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(The cosmopolitan library).

E 13110

1914. E 13003


Contents: Lady Windermere's fan; A of no importance; The importance of being earnest; An ideal husband; Vera, or the nihilists; The duchess of Padua; Salomé.

-Salome; a tragedy in one act. E 13106 (In Poet lore. 18-199-223. 1907).

Wilde, P. Dawn, with The noble lord, The traitor, A house of cards, Playing with fire, The finger of God; one-act plays of life today. 1915. E 13004 Wildenbruch, E. A. v. King Henry; a drama in four acts with a prologue: Pt. 1 of Heinrich und Heinrich's Geschlecht. E 13005 February,

(In The drama. no. 1915).

17, p. 12-145.

Wiley, S. K. Dante and Beatrice. 1909.

E 12180, 14

E 13006 Wilkinson, E. C. Freddy's great aunt; a play for female characters. 1904. (French's standard dramas). Williams, J. L. "And so they were married"; a comedy of the new woman. 1914. E 13007 Wilstach, P. Thais "the story of a sinner who became a saint and a saint who sinned"; a play in four acts, founded on A. France's novel of the same name. 1911. E 13008 Woodville, H. "Confederates"; a drama in one act. 1899. E 12180, 3

(French's standard dramas). Wycherley, W. William Wycherley. Edited with introduction and notes by W. C. Ward. 1900. E 13049

Contents: William Wycherley; Love in a wood; or, St. James's Park; The gentleman dancing master; The country wife; The plain dealer. Wynne, A. The broken bars; a modern morality play in one act. 1906.

(French's standard dramas).

E 12180, 10

Young, R. J. Brown of Harvard; a play in four acts. 1909. E 13071

Young, W. The rajah; a comedy in four acts. 1882. E 12180, 10

(French's standard dramas).

Zangwill, I. The next religion; a play in three acts. 1912. E 13077

-Plaster saints; a high comedy in three movements. 1914.

-"Six persons." 1898.
(French's standard dramas).

E 13078

E 12180, 2

The war god; a tragedy in five acts. E 13076


Prose Fiction Novels and Novelists

Bacon. C. What makes a novel immoral? 1914. J 3212 Courthope, W. J. The connexion between ancient and modern romance. 1912. J 3187 (The British Academy. Warton lecture on English poetry. II.).

James, H. Notes on novelists, with some other notes. 1914. J 3219

Contents: Robert Louis Stevenson; Emile Zola; Gustave Flaubert; Honoré de Balzac, 1902; Honoré de Balzac, 1913; George Sand, 1897; George Sand, 1899; George Sand, 1914; Gabriele d'Annunzio, 1902; Matilde Serao; The new novel, 1914; Dumas the Younger, 1895; The novel in "The ring and the book," 1912; An American art-scholar: Charles Eliot Norton, 1908; London notes, January, 1897; June, 1897; July, 1897; August, 1897. Ransome, A. History of story-telling, studies in the development of narrative. 1909.

J 3185 Shackford, M. H., ed. Legends and satires from medieval literature. 1913. J 5817

Contents: Introduction; Poem: Of man's body, of man's soul; Debate: The amorous contention of Phillis and Flora, The pleading of the Rose and of the Violet; Vision: The purgatory of Saint Patrick; Saints' lives: The life of Saint Brandon, The life of Saint Margaret; Pious tales: A miracle of God's body, A miracle of the Virgin, The translation of Saint Thomas of Canterbury; Allegory: An extract from "The castle of love"; Bestiary: Lion, Eagle, Whale, Siren; Lapidary: Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst, Geratite, Chelidonius, Coral, Heliotrope, Pearl, Pantheros, Symbolism of the carbuncle, Symbolism of the twelve stones; Homily: Concerning miracle plays, games, and minstrelsy; Satire: The song of the University of Paris, The land of Cockaygne, The complaint of the husbandman, Sir Penny; Lay: Sir Orfeo.

Clarke, H. A. Cooper, F. T.

Spence, L. A dictionary of medieval romance and romance writers. 1913. *R 1452 American Fiction Hawthorne's country. 1910. J 5641 Some American story tellers. 1911. J 5649 Contents: Francis Marion Crawford; Kate Douglas Wiggin; Winston Churchill; Robert W. Chambers; Ellen Glasgow; David Graham Phillips; Robert Herrick; Edith Wharton; Newton Booth Tarkington; "O Henry"; Gertrude Atherton; Owen Wister; Frank Norris; Ambrose Bierce. Davis, C. C. and Alderson, W. A. The true story of "Ramona," its facts and fictions, inspiration and purpose. 1914. J 5680 "The originals of the characters of the novel are identified, and their true names given."

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Cooper, F. T. Some English story tellers; a book of the younger novelists. 1912. J 3157

Contents: Joseph Conrad; William Frend De Morgan; Maurice Hewlett; Eden Phillpotts; Rudyard Kipling; William John Locke; John Gals worthy; Arnold Bennett; Anthony Hope; May Sinclair; Alfred Ollivant; Mrs. Henry Dudeney; John Trevena; Robert Hichens; "Frank Danby"; Bibliography (p. 415-456).

Dawson, W. J. and Dawson, C. W., ed. The great English novelists. 2v. 1911.

J 5192, 6-7 (Their The reader's library). Contents: v. 1. The growth and technique of the English novel; Love scenes; Historic personages; Epics of conflict. v. 2. The masters of the modern novel; Humor; High-water mark; Children in fiction. Gregory, A. The French revolution and the English novel. 1915. J 3209 Holliday, C. English fiction from the fifth to the twentieth century. 1912. J 3192 Hopkins, A. B. and Hughes, H. S., comp. The English novel before the nineteenth century; excerpts from representative types. 1915. J 3211 How, M. N. Historical romance in the nineteenth century. Being the John Oliver Hobbes memorial scholarship essay for 1914 (University College, London). 1914. J 3221 Lanier, S. The English novel; a study in the development of personality. 1908.

J 1529 Morgan, C. E. The rise of the novel of manners; a study of English prose fiction 1911. between 1600 and 1740. J 3194 Saintsbury, G. E. B. The English novel. 1913. J 3231 rhythm. J 5809 Senior, D., ed. Some old English worthies. 1912. J 3196 Contents: Thomas of Reading by Thomas Deloney; George a Green by Robert Greene; Roger Bacon; Friar Rush. Whitmore, C. H. Woman's work in English fiction, from the restoration to the mid-Victorian period. 1910. J 5208 Williams, H. Two centuries of the English novel. 1911. J 5828

(The channels of English literature). A history of English prose 1912.

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Dickens, C. Trial of John Jasper, lay precentor of Cloisterham Cathedral in the county of Kent, for the murder of Edwin Drood, engineer. 1914. E 12004

The much-discussed trial to solve the mystery of Edwin Drood, in which G. K. Chesterton presided as judge, George Bernard Shaw was of counsel and many other prominent men took part. Fyfe, T. A., comp. Who's who in Dickens: a complete Dickens repertory in Dickens' own words. 1913. *R 1466 Jackson, H. About Edwin Drood. 1911.

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Beach, J. W. The comic spirit in George Meredith; an interpretation. 1911. J 5223 Forman, M. B., comp. George Meredith; J 5224 some early appreciations. 1909. Twenty-three articles, selected from a collection of reviews of the works of George Meredith, covering the years 1851 to 1883.

Sir Walter Scott

J 3178 Canning, A. S. G. Sir Walter Scott studied in eight novels.


black dwarf; The heart of Midlothian; The bride 1 Contents: Guy Mannering; The antiquary; Th

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-and Chambers, M. D. The art of story writing. 1913.

(Writers' library).

J 3232 Fowler, N. C., jr. The art of story writing; facts and information about literary work of practical value to both amateur and professional writers. 1913. J 2923 Grabo, C. H. The art of the short story. 1913. J 3234 Hale, E. E., jr. and Dawson, F. T., ed. The elements of the short story. 1915.

J 3240 Contents: The legend of Sleepy Hollow, by W. Irving; Rip Van Winkle, by W. Irving; Irving as a story writer; The great stone face, by N. Hawthorne; Ethan Brand, by N. Hawthorne; Hawthorne as a story writer; The fall of the house of Usher, by E. A. Poe; The murders in the Rue Morgue, by E. A. Poe; Poe as a story writer; The diamond lens, by F. J. O'Brien; The man without a country, by E. E. Hale; The outcasts of Poker Flat, by F. B. Harte; Some recent stories.

Jordan, M. H. The art of short-story writing simplified. 1913. J 3235 Lieberman, E. The American short story; a study of the influence of locality in its development. 1912. J 3226 "Bibliography: A. Critical, historical, biographical," p. 169-171; B. Fiction (arranged according to locality), p. 172-175.

Neal, R. W. Short stories in the making; a writers' and students' introduction to the technique and practical composition of short stories, including an adaptation of the principles of the stage plot to short J 3239 story writing. 1914. Notestein, L. L. The modern short-story, a study of the form: its plot, structure, development and other requirements.


Phillips, H. A. Art in short story narration; a practical treatise. 1913.

J 3222

J 3230

(The authors' handbook series). -The plot of the short story; an exhaustive study, both synthetical and analytical, J 3158 with copious examples. 1912. Pitkin, W. B. The art and business of story writing. 1912. J 3225

Smith, C. A. The American short story. 1912. J 3159

Wells, C. The technique of the mystery J 3233 story. 1913.

(Writers' library).

Collections of Short Stories

Little French masterpieces. 6v. 1903-1909. J 5332 v. 1. Prosper Mérimée (1803-1870); Carmen; The taking of the redout; Mateo Falcone; The Venus of Ille.

2. Gustave


(1821-1880); A simple heart; The legend of St. Julian the hospitaller; Herodias.

3. Théophile Gautier (1811-1872); Tales: The fleece of gold; Arria Marcella; The dead leman; The nest of nightingales; Poems.


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(The art and craft of letters). Winchester, C. T. A group of English essayists of the early nineteenth century. 1910. E 6399

Contents: The new essay; Jeffrey as critic; William Hazlitt; Charles Lamb; Thomas De Quincey; John Wilson; Leigh Hunt.

Collections of Essays

Berdan, J. M. and others, ed. Modern essays. 1915. E 1903

Contents: "Ten o'clock," by J. M. Whistler; Tact, by Sir J. Lubbock, lord Avebury; Bookbuying, by A. Birrell; Alexander Hamilton, by F. Harrison; Salad, by C. S. Baldwin; Words that laugh and cry, by C. A. Dana; National characteristics as moulding public opinion, by J. Bryce; American manners, by Wu Tingfang; Franklin, by H. C. Lodge; The serious Pepys, by W. C. Abbott; What the ten-year sergeant of police tells, by H. H. Curran; The powers of the President, by W. H. Taft; John Greenleaf Whittier, by G. E. Woodberry; Thackeray's centenary, by H. A. Beers; Tennyson, by P. E. More; Realism and reality in fiction, by W. L. Phelps; Teaching English, by H. S. Canby; Edward Gibbon, by J. F. Rhodes; The mildness of the yellow press, by G. K. Chesterton; What is education? by C. M. Flandrau; Why a classic is a classic, by A. Bennett; Homer and the study of Greek, by A. Lang; Homer and humbug, an academic discussion, by S. Leacock; On the case of a certain man who is never thought of, by W. G. Sumner; The training of intellect, by W. Wilson; The responsibility of authors, by Sir O. Lodge; Filial relations, by J. Addams; The irony of nature, by R. Burton; On seeing ten bad plays, by F. M. Colby; A stepdaughter of the prairie, by Margaret Lynn; Yosemite, by A. Colton; The Bowery and Bohemia, by H. C. Bunner; Evolution, by J. Galsworthy; Biographical index. Durham, W. H., ed. Critical essays of the eighteenth century, 1700-1725. 1915.

J 5751

Contents: Charles Gildon: An essay at a vindication of the love-verses of Cowley and Waller (1694); Modern poets against the ancients (1694); Complete art of poetry. Part II. (1718).-John Hughes: Of style (1698); On allegorical poetry (1715); Remarks on the Fairy queen [in part] (1715).-John Dennis: Large account of the taste in poetry (1702); The grounds of criticism in poetry (1704); Reflections upon a late rhapsody called an Essay upon criticism (1711).-George Farquhar; Discourse upon comedy (1702). Richard Steele: Tatler LXVIII: Shakespeare (1709); Guardian XII; On critics (1713).-Joseph Addison: Tatler CLXV; On critics (1710); Spectator XL: Poetic justice (1711); Spectator CXL; The nature of genius (1711); Spectator DXCII: The critics and the rules (1714).—

Alexander Pope; Preface to the translation of the Iliad (1715).-Leonard Welsted: Dissertation concerning the state of poetry (1724).-Allan Ramsay; Preface to The ever green (1724).

English Association. Essays and studies by members of the English Association, collected by A. C. Bradley and H. C. Beech1911. E 2663 ing. 2v. Matthews, J. B., ed. The Oxford book of E 4497 American essays. 1914.

Steeves, H. R. and Ristine, F. H., ed. Representative essays in modern thought; a E 5859 basis for composition. 1913.

Contents: M. Arnold: Sweetness and light; T. H Huxley: Science and culture; W. K. Clifford: The ethics of belief; W. James: The will to believe; J. S Mill: Of the liberty of thought and discussion; Į. Morley: of the possible utility of error; W. H. Mallock: The scientific bases of optimism; T. H Huxley: Darwin on the origin of species; A. R Wallace: Darwinism as applied to man; J. Tyndall: The Belfast address; C. F. Dole: Truth and immor tality; L. T. Hobhouse: Law and justice; H. S Maine: The prospects of popular government; A. T Hadley: Ethics of corporate management; W. Mer ris: The labor question from the socialist standpoint; J. B. Clark: Education and the socialist movement; J. S. Mill: The subjection of women; F Harrison: The future of woman; W. James: The moral equivalent of war.

Verrall, A. W. Collected literary essays. classical and modern, with a memoir. 1913.


Contents: Memoir; Memorial inscription in Tra ity college chapel; Commemorative address, by J. W. Mackail; A Roman of greater Rome; Martialis; A old love story, Propertius and Cynthia; The feast of Saturn; A tragi-comedy and a page of history, Andromache by Euripides; Love and law; A villa a Tivoli; "To follow the fisherman," a historical pro lem in Dante; Dante on the baptism of Statius; The birth of Virgil; The altar of mercy, Statius; Thebas -Aristophanes on Tennyson; The prose of Walter Scott; "Diana of the crossways."

Essays by Individual Authors Abercrombie, L. Emblems of love, designed in several discourses. 1912.

E 11726

Contents: Hymn to love.-Pt. 1. Discovery and prophecy: Prelude.-Vashti;-Pt. 2. Imperfection: Three girls in love: Mary; a legend of the 45Jean-Katrina;-Pt. 3. Virginity and perfection: Judith. The eternal wedding.-Marriage song. Epilogue.

-Speculative dialogues. 1913.

E 1740

Contents: I. Famine and pestilence; II. Ming and a ghost; III. A beggar and his dog; IV. Earth and a crowd; V. Lust and love; VI. Science and the world; VII. Philosophy and the angel; VIII. Time and eternity.

Arden, J. A childhood; with a preface by
E 1797
Prof. Gilbert Murray. 1913.
Memories of childhood set down with considerable
charm and literary quality.

Auerbach, J. S. Essays and miscellanies.

1914. 2v.


E 1800

I. The Bible and modern life; Bible words and phrases; Future in America: English style; One phase of journalism; Responsibility of the community to the hospital; The search of Belisariust Literature and the practical world.-II. A club: The lesson of Bishop Potter's life; Protest of the Der cratic party; The university journal; President Roosevelt and the trusts; Matthew Arnold.

Ayscough, J. Levia-pondera; an essay book. 1913. E 1802 Contents: Sir Walter; A scamp's probation; "The entail": an appreciation; The leddy o'Grippy; Fickle fame; King's servants; An essay on essayists; A novelist's sermons; Everyday papers. Bacon, F. Baron Verulam. Bacon's Essays, with annotations by Richard Whately and notes and a glossarial index by Franklin Fiske Heard. 1868. *E 1881 Bagby, G. W. The old Virginia gentleman, and other sketches. 1910. E 1848 Baker, J. Literary and biographical studies. 1908.

E 1884 Contents: The home life of 'Tom' Macaulay; R. D. Blackmore and his work; Recollections of my life; Friedrich Bodenstedt; Personal recollections of Friedrich von Bodenstedt; Bodenstedt and Puschkin; The memoirs of Heinrich Heine'; Shakespeare's mind scenes: Frithiof the Viking; George Müller at home; Osborne; The funeral of Queen Victoria (in the chapelle ardente'); The funeral of Queen Victoria from Osborne doors to Portsmouth); Books read by Coleridge and Southey; My last talk with Vasili Verestchagin; The literary and artistic associations of Clevedon Court; At Tennyson's grave.

Beerbohm, M. Yet again. 1910. E 1927 Bell, R. H. The religion of beauty and the impersonal estate. 1911.

E 1888

Contents: Credo; The impersonal estate; Sky and stars; Memories under the moon; Sun-worship; The city; The old priest; Life in death; Books; The open; Children; The last will and testament of Charles Lounsbury; Dogs; The sea; Pictures; Friendship and beauty; "The simple life"; Real wealth.

Belloc, H. First and last.


E 1894 E 1945

-On anything. 1910. Contents: On building castles in Spain; On clay; On no book; On irony; On the simplicity of words; On secluded places; On people in books; On the effect of time; On a poet; On a prophet; On believing; On the air of the Dordogne; On the sites of the revolution; A secret letter; The shadows; The canvasser; The abstracted man; On the method of history; On history in travel; On the traveller; On Milton; Hans Christian Andersen; Christmas of 1808; On communications; Astarte; The hungry student; The brigand of Radicofani; The honest man and the devil; Compiègne; The candour of maturity; The fog: The Spaniard; The fortress; The hunter; Our inheritance; The new road; On two towns; The judgment of Robespierre. -On everything. 1910. E 1949 Contents: On song; On an empty house; The landfall; The little old man; The long march; On Saturnalia; A little conversation in Herefordshire; On the rights of property; The economist; A little conversation in Carthage; The strange companion; The visitor; A reconstruction of the past; The reasonable press; Asmodeus; The death of the comic author; On certain manners and customs; The statesman; The duel; On a battle, or "Journalism." or "Points of view"; A descendant of William Shakespeare; On the approach to Western England; The weald; On London and the houses in it; On old towns; A crossing of the hills; The barber; On high places; On some little horses; On streams and rivers; On two manuals; On fantastic books; The unfortunate man; The contented man; The missioner; The dream; The silence of the battlefields; Novissima hora; On rest.

-This and that and the other. 1912. E 1895 Bennett, A. The feast of St. Friend; a

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-Joyous Gard. 1913.

E 1907

Contents: Joyous Gard; Ideas; Poetry; Poetry and life; Art; Art and morality; Interpretation; Education; Knowledge; Growth; Emotion; Memory; Retrospect; Humour; Visions; Thought; Accessi bility; Sympathy; Science; Work; Hope; Experience; Faith; Progress; The sense of beauty; The principle of beauty; Life.

-The silent isle. 1910. E 1868 "The book that follows is an attempt, or rather a hundred attempts, to sketch some of the details of life."

[blocks in formation]

Bierce, A. The shadow on the dial, and E 1875 other essays. 1909. Björkman, E. Is there anything new under the sun? 1911.

E 1916

Contents: Is there anything new under the sun?; Life's higher purpose; From the life urge to the life spirit; William James: a builder of American ideals; Henry Bergson: the philosopher of actuality; The serious Bernard Shaw; John Galsworthy: interpreter of modernity; A lesser Anatole France of the Far North; Poets and reformers; Art, life, and criticism.

Blauvelt, M. T. Solitude letters. 1912.

E 1871 Blennerhassett, Lady C. de L. Sidelights. 1913. E 2073

Contents: The siege of Paris, 1590; Taine's study of Napoleon; Count Reinhard, a German in the service of the French; Spanish studies; Sir Joshua Reynolds; Marco Minghetti and the risorgiMarie Bashkirtseff; mento; Our viceregal life; Claude Fauriel's correspondence wtih Mary Clarke; Chateaubriand.

Bourne, R. S. Youth and life. 1913. E 2079

Contents: Youth; The two generations; The virtues and the seasons of life; The life of irony; The excitement of friendship; The adventure of life; Some thoughts on religion; The mystic turned radical; Seeing, we see not; The experimental life; The dodging of pressures; For radicals; The college: an inner view; A philosophy of handicap. Bridges, H. J. Criticisms of life; studies in 1915. E 2085 faith, hope and despair. Contents: Francis Thompson's "The hound of heaven": a study in religious experience; Mr. G. K. Chesterton as theologian; Professor Ernst Haeckel's new Calvinism; Sir Oliver Lodge and the evidence for immortality; Mr. Winston Churchill and clerical "heresy"; Ellen Key and the "new morality" of free love; The right to die: Maeterlinck and Ingersoll versus humanity; The victorious death of Captain Scott; Epilogue: In the time of war and tumults. Brown, N. Critical confessions, and John E 2092 Marshall and his times. 1902.

Contents: Andrew Lang; Honore de Balzac; William Makepeace Thackeray; Degeneration; John Smith; A deferred criticism; American notes; Americanism in literature; John Marshall and his times. Buchanan, E. H. The four gardens, by E 2097 Handasyde, pseud. 1912. Contents: The haunted garden; The old-fashioned garden; The poor man's garden, The rich man's garden.

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