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and caught to her bosom with maternal love the not a trifling advantage to me, who walk often, alluvial monsters of the Nile. Philosophy, never and am weak. I have no alley, no garden, no fit for the people, had entered the best houses, inclosure: the park is in the vale below, where a and the image of Epicurus had taken the place of brook supplies the ponds, and where my servants the Lemures. But men can not bear' to be de- are lodged; for here I have only twelve in prived long together of anything they are used attendance. to; not even of their fears; and, by a reaction of Cæsar. What is that so white, toward the the mind appertaining to our nature, new stimu- Adriatic ? lants were looked for, not on the side of pleasure, Lucullus. The Adriatic itself. Turn round, and where nothing new could be expected or imagined, you may descry the Tuscan Sea. Our situation but on the opposite. Irreligion is followed by is reported to be among the highest of the Apenfanaticism, and fanaticism by irreligion, alter- nines ... Marcipor has made the sign to me that nately and perpetually.

dinner is ready. Pass this way. Lucullus. The religion of our country, as you Cæsar. What a library is here! Ah Marcus observe, is well adapted to its inhabitants. Our Tullius ! I salute thy image. Why frownest thou progenitor Mars hath Venus recumbent on his upon me? collecting the consular robe and upbreast, and looking up to him, teaching us that lifting the right-arm, as when Rome stood firm pleasure is to be sought in the bosom of valour again, and Catiline fled before thee. and by the means of war. No great alteration, I Lucullus. Just so; such was the action the stathink, will ever be made in our rites and cere- tuary chose, as adding a new endearment to the monies; the best and most imposing that could memory of my absent friend. be collected from all nations, and uniting them Cæsar. Sylla, who honoured you above all men, to us by our complaisance in adopting them. The is not here. gods themselves may change names, to flatter Lucullus. I have his Commentaries : he innew power: and indeed, as we degenerate, Reli- scribed them, as you know, to me. Something gion will accommodate herself to our propensities even of our benefactors may be forgotten, and and desires. Our heaven is now popular : it will gratitude be unreproved. become monarchal : not without a crowded court, Cæsar. The impression on that couch, and the as befits it, of apparitors, and satellites and minions two fresh honeysuckles in the leaves of those two of both sexes, paid and caressed for carrying to books, would show, even to a stranger, that this their stern dark-bearded master prayers and sup- room is peculiarly the master's. Are they sacred ? plications. Altars must be strown with broken Lucullus. To me and Cæsar. minds, and incense rise amid abject aspirations. Cæsar. I would have asked permission .. Gods will be found unfit for their places ; and it Lucullus. Caius Julius, you have nothing to ask is not impossible that, in the ruin imminent from of Polybius and Thucydides ; nor of Xenophon, our contentions for power, and in the necessary the next to them on the table. extinction both of ancient families and of gene- Cæsar. Thucydides ! the most generous, the rous sentiments, our consular fasces may become most unprejudiced, the most sagacious, of histo

1 the water-sprinklers of some upstart priesthood, rians. Now, Lucullus, you whose judgment in and that my son may apply for lustration to the style is more accurate than any other Roman's, son of my groom. The interest of such men re- do tell me whether a commander, desirous of quires that the spirit of arms and of arts be writing his Commentaries, could take to himself extinguished. They will predicate peace, that a more perfect model than Thucydides. the people may be tractable to them : but a reli- Lucullus. Nothing is more perfect, nor ever gion altogether pacific is the fomenter of wars will be: the scholar of Pericles, the master of and the nurse of crimes, alluring Sloth from Demosthenes ! the equal of the one in military within and Violence from afar. If ever it should science, and of the other not the inferior in civil prevail among the Romans, it must prevail alone: and forensic; the calm dispassionate judge of the for nations more vigorous and energetic will invade general by whom he was defeated ; his defender, them, close upon them, trample them under foot; his encomiast. To talk of such men is conducive and the name of Roman, which is now the most not only to virtue but to health. glorious, will become the most opprobrious upon Cæsar. We have no writer who could keep up ; earth.

long together his severity and strength. I would Cæsar. The time I hope may be distant; for follow him ; but I shall be contented with my next to my own name I hold my country's. genius, if (Thucydides in sight) I come many paces

Lucullus. Mine, not coming from Troy or Ida, is behind, and attain by study and attention the lower in my estimation : I place my country's first. graceful and secure mediocrity of Xenophon.

You are surveying the little lake beside us. It Lucullus. You will avoid, I think, Cæsar, one of 1 contains no fish : birds never alight on it: the his peculiarities; his tendency to superstition. water is extremely pure and cold: the walk round Cæsar. I dare promise this; and even to write is pleasant; not only because there is always a nothing so flat and idle as his introduction to gentle breeze from it, but because the turf is fine, the Cyropædia. The first sentence that follows and the surface of the mountain on this summit it, I perceive, repeats the same word, with its subis perfectly on a level, to a great extent in length; stantive, four times. This is a trifle : but great

often says,

writers and great painters do miracles or mischief | the upper three, eight each, but diminutive. The by a single touch. Our authors are so addicted confectionary is brought separately; for the steam of late to imitate the Grecian, that a bad intro- would spoil it, if any should escape. The melons duction is more classical than a good one. Not are in the snow thirty feet under us : they came to mention any friend of yours, Crispus Sallustius, early this morning from a place in the vicinity of who is mine, brought me one recently of this Luni, so that I hope they may be crisp, indedescription; together with some detached pieces pendently of their coolness. of a history, which nothing in our prose or poetry Cæsar. I wonder not at anything of refined hath surpassed in animation.

elegance in Lucullus : but really here Antiochia Lucullus. We ought to talk of these things by and Alexandria seem to have cooked for us, and ourselves; not before the vulgar; by which ex- magicians to be our attendants. pression I mean the unlearned and irreverent, in Lucullus. The absence of slaves from our repast forum and in senate. Our Cicero has indeed is the luxury: for Marcipor alone enters, and he avoided such inelegance as that of Xenophon: one only when I press a spring with my foot or wand. perhaps less pardonable may be found repeatedly When you desire his appearance, touch that chalin his works: I would say an inelegance not cedony, just before you. arising from neglect, or obtusity of ear, but Cæsar. I eat quick, and rather plentifully : yet coming forth in the absence of reflection. He the valetudinarian (excuse my rusticity, for I re

mirari soleo." Now surely a wise joice at seeing it) appears to equal the traveller man soon ceases to wonder at anything, and, in appetite, and to be contented with one dish. instead of indulging in the habitude of wonder at Lucullus. It is milk : such, with strawberries, one object, brings it closer to him, makes it fami- which ripen on the Apennines many months in liar, discusses, and dismisses it. He told me in continuance, and some other berries of sharp and his last letter of an incredible love and affection grateful flavour, has been my only diet since my for me. Pardon me, Cæsar ! pardon me, Genius first residence here. The state of my health reof Rome! and Mercury! I exclaimed, "the cloron!" quires it; and the habitude of nearly three months laughing heartily. He would not that I should renders this food not only more commodious to really have thought his regard incredible ; on the my studies and more conducive to my sleep, but contrary, that I should believe it and confide in also more agreeable to my palate, than any other. it to its full extent, and that I should flatter Cæsar. Returning to Rome or Baiæ, you must myself it was not only possible but reasonable. domesticate and tame them. The cherries you In vain will any one remark to me, “such phrases introduced from Pontus are now growing in Cisalare common.In our ordinary language there are pine and Transalpine Gaul, and the largest and many beauties, more or less visible according to best in the world perhaps are upon the more their place and season, which a judicious writer sterile side of Lake Larius. and forcible orator will subject to his arbitration Lucullus. There are some fruits, and some and service: there are also many things which, if virtues, which require a harsh soil and bleak exused at all, must be used cautiously. I may be posure for their perfection. much at my case, without being in tatters, and Cæsar. In such a profusion of viands, and so without treading on the feet of those I come savoury, I perceive no odour. forward to salute. I arrogate to myself no supe- Lucullus. A flue conducts heat through the riority, in detecting a peculiar and latent mark compartments of the obelisks; and if you look up, upon that exalted luminary: his own effulgence you may observe that those gilt roses, between showed me it. From Cicero down to me the dis- the astragals in the cornice, are prominent from tance is as great, as between the prince of the it half a span. Here is an aperture in the wall, senate and the lowest voter. I influenced the between which and the outer is a perpetual curfriends of order; he fulminated and exterminated rent of air. We are now in the dog-days; and I the enemies. I have served my country; he hath have never felt in the whole summer more heat saved it.

than at Rome in many days of March. This other is my dining-room. You expect

Cæsar. Usually you are attended by troops of the dishes.

domestics and of dinner-friends, not to mention Cæsar. I misunderstood .. I fancied .. the learned and scientific, nor your own family,

Lucullus. Repose yourself, and touch with the your attachment to which, from youth upward, ebony wand, beside you, the sphynx on either of is one of the higher graces in your character. those obelisks, right or left.

Your brother was seldom absent from you. Cæsar. Let me look at them first.

Lucullus. Marcus was coming : but the veheLucullus. The contrivance was intended for one ment heats along the Arno, in which valley he person, or two at most, desirous of privacy and has a property he never saw before, inflamed his quiet. The blocks of jasper in my pair, and of blood; and he now is resting for a few days at porphyry in yours, easily yield in their grooves, Fæsulæ, a little town destroyed by Sylla within each forming one partition. There are four, con our memory, who left it only air and water, the taining four platforms. The lower holds four best in Tuscany. The health of Marcus, like dishes, such as sucking forest-boars, venison, hares, mine, has been declining for several months : we tunnies, sturgeons, which you will find within ; are running our last race against each other : and

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never was I, in youth along the Tiber, so anxious Lucullus. I attend you. of first reaching the goal. I would not outlive Cæsar. Lucullus ! who is here? what figure is him : I should reflect too painfully on earlier days, that on the poop of the vessel ? can it be... and look forward too despondently on future. As Lucullus. The subject was dictated by myself; for friends, lampreys and turbots beget them, and you gave it. they spawn not amid the solitude of the Apen- Cosar. Oh how beautifully is the water painted ! nines. To dine in company with more than two, how vividly the sun strikes against the snows on is a Gaulish and German thing. I can hardly Taurus! the grey temples and pier-head of Tarsus bring myself to believe that I have eaten in con- catch it differently, and the monumental mount cert with twenty; so barbarous and herdlike a on the left is half in shade. In the countenance practice does it now appear to me; such an in- of those pirates I did not observe such diversity, centive to drink much and talk loosely; not to nor that any boy pulled his father back : I did not add, such a necessity to speak loud; which is indeed mark them or notice them at all. clownish and odious in the extreme. On this Lucullus. The painter, in this fresco, the last mountain-summit I hear no noises, no voices, not work finished, had dissatisfied me in one particueven of salutation : we have no flies about us, and lar. “ That beautiful young face,” said I, “ ap scarcely an insect or reptile.

pears not to threaten death.” Cæsar. Your amiable son is probably with his Lucius," he replied, “ if one muscle were uncle: is he well!

moved, it were not Cæsar's : beside, he said it Lucullus. Perfectly: he was indeed with my jokingly, though resolved." brother in his intended visit to me: but Marcus, “ I am contented with your apology, Antipho: unable to accompany him hither, or superintend but what are you doing now? for you nerer lay his studies in the present state of his health, sent down or suspend your pencil, let who will talk him directly to his uncle Cato at Tusculum, a and argue. The lines of that smaller face in the man fitter than either of us to direct his educa- distance are the same.” tion, and preferable to any, excepting yourself “ Not the same," replied he, “nor very difand Marcus Tullius, in eloquence and urbanity. ferent: it smiles; as surely the goddess must hare

Cæsar. Cato is so great, that whoever is greater done, at the first heroic act of her descendant." must be the happiest and first of men.

Cæsar. In her exultation and impatience to Lucullus. That any such be still existing, 0 press forward, she seems to forget that she is Julius, ought to excite no groan from the breast standing at the extremity of the shell, which rises of a Roman citizen. But perhaps I wrong you: up behind out of the water; and she takes no perhaps your mind was forced reluctantly back notice of the terror on the countenance of this again, on your past animosities and contests in Cupid who would detain her, nor of this who is the senate.

flying off and looking back. The reflection of the Cæsar. I revere him, but can not love him. shell has given a warmer hue below the knee: a

Lucullus. Then, Caius Julius, you groaned with long streak of yellow light in the horizon is on the reason; and I would pity rather than reprove you. level of her bosom; some of her hair is almost lost i

On the ceiling, at which you are looking, there in it: above her head on every side is the pure is no gilding, and little painting .. a mere trellis azure of the heavens. of vines bearing grapes, and the heads, shoulders, Oh! and you would not have led me up to this? and arms, rising from the cornice only, of boys You, among whose primary studies is the most and girls climbing up to steal them, and scram- perfect satisfaction of your guests ! bling for them: nothing over-head : no giants Lucullus. In the next apartment are seven or tumbling down, no Jupiter thundering, no Mars eight other pictures from our history. and Venus caught at mid-day, no river-gods pour- There are no more : what do you look for? ing out their urns upon us : for, as I think nothing Cæsar. I find not among the rest any descripso insipid as a flat ceiling, I think nothing so tive of your own exploits. Ah Lucullus! there is absurd as a storied one. Before I was aware, and no surer way of making them remembered. without my participation, the painter had adorned This, I presume by the harps in the two corners, that of my bedchamber with a golden shower, is the music-room. bursting from varied and irradiated clouds. On Lucullus. No indeed; nor can I be said to have my expostulation, his excuse was, that he knew one here: for I love best the music of a single inthe Danaë of Scopas, in a recumbent posture, was strument, and listen to it willingly at all times, to occupy the centre of the room. The walls, but most willingly while I am reading. At such behind the tapestry and pictures, are quite rough. seasons a voice or even a whisper disturbs me: In forty-three days the whole fabric was put but music refreshes my brain when I have read together and habitable.

long, and strengthens it from the beginning. I The wine has probably lost its freshness : will find also that if I write anything in poetry (a you try some other?

youthful propensity still remaining) it gives råCæsar. Its temperature is exact; its flavour pidity and variety and brightness to my ideas exquisite. Latterly I have never sat long after On ceasing, I command a fresh measure and indinner, and am curious to pass through the other strument, or another voice; which is to the mind apartments, if you will trust me.

like a change of posture or of air to the body. My


health is benefited by the gentle play thus opened than offer one. Reflections must strike you, to the most delicate of the fibres.

Lucullus, no less forcibly than me, and perhaps Cæsar. Let me augur that a disorder so tract- more justly; you are calmer. Consider all the able may be soon removed. What is it thought late actions of Cneius, and tell me who has ever to be?

committed any so indecorous with so grave a Lucullus. There are they who would surmise face? He abstained in great measure from the and signify, and my physician did not long at- follies of youth, only to reserve them accumulated tempt to persuade me of the contrary, that the for maturer age. Human life, if I may venture ancient realms of Æætes have supplied me with to speak fancifully in your presence, hath its some other plants than the cherry, and such as I equinoxes. In the vernal its flowers open under should be sorry to see domesticated here in Italy. violent tempests : in the autumnal it is more

Cepsar. The Gods forbid! Anticipate better exempt from gusts and storms, more regular, things. The reason of Lucullus is stronger than serene, and temperate, looks complacently on the the medicaments of Mithridates; but why not use fruits it has gathered, on the harvests it has them too? Let nothing be neglected. You may reaped, and is not averse to the graces of order, reasonably hope for many years of life: your to the avocations of literature, to the genial mother still enjoys it. *

warmth of honest conviviality, and to the mild Lucullus. To stand upon one's guard against necessity of repose. Thrown out from the course Death, exasperates her malice and protracts our of Nature, this man stood aside and solitary, and sufferings.

found everything around him unattractive. And Cæsar. Rightly and gravely said : but your now, in the decline of life, he has recourse to country at this time can not do well without you. those associates, of whom the best that can be

Lucullus. The bowl of milk which to-day is pre- said is, that they would have less disgraced its sented to will shortly be presented to my Manes. outset. Repulsing you and Cicero and Cato, the Cæsar. Do you suspect the hand ?

leaders of his party and the propagators of his Lucullus. I will not suspect a Roman: let us power, Pompeius the Great takes the arm of Cloconverse no more about it.

dius, and walks publicly with him in the forum ; Cæsar. It is the only subject on which I am who nevertheless the other day headed a chorus resolved never to think, as relates to myself. (I am informed) of the most profligate and opproLife may concern us, death not; for in death we brious youths in Rome, and sang responsively neither can act nor reason, we neither can per- worse than Fescennine songs to his dishonour. suade nor command ; and our statues are worth Where was he? Before them ? in court ? defendmore than we are, let them be but wax, Lucius, ing a client? He came indeed with that intention; I will not divine your thoughts : I will not pene- but sat mortified, speechless, and despondent. trate into your suspicions, nor suggest mine. I The senate connived at the indignity. Even am lost in admiration of your magnanimity and | Gabinius, his flatterer and dependent, shuns him. forbearance; that your only dissimulation should The other consul is alienated from him totally, be upon the guilt of your assassin; that you should and favours me through Calpurnia, who watches leave him power, and create him virtues. over my security and interests at home. Julia,

Lucullus. Caius Julius, if I can assist you in any- my daughter, was given in ma ge to Pompeius thing you meditate, needful or advantageous to for this purpose only: she fails to accomplish it : our country, speak it unreservedly.

politically then and morally, the marriage loses its Cæsar. I really am ashamed of my association validity by losing its intent. I go into Gaul, with Crassus and Pompeius: I would not have any commander for five years : Crassus is preparing thing in common with them, not even power for an expedition against the Parthians : the itself. Unworthy and ignominious must it appear senate and people bend before Pompeius, but to you, as it does to me, to compromise with an reluctantly and indignantly. Everything would auctioneer and a rope-dancer; for the meanness be more tolerable to me, if I could permit him to and venality of Crassus, the levity and tergiversa- boast that he had duped me : but my glory retion of Pompeius, leave them no better names. quires that, letting him choose his own encampThe bestiality of the one, the infidelity of the ment, square the declivities, clear the ground other, urge and inflame me with an inextinguish- about the eminence, foss and pale it, I should storm able desire of uniting my authority to yours for and keep it. Whatever he may boast of his elothe salvation of the republic.

quence and military skill, I fear nothing from the Lucullus. I foretold to Cicero, in the words of orator who tells us what he would have spoken, Lucretius on the dissolution of the world, nor from the general who sees what he should Tria talia texta

have done. My first proposal for accommodation and concord shall be submitted to you (if indeed

you will not frame it for me), and, should you Cæsar. Assist me in accomplishing your pro- deem it unfair, shall be suppressed. No successive phecy: or rather, accept my assistance: for I

step shall be made by me without your concurwould more willingly hear a proposal from you rence: in short, I am inclined to take up any line

* Cicero relates that he went from his villa to attend her of conduct, in conjunction with you, for the funeral a few years afterward.

settling of the commonwealth. Does the proposal

Una dies dabit exitio.

seem to you so unimportant on the one hand, or strength, even inert matter more firmness and so impracticable and unreasonable on the other, stability; the gods alone more goodness. To the that you smile and shake your head ?

exercise of this every country lies open; and neiLucullus. Cæsar! Cæsar! you write upon lan-ther I eastward nor you westward have found any | guage and analogy; no man better. Tell me then exhausted by contests for it. whether mud is not said to be settled when it Must we give men blows because they will not sinks to the bottom ? and whether those who are look at us? or chain them to make them hold the about to sink a state, do not in like manner talk balance evener? of settling it?

Do not expect to be acknowledged for what you Cæsar. I wish I had time to converse with you on are, much less for what you would be; since no language, or skill to parry your reproofs with equal one can well measure a great man but upon the wit; for serious you can not be. At present let bier. There was a time when the most ardent us remove what is bad; which must always be friend to Alexander of Macedon, would have emndone before good of any kind can spring up. braced the partisan for his enthusiasm, who should

The designs of Cneius are suspected by many have compared him with Alexander of Phera. in the senate, and his pride is obnoxious to all. It must have been at a splendid feast, and late at Your party would prevail against him; for he has it, when Scipio should have been raised to an enriched fewer adherents than you have; and even equality with Romulus, or Cato with Curius It his best friends are for the most part in a greater has been whispered in my ear, after a speech of degree yours.

Cicero, “ If he goes on so, he will tread down the Lucullus. I have enriched no adherents, Caius sandal of Marcus Antonius in the long run, and Julius. Many of my officers, it is true, are easy perhaps leave Hortensius behind.” Officers of in their circumstances : they however gained their mine, speaking about you, have exclaimed with wealth, not from the plunder of our confederates, admiration, “ He fights like Cinna." Think, not from those who should enjoy with security Caius Julius! (for you have been instructed to their municipal rights and paternal farms in Italy, think both as a poet and as a philosopher) that but from the enemy's camps and cities.

among the hundred hands of Ambition, to whom Cæsar. We two might appease the public mind, we may attribute them more properly than to preparing the leaders of the senate for our labours, Briareus, there is not one which holds anything and intimidating the factious.

firmly. In the precipitancy of her course, what Lucullus. Hilarity never forsakes you, Cæsar ! appears great is small, and what appears small is and you are the happiest man upon earth in the great. Our estimate of men is apt to be as inae facility with which you communicate it. Hear curate and inexact as that of things, or more. me, and believe me. I am about to mount higher Wishing to have all on our side, we often leare than triumviral tribunal or than triumphal car. those we should keep by us, run after those we They who are under me will turn their faces should avoid, and call importunately on others from me ; such are the rites : but not a voice of who sit quiet and will not come. We can not at reproach or of petulance shall be heard, when the once catch the applauses of the vulgar and expert trumpets tell our city that the funereal flames are the approbation of the wise. What are partie! surmounting the mortal spoils of Lucullus. Do men really great ever enter into them! Ar

Cæsar. Mildest and most equitable of men! I they not ball-courts, where ragged adventurers have been much wronged; would you also wrong strip and strive, and where dissolute youths abuse me? Lucius, you have forced from me a tear one another, and challenge, and game, and wager! before the time. I weep at magnanimity; which If you and I can not quite divest ourselves of irr no man does who wants it.

firmities and passions, let us think however that Lucullus. Why can not you enjoy the command there is enough in us to be divided into two porof your province, and the glory of having quelled tions, and let us keep the upper undisturbed and so many nations ?

pure. A part of Olympus itself lies in dreariness Cæsar. I can not bear the superiority of another. and in clouds, variable and stormy; but it is not

Lucullus. The weakest of women feel so : but the highest : there the gods govern. Your soul even the weakest of them are ashamed to acknow- is large enough to embrace your country: all other ledge it : who hath ever heard any one? Have you, affection is for less objects, and less men are who know them widely and well ? Poetasters and capable of it. Abandon, O Cæsar! such thoughts mimes, labouring under such infirmity, put the and wishes as now agitate and propel you: leave mask on.

You pursue glory: the pursuit is just them to mere men of the marsh, to fat hearts and and rational: but reflect that statuaries and miry intellects. Fortunate may we call ourselve painters have represented heroes calm and qui- to have been born in an age so productive of eloescent, not straining and panting like pugilists quence, so rich in erudition. Neither of us would and gladiators.

be excluded, or hooted at, on canvassing for these From being for ever in action, for ever in con- honours. He who can think dispassionately and tention, and from excelling in them all other deeply as I do, is great as I am; none other : but mortals, what advantage derive we? I would not his opinions are at freedom to diverge from mine, ask what satisfaction ? what glory? The insects as mine are from his ; and indeed, on recollection, have more activity than ourselves, the beasts more I never loved those most thought with me

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