Analysis of Technetium-99m Radiopharmaceuticals by HPLC: Analytical Methods Validation

LAP Lambert Acad. Publ., 2010 - 140 páginas
Radiopharmaceuticals labeled with 99mTc represent the majority of procedures in Nuclear Medicine. Quality control of 99mTc radiopharmaceuticals is making by Tin Layer Chromatography (TLC) there are years. However, TLC is not sensitive enough to detect and quantify any impurities in the radiopharmaceutical. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a selective and sensitive technique which has become indispensable for the quality control of 99mTc compounds. HPLC simultaneously detects and quantifies various impurities besides be used in analysis of raw material in the production of lyophilized reagents (LR). This book provides analytical methods for analysis of 99mTc-HSA, 99mTc-EC, 99mTc-ECD, 99mTc- Sestamibi and LR by HPLC. The reliability of the results is ensured by validating the analytical method and comparing the results with other methods. This book will be useful for chemists, physicists, pharmacists, radiologists, nuclear physicians and others who are envolved with Nuclear Medicine in hospitals, clinics and centers for research and prodution of radiopharmaceuticals

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