Notes relative to the late transactions in the Marhatta empire [by R.C. Wellesley] with an appendix of official documents


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Página 99 - At length the ••Commander-inchief was ushered into the royal presence and found the unfortunate and venerable . emperor — oppressed by the accumulated calamities of old age, degraded authority, extreme poverty and loss of sight — seated under a small tattered canopy, the remnant of his royal state, with every external appearance of the misery of his condition.
Página 70 - I formed the infantry immediately in two lines with the British cavalry, as a reserve in a third, in an open space between that river and a Nullah running parallel to it.
Página 147 - HAVE the greatest satisfaction in stating to you for the information of His Excellency the Most Noble the Governor General...
Página 26 - Scindia's camp, together with the indication which it afforded of a disposition on the part of those chieftains to prosecute the supposed objects of their confederacy, rendered it the duty of the British government to adopt, without delay, the most effectual measures for the vindication of its dignity, and for the security of its rights and interests, and those of its allies, against any attempt on the part of the confederates, to injure or invade them.
Página 137 - A dispatch, of which the following is a copy, has been this day received at Earl Bathurst's office, addressed to his lordship by Major General Cooke, dated Cadiz, August 30, 1812 :— Cadiz, August 3O.
Página 8 - Marhatta. empire, founded upon principles which should render the British influence and military force the main support of that power. Such an arrangement appeared to afford the best security for preserving a due balance between the several states constituting the confederacy of the Marhatta empire, as well as for preventing any dangerous union or diversion of the resources of that empire.
Página 55 - Company's troops), and exercised a considerable influence over the neighbouring states, from the banks of the Indus to the confluence of the Jumna and the Ganges.
Página 43 - The contracting parties will employ all practicable means of conciliation to prevent the calamity of war; and for that purpose will at all times be ready to enter into amicable explanations with other States and to cultivate and improve the general relations of peace and amity with all the powers of India, according to the true spirit and tenor of this defensive Treaty.
Página 167 - The loss they sustained was very severe, and sufficient alone to prevent a regular advance ; at this moment the enemy's cavalry attempted to charge, but were repulsed by the fire of this gallant body ; they, however, rallied at a short distance, and assumed so menacing a posture, that...
Página 49 - By the indefatigable activity," says he, " zeal, ability, and energy of General Lake (whose personal exertions have surpassed all former example, and have been the main source of the success of the war in that quarter) the army of Bengal, on the north-west frontier of Oude, was placed, towards the close of the month of July, in a state of preparation and equipment favourable to the immediate attack CHAP. XII. of M. Perron's force, as soon as authentic advices should be received of the v ' commencement...

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