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Clarke, C. J. L. The boys' book of modern marvels. 1912. K 5222 Corbin, T. W. Mechanical inventions of to-day; interesting descriptions of modern mechanical inventions told in non-technical language. 1912. K 5223 Knox, G. D. All about engineering; a book for boys on the great civil and mechanical engineering wonders of the world. 1913. K 13195 Maule, H. E. The boy's book of new inventions. 1912. K 5255

Ravenel, S. W. Ravenel's road primer for school children. 1912. K 13352

Verrill, A. H. Harper's gasoline engine book; how the engine is made, how to use it at home, in boats and vehicles, and elsewhere, and how to keep it in order. 1914. K 5265

Railroads and Steamships Howden, J. R. The boys' book of railways. 1910. K 13440 Mitton, C. E. The Peninsular and Oriental. 1913. H 5380 (Peeps at great steamship lines). Smith, E. B. The railroad book; Bob and Betty's summer on the railroad. 1913. Hughes Room


Morgan, A. P. The boy electrician; practical plans for electrical apparatus for work and play, with an explanation of the principles of every-day electricity. K 16382 K 16363


Shafer, D. C. Harper's beginning electricity. 1913.

(Harper's practical books for boys). -Harper's every-day electricity; how to make and use familiar electrical apparatus. 1914. K 16387

(Harper's "tell me how" series).

Wireless Telegraphy

Collins, A. F. The book of wireless, being

a clear description of wireless telegraph sets and how to make and operate them; together with a simple explanation of how wireless works. 1915. K 9621 Collins, F. A. The wireless man, his work and adventures on land and sea. 1912. K 9643 Verrill, A. H. Harper's wireless book; how to use wireless electricity in telegraphing, telephoning and the transmission of power. 1913. K 9639

(Harper's practical books).
Air Ships

Corbin, T. W. Aircraft; aeroplanes, air-
ships. 1914.
K 16513

Grahame-White, C. The story of the aeroplane. 1911. K 16555 -and Harper, H. Heroes of the air; a book for boys. 1912. K 16831 Hayward, J. Building and flying an aeroplane. 1912. K 16825

Hubbard, T. O. and Turner, C. C. The boys' book of aeroplanes. 1913. K 16511 Johnson, V. E. Flying and some of its mysteries. 1912. K 16833

(Playbooks of science). Verrill, A. H. Harper's aircraft book; why aeroplanes fly, how to make models, and all about aircraft, little and big. 1913. K 16835

(Harper's practical books).

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Beard, A. B. The children's kraft shop. 1914. Hughes Room

(The know how books). Beard, P. The jolly book of boxcraft. 1914. K 17997 The boy mechanic; 700 things for boys to do. How to construct wireless outfits, boats, camp equipment, aerial gliders, kites, self-propelled vehicles, engines, motors, electrical apparatus, cameras, and hundreds of other things which delight every boy. 1913.

K 12606

Boyd, I. E. When mother lets us cut out K 16015 pictures. 1912.

Bullivant, C. H. Every boy's book of hobK 16138 bies. 1912. Fraser, C. C. Every boy's book of handiworthcraft, sports and amusements; while plans for the general activities of the modern boy, be he handy or unhandy. 1913. K 13031 Grubb, M. E. When mother lets us make K 17920 gifts. 1914.

Hall, A. N. The handy boy; a modern handy book of practical and profitable K 17925 pastimes. 1913.

-Home-made toys for girls and boys; wooden and cardboard toys, mechanical K 30034 and electrical toys. 1915. 1912. K 16146

Johnson, G. F. Toys and toymaking.

Levi, H. Work and play for little girls. 1912.

Moore, H. W.

K 16151 Manual training toys for K 5282 Design and construction in K 5276

the boy's workshop. 1912.

Noyes, W.

wood. 1913. Rich, G. E.

When mother lets us make paper box furniture; a book which shows

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-Outdoor games for children. 1913.

K 17932 Dowd, E. C. Playtime games for boys and girls, told in story form. 1912. K 16018 Glover, E. H., ed. "Dame Curtsey's" book of games for children for indoors and outdoors and all occasions. 1914.

K 17919 Hall, K. S. Children at play in many lands. a book of games. 1912. K 17923 Wells, H. G. Floor games. 1911. K 16147 Contents: The toys to have; The game of the wonderful islands; Of the building of cities; Funiculars, marble towers, castles, and war games, but very little of war games.

Little wars; a game for boys, from twelve years to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girls who like boys' games and books. 1913. K 17996

Outdoor Sports, Camping, Hunting, Fishing Beard, L. and Beard, A. B. On the trail; an outdoor book for girls. 1915. K 30904 Corsan, G. H. At home in the water; swimming, diving, life saving, water sports, natatoriums. 1914.

K 15713 Dier, J. C., ed. A book of winter sports; an attempt to catch the spirit of the keen joys of the winter season. 1912. K 14868 Hawkes, C. The boy woodcrafter. 1913. H 4395

Hinckley, G. W. Roughing it with boys; actual experiences of boys at summer and winter camps in the Maine woods. 1913. K 17934 Jones, O. and Woodward, M. Woodcraft. 1911. K 17194 Woodcraft for scouts and others.

Marks, J. A. Vacation camping for girls. 1913. K 16080 Mott, S. M. and Dutton, M. B. Fishing and hunting. 1905. H 5145

(World at work_series). Contents: In Eskimo land with Hans; In the woods with Red Feather; In the Philippines with Tondo; In Alaska with Olo.

"Suggestions for handwork (in connection with the reading)," p. 119-127.

Verrill, A. H. The boys' outdoor vacation book; a complete handbook for every boy fond of life and recreation in the open. 1915. K 30521

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Clarke, W. J. and Dawson, F. T. individual play and team play 1915.

Baseball; in detail. K 30696 Evers, J. J. and Fullerton, H. S. Baseball in the big leagues. 1910. K 15717d Originally published as "Touching second." How to play baseball, by the greatest baseball players. 1913. K 14895

Contents: The catcher, by O. Stanage; The pitcher, by J. W. Coombs; The batter, by F. M. Schulte; The first baseman, by F. L. Chance; The second baseman, by E. Collins; The third baseman, by H. Lord; The shortstop, by O. Bush; The outfield, by T. Speaker; The base-runner, by T. Cobb; The umpire, by "Billy" Evans. McGraw, J. J. How to play baseball; a manual for boys. 1914. K 17947 Mathewson, C. Pitching in a pinch; or, Baseball from the inside.


1912. K 15719

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Lutz, E. G. What to draw and how to draw it. 1914. K 11074


Claudy, C. H. The first book of photography; a primer of theory and practice for the beginner. 1912. K 13792 Wallsgrove, J. C. H. First steps in photography. 1913. K 13770


Bell, F. F. E., lady, comp. The singing circle; a picture book of action songs, other songs and dances. 1911. K 16124 Boutet de Monvel, L. M., illus. Chansons de France, pour les petits Français; avec accompagnements de J. B. Weckerlin, illustrations par M. B. de Monvel.

Hughes Room Browne, E. G. Songs and stories for the little ones. 1914. H 7590

"Pot smoke and fire; ог, The visit of the Brownies; a little play," p. 121-143. Buckingham, D. I. Songs for children; words and music. 1913. K 12372

Hofer, M. R. Music for the child world; a collection of pianoforte music from the masters and modern writers, especially adapted to the needs of the kindergarten and graded schools. 1900-11. 3v.

Hughes Room Macy, J. C. Young people's history of music with biographies of famous musicians. 1910. K 12131

Smith, E. Songs for little children; a collection of songs and games for kindergartens and primary schools. 1887. Hughes Room

Contains music. Upton, G. P. In music land; a handbook for young people. 1913. H 6900

Stories of the childhood and youth of twelve of the famous composers, beginning with that of Johann Sebastian Bach, followed by short talks musical notation, musical form and the





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H 3885

Field, E. Christmas tales and Christmas verse. 1912. -Lullaby-land. Songs of childhood. Selected by Kenneth Grahame. 1897. E 10918

Foley, J. W. Boys and girls. 1913. E 10937 Hazard, B., comp. Three years with the poets; a text-book of poetry to be memorized by children during the first years in school. 1904.

E 10505 Lamb, C. and Lamb, M. A. Poetry for children. 1913. E 7724 Contains only a small selection of the poems. Lang, J. and Lang, J., comp. Poetry of heroism. 1913.

E 10455

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Bell, F. E. E. O., lady, comp. Nursery comedies; twelve tiny plays for children. 1914. J 5964 Contents: What happened to Henny Penny; Little Petsy; Rather a prig; The monster in garden; Cat and dog; Miss Dobson; The wigwam, or, The little girl from town; Foolish Jack; Quite by ourselves; The best children in the world; The golden goose; Cinderella. Beringer, Mrs. O. Holly Tree Inn; play in one act, adapted from Charles Dickens' Christmas story, "The holly tree." 1906. E 12180, 16 Historical J 6176 plays for E 11842

Bird, G. E. and Starling, M. plays for children. 1912. Bloxam, E. E. Little pageant children. 1912.

Contents: A world-wide baby; Where is happiness? Brothers and sisters; The best wish; Manners makyth man; Cuckoo!; Growing up; Philosophy and fairies; Jack and the beanstalk.

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Burnett, Mrs. F. H. Little Lord Fauntleroy; a drama in three acts. 1889.

E 12180, 7 Chambers, C. I. The boy scouts' book of plays. 1914. E 11901 Contents: Pheasants' eggs; The scold, the scoundrel and the scout; Scouts to the rescue!; Redeeming their characters. Chapman, J. J. Four plays for children. 1908. E 11907 Contents: The lost prince; King Ithuril; The hermits; Christmas in Leipsic.

-Neptune's isle, and other plays for children. 1911. E 11906

Contents: Neptune's isle; A family quarrel, a play for the nursery; Wilfrid the young, a dragon play for boys; Christmas once more, a sacred cantata for children.

Cleather, D. A handy book of plays for girls. 1915. E 11992 Contents: A black trouble; Just like a story; The twins; A burning question; Stuffing; The magic tabloid.

Comstock, F. A. A dramatic version of Greek myths and hero tales. 1912. J 6192 Dunton, E. K. The Betty Wales girls and Mr. Kidd, by Margaret Warde, pseud. 1912.

E 12037

A play (in three acts) for girls, based upon the Betty Wales books. Frank, M. M. Short plays about famous auE 12177 thors. 1915.

Contents: A mistake at the manor ("based on an incident in the early life of Oliver Goldsmith"); When Heine was twenty-one; Miss Burney_at court; A Christmas eve with Charles Dickens; The fairies' plea ("adapted from Thomas Hood's Plea of the midsummer fairies'."). Goodman, K. S. and Stevens, T. W. A pageant for Independence day. 1912. E 12249

(Stage guild pageants).

Gould, E. L. The "Little women" play, a two-act, forty-five minute play, adapted from Louisa May Alcott's famous story. E 12260 "Little women." "1900. Harris, F. H. Eight plays for the school. E 12302


Contents: Robin Hood and his merry men (twelfth century); The trap (massacre of St. Bartholomew); Hide-and-seek (civil war, 1644): The king's escape (Charles II.); A tight corner (Jac obite rebellion, 1745)); The rescue (French revolu tion); The queen of hearts; Fanchette from France.

Plays for young people for school entertainments and home theatricals. 1911. E 12304 Contents: In ancient Rome; Yolande the squire; The queen decides; A royal fugitive; The young chevalier; Through the storm. Hofer, M. R., tr. The story of Bethlehem, a Christmas play with music. 1912.

"To be given by children or adults."

K 12388

Kraft, I. The power of Purim, and other plays; a series of one act plays designed for Jewish religious schools. 1915.

E 12478

Contents: The power of Purim (Purim); A Maccabean cure (Hanukkah); To save his country (Pesah); Ambition in Whitechapel (Shabuot); Because he loved David so (closing of school). Lansing, M. F., comp. Quaint old stories to read and act. 1912. J 6196 Laselle, M. A. Dramatizations of school classics; a dramatic reader for grammar and secondary schools. 1911. J 6197 Longfellow, H. W. A dramatization of Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha in nine scenes for school and home theatricals, by Florence Holbrook. 1902. E 12548 (Riverside literature series). Contains music.

Lütkenhaus, Mrs. A. M. I. Master Skylark; a dramatization of the book by John Bennett, prepared for the use of elementary schools in New York city. 1914. E 12542 -ed. Plays for school children. 1915. E 12543 Contents: Master Skylark; Barnaby Lee; Through the looking glass; Town meeting in Botecourt, Virginia, 1860; A handful of clay; Lady of the lake; The fairy minstrel of Glenmalure; A nature play in a city school; Our choice; Every boy; Thanksgiving day, 1696; The crowning of the dryads; The birds' story of the trees; Reforming a bad boy; Well babies; A geographical squabble; A grammar play; Mrs. Pollywigs and her wonderful waxworks; Four queens of England; A tribute to America; A year's programs for the special days.

Macdonell, A. Historical plays for chil-. dren. 8 v. 1910.

v. 1. Alfred the Great.

2. Robin Hood.

3. The story of the Armada.

4. The enterprise of the "Mayflower."

5. Saxon and Norman.

6. Magna Carta, and Edward III.

E 12551

7. Caedmon, The burghers of Calais, and The good queen.

8. The crusaders.

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-Festival plays; one-act pieces for New Year's day, St. Valentine's day, Easter, All Hallowe'en, Christmas and a child's birthday. 1913. E 12578

Contents: Father Time and his children; Tertulla's garden; or, The miracle of good St. Valentine; The seven sleepers of Ephesos; Princess Mass Rose; The testing of Sir Gawayne; A Christmas party.

-Holiday plays; five one-act pieces for Washington's birthday, Lincoln's birthday, Memorial day, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. 1912. E 12577 Contents: Priscilla, Myles and John; A Washington's birthday pageant; The first flag; Abe Lincoln and little A. D.; The Dulce et decorum club.

-The vicar of Wakefield: a play founded on Oliver Goldsmith's novel. 1909.

E 12576

Merz, C. A. and Tuttle, F. W. Quentin
Durward; a dramatic adaptation of Sir
Walter Scott's novel, in three acts and
three scenes. 1914.
E 12622

"Written for the campus performance of the Yale Dramatic Association."

Nixon, L. E. Fairy tales a child can read and act; children's classics in dramatic form. 1912. J 6177

Contents: Little Red Riding Hood; Peter and the magic goose; Bluebeard; The ant and the cricket; Hansel and Gretel; Scenes from Pinocchio; Scenes from Alice in Wonderland; Scenes from Through the looking glass.

Owen, F. S. Silas Marner; a drama in four acts adapted from George Eliot's novel. 1915. E 12682

Patten, C. M. and Ehrlich, E. C. A peace pageant for children and young people. 1915. E 12700 Pemberton, M. Christmas plays for children. 1915. E 12705

Contains music.

E 12707

Perry, S. G. S. When mother lets us act. 1913. Pertwee, E. Scenes from Dickens, for drawing-room and platform acting. Adapted by Guy Pertwee, edited by Ernest Pertwee. With 48 costume-plates by Edward Handley-Read. 1911. E 12003 Riggs, Mrs. K. D. W. S. and Ingersoll, H. The Birds' Christmas Carol; dramatic version. 1914. E 12778 Rivett-Carnac, Mrs. E. H. The shaming of the two, and The borrowed clothes of the Princess Rose. Plays with many parts, suitable for schools or parish entertainments. 1910. E 12754

Shipton, H. Elsa and the Trolls, and other plays for little people. 1903. E 12808 Contents: Elsa and the Trolls; The babes in the woods; Dick Whittington. Sidgwick, E. Four plays for children: The rose and the ring, The goody-witch, The goosegirl, Boots and the north wind. 1913. E 12813

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