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Leave Bombay in the Cleopatra steamer-Cholera on board-Our course

— The engines—Stormy weather-Coast of Africa-Aden-Mocha

-Mr. Bell— Fish spawn-Eastern customs, Mount Sinai — The Sea

of Suez-Passage of the Red Sea-Ezion Gaber-Suez-Difficulty in

landing—Leave Suez— The Desert, Mirage-Messrs. Hill and Co.-

Newcastle coals in the desert-Cairo— The citadel—The Pyramids-

Their date-Mosque-Massacre of the Mamelukes-Joseph's Well-

The pasha’s stables-Bazaar-Bath-Dresses— The Land of Goshen

-The Nile- Ali Pasha's farm-Atféh-Ancient water-wheels—The

pelican and ibis-Plagues of Egypt—Chain-gang- The canalAlex-

andria Hotel Lake-Spiral staircase-Dresses of the ladies— Bazaar

-Pompey's Pillar-Cleopatra's Needle-Slave market—The pasha

-His palace-Start for Malta—Expenses of the overland route from

India— Time occupied thereby–View of Alexandria—The Mediter-

1-Malta-Quarantine~ Palace of the Grand Master—Corn-

Algiers-Mountains of Spain--Gibraltar--Arrive in England.. . 417



Page 88, ninth line, for his, read this.

117, fourteenth line, for bonds, read roads.
126, nineteenth line, for is, read are.
135, fifteenth line, for granted himself, read acquired.
158, third line, for set up, read set.
161, third line from foot, for load, read any thing.
256, first line, for here, read at Windsor.
317, note at foot, for written, read extended.
335, tenth line from foot, for 1840, read 1840-1.
335, fifth line from foot, for 1840, read 1839-40.
354, thirteenth line from foot, for alone, read only.
371, tenth line, for system, commencing, read system, or commencing.
375, ninth line, for interest and the, read first.
383, second line, for occupied, read passed.
442, fourth line, for horses, read horses I am told.
447, eighth line, for dashed, read dashed aside.
455, sixth line, for stand, read remain.
457, third line from foot, for inviting in its soft plumpness, read most


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