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Criticism only; see, below, Collections of plays, and Plays by individual authors.

Bates, K. L. The English religious drama. 1909. E 9053 Boas, F. S. University drama in the Tudor age. 1914. E 11850 Brooke, C. F. T. The Tudor drama; a history of English national drama to the retirement of Shakespeare. 1911. E 11867 Crosse, G. The religious drama. 1913. E 11967 (Arts of the church). Cunliffe, J. W., ed. Early English classical tragedies. 1912. E 11970

Contents: Gorboduc; or, Ferrex and Porrex, by Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville; Jocasta, by George Gascoigne and Francis Kinwelmersh; Gismond of Salerne, by the gentlemen of the Inner Temple (Robert Wilmot and others); The misfortunes of Arthur, by Thomas Hughes.

Fansler, H. E. The evolution of technic in Elizabethan tragedy. 1914. E 12127

(New education series).

Fitz-Gerald, S. J. A. Dickens and the drama; being an account of Charles Dickens's connection with the stage and the stage's connection with him. 1910. E 12002 Shirley's 1914. J 4869 (Columbia University studies in English and comparative literature).

Forsythe, R. S. The relations of plays to the Elizabethan drama.

Howe, P. P. Dramatic portraits. 1913.

E 12342

Contents: Arthur Pinero; Henry Arthur Jones; Oscar Wilde; J. M. Barrie; Bernard Shaw; St. John Hankin; Granville Barker; Hubert Henry Davies; John Galsworthy. Hunt, M. L. Thomas Dekker; a study. 1911. J 5779

Kerr, M. Influence of Ben Jonson on English comedy, 1598-1642. 1912.

J 5783 Contents: The character of Jonson's comedy; The influence of Jonson's comedy on that of his immediate contemporaries; Nathaniel Field and Richard Brome in relation to Jonson; Other "sons of Ben" in English comedy before the closing of the theaters in 1642.

Klein, D. Literary criticism from the Elizabethan dramatists; repertory and synthesis, by D. Klein; with an introductory note by J. E. Spingarn. 1910. E 12464 Nettleton, G. H. English drama of the restoration and eighteenth century (16421780). 1914. E 12658 Oliver, D. E. The English stage, its origins and modern developments; a critical and historical study. 1912. E 12683 Bibliography: p. 151-152.

Palmer, J. The comedy of manners. 1913. E 12697 Contents: Critical preliminaries; The life and letters of Sir George Etherege; The plays of Sir George Etherege; William Wycherley; William Congreve; Sir John Vanbrugh; George Farquhar; Critical conclusions.

Schelling, F. E. English drama. 1914. E 12787 Swenson, E. L. An inquiry into the composition and structure of Ludus Coventriae. 1914. J 3387,1 (The University of Minnesota. Studies in language and literature). Wallace, C. W. The evolution of the English drama up to Shakespeare, with a history of the first Blackfriars Theater; a survey based upon original records now for the first time collected and published. 1912. E 12985 Wynne, A. The growth of English drama. 1914. E 13055

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Goll, A. Criminal types in Shakespeare. Authorized translation from the Danish by Mrs. Charles Weekes. 1909. E 10101 Harris, F. Shakespeare and his love; a play in four acts and an epilogue. 1910. E 12303 -The women of Shakespeare. 1912. E 10111 Henneman, J. B. Shakespearean and other papers. 1911. J 5777 Howells, W. D. The seen and unseen at Stratford-on-Avon; a fantasy. 1914. E 10120 Irwin, T. J. A guide to the operas, symphonic poems, overtures, incidental music and songs based on Shakespeare's plays. 1914. E 10133

Law, E. P. A. More about Shakespeare "forgeries"; a reply to certain articles in "The Athenæum," signed "Audi alteram partem," controverting the arguments and conclusions set forth in "Some supposed Shakespeare forgeries." 1913. E 10146 -Some supposed Shakespeare forgeries; an examination into the authenticity of certain documents affecting the dates of composition of several of the plays. 1911. E 10145 Lee, S. L. The alleged vandalism at Stratford-on-Avon. 1903. E 10148 MacCallum, M. W. Shakespeare's Roman plays, and their background. 1910. E 10163 MacCracken, H. N. and others. An introduction to Shakespeare. 1910. E 10162 Masefield, J. William Shakespeare. 1911. J 327,2 (Home university library of modern knowledge). Masson, D. Shakespeare personally. 1914.

E 10170

"Shakespeare lectures' which always formed part of the author's course delivered during his tenancy of the chair of English literature at Edinburgh University."

Contents: On biography in general, and Shakespeare's in particular; Shakespeare from the external evidences; Chronology of the plays; Shakespeare through his writings; The Shakespeare's moods: progress in "recurrences and fervours";

The sonnets.

Matthews, J. B. Shakespeare as a play

wright. 1913.

E 10171

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M 4748, 1912

(The Ingersoll lecture, 1912). Perott, J. de. The probable source of the plot of Shakespeare's Tempest. J 3056, 1 (Publications of the Clark University Library, v. 1, no. 8, Oct. 1905). Poel, W. Shakespeare in the theatre. 1913. E 10197 Porter, C. and Clarke, H. A. Shakespeare study programs; the comedies. 1914. E 10198

-Shakespeare study programs; the tragedies. 1914. E 10199 "The Shakespeare study programs appeared orig inally in Poet lore. The references in this volume are to the 'First folio edition' of Shakespeare, ed. by Charlotte Porter."

The Shakespeare Library

Bandello, M. Brooke's 'Romeus and Juliet,' being the original of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet, newly ed. by J. J. Munro. 1908. E 10401 Chronicle history of King Leir, The; the original of Shakespeare's 'King Lear'; ed. by Sidney Lee. 1909. E 10402 Greene, R. Greene's 'Pandosto' or 'Dorastus and Fawnia' being the original of Shakespeare's 'Win ter's tale' newly ed. by P. G. Thomas. 1907. E 10404 Lodge, T. Lodge's 'Rosalynde,' being the original of Shakespeare's 'As you like it,' ed by W. W. Greg. 1907. E 10403 Plutarchus. Shakespeare's Plutarch: ed. by C. F. T. Brooke. 2v. 1909. E 10408

Sidgwick, F., comp. The sources and analogues of 'A midsummer-night's dream.' 1908. E 10407 "The taming of a shrew'; being the original of Shakespeare's 'Taming of the shrew,' ed. by F. S. Boas. 1908. É 10406 "The troublesome reign of King John'; being the original of Shakespeare's 'Life and death of King John': ed. by F. J. Furnivall and J. Munro. E 10405


Shakespeare's wit and humour. 1912.

E 10352 A collection of extracts from Shakespeare's plays illustrating his wit and humour, preceded by a chapter on the subject by William A. Lawson.

Simpson, P. Shakespearian punctuation.

1911. Stalker, J.

E 10221

How to read Shakespeare; a guide for the general reader. 1913. E 10227

Stephenson, H. T. The study of Shakespeare. 1915.

E 10224

Stewart, C. D. Some textual difficulties in Shakespeare. 1914. E 10226 "Published under the auspices of the Elizabethan club, Yale University.

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Contents: King Lear; Othello; King Richard II. Tolman, A. H. Questions on Shakespeare. 2v. 1910. E 10237

Contents: Pt. 1. Introductory; Pt. 2. The first histories, poems, comedies. Trench, W. F. Shakespeare's Hamlet, a new commentary, with a chapter on first principles. 1913.

E 10240 Venable, E. The Hamlet problem and its solution. 1912. E 10250 Warde, F. B. The fools of Shakespeare; an interpretation of their wit, wisdom and personalities. 1913. E 10253 Whall, W. B. Shakespeare's sea terms explained. 1910. E 10256 Winter, W. Shakespeare on the stage. 1911-1915. 2v. E 10265 Yeatman, J. P. "Is William Shakespeare's will holographic?" with some remarks upon the recent action for libel of Pym Yeatman v. "The Saturday review" respecting "The gentle Shakspere" and the secret history of the motives which induced it, and photographs of the poet's will. 1901. E 10277

Identity of Shakespeare Shakespeare-Bacon Controversy Ashhurst, R. L. Contemporary evidence of Shakespeare's identity, read before the society, April 29th, 1903. 1903. E 10044 Publications of the Shakspere Society of Philadelphia. no. 5.

Chapman, W. H. William Shakspere and
Robert Greene; the evidence. 1912.
E 10065

Durning-Lawrence, Sir E. Bacon is Shake-
speare, together with a reprint of Bacon's
Promus of formularies and elegancies,
collated, with the original ms. by the late
F. B. Bickley and rev. by F. A. Herbert.
E 10078
Kendall, F. A. William Shakespeare and
his three friends, Ben, Anthonie and
Francis. 1911.
E 10140

Presents "without argument and without attempting to defend or deny any theory of authorship or of intention, certain acrostics" which may be found in the first page of the 1598 quarto of Love's labor's lost.

Lang, A. Shakespeare, Bacon, and the great unknown. 1912. E 10142 Robertson. J. M. The Baconian heresy, a confutation. 1913. E 10210

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Lamb, C. and Lamb, M. Tales from Shakespeare, illustrated by Arthur Rackham. 1909.

Maud, C. and Maud, M. stories. 1913.

E 10347 Shakespeare's E 10349

Contents: As you like it; Romeo and Juliet; Twelfth night; Macbeth; The Tempest; King Lear; A midsummer night's dream; The merchant of Venice; Hamlet.

Townsend, M. S. Stories from Shakespeare. E 10345 1900.

Contents: Miranda; or, The tempest. Puck: or, A Midsummer night's dream. Antonio, the mer chant of Venice; Rosalind; or, As you like it. Madcap Harry; Perdita; or, The winter's tale. or Henry IV. Henry V. Imogen; or, Cymbel ine. Macbeth; or, The three witches. Prince of Denmark.

Continental Drama


Criticism only. See, below, Collections of plays, and Plays by individual authors.

Bond, R. W. Early plays from the Italian.


E 11852

Contents: Essay on the relation of these plays to Latin and Italian comedy and to the Dutch education drama; Comparison of Italian with Ro man comedy; Supposes; The Buggbears; Misogonus. Carnahan, D. H. Jean d'Abundance; A study of his life and three of his works. L 10702,3 1909. (University of Illinois. The University studies). Contents: Le joyeulx mistere des trois rois; Moralité, mystère et figure de la passion de nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ; Le testament de Carmen


Clark, B. H. Contemporary French dram atists; studies on the Théatre libre, Curel, Brieux, Porto-Riche, Hervieu, Lavedan, Donnay, Rostand, Lemaitre, Capus. Bataille, Bernstein, and Flers and Caillavet. E 11926


-The continental drama of today; outlines for its study, suggestions, questions, biographies and bibliographies for use in connection with the study of the more E 11920 important plays. 1914. Helmrich, E. W. The history of the chorus J 5415,2 in the German drama. 1912. (Columbia University Germanic studies).

Jourdain, E. F. An introduction to the
French classical drama. 1912. J 5330
Lancaster, H. C. The French tragi-comedy,
its origin and development from 1552 to
1628. 1907.
J 5307
-Pierre Du Ryer, dramatist. 1912.
K 15961, 171
(Carnegie Institution of Washington).
"Appendix: A. Du Ryer's plays. B. Du Ryer's
translations": p. 171-175.
McLeod, A. Plays and players in modern
Italy, being a study of the Italian stage
as affected by the political and social life,
manners and character of today. 1912.

E 12570
Petsch, R. The development of the Ger-
man drama in the nineteenth century; an
inaugural lecture delivered before the
University of Liverpool on Friday, Octo-
ber 25, 1912. 1912.
J 5432

Eugène Brieux

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Contents: The theatre in the making; The bless
ing of the generations; Play-writing; The fight
over "The playboy"; Synge; The fight with the
Castle; "The playboy" in America; The binding;
Appendices: 1. Plays produced by the Abbey
theatre co. and its predecessors, with dates of first
performances; II. "The Nation" on "Blanco Pos-
net"; III. "The playboy" in America; IV. In the
eyes of our enemies; V. In the eyes of our friends.
Howe, P. P. J. M. Synge, a critical study.
J 5778
Weygandt, C. Irish plays and playwrights.
E 12997
Contents: The Celtic renaissance. The players
and their plays, their audience and their art. Mr.
William Butler Yeats. Mr. Edward Martyn and
Mr. George Moore. Mr. George W. Russell (“A.
E."). Lady Gregory. John Millington Synge.
The younger dramatists-Mr. Padraic Colum; Mr.
William Boyle; Mr. T. C. Murray; Mr. S. Lennox
Robinson; Mr. Rutherford Mayne; "Norreys Con-
nell"; Mr. St. John G. Ervine; Mr. Joseph
Campbell. William Sharp ("Fiona Macleod"),

Appendix: Plays produced, in Dublin, by the
Abbey Theatre company. Index.

Technique of the Drama

Andrews, C. The drama to-day. 1913.

E 11762

Archer, W. Play-making; a manual of
craftsmanship. 1912.
E 11765
Brunetière, F. The law of the drama.
E 11932, 3
(Publications of the Dramatic Museum of Co-
lumbia University in the city of New York).
Burton, R. How to see a play. 1914.

E 11874
Casey, F. C. H. Writing and selling a play;
practical suggestions for the beginner.
E 11891
Henderson, A. The changing drama; con-
tributions and tendencies. 1914. E 12310
Howard, B. C. The autobiography of a
play. 1914.
E 11932, 2
(Publications of the Dramatic Museum of Co-
lumbia University in the city of New York).
Hunt, E. R. The play of today; studies in
play-structure for the student and the
theatre-goer. 1913.
E 12366
Marble, T. L. How to appreciate the
drama; an elementary treatise on dra-
matic art. 1914.
E 12645

"Plays recommended for study"; p. 285. Quinlan, M. A. Poetic justice in the drama; the history of an ethical principle_in_litE 12741 erary criticism. 1912. Vega Carpio, L. F. de. The new art of writing plays, tr. by William T. Brewster. 1914. E 11932, 1 (Publications of the Dramatic Museum of Columbia University in the city of New York. Papers on playmaking).

Photoplay Writing

For photography of motion pictures see Photography. For motion picture acting see Acting, below.

Ball, E. H. The art of the photoplay. 1913.
E 11780

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Carr, C. The art of photoplay

E 11779 writing. E 11783

1914. Deans, J. Playwriting for motion pictures, for the guidance of those seeking selfadvancement in the technicalities of writing plots for motion pictures. 1911.

E 12324 Dimick, H. T. Photoplay making; a handbook devoted to the application of dramatic principles to the writing of plays E 11785 for picture production. 1915. Esenwein, J. B. and Leeds, A. Writing the photoplay. 1913. E 12323

Gordon, W. L. How to write moving picE 12331 ture plays. 1913. Hoagland, H. C. How to write a photoE 12325 play. 1912. Katterjohn, M. M. How to write and market moving picture plays; being a complete mail course in picture play writing prepared in the form of a book and containing twenty complete articles. 1912. E 12326 Kleinhans, L. The art of writing photoplays; suggestions to the beginner. 1913. E 11781 Liddy, L. W. Photoplay instructions; embracing the technical features of the photoplay. 1913. E 12330 Mikaloff, S. G. and Swartz, W. G. The rudiments of photoplay construction; a complete course in photoplay writing in book form. 1913.

E 12328

Parsons, Mrs. L. O. How to write for the "movies." 1915. E 11786 Phillips, H. A. The photodrama; the philosophy of its principles, the nature of its plot, its dramatic construction and technique illumined by copious examples, together with a complete photoplay and a glossary. 1914. E 11784

(The author's handbook series). Photoplay Enterprise Association, Boonville, Ind., pub. How to write and market moving picture plays; being a complete mail course in picture play writing prepared in the form of a book. 1912.

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Secrets of

Browne, Van Dyke, pseud.
scene painting and stage effects. 1913.

E 11870 Carter, H. The new spirit in drama & art. 1912. *E 11886 -The theatre of Max Reinhardt. 1914. E 11885 Cheney, S. The new movement in the theatre. 1914. E 11912 Craig, E. G. On the art of the theatre. 1911.

E 11952 -Towards a new theatre; forty designs for stage scenes with critical notes by the inventor. 1913. *P 1441 Crawford, M. C. The romance of the American theatre. 1913. E 11953 Dimmick, R. C. Our theatres, to-day and yesterday. 1913.

E 12008

Confined to New York City, from 1732 to 1913. Eaton, W. P. At the New theatre and others. The American stage: its problems and performances, 1908-1910. 1910.

E 12042 Fowell, F. and Palmer, F. Censorship in E 12169 England. 1913.

"The Theatres Act of 1737," p. 368-372. Frohman, D. Memories of a manager; reminiscences of the old Lyceum and of some players of the last quarter century, E 12194 1911. Grau, R. The business man in the amusement world; a volume of progress field of the theatre. 1910.


E 12262

The stage in the twentieth century. E 12263 1912. Companion volume to The business man in the amusement world.

Hamilton, C. M.

Studies in stagecraft.

*R 1965

E 12288 1914. "This book is a companion volume to The theory of the theatre." 1910. E 12289. Hill, G. Gus Hill's national theatrical directory, containing the most complete list of theaters for the United States and Canada; a list of moving picture houses and film exchanges. 1914-15. Howe, P. P. The repertory theatre; a rec E 12329 ord & a criticism. 1910. London. Duke of York's repertory theatre. Jones, H. A. The foundations of a national drama; a collection of lectures, essays and speeches, delivered and written in the years 1896-1912 (revised and corrected, with additions). 1913. Lawrence, W. J. The Elizabethan play house, and other studies. 1912.


E 12423

E 12521

The evolution and influence of the

Elizabethan playhouse; The situation of the lords


room; Title and locality boards on the pre-restora stage; Music and song in the Elizabethan theatre; The mounting of the Carolan masques; The story of a peculiar stage curtain; Early French players in England; Proscenium doors: an Eliza

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