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G. F. Grand, Esq.-Obituary.

281 tween his wife and the late Sir Philip 1 821, Jan. 18. At Steeton-hall, in the Francis took place, for whicb be brought West Riding of Yorkshire, in bis 25th an action in the Court of Justice at Cal year, Thomas-Cbarles Garforib, esg. son cutta, and obtained a verdict, awarding

of the late Thomas Garforth, esq. and him a considerable sum for damages, nephew of Sir James Graham, of NeIn a Memoir of bis Life, which he pub- therby, co. Cumberland, bart. lished at the Cape, a few years since, he Jan. 31. At Rome, in his 720 year, gives a most circumstantial and minute Cardinal Anthony-Maria-Doria Pampbili. account of the above affair, and tbe train Feb. 8. In Fitzgibbon-street, Mount. of events that arose from it. Various joy-square, Dublin, aged 87, A. Worinvestigations having taken place into thington, esq. late Secretary to the Board the conduct of the East India Com- of Excise. pany's servants, Mr. Grand was included

Feb. 10. At Caerwent, near Chepstow, amongst a number of persons who were

Monmouthshire, at the great age of 107, displaced from office. After this adverse

Charles King, a labourer. He was a re. turn, be returned to Switzerland, where

markably healthy man, and until the last be resided for some time; but not be.

two years, worked on the road as a stoneing able to reconcile himself to his situ

breaker. ation, he made overtures to his wife for

Major Jas. T. Cowper, Royal Artillery. a reconciliation ; and, through her in

Feb. 12. At York, aged 68, Francis terest, obtained from Buonaparte the

Constable, esg. of Burton Constable and situation of Counsellor of State to the

Wycliffe-hall. Though possessed of an al. Batavian Republic at the Cape of Good

most princely income, the chief (we may Hope, and political adviser to the Dutch

add, the only) enjoyment he found in riches, General Jansen, in which situation he

was to benefit and relieve the wants of others. was found at the capture of the Cape by

Hehas often been heard to bless and praise General Sir David Baird. Here bis pub

Divine Providence for giving him not only

the means, but also the will of serving his lic career being stopped, he was obliged

fellow-creatures. He found more diffiever after to depend on his relatives for

culty in refusiog, than many had in besupport.

stowing a favour. Every tale of woe,

from whatever distant quarter it came, DEATHS.

spoke irresistibly to his heart; and many Aug. 15, AT Madras, Richard Jebb, esq. who knew nothing of bim but from his ex

1820. LL. D. late of Taplon-grove, tensive charities, will have to bewail the co. Derby,

loss of their common Bevefactor. He Dec. 4. At his seat, Milbank, co. looked upon himself in the light of a Kildare, Ireland, in his 84th year, Steward under Divine Providence, and Charles Annesly, of Ballysax, esg. (whose acted through life as such. Sir Thomas death was slightly noticed in our last Clifford, of Tixal, co, Stafford, bart. sucvolume, p. 572). With him became ex

ceeds to the property of Burton Constable tinct the eldest branch of the family of and Wycliffe-ball. Annesly, which had formerly enjoyed the At lovercoe, in Glencoe, Donald Mac rank and titles of Earl of Anglesea in Eng Donald, esq. land, and of Viscount Valentia in Ireland. Feb. 13. At Combermere Abbey, in his He possessed that highest nobility which 20th year, the Hon. R. H. S. Cotton, son is conferred by a protracted life of un of Lord Combermere, by the Lady A. M. deviating rectitude, and the practice of Cotton, sister to the Duke of Newcastle, all Christian virtues--these qualities sup. Aged 6+, Mrs. Birch, relict of Mr. Birch, plied an unceasing cheerfulness of mind, farmer, of Framsden, Suffolk, surviviog diffusing happiness to all around, and him only nine weeks and four days; wbat ensuring to himself the most sincere per adds to the loss of their survivors is, their sonal attachment.

baving since Jan. 1817, followed to the Dec... At the Cape of Good Hope, W. grave, a sister, brother, brother-in-law, E. Rees, esq. Bengal Civil Establishment, and a niece, all in the prime of life. Second Judge in the Courts of Sauder At Bury St. Edmund, aged 79, Joha Dewaonee and Nizamut Adawbut.

Watling, gent, formerly of Bacton.

In Dean-street, Soho, Colonel Hamlet . She was the daughter of Monsieur Wade, C.B. late of the 2d Battalion of Perée, Harbour Master of Port Louis his Majesty's Rifle Brigade. He had in the Isle of France; and after ber di- served in the Army 21 years. Vorce from Mr. Grand, weot to France, Feb. 14. At North Cockerington, near was introduced to the Court of Buona Lowth, aged 100, Mr. Jesse Foster. He parte, and became the confidential friend retained his mental faculties entire till the and companion of the late Empress Jo day of bis death, and was confined by sephine,

illness only one day. Gent. Mag. March, 1821.


282 Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons.


Feb. 15. At Eltham, aged 81, the Rer. At Bath, Thos. Macdonald, esq. for. Dr. Wilgress, Rector of Rawreth, Essex, merly of Hinde-street, London, late First and late Reader at the Temple Church. Commissioner of the Board for deciding on He was formerly Fellow of Pembroke-hall, the claims of British subjects upon the Camb. B.A. 1762, M.A. 1765, D.D. 1777. American Goverument.

In his 67th year, Mr. Wm. Duncan, In York-street, Lieut, Gen. Win. Popjeweller, one of the oldest inhabitants of ham, many years in the East India Com. St. James's, Piccadilly : he possessed a fine pany's service. taste as a connoisseur and a collector of At the Lodge in Ware Park, aged 80. coins and curiosities of every description. James Webb; having completed sixty

Feb. 16. At bis house, near the Chapel, gears in the service of the family of that in the City-road, aged 73, the Rev. Jo. place, as coacbman, he carried to his seph Benson, formerly of St. Edmund-hall, grave the regret of the family, his fellow Oxford, and a distinguished Preacher and servants, and all who knew him. Writer, for more than half a century, Feb. 22. The Rev. John Grubb, of among the Wesleyan Methodists. - His Presteigne, Radnorshire. body was interred in the burial-ground Feb. 23. Alicia Sarah, daugbter of belonging to the City-road Chapel. About Thomas Higgins, esg of Bryanston-square. 120 mourners followed the corpse, con At Rome, aged 25, Mr. John Keali, sisting of travelling or local Preachers, the Poet, Stewards of the Wesleyan Societies, &c. At Rockingham, in Ireland, in bis 88th Their large Chapel was filled by an au- year, Hon. Colonel King, brother of Eddieace deeply attentive. The funeral ser- ward Earl of Kingston, and uncle to the vice was read by the Rev. Jabez Buoting, present Earl.-Colonel King was Governor President of the Methodist Conference, of the county of Sligo. His charitable doand an Address delivered by the Rev. nations in the town of Balina alone, are Dr. Adam Clarke, who bure testimony to said to have amounted regularly to at the great talents, learning, and usefulness least 20001. a year. of the deceased.

23. At Islington, in his 20th year, WilAt Haresfield, near Gloucester, the son, younger son of Mr. Thomas Evans, wife of the Rev. Archdeacon Rudge, late of Middle Soughton, co. Flint ; and Chancellor of the Diocese of Hereford on the 25th, in London, in his 64th year,

Feb. 19. In the 41st year of his age, Mr. John Evans, uncle to the above. Mr. I. B. Lynch,' a surgeon of consider. Feb. 24. At Woolwich, in his 83d year, able eminence, and of extensive practice, Lieut. Gen. George Rochfort, Chief Fire at Great Duomow, Essex, leaving an ami- Master to the Royal Laboratory. able widow and ten children to bemoan At the house of her daughter, Mrs. Colthe absence of a most tender and affec- lins, in Lower Brook-street, Ipswich, Mrs. tionate husband and parent. The re- Jopling, aged 78. spectable inhabitants of Great Duomox, At Bourdeaux, Rob. Harding Evans, aud of those places in its environs where esq. editor of the Parliamentary Reports Mr. Lynch pracused, have opened a sub- for 1818 and 1819, &c. scription to provide for his orphan children. Feb. 25. AC Mile-end, in her 68th

The widow of George Osbaldeston, esq. year, Mrs. Anne Koight. of Hution Bushell Hall, Yorkshire. She "At Worcester, in his 74th year, Admiwas daughter of the late Sir Thos. Head, ral West, a great invalid for the last 25 of Langley Hall, Berkshire, and sister of years. Sir Walter James, bart.

Feb. 26. Mr. John Wightman, many Feb. 20. At Featherstone Cottage, years sexton of the parish of St. Bride; Turnham Green, the lady of Sir Joho Carr, formerly proprietor of the Pro Bono Pub. of New Norfolk-street.

lico Punch House, Ludgate-hill, At Leeds, aged 67, G. Goodman, esq. At Wimbledon, the Rev. Henry Edmond

At his residence at Rigacre, near Hales Hill, of Guildford, Rector of Penny Compe Owen, in his 80th year, Walter Woodcock, ton, Warwickshire. esq. one of his Majesty's Justices of the In his 66th year, the Rev. Thomas Peace for the county of Salop.

Northcote Toller, 45 years Pastor of the At Tunbridge Wells, Theodosia Lady Congregation of Independent Dissenters, Dowager Moosoo, widow of John, the se. of Kettering, Northamptonshire. He was cond Lord Mouson, in the 96th year of her found a lifeless corpse within three mioules age. She was the daughter of John Mad. after he had left his sitting room as well as dison, of Harpswell in Lincolnshire, esq.; usual. was married June 23, 1752 ; and bad issue At Combs, near Stowmarket, Soffolk, John third Lord Mooson, and pine other much respected, in his 39th year, Edmund cbildren. She lived twelve years after her Freeman, esq. son of the late Rev. Jobn great-grandson, the present Lord, suc. Freeman, Rector of Creeting All Saints ceeded to the title!

and St. Peter. He bad formerly been in

the 1821.] Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. 283 the East ludia Compaay's service, and Lyss, in Hampshire. He possessed conduriog the late war was a Captain in the siderable attainments in classical and maWestern Battalion of the Suffolk Militia. thematical knowledge ; but, being out of

At Eaton, aged 14, of a rheumatic fever, employ during the last three years, he Edmund, eldest son of Edmuud Turnor, of sunk into the most abject distress. His Stoke Rochford, in the county of Lincolo, death was occasioned by a wound in the esg. The following testimony to his vir- foot, which had been too long neglected tues, his afflicted parents have bad the sa- before he threw himself on the parish. tisfaction to receive from the pen of his Cambridgeshire. - At Thorney, in the excellent tutor :-“ From the commence- Isle of Ely, in his 77th year, the Rev. ment of bis Eton life, be bad so conducted John Girdlestone, M.A. incumbent Curate himself as to merit and gain the regard of of the donative of Tborney Abbey, and every one in any way coopected with bim. formerly of Catherine Hall, Cambridge. His exertions in school duties were uni. He had been for more than fifty years the form and successful; and they were recom- resident and officiating Minister of his mended by a sweetness of mavner that was parish. doubly agreeable, because it proceeded Devonshire --At Exeter, aged 82, the not from want of spirit, but was accompa. Rigbt Hon. Lady Mary Hamilton, great nied by all that vivacity and livelipess so aunt to the Earl of Leven and Melville, suited to his age. The same amiableness and aunt to the present Earl of Northesk. of disposition bad endeared bim to all his Dorsetshire.-Aged 101, a woinan pamed companions, of whose deep regret for bis Stanley, widow of the late Peter Stanley, untimely fate I have been witness this day. well known in the counties of Wills, Hants, For myself, I can assure you, that had he and Dorset, by the designation of King of borce the nearest relationship to me, I the Gypsies. She was interred at Piddle. could not have more acutely sympathized town. The concourse of people assemwith the sorrow of his friends. To suggest bled from the adjacent villages to witness human motives of resignation under such the closing scene of this venerable Queen a loss, would be unavailing: but it is for Dowager of the wandering tribe, was imthose who have learut • not to be sorry as mense. men without hope for them that sleep in Kent.At Stonehouse, M. Clarke, in God,' to view the removal of one so inno. the 108th year of her age. She was boro cent and so amiable from the temptations at Dundee, in Scotland, and married there of more advanced life as a blessing, and about eighty years siuce. She was at the not as a chastisement."

battle of Fontenoy with her husband, who Feb. 27, In Upper Cadogan-place, the was afterwards a Sergeant of lovalids. She wife of Joho Charles Herries, esq. and dau. had 15 children, one of whom is drum. of Joba Dorrington, esq. Clerk of the Fees major of the East Devon Militia. She of the House of Commons. This amiable lost two sons at sea, at the time of the lady has left an afficted husband and six great earthquake, and five in the action very young children to lament ber loss. fought agaiost the French by the fleet unShe bad only been confined a few days der the cominand of Admiral Keppel. with her youngest child.

Tea was her constant beverage ; and she 27. At Stratford, in his 66th year, asserted that she had never drank either Wm. Manby, esq. a Magistrate aod De. beer or spirits. puly Lieutenact for the county of Essex. Lincolnshire.- At Thetford, near Horn

At Worcester, aged 74, Elizabeth, wi castle, in bis 65th year, the Rev. John dow of the late Randolph Marriott, esq. Dymoke, Rector of Brinkhill, Lincoloshire, of Lenses, Yorkshire; and March 9, at second son of the late John Dymoke, esq. Paris, in bis 51st year, Major-geo. Rar of the above place, who was the heir at dolph Marriott, eldest son of the above. law of the Hon. Lewis Dymoke, of Scri

At Ipswich, in ber 81st year, Elizabeth, selsby, who performed the office of Chanrelict of Rev. John Edge, B. A. Rector of pion to King George III. Naughton, and Vicar of Rusbmere.

Somerselshire. In Seymour-street, Bath, Feb. 28. lo Portugal-street, in his 871h Wm. Anderson, esq. year, Win. Maiowaring, esq. many years Suffolk.-Aged 64, Mr. John Rackham, Member of Parliament, and Chairman of nearly 43 years bookseller and printer, of the Quarter Sessions for ibe County of Bury, and one of the Burgesses of the Middlesex.

Corporation. He had retired to bed in In St. Thomas's.square, in bis 50th health as good as usual; and in a few miyear, Mr. Abraham White, late of the nutes afterwards, without utiering a groan, firm of Boak, Stockdale, and White, in was found to be a corpse. Leadeuhall-street.

SCOTLAND.-At Maxwelltown, Mrs. MarLately. To the workhouse of St. Giles garet Wood, relict of Mr. R. Richardson, in the fields, the Rev. Mr. Platel, for- Tale farmer of the Moss-side of Dumfries, merly of Triuity College, Cambridge, Ba- aged 81. An incident in the life of this chelor of Civil Law, and late Curale of worthy old dame deserves especial re284 Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. [March, membrance : while in (her cradle, a brisk written at an early period of life, and bridegroom came to her father's bouse to which excited much notice at the time of invite him to bis wedding ; “Rock the its publication. His next Work was, “A cradle," said her mother, “till I gang Tour through Ireland ;” in which he comben, and get ye a glass: she'll, maybe, mented so freely on the manners of the be your second wife yer." The then pro ladies, that be excited their resentment, posed marriage never took place; and which they displayed in a mapper equally after some seventeen years, she became whimsical, humorous, and original. He the first wife of the same brisk bridegroom; successively published “ Anecdotes of and, potwithstanding the disparity of their Chess," “A Trip to Paris," during the ages, she, to her infinite credit, lived with Revolution, and several other works. He him in a state of great connubial happiness. unfortunately entered into a speculation


ABROAD. – Io the West Indies, Col. of making paper from straw, by which he Clarke of tbe 5ih reg. of Foot-he was the ruined an ample hereditary fortune. oldest man in the regiment.

lo Rivers-street, Bath, Elizabeth, widon March 1. At his house, in Castle-street, of Rev. Wm. Cope Hopton, of Canon Shrewsbury, in his 70th year, Job Evans, Prome, Herefordshire, and goly daugbter M.D. late of Kesley in the same county, of the late Corbyn Morris, esq. Commis. where he bad very extensive practice for sioner of the Customs. mauy years.

March 7. Aged 66, James Goddard, lo Gloucester-place, John Yeon, esq. esy. of Rathbone-place. He was taken F.A.S. nearly 40 years Treasurer and a ill when out walking on Tuesday, and reTrustee of the Royal Academy.

turned bome in a coach; from wbich he In her 63d year, the wife of Mr. Philip was just able to walk into his own house, Dykes, of Beccles, Suffolk.

but was speechless. Mr. Goddard was a March 2. In her 76th year, Joanna, celebrated swordsman. Many of our widow of the late John Porbes, esq. of readers may remember that he beat the Baker street, Portmau-square.

Chevalier St. George, in a public assault, At St. Cloud, near Paris, the widow of at the Pantbeon, about the year 1784 or 5. the late Joho Chalie, esq.

March 8. In his 77th year, John Swale, March 3, Anna Maria, eldest daugh- esg. of Milden-ball, Suffolk. ter of Charles Rawdon, esq. of Cumber. At Bircbfield-house, near Birmingbam, laod-street. Portman square.

in his 71st year, Mark Sanders, esq.-In At Háckoey, Richard Dunn, esq. of bis loss, bis family and friends have much Broad-street.

to lament; nor will the public sympathy At Torquay, Devonsbire, Major G. C. be withheld from a character of such well. Hicks, late of the 37th regiment, son of merited reputation. His benevolence urged J. Hicks, esq. of Plomer Hill, Bucking. hiin on to benefactions of every kind in hamshire.

the respectable sphere of life in which he March 4. In Greal Surrey-street, Black moved : it was not limited by any narrow friars Road, in bis 82d year, James Hayes, calculations, nor was it marked by osteoesg, sho bas left his valuable estates in tatious display. The strong feelings of Suffolk to the Rev. Dr. Tomline, Lord his sensibility, however, he in vain at. Bishop of Winchester; and also the fole lempted to disguise; they were invariably Jowiog sums in Charitable Donations: and immediately excited by cases of dis30001. Stock to Bethlehem Hospital ; tress and misery; and when public uti10,0001. to Christ's Hospital for anouities lity called for his contributions, they were of 101. each to the blind, and 10,000l. for amply in proportion to the exigencies of

be general use of the Charity; 50001. to the case, and to the fortune he enjoyed. the London Hospital; 50001. to St. Luke's; His judgment was uniformly candid, apd 50001. to the Deaf and Dumb Charity; his urbanity conspicuous and inviting, ever 50007. to the School for lodigent Blind; rendering him easy of access to the hum50001, to the National Society ; 40001, to ble supplicant, or to the well-introduced the Parish of Barking; 10001. to Little stranger. Ilford, Essex; 10001. to St. Gabriel's, Mary-Sophia, wife of Thomas WilkioFenchurch-street; and 20001. 10 Christ. son, esq. of Mansion House-street. church, Surrey, for the benefit of the Wm. Soppitt, esq. of Upper Thames-si. poor; 50001. for the sick and maimed lo Upper Gower-street, aged 61, Mrs. seameo in the merchants' service; 2007. Ince, widow of the Hon. Johu Ince, Presi. to the Company of Glass Sellers for its dent of the Island of Barbadoes. poor; and 1001. to the poor of Allballows At Bath, aged 62, Wm. Powlett Powe Staining, Mark-lane.

lett, esq. of Lanstown-house, in the county March 5. To Somers Town, at an ad of Southampton. vanced age, Ricbard Twiss, esq.-Tbis Io Rivers-street, Bath, Stephen Ram, gentleman has long been koowo in the e:9. of Ramsford (Wexford), and Portsliterary circles. His first work was,-- wood-lodge, Hants, and one of the Beacbers "Travels through Portugal and Spain," of the Middle Temple.


1821.] Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. 285

March 9. At Shrewsbury, in his 75th ters, which sanctified the tears that fol. year, William Sandford, esq. formerly lowed them to their grave. Captain in the 31st reg. of Foot.

March 10. At his house in HighburyAt Yarmouth, aged 85, Saràh, widow place, Islington, after a short illaess of of the late Rev. Henry Parish, Rector of three days, John Burgass, esq. many Cahir and Dunmore, in Ireland, and Chap years a partner in the firm of Hopkins, lain to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant. Lincolae, Burgass, and Hopkins, iallow

At his house in Chatham-place, in bis merchants and soap boilers, in Barbican. 69th year, Richard Winstanley, esq. an Aged 65, in Abbey Church-yard, Bath, eminent auctioneer, in Paternoster-row. Mr. Wm. Meyler, the Proprietor of “ The

At Maidenhead Bridge, Berkshire, in Bath Herald," and one of the Magistrates bis 81st year, Nich. Pocock, esq. late of and senior Common Councilmen of that Great George-street.

city. He was a clever writer of small At Stamford-bill, in ber 45th year, Elic pieces of Poetry, and published in 1806, zabeth-Sybilla, wife of Wm. Fry, esq. a volume of “ Poetical Amusements." banker.

March 11. In the Abbey Foregate, At her house at Dulwich, in her 85th Shrewsbury, in the 86th year of her age, year, Mrs. North, widow of the late Per. Mrs. Rowland, relict of the Rer. John cival North, esq. of Bridge-street, Black- Rowland. friars (of whom see vol. LXXXVIII. i. At Swanswick, near Bath, the wife of 281). Perhaps there is no instance in Edward Clarke, esq. and sister of the which two persons had, during more than late Sir George Prevost, bart. balf a century, adorned the connubial March 12. At Bath, Catherine, wife stale, or filled up their station in so. of the Hon. and Rev. James St. Leger. ciety with more honour to themselves, or At Exmouth, Mary, wife of Capt. T. more satisfaction to the very extensive Young, R.N. third daughter of the late circle in which they associated. - Mrs. Sir Wm. Jeynes, of Gloucester. North was possessed of a well-informed March 13, In bis 83d year, John Huomiod and steady judgment. Her dispo. ter, esq. Vice Adipiral of the Red. He sition was friendly and open-hearted-of entered the paval service at an early pequick sensibility, which never restrained riod of life, and served under three suc. lier in any opportunity of doing good ; cessive Sovereigns. In 1786 he was apof temper cheerful, and of penetration pointed Captain of bis Majesty's ship Sialways quick sighied, and of mauners rius, and formed in conjunction with the hospitable and social; - her house and late Governor Phillip, the first settlement lable were open to men of letters, as well of New South Wales. In 1794, whilst as to general acquaintance, and those serving as a Supernumerary Captain in who participated in her domestic affec. the Queen Charlotte, with his friend and tions, felt the consolations of ber regard, patron the late Lord Howe, he was ap. and the value of her friendship was en pointed Governor in Chief of that Co. hsuced by a tenderness, which rather ex- long. emplibed her paternal love! These qua- March 15. In Hart-street, Bloomsbury, lities she enjoyed and practised until the in his 841h year, Daniel Beaumont, esq. last few days of her life in which, after descended from the antient and respeci. indisposition, she gradually sunk out of able family of the Beaumonts of Whitley life, into, it is boped, a blessed imınorta in Yorkshire. He was the son of an emility. She, with her late worthy husband, nent apothecary in Henrietta-street, Cowere among the first of the Unitarian con- vent garden; and younger brother of the gregation formed by the late Rev. Theo. late John Beaumont, esq. many years the philus Lindsay, at Essex.bouse, in 1774, much-respected Registrar of the Royal and continued therein during the subse. Huinane Syciety, who died in 1814 (see quent ministries of Rev. Dr. Disdey, and vol. LXXXIV. ii. p. 497).—This gentlethe present Rev. Thos. Belsbam. But man had been for a great number of years their friends and associates were not lie the confidential and faithful Steward of mited to persons of their own religious the town estales of their Graces the Dukes persuasion. Their regards were like those of Bedford; and has died, in a ripe old of other good Christiaos, extended to all, age, deeply regretted by a very numerous and were never betrayed into the exclu. circle of frieuds. sive principle, far too prevalent at this Catherine Aune, wife of the Rev. T. F. lime, of denying salvation to any other Greeu, Rector of Graveley, Herts. than to those of their own persuasion : March 16. In Stratford-place, Lieut.their high example to society, for undevi. col. P. Douglas, lale of the Hon. East ating integrity, for religious life, and for India Company's Service, on the Bengal the cheerful enjoyinent of the blessings Establishment. granted to them, of which they were boih March 17. At Clapham Common, in babitually grateful, have left an indelible her 82d year, Frances, wife of Mr. John veneration and esteegi for their charac Greoside, of Mark-lauc.

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