions. Do you owe the those Englishmen who advanced him money: for English any money, my brother? If you do, although the interest was onerous, in proportion don't pay them. to the difficulties of his Majesty, the exhaustion of John-Mary. They would force me. his treasury, the rebellion in America, and per- Ferdinand. Not they truly. What can they ! haps also in proportion to the false ideas that do, poor devils, without the ministers? ignorant and malevolent men entertained of his John-Mary. To borrow from a people and not Catholic Majesty's good faith, so often and so to pay, would be as just a cause of war as to seize fully proved: yet his Catholic Majesty had upon their property by sea or land, in my ports sworn to observe, defend, and maintain in all its or upon my roads; and greatly more villanoas I parts and provisions, the new constitution ;* and ask for assistance in my necessities, and it is given his Britannic Majesty was officially informed of me in reliance on my good faith .. such oath, and kept & minister at Madrid. Ferdinand. Brother John-Mary, you reason Therefore his Britannic Majesty was bound by like a broker. Send the ministers of England a

service of plate, and they will furnish you with * In the Proclamation signe him at Cadiz, Septem, better logic, and newer, and more kingly. They ber 30, 1823, he says, “I promise a general, complete, and absolute amnesty of all that is past, without exception. I will beside tell their people, “Rash men! you promise that the debts, contracted for the nation by the lent the money at your own risk : we did not existing government, shall be ratified. I promise that all advise you." generals and other officers of the army, who have defended the constitutional system, shall preserve their rank, ap. sent out ships: we did not advise you : what

John-Mary. They might as well say,

& Yog pointments, and honours."

That he violated all these promises, is too notorious for have we to do with pirates? Your Majesty pledged any remark.

your royal word”. A rogue may have some urgent reasons for being a rogue ;

Ferdinand. They have it then in pledge: let but an honest man can have none for aiding and abetting them do what they will with it: I shall not molest him in his roguery, nor for countenancing him after it. What then must we think of those princes who reinstated them about the matter. and upheld him ?

John-Mary. You promised to pay principal and

interest; and the obligation lies the stronger, as I have the bravest and most experienced fugleman the most loyal of your own subjects would not in Europe, as my ministers tell me. supply a cake of chocolate for your breakfast. John-Mary. God forbid that any man should lie

Ferdinand. If kings are obliged to pay, they are for me, who has not the grace to go to confession not free. We are answerable to God only; and after it, to make an oblation, and to take the when he tells me, I will do it as becomes a Catholic. Eucharist! Your argument on the ships is idle. The ships Ferdinand. The Holy Alliance and the English pay the king of England the duties of export and ministers (for they enter fully into its spirit) are import: but he is in truth so little of a king, that ready to punish those monied men who have enhe can not put his hand even into the pouch of a couraged and supported constitutions, and will tinker, much less into desks and purses, and take leave them to harangue upon their empty coffers. out what he wishes. Why should he care then Your Majesty will also see that this absurd claim who helps himself to the money not destined by of indemnity for maritime losses will be dropped Parliament for his taxes? If I had detained a and abandoned. I am uncertain only upon the herring-smack, he would bluster and bully and question of the slave-trade, and not very upon threaten me with reprisals; but when twenty or that, knowing that the principal friends and supthirty of his merchants go to ruin by trusting me, porters of the British minister for foreign affairs, he thinks as I, and as all other wise men do, and are persons connected with slavery and fed upon says, “ The greater fools they !"

sugar. On this subject is the following paragraph. John-Mary. He had acknowledged your govern- “ Their Catholic and Faithful Majesties having ment as it then stood : he is bound in consequence been unwarily led into the impracticable scheme to protect the property of his subjects entrusted of abolishing the trade in negroes, do by their to its good faith.

royal will and deed retract the stipulation; it Ferdinand. Bound ! By Santiago ! according to having been proved that his most Christian your doctrine, we kings are no better than private Majesty made the same promise with the same men. By Christ and the Blessed Virgin! I won't solemnity, and that nevertheless the faithful subpay. Now then I can't: I should break my vow if jects of his most Christian Majesty never at any I did : and what is a promise to a vow? Is the former period have exercised the trade so extenking of England such a heretic as to push his sively as at present. But in order to obviate all horn against it? Religion is religion all over the real evil that may arise from the continuation of world : vows are sacred at Tunis and at Mecca. the trade in negroes, their Majesties, the Catholic

John-Mary. Very true ; but it is only for royalty and the Faithful, declare and protest, that, whenand religion that men are authorised to violate ever a slave is dying, the crucifix shall be put to them. I should be in some fear of losing my his lips and upon his breast; that every force, dominions in America, if my son did not swear to moral and physical, shall be employed to make them that he would make them independent. him cry. Credo!' and in such a manner that, if

Ferdinand. I do not well understand how that unluckily God should not hear it, the cherubs and ensures them.

seraphs in waiting, or some two of them at the John-Mary. They would else rebel. As mat- least, shall be able to declare it on their words ters now stand my beloved son, aided by Eng- of honour; and finally that extreme unction shall land, will oblige the people there to pay me several be administered to him in olive oil, when olive millions of dollars, and will bring over from oil does not exceed seven reals the pound, and, Germany some thousands of soldiers, under the when it does, in such other as Holy Church may pretext of agriculture, who shall cut every throat decree to be salutary and effectual. through which hath passed the impure seditious Their Majesties, the Catholic and the Faithful, cry of “ independence.” Heseemed at first afraid of are far from wishing to wound the feelings of his this perjury: but I procured him absolution from Britannic Majesty, by any recapitulation of disRome for it, and sent him at the same time a asters which may have befallen the arms of his consecrated rose and a father's blessing.

Britannic Majesty: yet the glory of God and of Ferdinand. For how long a time are those good ? the true religion is all in all with them, and they

John-Mary. The virtue of the consecrated rose can not but entreat his Britannic Majesty to conis durable in proportion to the money paid for sider in his royal wisdom, whether the late disit

, and the father's blessing to that obtained comfiture and destruction of his troops on the by it.

coast of Africa, by the Ashantees, is not a suffiFerdinand. If the Brazilians should relapse, cient proof that the God of armies and Lord of your Majesty might employ the English fleet Hosts has animated them to vengeance, for the against them, which, taking advantage of the millions of souls that are lost to his heavenly wind and the snuff, could blind them all, without kingdom, by not being conveyed where the mysa cannon-shot.

teries of the holy Catholic religion may be imparted John-Mary. The English are dexterous en- to them. On which contemplation their Majesties, gineers at blinding people: but the Brazilians the Catholic and the Faithful, propose that his have strong eyes, better in my opinion than the Britannic Majesty will treat as pirates those who English.

impede or obstruct this salutary traffic; and that, Ferdinand. If sheer lying is the maneuvre, they in conjunction with the naval forces of his Most

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Christian Majesty, a small auxiliary fleet may be ciliation and love toward God and one's neighbour. always stationed on the African coast, to that Only think that the Russian minister should purpose and effect ; which united fleets however co-operate with the minister of the most Christian shall be removed, when the whole population of king, in making us say what we are made to say Africa is brought over to the words of everlasting here. life, and duly obedient, in its ecclesiastical polity “ It is the resolution of their Majesties, the and discipline, to the see of Rome. In that pre-Catholic and the Faithful, to assist his Britannie dicament, it shall no longer be permitted to export Majesty in bringing into the union of spirit and the negroes, who shall be treated with the same the bond of peace the dissenters of Scotland, and lenity as those under the same denomination (from to divide the Catholic church (thus happily reintheir stubbornness) in the European kingdoms of stated throughout the British dominions) into two his Catholic Majesty."

parts, as elsewhere, the high clergy and the lov; John-Mary. Such clemency, I am afraid, would convinced as they are (no less than is his Britannie irritate the higher clergy and the Apostolical Majesty and his ministers) that both church and junta : I mean to say, if your Majesty should state ought to be formed upon the same model, really treat the negroes of Spain as kindly as the and that two chambers are as necessary to the one negroes of Cuba and Puerto Rico are treated by as to the other; without which subordination their masters.

sufficient lustre and dignity can not be given te Ferdinand. Mere masters are one thing, kings the church triumphant, or sufficient obsequions are another. I will consider what befits my crown ness and humility to the main body of suffragans and dignity, and if I have promised too much, I and preachers. Be it however provided and will issue an ordinance of revocation.

ordered, subject to the approbation and determi“ The aforesaid duties being executed on the nation of His Holiness the Pope, that no more Coast of Senegal and Guinea, and insurrection than forty-five bishops and eight hundred canonja being suppressed on the continent of America, be appointed for the service of the church in Scot the maritime powers of Europe are alike all land, and leaving it entirely to the wisdom of his interested in bringing under regular government Britannic Majesty to assign them their revenues the rebellious slaves of San Domingo; and the from the bleaching-grounds and manufactories of more so, inasmuch as the insurrection there has that kingdom, converting them into suitable epis assumed more settled features, and the slaves copal domains, monasteries and convents, to the commit the cruel mockery of regularity and peace, glory of God and his saints." preserving in civil and domestic life the most John-Mary. This is not so explicit as I could exact order, and in political and military the wish. In the manufactories, I am told, there are most exemplary decorum and the most perfect magical lights, called gas lights. The fathers and discipline. Their affectation of honesty, of indus- nuns would not wish for these abominations, and try, and of happiness, under a republican form of the places should be lustrated with sulphur and government, shows the malice of their hearts, and salt-water. When the tubes for conveying these leaves it doubtful whether they can be brought to devilish lights have been cast into the furnace and reason by any other means than well-concerted melted down, I think the mischief arising from force. Nevertheless, if they will resign their them will certainly have ceased. They may be visionary laws, to with their fathers and sold for the benefit of the ejected; the religious mothers, their wives and children, their houses being sure to find as many pipes and conduits for and plantations, the high contracting parties on their purposes as they want, from the warm zes! the other hand will restore to them the mild of the faithful. dominion of their ancient laws, and their former Ferdinand. That there may in future le do most affectionate and loving masters. The colonels cause of war or dissension between his Britannie of regiments shall enjoy the privilege of the whip, Majesty on the one side, and their Majesties the and the judges shall be assayers of molasses, Catholic and the Faithful on the other, it is de wearing a red cuff on the left wrist, but without sirable and earnestly recommended, that his Bri sleeve above it; and moreover, about their loins tannic Majesty be pleased to take some title difan apron of white cotton a full yard in length. ferent from Britannic; seeing that, in almanss None but the principals of the insurrection shall and similar publications, it gives a handle to ibe be hanged, and none but the president shall be disaffected to place, as they call it, alphabetically, quartered."

the name, style, title, and dignity, of his Britannie John-Mary. I am rejoiced to find that the Holy Majesty, before the name, style, title, and dignity, Allies are become so mild and gracious. There of their Majesties, the Catholic and the Faithfel, were some prejudices against them in the begin to the great scandal of the vassals of their sajd ning, particularly as everyone of them took from Majesties, the Catholic and the Faithful. In con the next principality as much as he could take, sideration of which constitution and heresy being disregarding all similarity in sentiment and all uprooted), if there is any star or cross peculiarly confederacy in action.

agreeable to his Britannic Majesty, it shall forh. Ferdinand. I never approved of that conduct : with be conveyed to him, with wbatever ceremony I gained nothing. The present paper is greatly the said king and his king-at-arms may appoint, more moderate: it breathes a pure spirit of con- just as freely and lovingly as his Britannie Ms

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