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ton's confession of faith.-Certain aspects of the poetic genius.-Appendix: The bust of Milton. Spaeth, S. G. Milton's knowledge of music; its sources and its significance in his works. 1913.

E 11283 Milton. E 11284 Contents: Milton, "The last of the Elizabethans." -Milton's temperament and ideals.-The true bear ing of Milton's prose.-Epic structure of Paradise lost. The sources of Paradise lost.-The theme of Paradise lost.-Milton's art.

Thompson, E. N. S. Essays on 1914.

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Dante Alighieri

Carpenter, Sir W. B. The spiritual message E 10838 of Dante. 1914. William Belden Noble lectures for 1914. Evershed, Mrs. M. A. O. Dante and the 1914. early astronomers. E 10839 Map of the world by Heinrich of Mainz, about A. D. 1110, reproduced from Beazley's "Dawn of modern geography" (facing p. 344). Flamini, F. Introduction to the study of the Divine comedy. Tr. by F. M. Jos E 10833 selyn. 1910. Gardner, J. E. G. Dante and the mystics; a study of the mystical aspect of the Divina commedia and its relations with some of its mediaeval sources. 1913.

E 6542 Reade, W. H. V. Moral systems of Dante's E 10830 Inferno. 1909. Scartazzini, G. A. A companion to Dante, from the German of G. A. Scartazzini, by E 10834 A. J. Butler. 1893. Collections of Poetry, Poetry Anthologies

Abbott, S. and Richardson, G. L. ed. Wil liams verses; a collection of poems from the Williams College Athenæum, Argo Fortnight, and Literary monthly. 1887.

E 10545

Allingham, W., ed. The ballad book; a selection of the choicest British ballads. E 32 1907.

Braithwaite, W. S., comp. Anthology of magazine verse for 1913-1915. 3v. E 10446

Benjamin, H. M. P. and Benjamin, L. S.,

comp. An anthology of humorous verse, from Robert Herrick to Owen Seaman. E 10546 1910. Bianchi, Mrs. M. G. D., ed. Russian lyrics; songs of Cossack, lover, patriot and peas1910. ant, done into English verse. E 10557 Bronson, W. C., ed. American poems (16251892), with illustrative and explanatory notes and a bibliography. 1912. E 10506 -English poems. 1907-1914. 4v. E 8078 Butler, A. J., comp, and ed. The forerunners of Dante; a selection from Italian poetry before 1300. 1910. J 5532 Poems in Italian.


Campbell, W., comp. The Oxford book of
Canadian verse.
E 10444
Cheney, J. V. The Caxton Club scrapbook;
early English verses, 1250-1650. 1904.

*E 10507 Colum, P., comp. Broad-sheet ballads; being a collection of Irish popular songs. 1914. E 10453

Couch, Sir A. T. Q., comp. The Oxford

book of ballads. 1910. E 10554 -The Oxford book of Victorian verse. 1913. E 10508 Couch, M. Q. and Couch, L. M. Q., comp. A book of children's verse. Illustrated in colour. 1911. E 10539 Dixon, W. M. The Edinburgh book of Scottish verse, 1300-1900. 1910. E 10551 -and Grierson, H. J. C., ed. The English Parnassus; an anthology of longer poems. 1909. E 10441 Douglas, Sir G. B. S., comp. The book of Scottish poetry; being an anthology of the best Scottish verse from the earliest times to the present, chosen. 1911.

E 10538 -Scottish poetry: Drummond of HawJ_5768 thornden to Fergusson. 1911. Contents: Introductory note; 1. William Drummond of Hawthornden; II. James Thomson; the III. Armpoet of nature in an artificial age; strong, Blair, Beattie, and Home; Iv. Allan Ramsay and Alexander Ross; v. Robert Fergusson. Earle, F., ed. The lyric year.


E 10509

"A selection from one year's work of a hundred American poets."

Goodwin, A. H., comp. and tr. Rhymes from the Rhineland. 1913. E 10447 Gregory, P., ed. Modern Anglo-Irish verse; an anthology selected from the work of living Irish poets. 1914. E 10451 Henning, G. N., ed. Representative French lyrics of the nineteenth century. 1913.

J 5334 (International modern language series). Hepple, N., comp. Lyrical forms in English, edited, with introduction and notes, for the use of schools. 1911. E 10591 Humbler poets, The; a collection of newspaper and periodical verse. 2v. 1886-1911. E 8628

Contents: 1st ser., 1870 to 1885, by Slason Thompson; 2d ser., 1885 to 1910, by Wallace and Frances Rice.

Humphrey, L. H., comp. The poetic new
world. 1910.
E 10450
British poems,

Hutchison, P. A., comp.
from "Canterbury tales" to "Recessional."
E 10599


Des Imagistes; an anthology. 1914. E 10445 Judd, F. A., tr. Under the Swedish colours; a short anthology of modern Swedish poets. 1911.

E 10535

(Vigo cabinet series). Kelly, J. F., comp. The Oxford book of Spanish verse: 13th-20th century. 1913.

J 5498 Kohut, G. A., ed. A Hebrew anthology; a collection of poems and dramas inspired by the Old Testament and post Biblical tradition gathered from writings of English poets, from the Elizabethan period and earlier to the present day. 1913. 2v. E 10454

Contents: v. 1. Lyrical, narrative and devotional poems. v. 2. Selections from the drama. Lang, A., comp. Ballads and lyrics of old France, with other poems. 1907. E 10540 Lang, J. and Lang, J., comp. Poetry of heroism. 1913. E 10455

The Oxford

Lewis, C. B., comp. La lyre d'amour; an anthology of French love poems from earliest times down to 1866. 1911. J 5331 Lounsbury, T. R., ed. Yale book of Amer1912. E 10512 ican verse. Published under the auspices of the Elizabethan club, Yale University." Lucas, St. J. W. L., comp. book of Italian verse, XIIIth centuryXIXth century. 1910. J 5544 A thousand and one Mackay, C., comp. gems of English poetry, forming a complete dictionary of the most admired passages of the British poets. 1882. E 10582 McSpadden, J. W., comp. The Alps as seen

Poems are in Italian.

Eccles, F. Y., comp. A century of French poets, being a selection illustrating the history of French poetry during the last hundred years, with an introduction, biographical and critical notices of the writers represented, a summary of the rules of French versification, and a commenJ 5285 tary. 1909. by the poets. E 10959 Gilbert, Mrs. A. T. and others. The "Original poems" and others. 1905.


E 10513

Musgrove, E. R., ed. The White Hills in poetry; an anthology. 1912. E 10589 Neale, W., comp. Masterpieces of the southern poets. 1912. E 10519 Noyes, G. R. and Bacon, L., ed. and tr. Heroic ballads of Servia. 1913. E 10459 Olcott, F. J., comp. Story-telling poems, selected and arranged for story-telling and reading aloud, and for the children's own reading. 1913. Oliver, Mrs. M. C., comp. Round the year with the poets, a compilation of nature poems. 1900. E 10583 O'Neill, G., comp. Five centuries of English poetry, from Chaucer to De Vere; representative selections with notes and remarks on the art of reading verse_aloud. 1912.

E 10460

E 10514

Palgrave, F. T. A golden treasury of songs and lyrics, with pictures in color reproduced from paintings by Maxfield Parrish. 1911. Hughes Room Pancoast, H. S., comp. The vista of English verse. 1911. E 10541 --and Spaeth, J. D., ed. Early English poems. 1911. E 10543 Rice, W. de G. C. and Rice, F., comp. The little book of Bohemia. 1910. E 10521 -The little book of brides. 1910. E 10522 -The little book of cheer. 1910. -The little book of friendship.

-The little book of kisses.

E 10523


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Poems by Richard Aldington, H. D.; John Gould Fletcher, F. S. Flint, D. H. Lawrence and Amy Lowell.

Stevens, B., comp. The golden treasury of Australian verse. 1912. E 10518 Stevenson, B. E., comp. The home book of verse, American and English, 1580-1912; with an appendix containing a few wellknown poems in other languages. 1912 E 10517

Trevelyan, G. M., ed. English songs of

Italian freedom. 1911.

E 10593 Willcox, Mrs. L. C., comp. A manual of spiritual fortification; being a choice of meditative and mystic poems. 1910.

E 10597 Withers, P., comp. The garland of childhood; a little book for all lovers of children. 1910. E 10598 Young, W. T., comp. An anthology of the poetry of the age of Shakespeare. 1910.

E 10600

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Brooke, R. Poems. 1913.

1915. E 10458 E 10689

Browning, Mrs. E. B. B. Sonnets from the *V 2724 Portuguese. 1886.

Browning, R. Works. From the author's revised text edited with introductions and notes by C. Porter and H. A. Clarke. Camberwell ed. 12v. 1898. E 10711 -Introduction to Browning, including eleven poems with hints for study, by E. B. Hallock. 1912. E 6595 "A list of books": p. 131. -and Browning, E. B. New poems, ed. by Sir Frederick G. Kenyon. 1915. E 10693 Contains twelve new poems by Robert Browning, to which have been added ten that are to be found in the Centenary edition only and seven from various other sources, and six new poems by Mrs. Browning.

Contents: Poems by Robert Browning; Poems by Mrs. Browning; Miss Elizabeth Barrett Barrett's criticisms on some of her future husband's poems (1845); Robert Browning's answers to questions concerning some of his poems, by A. A. Brockington. Burns, R. The jolly beggars; a cantata by Robert Burns. 1914. E 6575 "Some aspects of Robert Burns," by R. L. Stevenson: p. 53-106.

Burr, A. J. The roadside fire. 1912.

E 10716 Bushnell, C. C. For Christmas day, and other poems. 1910. E 10718 Butler, G. F. The travail of a soul. 1914. E 10721 Byron, M. The wind on the heath; ballads and lyrics. 1912. E 6588 Campbell, W. W. Beyond the hills of dream.


E 10732

Carducci, G. Carducci; a selection of his
poems, with verse translations. 1913.
E 10737
E 10736

-Poems of Italy. 1906. Carman, B. Echoes from 1912.

E 10739

Low tide on Grand Pré, and Ballads of Lost Haven. 1905.

E 10740

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Chaloner, J. A. Scorpio. 1913. Chaucer, G. Chaucer's Canterbury pilgrims, retold by Katharine L. Bates. E 10772 1914.

Selected portions of the Canterbury tales, with a few interpolated lines, in modern English verse; including Dryden's version of the Knight's tale, Wordsworth's of the Prioress' tale and Leigh Hunt's of the Squire's tale.


-The college Chaucer, ed. by H. N. MacCracken. E 10771 -The complete poetical works of Geoffrey Chaucer, now first put into modern English, by J. S. P. Tatlock and P. MacKaye. 1912. E 10770

(The modern reader's Chaucer). Cheney, J. V. At the Silver gate.

1911. E 10779 Chesterton, G. K. The ballad of the White E 10783 horse. 1911. Cid, Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, called the. Poem of the Cid. 1907-08. 3v. J 5488 Contents: v. 1. Text, reprinted from the unique manuscript at Madrid; v. 2. Translation, by Archer M. Huntington; v. 3. Notes, by Archer M. Huntington.

Coates, Mrs. F. E. Lyrics of life. 1910.
E 10790
Coleridge, S. T. The complete poetical
works of Samuel Coleridge, including
poems and versions of poems now pub-
Edited with
lished for the first time.
textual and bibliographical notes, by
Ernest Hartley Coleridge. 2v.
E 10739

"Bibliography," vol. 2, p. [1135-1188].
v. 1. Poems.

2. Dramatic works.

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Dante Alighieri. An English Dante; a translation in the original rhythm and rhymes, by John Pyne. 1914. E 10837 Italian and English on opposite pages.

Contents: Inferno, canto I, III, IV; Francesca, a fragment.

-La comedia di Dante Alighieri; the Divine comedy, tr. by Henry Johnson. 1915. E 10829 -La divina commedia; ed. and annotated by C. H. Grandgent. 1909-13. 3v.

E 10835 (Heath's modern language series). Contents: v. 1. Inferno; v. 2. Purgatorio; v. 3. Paradiso.

-Paradise of Dante Alighieri; ed. with translation and notes by A. J. Butler. 1891. E 10831 -Purgatory of Dante Alighieri; ed. with translation and notes by A. J. Butler. 1892.

E 10832

-Poems of men and hours. 1911. E 10882

Drummond, W. of Hawthornden. Poetical works. 2v. 1913. *J 1101,3-4 (Scottish Text Society. Pub., n. s. v. 3-4). -The poetical works of W. H. Drummond; with an introduction by L. Fréchette and an appreciation by N. Munro. 1912.

E 10864

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E 10840

-Poems. Complete ed. 1911. Poems of childhood. 1904. Fisher, B. Life harmonies. 1914. Fletcher, J. G. Irradiations. Sand and

E 10920

E 10919 E 10926

E 10929

Davies, W. H. Songs of joy, and others. 1911.

Reprinted from various magazines. Davis, F. S. Myself and I. 1913. E 10841 Dawson, C. W. Florence on a certain night, and other poems. 1914. E 10843 Pine tree ballads; rhymed stories of unplaned human natur' up in Maine. 1910. E 10845

spray. 1915.

(The new poetry series). Foley, J. W. Boys and girls. 1913. E10937

-Tales of the trail; a book of western sketches in verse.

Songs and sonnets. 1910.

Day, H. F.

E 10938

Ford, W.

-Poems. 1906.

De la Mare, W. J. The listeners, and other poems. 1914.

E 10940

Foss, S. W.

E 10850 E 10851

Dreams in homespun. 1898.
E 10943

Foster, W.

Songs and sonnets. 2v. 1910


E 10940

Frost, R. A boy's will. . 1915.

E 10945

E 10946

Contents: Characters from Shakespeare; Sonnets; Memories of childhood.

Dickinson, E. The single hound; poems of a lifetime. 1914.

Dodge, P. H. Songs of chivalry.

E 10853

1914. E 10855

Contents: Songs of chivalry; Golden touch; Fire and air; Poems of pleasure; De rerum natura; The glory of mortality.

Donne, J. The poems of John Donne. Edited from the old editions and numerous manuscripts, with introductions and commentary, by H. J. C. Grierson. 2v. 1912. E 10859

-North of Boston. 1915.

Galsworthy, J. Moods, songs, and dog

gerels. 1912.

E 10949

Garrison, Mrs. T. P. The earth cry, and other poems. 1910.

E 10955

Garrod, H. W. Oxford poems. 1912

Gascoigne, G.

E 10956

The complete works of George Gascoigne. 2v. 1907-10. E7520 v. 1. The posies; v. 2. The glasse of


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